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The thing I love most about cosplay is the sheer fun of it all. It's great to be someone other than yourself, and the process of making a costume and getting all kitted up is just part of that fun.
Cosplaying with my little group of friends is one of my favorite things I could possibly do. Eventually, we plan to work through every Final Fantasy game to complete cosplays from all of them!
My cosplay dream would be to get a Suikoden group togethor, with all the Stars Of Destiny! *___*

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I didn't take many progress photos and those I did, weren't put up here....I'll try to get some post-progress shots up here ^_<

I made it far too big....but I like it.

My sticky stick, had tilly constructed in one night using newspaper and gaff a tape. So effing pro.

Yeah, I was so rushed to Finish the outfit that I didn't post any progress stuff. So here WAS my progress....Sort of. Basically just pictures of completed items. Dammit.
In fact I've just realised that I took no progress shots of the top at all, which is annoying since so much unseen effort went into it. T_T

I spliced two wigs together to get the volume and thickness that I required for this. The top layer is a pure white silky texture, the under layer is the wig that i HAD originally ordered but turned out to be too grey and generally manky. XD;; It became useful in the end! I styled the wigs together and saved all the hair trimmings to cover the ears which are made from heat-formed foam and stitched into the wefts.
This was a rather long job and I'm mostly happy with the outcome....apart from the left ear. That ruddy wonky ear is ruining it for me! *cries*

Added here to free up gallery space.

One wig, blue, worn.

Adding these complete photos to journal entries to free up gallery space.


Belt is complete. Made from pleather and worbla wirh a bit of embroidery. finished and silly. Went through several attempts to get the shape I wanted. I'm still not completely happy with it but time presses ever onwards...!

Table of pink stuff. Wirking on the double-layered cape, undersheug and hat.

Sigh. Unfortunately all my fabric was chosen under electric natural light and all laid out together it shows how different they all are! T_T I hope it won't look too hideous when it's all put together....all of the hard work gone into it will be spoiled!

Wig is cut, styled, and ready to be mostly hidden under a gert hat. ^_^;

(Excuse my derp face)

I'm getting there with the dress. Pinned in place on my mannequin here before I put it all together properly. God, I hope it fits. T^T Won't know till it's done!
The cape is coming along too, though turning out to be a little less simple than I previously thought.
As always. XD;

Ok, so I wont be splicing 2 items of clothing together after all. I'll bake the black part of the dress from scratch but I'll be forming it AROUND the corset/basque (heck, it's not really a corset. A corset might actually make me slim! XD;;)
This is the corset/basque/bodice THING before I stripped it of all it's pretty lace and bows. T^T

...Yeah, or not. XD;;; Just trying out make-up and the initial wig. initial as in it hasn't been styld yet. I need to cut a fringe in and sort out the side bangs.

So, the plan is to splice 2 items of clothing together to make her wee dress. Because I'm not sure if I have the time or patience to really try and get this done ENTIRELY from scratch. SO I have a white lacy bodice and a black A-line skirt. Yeah, I'm just kinda holding it together here. XD;; Just as an idea!
(Ignore how fat my arms look here, please! T^T)

Cut the wig. Iiiiit's okay, I guess. I love the jacket, though. X3 Not even gonna try and pretend I made it or anything! XD On my time scale?? HAH!

I had an experiment, trying to put a bit more work into my makeup by actually defining areas and stuff.

I might not bother in the end. XD;;

...and this is the entire hideous ensemble. XD;;;; Yeah, I don't feel at all ridiculous! It would've been fun, though~

Okay, so I wasn't able to wear my 'Cool Outfit' from the episode 'Too Cool', but at least I have it for another time! This is the underjacket part...

So the original material I bought for the purple underjacket was changed to something less shiny. The Vietnamese fabric was lovely though, so I really hope I can use it someday! T^T
Craft foam armour painted to hopefully look like wood and laquer....hopefully. Not that you can see in this photo...or ANY of them actually. *slaps forehead*

Also, turns out that trying to get a stupidly-long length of rope tied into stupidly-long hair is a headache I'd rather do without, so I chopped it up and wrapped it round a clasp which just CLIPS over the top instead. BAM.

The...thing...that goes over the top. much more of a headache than I ever dreamt it would be! DEM FOLDS. DAAAH.

Just adding photos that have been deleted from the gallery. The undershirt is pain...literally. I can't lift my arms, so I do hope we aren't held at gunpoint whilst wearing this! XD I hate it when that happens...

Had to eat SO MUCH to get this. Seriously. I actually DIED for this hat. DIED. Oh, and Mordecai helped, I guess.

The painted designs on his stupidly aristocratic collar. Again, iOad photos don't seem to work well here....

Trying to work out the order in which to work on all the componants of this coat has been a bloody nightmare! Layers upon layers of fabric and trmmings.
Edit; iPad photo is stupidly stretched. I'm not happy with my bod but I'm not THAT fat, either!

Started with the easiest bit. The crown/coronet/ciclet thang.

I don't know when this will be worn, though. May Expo IF it's done on time, otherwise maybe not till October.

I have dualized one Rei wig and one pair of scissors. It is now HUBERT WIG.

The wig I chose for this project is.....HNNG it's so lovely! It looks perfect for, like, Rei or someone....but I have to chop it up! OH the humanity. T^T It's so soft....*weep*

(Pardon my fugly just-got-back-from-cold-day-at-work-and-finally-starting-to-destress face.)

Ack. This. This is totally why I've been torn over this cosplay. I love Huberts' character but, esentially....I'm gonna be a short pudgey chick in a lycra suit. T_____T
The fact that I should be mostly covered by his overcoat is all that keeps me going. *nervous as hell*

...However, I've hit upon aother snag. The wig was made specifically for TWO pigtail attachments. I guess I should've thought of that before going with 'oooh, a back-parting wig, yaaay'! See photo re. problem. I'm either going to have to disguise the stubby ponytail somehow (without ruining the wig for future use!) OR, most likely, I'll have to be inaccurate and wear both pigtails instead of just one. >_<;; I hate being inaccurate, but it may just have to be.

The wig arrived today! I chose this one because it actually has a back parting instead of just being a plain, short haired wig. It's pretty swish, but SOOOO HEAVY to wear! Will need a million grips to keep it on...
(Excuse my lame face)

In that, really, all I had to do to finish this outfit was to get some shoes.



(yellow socks make for some horrible fat legs though)

Okay, so I've made the humongously long ponytail and after a lot of trial and error (and swearing) I've made it stay put on my head! It's guaranteed to last for hours now, without drooping! ^_^V However, the same cannot be said for me. It HURTS LIKE HELL. And gives me a headache. Which in turn makes me sick. =_= Oh, what we put up with for cosplay...

Oh, also, there are still some blonde hairs poking out here and there but come Wednesday they'll all be dyed brown to match.

Just to prove that I AM working on this! Finallt found all the material I need (albeit way more expensively than I had planned for) and I'm trying to sort it al out.I say trying, because no matter how simple it looks...and in this photot HOO BOY it looks REALLY SIMPLE, right?'s not, it's been giving me major grief, and all because I'm basically trying to get the fabric to fold and scrunch up in places that is just physically impossible. Hence so much time spent twealing what is, essentially, a bloody easy garment.

Okay, so I'm finding it ridiculously hard to get the right coloured fabrics for this. Oddly enough though, I seem to have hit upon the (seemingly) hardest one first; the inner part of his clothing which is a sort of purple with a slight floral design. Well....had this stuff imported from Vietnam and HOOO BOY it's WAY too nice for my purposes! X_X I'm scared that I'm going to ruin it all....

Sigh. Now I just have to find the right mustard-y colour for the rest of his outfit! >_< And I thought that would be the easist part...!

uh, I mean, INNERS! Yes, the stuff I'll be wearing underneath the onesie. Actually....I don't know why this warrants an update. It seemed important at the time...o_0
Maybe I can use this a warning; if you see me on the DLR wearing these bright mustard tights, they are FOR A SPECIFIC PURPOSE. I'm not normally that bohemian, honest. >_>;

...and the back progress. Yup.

Yeah. A onesie. *sigh* Exactly the thing I said I DIDN'T want to resort to. But, looking at time factors and shizznizz, it's what I gotta dooo~ *slump*

Front progress

Again, moving wip photos from main gallery to journal folder. This was styled with...hardly anything, actually. I think it keeps its' shape through demonic powers.

Just adding the wip images form the main gallery to the journal, out of the way.
Oh, tail is reinforced with sturdy wire and invisible thread~

Reference image for my Ivan eye makeup...or lack thereof, anyway. I ended up wiping most of it off and just applying those 3 lower lashes like he has XD;; I wonder if they actually were noticeable...probably not. T^T


Made from feather-light materials so I don't bust a gut....does mean they're more for show than use though, since they could be easilly broken. T^T Please don't try to pull them out or be heavy-handed with them 'cos I WILL bust your ass! XDD

I hated that fact that I only had one sword...felt so inadequate! XD;; SO for the Kitacon re-wear I'm working on having a full set of claws!

Tedious process is tedious, however....

I wanted the tail to look just as stylised as the manga version, but also a little here's the result. Shaped fuzzy tail with wig wefts sewn in. X3 It....actually looks WAY better than this picture makes out to be. I'm pretty pleased with it, in fact~

SILLY ME! I forgot the feathers. NOW it is finished~! XD;

The final part of this outfit is now in place. Goggles, modified and attached; CHECK~

No photo as I just haven't really gotten around to taking anything yet. just an update to say that I AM slowly chipping away at this project. Honest! XD
Been working on the gauntlets, bare chest/flesh-look torso, the half-haori/kimono top thing and the belt....thing. Damn you origami and your originality! It means I cannot name any of these parts, officially...o_0;

I wanted to see if I could use this wig I already had instead of buying a new one....I think I will. *nod nod* Going for the black-haired look rather than blue, which I personally prefer anyway.

Boots, shorts, webbing thang and glove. Well, hopefully that should be obvious...!

Nearly finished on the boots. Sewing through 3 layers of leather FFFFFFFF my thumbs. T^T

Here's my attempt at a shooped BG, and as you can see, it's not all the great. It just looks...well. Fake. I tried my best but my shopping skills are clearly not good enough. Anyone bored and up for a Photoshop challenge?

Arm bands/belts/strappy things. Oddly NOT as uncomfortable as I thought they would be. If my hands turn blue, though, please let me know~ ^_^V

But only if you're a size 6. Unfortunately I had to buy a pair that were a couple of sizes too big, since I don't have much choice and time. =/ I'll be modding these completely.

....not me. So these aren't cut as high as they should be, but they're still short enough to be nearly obscene. XD;; Well, I have a lot of ass to accidently flash....*facepalm*
Anyway, this is clearly a progress shot of me altering the shape of the shorts and adding the FUCKNOMOREOFTHISSHIT trim...which I made from scratch....X_X So many hours. Numb.
BUT. The shorts are actually now finished.
All I need to work on now is the boots, gloves and goggles....and worry about my hair.

Belt complete-o. Pretty happy with it, but took a frustratingly long time to make since it took so ruddy long to source a double-pronged belt buckle. Who'd have thought! >__<;

As the titale says. All finished. Made the flappy bits at the back removable, for storage and packing.

Nearly complete. I've been chipping away very gradually at this looks so simple, but \i've been finding the collar to be a total bee-atch. >_<

As it says in the title. Unfortunately, because I have such tiny shell-likes, even the smallest of elf ears look huge on me. So I've gone for Satyre ears...which are still pretty damn long. XD But...I kinda like them!

Please excuse ugly no-make-up early morning face.

Finally started. It's taking me ages to get my head around this. X_X SO I started on, potentially, the easiest parts for me which would be some of the simpler armour. Here I'm using 3mm EVA foam and will be shaping it soon. This was also the first time I used power tools! WHOO! I feel so MANRY. X3 Power drill used to make the holes and a dremmel sander to clean them up. *Flexes* HURR! XD

....Can never look truly happy. =/ It's amazing how just a slight change to the eyebrows compleeeeetely changes your facial expressions.
<---On the right, normal eyebrows. On the left, heavy brows of impending doom. Same vague expression, two rather different looks. May have to really think about the faces I'll be pulling before blindly jumping in front of cameras...

Just a progress report for the top. It's been a lot easier to make it fit my shape than I thought it would be. Unfortunately I'll probably still have to start again as I made the neck hole on this one far too wide to put the collar around...well, i'll try anyway. (Green shorts pictured are not the ones I'll be using.....unless I have some kinda clothing emergency!)
...Ugh. Flabby mishapen legs are flabby and mishapen. I need to tone up. T^T

I've had to make a flesh-coloured undershirt to wear under Ivans' vest, since my binder flattens but does not prevent cleavage. =/ Busty Ivan is not a good look. Unfortunately it's bloody hard to find a colour that actually matches my skin tone, so I've gone with the closest. These shots show how hideous it looks, BEHOLD! *shakes head* Luckilly it's way better with the jacket on as that covers the nasty seams and draws the eye away from it generally, and I'll find a way of fixing the edges to my binder so that it doesn't wrinkle up so much.

Decided to go with the newer wig, despite the fact that it's not the colour I really wanted. Taken the plunge and styled it so that's all done and dusted now~

Okay, so the back of the jacket is complete, although i wish I could've done it some other way.
I attempted embroidery, a sort of decoupage thang, painting....all sorts. In the end I've had to draw the images, scan it onto my compy and print it out onto tranfer paper. Yup. It's a t-shirt transfer. =/
It actually looks pretty cool; clean and crisp, very animated. Not as vivid as the front pathces, but never mind. Problem is that it doesn't adhere to satin well, so I have to be reaaaally carefull not to scrunch the jacket up too much.

Making a start on the top.....basically making 2 at the same time as i acn't decide which material to use yet. one is a better colour but doesn't stretch and the other is a stretchy one that's way too dark. Choices, choices!

Probably doesn't seem very different to normal but I DID change things a little. XD Also had to add that little scar/dimple thing out some teeth. LOL! I REALLY loved the idea of ding that, but in practice I realise it makes me look like some withered old hag!!!!
I'm going to need to experiment with that....

Okay, I know there's a fair bit of time before I need to start worrying about this really, but it's already a bit of a headache.
I was going to use my Teddie/Finland wig since the colour is perfect. problem is there isn't enough hair to style properly and it ends up just looking..well, kinda crap and almost as though it's just 'plopped' on top of my head.
So i went and bought a new wig that looked perfect but when it arrived it was the wrong colour; far too yellow-blonde rather than icy platinum! GRAH! But it's such a beaaauuuutiful wig, so soft and yummy. *_* I haven't styled it yet because I'm trying to work out...well, what the hell I'm going to do. ie, which one I will chose, if either. i really don;t want to buy ANOTHER wig, that just gets ridiculous!

Comparison photos here <-------- What do? =/

Just wanted to put my wig on, basically, but couldn't bring myself to do so without also wearing a bit of the get-up and makeup XD;;

If I ever did feel ambitious enough to make his Hero suit (because HELL yeah, I want it so bad!) I thought it'd be silly for me NOT to pick this up, just in case.
Ultra cheap motorcycle insulation bodysuit! WICKED~!

This was going to be a cheap cosplay since I already own everything but the jacket.....right? =/ Wrong. Turns out I;m going to have to re-buy and modify everything. XD
SO at least now I have the correct t-shirt, trousers and boots. Goodbye, hard-earned cash. ^_^;;
Photo make everything look dark but I'm actually really chuffed with how perfect the colours are irl. Also....fatty cosplayer is fat, please excuse my ginormous hips in this shot. XD;;

...And this is my idea, using the pretty much all of the red parts of the mask including around the eyes, over the eyebrows (though it doesn't show in the photo) and even the upper lip.

Eeeeeeh, I think it's too much. XD But was fun to try, de gosaru~! (See Origami Cyclone suit ref. pictures for an idea of what i was trying to achieve.)

So this is the most common fanart version of Ivans' eyemake up when he wears his Origami Cyclone oitfit. It's just taking the red around the eyes of the mask, basically.


Hey, it's Bank Holiday Monday and I have nothing better to do, okay? XD
So, I figured that Kotetsu would need a specific make-up regime since;
a)he's got those sexy tired eyes goin' on~ <3
c)He has an asian skintone and I am GHOST WHITE.
Seriously. What was I thinking?
Well, I won't be tanning myself up too much since knowing my luck I'll just end up orange, so I've been using several darker shades of make-up to try and effect a darker overall tone. Does the difference show in the photos? (I'm not wearing a top so you can see how pale I am! >_< )
Witness Tigers' derpy expressions! Oh, I really do pick 'em...

What's underneath the blue jacket; a billion layers, that's what! (I'm gonna swealter! X_X )
Please excuse my hideous just-crawled-out-of-bed face.

Masamune is now complete! Well....he only has 1 sword instead of 6 but SOME DAY he will have a full set! Next time these costumes have an outing, perhaps. but for Aya at least I'll just have 1 sword to lug around.

Oh, in the photo is the coat and trousers with upper leg armour.

Okay, not a great shot but it looks better when it's all assembled. Made from window blind fabric, believe it or not. Rigid yet bendy! Good old Scrapstore, where would I be without you?

Okay, all the edging is now complete, thank GOD! This is the only picture I have taken recently of it though, so it's just an w,ip shot.
But it IS done, I swear!

Left to do; leg armour, tabi socks, weapons....though I think Masamune may end up swordless this Aya. T^T


And Bias Binding, URRRRGH~!

Everything is now finished! WHOOP! I'm going to go and change the stutus to 'complete' as soon as I finish this wee journal entry on the daggers/short swords/flamboyant stabby thingies.
The blade and hilt was cut as one piece out of mounting board which I then built upon using paper mache for the guard and to make the hilt chunkier. Gradiating the colours on the blade was a b*tch and pretty hit-and-miss. Spent many hours waiting for layers to dry. The designs were painted on with puffy 3D pearlescant paint....which had to be done right first time or it'd be buggered up entirely. No pressure, then. >_>;
Finished with fimo bits, beads, wire....stuff and stuff. I like how they came out! Just....please don't inspect them too closely T^T

So, hair is finally styled..although due to its' choppy nature it hangs differently each time I wear it, so it's going to take me a long time to get it set correctly actually on the day. =/ Still!

Tail also complete! I've sewn a piece of plastic into the inner backside of my trousers so that when the tail is stitched onto it, it stays rigid and doesn't pull the trousers down! The tail is also wired so it is poseable AS WELL as swingy! I'm gonna have fun shakin' my butt around....Zidane approves also! X3

All that's left is the daggers, and I'm on it!

I'm having flashbacks of Monta.



Wig in progress. Had to cut off a load of the length around the sides then made them into wefts to then sew back In to the wig around the face where it was too short. XD;; Gah.
Copious amounts of pva used for spiking and texture.
Shame it looks better on the wig head than it does on me, though....T^T

Tail is finished. Here you can see several rejects, also.
See, I'm fussy. Since I couldn't find the exact fur that I really wanted, I bought some bog-standard cream 'fun fur' fabric, cut it into lengths and took to each of them with a spray bottle full of ink mixes and a sponge. XD

Took many atempts to get the colour that I wanted and the gradiation but found it in the end. I'm pretty pleased with the finished effect, although it doesn't show very well in the photo. It actually looks like I've butchered a lion. o_0

I've finally hit upon a wig that I actually like. X_X Ugh. Blonde shades are the HARDEST colours to get right, don't you think? I've ended up spending a fair bit of cash on wigs that aren't suitable, dammit. Anyway, this mop is actually GORGEOUS; so thick and silky and HEAT STYLABLE WHOOT, I'm almost dreading cutting it. XD BUT IT MUST BE DONE!

I've never been happy with any of my Wigs for Ed....I'm now on my FOURTH. But I'm liking how this one looks so far. ^___^
Anyway, I actually bought this for a different character but the colour wasn't suited for it.....damn near perfect for Ed, though, so thought I'd give it a bash~

Well, I say gradually but I'm suprised at myself how prolificly (is that a word? XD; ) I've been working recently. o_0 Stress from work seems to do funny things to me; makes me want to go and get stressed over other things instead, it seems. Anyway, in the limited time I have between jobs and sleep I've gotten all the beltage finished. Whoot~

I have discovered a problem, though. Zidane will not easilly be able to sit, crouch, or generally move around in any stealthy thief-like way. *shakes fist*

Crescent sorted and, speaking of affixing I need to be able to get it to stay on my head! I stupidly made it the right size for me, without allowing extra room for wiggage. >_< I'll have to do a super nifty job on the ties to make sure I can both put the helmet on easilly and KEEP it on.

Waistcoat done, just needs fastenings to hold the front togethor. Cravat and clasp; done. Beads. LOTS of beads. Done and done. Cuffs, done. Gloves, complete. Trousers, complete-o.
Starting on the boots (Building up from a pair of shoes) and the many belts (working with a mix of pleather and vinyl), then onto...well. Everything else. o_0
Please excuse my fat, derpy face in this picture.

Okay, less than 24 hours after that woeful post and I've sorted out the helmet. XD Instead of stressing over getting more foam, I decided to alter the design a sliiiiight bit so that I could actually use what little material I had left. And VOILA, it actually worked!
So here's the helmet now; needs some cleaning up and the addage of the CRESCENT OF OVER-COMPENSATION~!! Will have to work out how I'm actually going to do that. *ponders*

Here's the modded boots; new laces and extra stitching added.

The scarf. Mostly artistic liscence used for the design though I tried to get it as close to how I thought it looks as possible. Also, bit of nerdyness; added Hope's name in FF13 characters/syllables. XD;

Costume is complete but moving some progress images to the journal page so they don't clutter up the main gallery. Now why didn't I think of this before?

Okay, so that awesome metallic-y foam stuff that I've been using...well, I don't even know what it is or what to call it. Which is a bum since I've managed to bugger up a load of my sheets and I've run out half way through the helmet!! >__< I now have an unfinished helmet and no armour pieces whatsoever.
The problem is, see, I picked the stuff up from Scrapstore, so the likelihood of me ever finding the same stuff again, soon, is preeeetty slim.
I may have to start over, with some other material. Suggestions would be SUPER lovely~!

Started experimenting with the helmet of epicness. Well, I say 'experimenting'...more like messing up and dtarting over again and again.
I've got some awesome foam that's thin, malleable and with a super shiny black metallic finish, so been using loads of that so far. ^_^;;
Progress pictures up soon~

Fatty Hope is fatty. I feel bad for doing this to him. T^T But then I get all excited about being a complete moe blob at Expo, so....*shrugs* Whatcha gonna do?

Cuffs complete, not quite the shade of blue I had hoped but I'll work with it. Now working on the armourment on the gloves. that a word? The uh...gauntlet things...metal plates...stuff. o_0;;
PSSH like Zidane knows what he's wearing. It just LOOKS cool, okay? X3

(oh and little dangly winged-egg thingy to attach to...lord knows where, I'll have to check back on the ref. pictures XD;; )

And about bloody time, too. I had a feeling that it would be the trickiest part of the outfit from the outset. Just sewing the edging on took me a whole day! And why? Because I'm a rubbish seamstress but I still push myself to try to recreate semi-decent items of clothing. I R glutton for punishment.

Anway, it looks a bit squiffy and mishapen on the manequin, but that's because the manequin is squiffy and mishapen. XD Or, rather, I am squiffy and mishapen and the manequin won't adjust to my exact measurements, so....ahem. Anyway. it fits well on me, at least! ^_^;;

Working on the leatherwork stuff now. Much more fun!

I'd decided to do the anime versioninstead of the game since that way won't need to make goddamn chainmail, but....I've only just noticed that anime version Masamune has dark grey/black trousers instead of blue. That just don't seem RIGHT. o_0 Wat do?

Okay, I have sorta started on the main outfit, but in the meantime....CASUAL WEAR for the win!

Okay, I knew there was a reason why I've always avoided working with this kind of fabric, other than for the fact that I just hate the way it looks.

CRUSHED VELVET IS A BITCH TO WORK WITH. REALLY. I've torn out so much hair I'll need to wear wigs when I'm NOT in cosplay. >__<
Unfortunately i HAD to pick this fabric because it was the only way I could get the exact colour I need for the waistcoat.
After much gnashing of teeth I had a sudden brainwave; use the reverse side of the fabric instead! (Duuuur X_X) This cured a lot of problems AND means I don't have to have a horrible veloooooour-looking waistcoat.
*shakes head* Go me.

(On a plus note, I have super sexy lining. X3 It's LURVELY material, shines like Magpie feathers! Shame no-one will see it....)

Okay, so I felt like I was getting close to finishing the waistcoat when *insert dramatic DUN DUN DUUUUN here* I realised I'd ballsed up big-time. XD;; Really, embarrasingly so.
See picture for reference.
Now I'm a lazy sod, so instead of starting again from scratch (because I'd have to go right back to square one by re-drawing a new pattern then start work again on that aaaaaaawful fabric)I'm going to bodge it. You'll never know there was ever a problem by the time I'll have it finished!! ^___^
....Except I just told you.


*whistles* >3>

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