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I found that the first type of glue I used didn't work too well, so had to deconstruct the entire jacket to remove the glue and reattach the red material to the latex. While doing this I found out that the pieces had changed shape, so trimmed them to be equal again and rebuilt it using latex cement.

Also improved the cuff pieces and added new banding on the arms.

So let's resurrect this costume. I have lots of fabric and pieces that have been sitting there ready for this costume, so time to revisit it to see if I can get it finished for EGX in September.

So I have all but completed the trainers. It has taken me four days to make these, which is a little shorter than I would have liked, but a deadline looms. Overall, I am quite happy with them. There are minor problems which I could correct if I attempt anything like this again, but it has been an interesting learning experience.

The trainers look wrinkles in the photo, but that is because there is no foot in them. They stretch out when worn to become smooth. I have had to take a little artistic license with them given the short time period in which I had to make them (and the fact that they are from the future!)

Made a start on creating the shoes. They're quite fiddly in places, but at some point in the next day or so I will post progress shots

So an impromptu event has seen me return to this costume. There are several things that need to be addressed, not least the ribbing around the base. I have something in mind for this but I won't know until the weekend when it arrives.

In the meantime, guess I had better start sorting out the shoes and the hoverboard. I am only intending to do the basic shoes (for now) given how close the event is.

These really have been the most difficult pieces to construct of the entire costume. Not only do they have an incredibly unusual shape, but the first set I made suffered from a creasing problem which ruined the paint work.

I was never happy with my first attempt at the shoes, and after one wear further problems came to light. Seeing pictures of them makes me shudder slightly now as I knew I could do better. So I have been mainly focusing on solving the many issues that I experienced the first time around.

It has taken 12 attempts to pattern these but I finally have a boot pattern I am pleased with. Gone is the simple tube design and in comes a fully curved thing of beauty mirroring the natural curves of the leg. Also this is, in theory, supposed to float on the undershoe, but that is still work in progress.

These are the shoulder pouldrons in progress, which slot underneath the arm section posted yesterday. Sculpt of the domed pouldron was made from newplast and then they were vac-formed in platazote. Edges sanded down and smoothed off with interior filler, before being primed.

I've been working on upgrading Priss, steadily replacing pieces of armour with improved or completely different pieces. Depending on time, Priss may well undergo an almost full remake for Euro.

The previous shoulder armour was a combination of time getting the better of me and inexperience in making armour, it is my first suit after all. It has changed from a single coverall piece to a multiple piece faux hinged design which is more faithful to the original design. It also has better shape and fit.

It's still in pieces while they are prepped, but I have attached a picture of the main shoulder joint (in progress) which will then have three additional pieces surrounding it.

I have several upgrades planned for the Euro finals in October, including improvements to the overall look of the armour.

I have looked at adding a bevelled edge to the armour instead of the straight lines associated with sheet plastazote. It's a little more work but the test piece I did reduced the prominent sharp edge and gave more of a curve, which I think is more in character of the design. I am also in the process of tweaking the construction method slightly to reduce wear and tear.

Still a little surprised to be chosen for the second Eurocosplay qualifier place as there was some really good costumes at Aya, however, I have a lot to do to prepare the costume for October.

The first wearing of Priss revealed some technical issues which I will have to correct, the main one of these being the boots. Plan is to build a set of duct tape dummy legs to build the boots around. I need to address the excessive flexing which is causing problems as well as still being able to get in to the shoes. I have a few ideas which I need to test and I'll report back.

I love this little piece of kit, it's really quick to produce multiple identical pieces. These are the little jets on the boots of Priss, the mould made out of sculpy and then vacuum formed in plastazote.

After Aya, I will write a tutorial on how to make and use this mini-vacformer

The back armour piece has been made as well as the leg armour, although I have encountering a few problems. Hopefully I have solved these.

This is my first major armour project and I have learnt a lot while doing this costume, some of it has been very frustrating. Some things I would do the same again, others I would change, but that's what experience gives you.

Guess I'll continue and hope it stays together.

I spend a lot of time comparing different shades of metallic blue and eventually went for one that I originally picked out a couple of weeks ago. Painting starts!

Progress continues. The costume has three identical half sunken domed shapes, two on the hips and one on the back. So I created a basic mould which I then vacuum formed in plastazote using my own home made mini-vacformer. It certainly cut down the amount of time required to create three identical pieces.

The building up of the sealant coats continues, but I have finally done enough to spray primer on the helmet. Nice!

I have done further work on the boots and the helmet. I have added the heel piece which has given a better finish at the back of the boot. I have also been smoothing some of the joins with polyfiller, which you can see in white. Once I have completed the sealant coats this will all be hidden under the primer and paint.

The helmet had had the antenna and the cheek pieces added, this also requires a couple more coats of sealant before spraying. I have also have the arm pieces constructed, and they are undergoing the sealant ritual too.

Back to Priss after almost 4 months away, realising the reason I had to abandon it in the first place, the problematic left shoe. It appeared that part of the plastazote I used for creating it was covered in an oily substance meaning the primer wasn't sticking properly.

I have cut away the problem section and glued a fresh piece back in. Now I have to go through the priming process again. I have also filled in the gaps between the bumps on the foot to create a smoother surface for the priming and painting.

I also have to figure out how I am going to do the join between the shoes and the leg armour. The strange shape of the shoe meant it all had to be glued in place, so I could end up having to leave a small gap for movement.

I continue to do the masses of applique on this costume. Doing it slightly differently on this version compared to the mark I. Firstly, the lighter colours are being gradient dyed to give a better merging of colours. Secondly, I am doing the applique while the main part of the costume is in pieces so I can fold over the ends under the seams, and it is also being done with a much tighter stitch. This last change is making me go through so much thread. Pictures soon

Kilik has a Phoenix design which wraps around the torso, which I am doing using red, yellow and orange silk satin appliqued to the main costume.

I have started on the collar first as some pieces need to be be completed before the main body is sewn together. This is one of the details that was missing of the mark I version

There is a two-toned colour to these pieces which I have replicated using watered down acrylic paint bled in to the lighter coloured silk satin. These pieces were then ironed on to the fabric using bondaweb and then the egdes appliqued.....carefully.

The mock up is based on a cassock pattern with the picture showing the sixth and final version before I start using the main fabric. It has taken a lot of modification to get the desired fit, and a lot of unpicked; I now have a small pile of snazzy bright pink thread that I used to make all the unpicking easier.

It has taken a couple of weeks but it was better to make all the necessary modification with the mock up fabric rather than on the actual silk satin I plan to use. For one, silk satin is expensive and two, it frays badly.

I can now make a start cutting out both the main and the lining fabrics, treating the edges to prevent the fraying, and make a start on some of the applique pieces which need to be done before the main body of the costume can be put together.

Fabrics bought, lovely silk satins in blue, red, orange, yellow and brown. The blue is a slightly different shade to the mark I version. Mock up under way and alteration of the trousers completed, shoulder armour and arm guards started.

I have been doing a little more work on this costume before most of my focus goes on my Eurocosplay costume. I will continue to plod along if and when time permits.

I am looking to recreate the smooth hard suit look so have decided to stay away from using latex to cover the plastazote as I find it leaves brush stokes. Instead, I have been testing several brands of PVA glue with varying and surprising results. Most crack when the plastazote is flexed, however, I have come across one that allows me to bend it completely in half while retaining integrity. Furthermore, it also maintains with ability after it has been sprayed with primer and car spray paint which was surprising. I want to use a metallic blue for Priss so this is is ideal.

After shaping, I have primed the chest piece with PVA and then filled in the small holes and creases with crack filler and sanded, followed by further priming. I have found that it is possible to lightly sand the corners of the plastazote after a couple of layers of PVA to leave a very smooth finish. After much sanding to give a smooth finish I have sprayed the piece with paint primer.

I just have to pick a shade of metallic blue now.

Was proceeding all good and well but it appears fate didnt like that. Just experienced a big problem with the other shoe and repairing it will take more time than I have as this was supposed to be for Minamin in 2 days. So I guess I am forced to postpone the costume now.

These have been difficult due to the bizarre shape. I have decided to use 5 inch platform heels as the base, then cover them with plastazote. The shaping at the front is based on a beer glass, giving the curve and bulb end I required, with further heat moulding to get the overall shape. The raised spheres are made of sculpy.

Must continue!

I have completed the structure of the chest piece. It is made up of several pieces to give the rounded nature of the suit and the area it protects, and I am pleased with the results on such a short time scale.

Note to self, if I make another full armour suit, remember to give myself more time!

Now to move on to the arms and legs, as well as priming the plastazote.

Managed to make some progress on the helmet. It is an awkward shape, but I have managed to form it in to a close approximation. It is made out of plastazote that has been heat formed, with a acrylic panel which will be sprayed black.

Problem now is vision. The acrylic panel is too low for any suitable view and will also be black, so I am looking at making some small, discreet holes to be able to see out of without detracting from the design too much.

This has been on my to do list since late 2009 but other costumes have taken priority. However, I now have time to give it a go.

This is my first full armour project and is more of a construction challenge/experience for me. Looking at the hard suit shows some really tricky shapes that I'm going to have to construct, particularly the helmet, the shoes and the chest.

Found out I could keep the arc reactor in place with just a small bit of fishing wire, so it was almost invisible. Since the battery was in the back of the unit there were no wires coming out that I had to hide.

Ran for over 5 hours on a simple 3V coin battery and didn't look like it was going to run out any time soon, result. I shall make the final cosmetic updates and then it will be finally complete. May consider moving on to making the arm section of the suit.

Kilik (mark 1) is finally finished.

This was my first major sewing project, prior to this all I had done was a cat suit as I have tended to focus more on the props side. However, I have learnt so much while making this costume, especially in sewing techniques and patterning. It has helped that I really loved the design of the costume as soon as I saw it, so encouraging me to persevere.

I really enjoyed making this and I am very pleased with how it has turned out. I was so surprised to come second in the Amecon 2010 costume competition!

This has proved a lot to myself about my abilities, so onwards and upwards! I must try and schedule a photoshoot now it is completed.

Thinking about making a mark 2 of the costume, maybe, as its one of my possibilities for eurocosplay 2011. We'll see.

Shoulder armour in progress. Given that it is going to be attached to the silk satin of the costume, I have had to choose materials that are very light weight. In the end, I've decided on a combination of card, paper clay and some air dough. Turns outs air dough can be sanded very well, but it doesn't like sticking to anything.

Well I focused on completing this over the last couple of day and it is finally done. Now I have just to figure out how to keep it attached.

Finally getting around to making a start on the shoulder armour. I had to make do with the quick armour piece for Amecon because I was moving house at the same time.

Now, hopefully, I have enough time to do a decent job on it before Auchinawa. Unfortunately, it needs to be as light as possible since it is attaching to silk, so some experimentation is required.

I have updated Kilik v1.0 I wore at Minamicon.

The upgrades weren't as comprehensive as I would have liked due to moving house, but I have made a new belt and the leg wraps with detailing, as well as adding detailing to the shoes. So Kilik v1.1 was wore at Amecon.

I still need to redo the shoulder armour as I didn't have time this time round.

Well Kilik was worn to Minami 16. One of these days I will actually finish a costume with time to spare.

This was really my first major sewing project, all my other costumes have been basic sewing with armour. I am pleased with the results although there are a few minor problems which will be rectified before it's next outing.

I will post some photos when I get them, and thanks to everyone for their lovely comments, it has given me more confidence to attempt another difficult sewing project.

Well I have some reasonable progress on Kilik. After three mock-ups to make it fit properly, I was finally able to start cutting out the silk.

I have put some progress photos up of the jacket with the appliqued detailing. It still requires a lot of bias tape to go on yet bt that will be one of the last things to do, and it'll also cover up the fraying ends. Better continue with the rest of the costume...

After much thought I have decided to go for a custom build for the arc reactor rather than attemtping to modify an existing lighting unit. This required a crash course in electronics and wiring.

To create the diffuser ring, I creating a mould out of balsa wood, sanded it smooth and pressed the heated polymorph in the the ring.

The angled pieces are three pieces of card folded and glued together to give the correct shape. This bit was very fiddly since the pieces are really small and need to be slotted together to give the final shape.

I then wrapped copper wire around each piece.

Well I was originally going to do Siegfried, the crystal armour version. Partly down to very persuasive friends, partly the fact I look a lot like him, and partly because I have a tendancy to do the more difficult style costumes. My first choice was Kilik, but this costume had already been taken within our group.

I had done tests on the crystal armour which were promising, and I had even managing to give it that transparent blue tint to simulate the ice. However, a number of things have happened since the inital armour tests which lead me to change my mind.

Firstly, the person doing the Kilik costume changed his mind and decided to opt for another. I find it is much easier to work on costumes which are your favourites, so this was the main reason I changed my mind.

In addition, most of my recent costumes have been very restrictive and/or armour based. I wanted to expand my sewing skills and this was an excellent opportunity to do this. Although sewing silk is a little tricker than normal fabric (stop fraying!).

Finally, Tab has also decided to do Siegfried and I admire his work. With me currently limited on space at home and short on free time, this costume is not practical at the moment. I fully expect Tab to do a very good job and I would rather not directly compete with him at this time.

So I have started on Kilik, the lovely blue silk costume!

I don't usually enter anything here because I'm very busy plus I want to keep the costumes under wraps until the event for various reasons.

It started of as a challenge and it has taken several months of work, but Raiden is finally complete, well 95% complete. There is some minor detailing that I haven't had time to do, namely the barcoding all over the costume and a couple of small pieces on the arms, but its now at the stage I am happy with it. I am particularly pleased that the entire costume came in under £60, with the cunning use of card and polystrene obtained free from work's recycling point. You really don't have to use expensive materials to create an impressive costume, just a little time, patience and know-how. If you have any questions about it please feel free to ask, I help out if I can.

Originally it was worn at minamicon at the 80% completion stage, but I have uploaded some photos from Ayacon which include the updates which made a vast improvement to the overall look. I doubt I'll be doing any more to it because quite frankly there are other costumes that I am now more interested in doing, but I have proved to myself that even though it looks difficult, it can actually be done to a reasonable standard (Omi Gibson aside).

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