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I'm quite new to cosplaying, but already I've found it addictive. I first got into it when Cathe invited me to Kitacon, and I couldn't exactly go to my first convention without at least having a go at cosplaying! Now that I know I enjoy it, I'm ready to try some more challenging costumes, so hopefully I'll be able to create some really good-looking ones soon. As for what I enjoy about it, I just really like creating things, and seeing other good cosplays.

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I leave for Kitacon tomorrow, and I've just about completed the costume. I'll sew the trousers together at the hotel (the con doesn't start until Saturday), and once that's done and I've added some material, which I've packed, to the back then I'm done!

I hope this cosplay goes down well with the other con-goers. I signed up for the cosplay competition this year, and while I'm not expecting to win it'll still be fun to take part. And if just one con-goer compliments me on my costume and asks for a photo, I'll consider it a success. :) Anyway, see you all at Kita!

I've still got a way to go, but at least I'm getting there. The gauntlets have almost finished drying, and once they have finished I just need to add the material and then they're done. the boots just need one more strip of foam each, and once the ears have dried I can add the material and draw on the stripes. I've finished the hat, and I've unpicked the trouser seams ready to flip the material over and sew it back on. Hopefully it should work this time...

I'm still really worried, and I have a way to go before I'm done, but with luck I should have the cosplay finished by tomorrow. :) I just hope it goes okay in the end! In future, I'll be sure to make my costumes months in advance! ;^^

I'm quickly running out of time now (I leave for the convention on Thursday), but despite being so pushed for time I think I can do this now. :) I've finished the main part of the collar armour, and I just need to add the hoses and the collar bit, and wait for the peripheral to dry so that I can paint and attach it. I'm also halfway through sewing the headpiece together, after finally getting the pattern down. I've bought the elastic ready to add to the top as straps and the belt, and Kyrie's here to give me advice on the best way to go about making the boot cuffs. I'm also going to have another go at the trousers now that I've found my seam ripper, and if that doesn't work I'll take them to the local seamstress tomorrow so that she can tell me how to make them work (I'll do the sewing myself, of course). I have all the supplies I need, and I have 3 more days after tonight to finish this. I think I'm going to make it after all!

I didn't realise I was running out of time so quickly! The con is 10 days away, and I still have so much to do! I've almost finished the trousers at least, and I have almost all the materials I need apart from the belt/strap material (I'm getting that on Friday). I'm still worried about how I'm going to make the hat, and also the pauldrons. I had a go at making that on Saturday, but I ended up ruining it, and now I have to either buy new bra pads, or somehow make the pauldrons out of foam. Unfortunately, I have no idea how I'm going to make flat foam sheets into globe shapes, but there must be a way. Maybe I'll ask for help on the forum.

I'm also quite worried about how I'm going to attach the modified pieces onto my boots. The openings are naturally flat, and rest against the sides of my legs rather than staying in one shape. Therefore, I'll need to make cuffs that are flexible enough to move along with the tops of the boots, but I'm not quite sure how. I don't know how I'll keep them on either, nor do I know how I'll stick the discs onto the boots. And I haven't even begun to have any idea of how I'll keep the hose pieces from falling out of my collar armour.

Still, I suppose it could be worse. And I have 9 days to complete this costume, which means that there's still a chance! Anyway, back to work for now! :D

I've realised that I can't continue the armour just yet, as I kind of need a paintbrush to reinforce and paint it, which I don't have. So I'm order one on Ebay, and for now I've decided to be brave and start work on the trousers.

Since being methodical about it just wasn't working for me, instead I've gone for the same approach that I used with the top, and just pinned bits of material onto the cut-out sections and hoped for the best. It seems to be going okay so far, although I'm still having to sew it by hand. I have a sewing machine now (I can't remember if I mentioned it or not, and I'm too lazy to check; basically Mum bought it for me as an early Easter present), but I'm not used to it yet, especially with the speed that it runs at. I'll use it for the crotch seam and long stretches of stitching, but the smaller sections will still be done by hand for now. It's quite enjoyable and relaxing to do, anyway.

My flu has also gotten worse, which is a pain. Thankfully I can sew lying down, so it shouldn't slow me down too much. Although I am worried about possibly still having it next week, when I have an assessment/exam/thing for my potential new college course. Maybe they'll let me take paracetamol into the exam room...

I'm still having trouble with the trousers, so I've decided to leave them until I have a clearer head on how to make them properly. Instead I'm working on the collar armour and the boots. I've finally found the perfect boots to modify on Ebay (finding boots that don't have a fur lining is so difficult!), and I've just ordered them. I can't wait for them to arrive!

The materials for the collar armour arrived today (craft foam, muslin and acrylic paint), and after some test runs with moulding the foam I'm ready to start work on the armour tomorrow. I've already cut out the front section ready to go, and I'll buy some varnish from Ebay tonight, just to make sure it stays nice and shiny and un-ruined. The only real problem that I'll have with it is how to keep the hose parts attached to the armour. I bought a 2m length of hose from the garden centre yesterday, and it looks perfect for the costume but I'm worried that it might be a little heavy for foam to support its weight. Still, if it doesn't work out I guess I could try sewing some discreet straps to my top to hold the hose pieces in place.

The other drawback that I have right now is that I feel really ill. My little sister passed her cold-flu-thing onto me, and now I feel achy all over, hot, and I keep sneezing really painfully. Plus my ear hurts. :( Hopefully it'll be gone by Kitacon, and at least since I've put GraveRobber on hold for this year I'll be able to take my time working on Ratchet. The last thing I want to do is make myself worse by exhausting myself!

I'm currently buying stuff from Ebay ready to make into the armour and accessories for the costume. I didn't think finding large enough craft foam sheets would be so difficult... I've also been searching for boots and gloves without much luck. If I can't find boots to modify, I should at least be able to make them from scratch, but I'm not sure how I'd make the gloves. I'm planning on buying plain work gloves and adding materials (or possibly just painting the gloves), but even finding the base gloves is turning out to be easier said than done.

I've also finished the top, and I'm now working on my trousers. That's also turning out to be quite complicated, though, due to me being rubbish at marking out the material to be the right size. Also due to me procrastinating... Tomorrow I'll have to be firm with myself and just go for it, I think. I may end up just forgetting about the cut-out pieces that I've been using for references and pinning the replacement material directly onto the trousers. It'd be easier to work with then, at least.

Now, how on Earth will I make the hat... ;^^ *is stressing over that more than any other part of the cosplay*

PS: The picture is of my top when it was half-completed, basically just to prove that it does indeed exist. The other arm has been completed since I took this. :)

I finished the front chest panel (and even hemmed it!), and today I'm working on the sleeves. I've discovered that it's a lot easier if I just do it in two parts like the original sleeve part, instead of trying in vain to sew one piece onto the thing and stressing over it all. I've also discovered that I absolutely hate this stretchy material that I'm working with. It's a pain to cut, and it keeps rolling up no matter how much I try to pin the edges in place. It does look good, though, so I'm hoping that it'll all be worth it once I've finished.

Also, I sent the binder back today. I hope the next size fits, but at least if it doesn't then I'll know that XXL one will definitely fit. I just hope that the company doesn't mind me sending the binders back so often!

(Btw, I feel like I should explain something here. In case anyone's wondering why I get so worried about the stitching, it's because I'm sewing this all by hand. I do have two sewing machines, but I don't know how to work either of them, and so what should take a few minutes takes me all day to do, if not longer. ;^^ I hope to actually figure out how to work my larger sewing machine soon - I have a feeling that the small one is just generally rubbish - but until then I'll just have to plough through this by hand. :P)

I finally started cutting up and sewing the top for the costume's base last night. I'm really nervous about messing this up (I've already had a few near-misses), but I guess the only way to know whether or not I can do this is to just go for it. Thankfully the stitching on one side of the chest panel seems to be holding up so far, so there may be hope yet. Hopefully I'll have the chest done by tonight, and once I've completed it I'll try and upload a photo. Then I just need to figure out how on Earth I'm going to do the arms properly, and the legs, which I'm particularly dreading.

I'm also thinking of entering the Kitacon cosplay competition with this outfit. I probably will if I don't have to enter the masquerade as well, but I have a feeling that I probably would have to do both, and I'm not sure how I'd cope with the masquerade. I get horrible stage fright, and while I'm okay with floor cosplaying, being the centre of attention on a catwalk with an audience watching me might be a little too scary for me. I'll see how I feel about it closer to the time, though.

In other news, my chest binder arrived! Sadly, it's too small, though (I couldn't even close it around my boobs properly...). I'll send it off to be exchanged tomorrow, and hopefully the next size up should be enough to work while not suffocating me. Exchanging it is usually more hassle than I'd be bothered with, but I really don't think Ratchet with boobs would be a good look. XD

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