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I first became intreasted in animation when I was younger I loved any and every thing disney esspecially disney princesses , therefore when my friend first told me about cosplay i was really exited to participate ,im very passionated about clothes and fashion so i just in general love being creative and designing variations of famous charaters costume and to put a new twist on a classic. Me


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Ok so iv got all my materials to make the wings and it's. Rush to the finish line , iv done one half of the wings making a wire frame which is covered by irrisecent cellophane and sticky back plastic which is secure with the edges lit using a lighter to secure the layers

Finally got round to making my template and getting materials to make the wings

today i went to the national art gallery with my college and at lunch we were able to do what we wanted so me and my friends went to covent garden and there was a DISNEY STORE . i ran around hyper like a 5 year old with plushies and i got my sebastian for 12 pounds reduced from 20 . yaaaaaaaaaaaaay

the blue jeans have been cut to the correct length then stitched by hand to create the detail and avoid freying of the material . I then pressed them to create a neat finnish

im working on my hair to get it the right shade of orange . Ginger is slowly becoming my fave hair shade ever coz its awesome . I was going through my wardrobe the other day and i found the perfect colour blue denium jeans to edit to make mistys shorts. Finally some real progress

so yesterday i went shopping to get prom essentials . My goggles finally turned up in the post and i am so happy with them , im still waiting for my boots and i hope to god they turn up soon.

Back to topic , yesterday i went to southend . I went to boots and got the no7 foudation test .It was great to find the right kind of makeup for my skin and i love to be pampered. I also brought fake eyelashes gloves , necklace and gel pad for when my boots arrive. I think i have pretty much thought of everything . Its just the waiting for the boots . agggh im so impatient.

i love these new earrings , they will go amazingly with my outfit , really looking forward to prom now not long left to go

so iv had to make a few alterations to my outfit , firstly iv found these awesome nails i changed the wig the hat and the necklace and earings but all for the good as the items i have brought are far more stylish and better quality .

goggles that i will be wearing on th day shhhh dont tell anyone this is a secreat - i love this design so much , so instead of buying new earings and nails im gonna get this , its a classic steampunk piece . It will make so much impact not to mention it will mean i dont have to put as much effort to my eyemakeup lol .... shame i will be blind in one eye ... who cares when it looks this good

i still dont know what to do for my makeup , i am in a spin chosing either pattern lipstic or going for a dark block colour like deep red of brown. I want to be able to kiss my bf when he takes me and picks me up but i dont want it to smudge , i have considered using a lip seal but the panic is still there i dont know what to do ... should i play is safe or should i just keep a compact on me.

My steam punk mad hatter is an own design . Although i brought all of the props and parts this outfit has taken alot of months of prep and planning . In year 10 and 11 i had worked tirelessly on my alice in wonderland gcse photography project . Sice then i have been hooked . Personally i feel that alice has so much to offer so many potential dress designs and creativity. In my project i became extreamly inspired by the photographer Alexandra de le nier . Her steam punk mad hatter was stunning i decided that i wanted to create a design like that . The only problem was that steampunk is very expensive . I finnaly decided that i would do this for prom ... i mean why not . It works out around the same as expo in totally which is why i wont be going in may 2013 . But believe me this costume will be worn time and time again asnd i plan to wear it at october expo.

Beacause of certain problems that have arisen due to transport . It has been decided that my boyfriend who played the original mad hatter in my project will accompany me and we will be going in a Vintage car !!! My friends had ditched me and decided to replace me with my ex and go in a gold hummer with a strip pole . Definatly not my style . But this way it will be more romantic . Notably the venue will be at the cliffs pavillion in Southend by the seaside . After the prom me and my bf will take a stroll and dance the nightaway by the ocean its gonna be adorable and i carnt wait.

all complete with sword and fake blood expect photos soon

i plan to use this as part of my photography gcse
luckily i found some old converses which i edited that are perfect fo this cosplay

all i need now are shin pads and black socks

hazar its finaly compleate i got my underskirt yesterday and its all done at last iv wanted to do this for years and now i can be creative with photoshoots starting monday so keep a look out

finally got the proper hancuffs

i have compleated my miku magnet costume for chloe and all i have to do is attach the lace it will be done by next week , keep a look out for new cosplay photography in the next few weeks as im doing my exam on cosplay photography

i have also brought pink and blue tights nail vanishes and eyeshadows

i have also made a megaphone as seen in love is war for a magney crossover x

so this is the first cosplay iv brought off ebay as a costume it will need alot off work to make it more accurate for instance buying the socks , shoes ect and it will also need taking it in and refine the edging .

i also have the wig which i am very happy with picture will be up shortly

okie dokie so i have my wig now and i have brought my headphones and blue tights from ebay now all i have to do is wait.

i will also be hand making the dress too

ok iv now brought the official misa armane wig from ebay its better quality than you would find in a fancy dress shop but is equally more expensive so shall be used in all of my misa armane cosplays

what i also forgot to mention is that i brought the misa necklace for more authentisity but will search for the choaker necklace that she wears with it

i noticed that the second dress although the right style had sleeves it would be good for an own design but i want to be as accurate as possible so will edit the first dress i found to make it better

i also want to get an underskirt so that the skirt is more puffy.

Unfortunatly the bag i brought for this costume broke so i need to invest in either a new bag or a zip to fix the old one

also on my quest for perfection i shall add the white ribbon to the bottom of the dress and buy better shoes

the cosplay is sooo close to being compleate im sooo excited

for christmas my boyfriend brought me an apple core necklace which is perfect as it can be used to feed ryuk giving the cosplay an element of fun


i havent forgotten about you misa - iv finally got my neew dress and misas necklace all i need now is a wig which i have already found on ebay

i have brought my cat bell collar at last !!!!!!!!!!!!

a total bargin £4 in primark pink silk ballarina pumps

i have my own honey senpai bunny plush - the bunny belongs to ME

waiting for delivery on first ever ebay item

i have decided to opt for the ball gown varient x

i have the ears eeeeeeeeeeep brought them at expo they are so cute shall look for a white wig and pink bow next x

iv found the perfect wig eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep now all i need is the head dress

i have too much coursework so i will not be making the dress however i do plan to make the necklace , headassesorrys and find the perfect wig , shoes and fan ready for october expo

so more alice plans i have already done a zombie picnic photshoot inspired by a neo magazine article i shall be organising a mad hatter photoshoot aswell a a photoshoot at the london toymeuseum where i hope to get some good photo shots

zobie alice varient coming soon

almost done yay iv sewn the apron to the dress and compleated the straps - all i need to do is compleate the bows and sew the underarms of the dress and then its ready for expo tomorrow

finnaly have the right ribbon to do my straps on my apron

ok relly happy i have edited the strings on y corset and apliqued the sleeves patches ... i need to fix my dress zip and alter the middle section of the dress so it is more figure hugging and then the cosplay is compleate xxx

my apron is now compleate with lace and decoration i need to add straps and bows and finnishing touches to the dress and then the cosplays done im so excited for expo x

panic iv only got 4 daYS TO GO AND IM NO WHERE NEAR FINNISHED SULK at least the skirtsdone x

okie dokie a week till expo and iv got ill with the flu this sucks and im behind i still have to finnish the apron but at least i now have a corset and cheshire cat iv almost finnished my skirt too

compleated my underskirt and started on the skirt part of the dress . the underskirt is massive as i wanted to give the illution that i was falling dow the rabit hole and the air making my skirt all puffy , i have cut , mesured and hemmed the skirt i now need to hem the top half if the dress ant gather the skirt so that i can attatch it x

have very almost compleated the underskirt and frame the skirts gonna be massive as im doing a down the rabbit hole variation x


panty panty panty panty and stocking -- love that theme tune cant wait to cosplay this now x

so cute ahve to cosplay best kitty cat ever ... girls dont start fights they finnish them

i have made my collar to go on the front of my dress and decorated it in lace , i now need to make another buttom patch and applique all different parts onto the top ... good news im getting more material so hopefully i will be able to start on the skirt part soon x

i have put in my first ever zip for a cosplay so im really hoping you guys like the final product xxx

i have litrally worked y fingers bloody on this cosplay i have pricked my finger with a needle more times than i can remember spent till midnight handsewing lace and buttons and have now compleated the sleeve decoration by first sewing ribbon then lace then buttons and lace around the button patch , i have been to southend and brought yet more red heart buttons for the front design and have now finnally brought my dress zip x

both sleeves are now attatched now i need to decrate them , i then need to work on the midddle section of the dress so its more fitted to my figure becausue it looks abit square so im gonna put a couple of darts in , i then nee to do the collar and start on the frame.... x

i have started the puff ball sleeves i love them they are really huge and theatrical..... x

im going to do both cat first maid second and iv decided to do this for may expo 2013

the lace has duckys on it ftw

i really wanna do the properversion when i abit more talented so keep a look out i love the gown , but i wasmy firstmade cosplay so all is well in time x

will be cosplaying this at expo , so will me starting the saving for material straight after expo aswell as looking for the right wig i would use my own hair but its not blonde enough xxx not to mention it will be a couple cosplay as my boyfreind is cosplaying as romeo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

found the tight i will be buying when i get round to it theyare bright blue from sanctos and are oNLY £3

iv found the most epic misa dress in deadglam but its £40 SO I WILL BE SAVING UP ALSO I DONT LIKE THE OLD WIG SO IM GETTING A NEW ONE sigh x

have brogt the lace for decoration today aswell as finding the most adorable red dimonte heart shapped buttons .... despite it being a taditional design iv still somehow managed to add my own little twist as usual in the detail x

i have decided to first to the party dress and then do the school girl variant i love luna xxx

i hope to to this quite soon its gonna be great especially since one of my bezzies (miku88) has one of the cutes miku cosplays ever to couple with xx

im not sure what variant - maid or fighter x

have began to make the top i have done the fron and back pannel and am working ion the collar and puff sleeves x oh and i also need to do the zip but meh not long now

im going out today to buy some hola hoops so i can begin to make the frame for the skirt am now making templates ect and this cosplay is now offically being made ... alot of work so i hope it will be worth it

not liking the progress so fay so im gonna redo it when i have time to get better matterials and put in more efvort but i love the wings x

he he he i cant wait to do this cosplay ,my boyfriends relly exited to see this hes forever calling me zoe - its quite funny - NYAN

oh my gosh im so nervous to start but im also really exited - i cant wait for expo im also really exited about this cosplay as i will be using this cosplay as part of my photography character gcse - its going well so far and i cant wait till i can put photos up on this cosplay huuuugsx

i have finnaly got my hair bow and materials sooooooooooooo exited because now i can finnaly get started on making the cosplay

have been tyring to figure out how to do the bones and the arms - i have decided to get a thin bluey grey - legging/tights type material and paint the bones on as i think it would be more effective than using face paint for the whole body as that tends to just ware off and look tacky

i sware its impossible to find a decent bow tie - iv been hunting for one in charity shops but have been so far unsucsessful - i will continue to keep looking and am saving for the bulk of the material now also.

found the perfect top for the base of this cosplay am now working on designs to put up as references

i have decided to remake this cosplay i love being butters stotch - he is me just as a guy lol

found the perfect base dress and ive decided to go for magnet

freakin love my new wig im sooooooo happyand it only cost £8 such a bargin let alone my awesome new acsessories cant wait to take progress pics

im going to buy another wig - this wig i way too short so im looking for a new one

after it snowing and being on crutches finnaly been able to get my cosplay shoes they are so beautiful cant wait to finnish the reast of the outfit.

yay finally have enough to buy the shoes at long last they are beautiful i cant wait till the weekend to pick them up eeep

my bezzie chloe brought me a beautiful pair of hello kitty ears as part of my christmas pressie this year so to showher how much i love them i will make a full length hello kitty cosplay - well she is my favorite character ever its about time really lol

okie dokie have started i now have the wig - and have found the perfect shoes that i plan to get in the next week with christmas money x

ive just found the perfect wigs for this cosplay and ive got them on hold - the best bit is there only £5 what a bargin x

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay i have finally compleated the cosplay ive now got my wig , bag and deathnote i cant wait to do a photoshoot




okie dokie so i tested out the make up for this cosplay this morning ... i was in a tough decition because i had the urge to use blue eyeshadow bu im now glad i tested it coz it just looked WAYYY too sixties lolilol so now im going for a more natural approch i will use brown mascara , eyeliner and eyeshadow as well as a rose /plum lip balm and lip liner however i did want a certain element of drama and disney so i found the darkest most pink blusher to make apple cheekes im sooooooooo exited for expo so tonight im gonna do the finnishing touches and hopefully all being well do a photoshoot so that i can actually put progress and compleate photos for you all ... hugs for anyone who is actually following this lolilol x

god im exited for this cosplay now its practacally done . iv finnished the sleeves at last .. added a swirlling detail in the bustle made it more pooffy all i need to do is shorten the underskirt so i can walk more easy at expo ... i love it ilove it i love it my favorate cosplay to date ----- eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

oh my gosh soooooooooo exited for this cosplay more pics to come soon

eeeeeeeeeeep the corset back is compleate yaaaaaaaaaaay all i need to do the sleeves

more progress went to camden for my birthday and brought the new dress for misa misa it was originally 40 pounds n i got it for 30 yaaay for a bargin its such a beautiful dress i love it

finnally brought the eyelet maker tool so i can get on with the corseted back of the dress , i have also brought the blue coprd im sooooo exited not to mention iv perswaded my mum to cosplay disney for expo lolilol

finnished my bustle today and im loving the progress on my dress and im getting the corset hole maker on tuesday as well as the elastic for the sleeve peices so yeah soooooo EXITED and im officially gonna be part of the disney group too its gonna be so fun

okie dokie so iv done more on the bustle today i have started on the silk and netting cover i hv compleated both covers all i need to do it sew the top up and attach them to the dress and there you have it mission compleate

yeah so today i strted the bustle and i have finnished the base i will then cover it in blue sil and netting so im happy with the progress for that however i have discovered that i will need to take in the underskirt as it will be to hard to move at expo :)

yeah i spent ages trying to find white long length gloves today - found them tho but i had to go in at least ten different stores to try n find them - dies XD i also brought a bald cap for my wig which was bargin . so the only thing left to buy is earings but thats not essential

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep i now have my wig and i love it i have spent the day on cosplay making the head dress from scratch its all shiney blue and so pretty in colour i have also finnished lengthening the skirt part - tomorrow is the dreade bustle making

yeah so this is the latest cosplay to timeleftwasted south park cosplay group - butters - i love this character hes practicly me , cute , childish ,nervous and loves toys and hello kitty

so exited for the cosplay group - see time left wasted on deviant art if you have time

this is what i have decided to do at last

made the necklace today and i really like it perfect

yeah even more progress - almost compleated the whole skirt - whoop - now all that needs to be done is the bustle - the corset back and the sleeves - soooo exiting

have compleated the middle section , have compleated the underskirt more or less just need to add elastic and compleate the hemming - have began to lengthen the skirt

major progress on the petticoat and underskirt - this dress is gonna be huge - now iv got to make the overskirt longer

brought more material today its gonna take soooooooooooooooooooo long to finish making this dress but so far its looking better than my belle cosplay so im happy

ok sooooo the progress with this cosplay - at the moment iv found the dress - purchased the gloves and found hair extentions - its gonna hopefully be mega - when i find the money to get everything yay now i know what its gonna look like i cant wait

k so quick update so far i have made the basic dress - all i need to do now is to make the sleeves , make the bustle and lengthen the dress so that its full length and touches the floor - i also need to buy a wig and the gloves - so im pretty much done - yay - when iv compleated the whole dress i will put up photos - im pleased with it at the moment tho - hugs

ok so i have the top and the skirt more or less how i want them plus black gothic wings all i really need now are the ballarina style shoes and im good to go - yay for progress

yay - some progress - quick update have brought some of my material and of course the 'glass' slippers so will be looking for alot more of the same material and will start working on the top half of the dress x

i now have my underskirt - navyish blue all the better to layer over and its puffy and full length i love it - will be officially purchasing the major part of material tomorrow - yay for progress x

soooooooo cant wait to get making this cosplay - am now in the process of looking for the perfect materials yay

wow this is gonna take a looonnnggg time , im getting there tho , there is soo manylayers its gonna be quite hard to walk, so far i have compleated all the layers and finnished the waistband , its soo puffball princess i love it debating to put black lace over the top to make it seem more gothic now as it could make it kinda ott plus i love it the way it is - still need to so the ruffles in the skirt and then theres extra detailin the top i still have to do not to mention buying the rose - i think it could be cool if i turned it into a bracelet - i know me i will probably lose it otherwise - dies lol

at long last i have my netting for the tu tu style half of the dress , i brought black,golden and lemon yellow netting so that it will be really puffball layered and can create many ruffles so that it will be slightly more like the origanal - yay for disney princesses - not long to go now but at least i can start !!!! hugs

heya just uploaded pictures on to cosplay island soooo exited for the expo now , its unreal , need to get a move on tho. On tuesday i brought some netting black and a yellow/orange - got home but it looked way too tango for the outfit , so in the next few days i will be searching or shopping for a lighter yellow so that the skirt will be more ballenced and i dont look like i giant sugar puff.Lol

hiiya today for my cosplay i decided to research other cosplay and my cosplay source so that i could work on getting my design closer to the original so that it would be easyer to work on to get it closer to belle , also i have taken a few pics of my work so far so that hopefully i can put them on the site - fingers cross :/ hugs

Today is my first time on cosplay Island with my first ever cosplay so far today my cosplay for a rock , undead belle is one step closer to finnishing i have brought the material for the skirt and now i can finnaly make the main part of the out fit, so far i have created the top half and brought a black corset to which i added silk sleaves and buttons ect i have also brought the hair bow aswell as black lace leggings with matching fingerless gloves , i already have the boots that i will wear on the day and so far its going well , however slightly nervous to whether the cosplay is good enough .

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