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Pre-bought helmet from a surplus store. Painted on skull, made Marlboro pack from card and attached foam heart/ smiley face.

The wig is bought arrived but it's hideous... So unfortunately this is going back into the Planned pile until I have time to do it properly by myself.


The skirt has been made. I went with a circle skirt in 4 parts to give enough volume. The bodice is attached and tonight I finished adding the sleeves.
Chiffon! Ohmygod! I forgot that chiffon is so annoying.
Almost finished though, just need to do the hem on the skirt.

The skirt is finished and I've started applying the stars. So many rhinestones... daunting..

shorts, skirt, belt and weird metal thing :)

My first time using bias binding (on the skirt)and a lovely crinkle chiffon material (for the 'leg puffs').

The hardest part of this was choosing the colour. I needed fabrics that looked good together and compromised between the Skirtzzz design and original colour of Merida's dress. I'm pretty happy with how this costume is looking so far.

Everyone needs a sidekick so I’ll be taking a tiny evil Sakko to Aya with me : ) We saw this cute little TY beanie in a charity shop and couldn’t resist making an outfit for him. His skirt rides up because of his tail, so he’s constantly flashing me– which seems appropriately evil.

The colours are a little off in this photo but the shirt and dress are finished! All the sewing parts of this costume are taken care of (although in honesty it was really just making alterations on this one) and so apart from buying and styling the wig, my first Ayacon 2013 outfit is finished!

Based on a traditional type of Russian headdress, the kokoshnik (more specifically the povyazka). Mine is flexible foam covered in the same material as the dress will be made of, with a row of pearls along the top. It’s very simple for a kokoshnik but looks similar to one a young Princess Anastasia was photographed wearing.

So now all the accessories for this costume are finished and I need to get to work on the dress itself.

3 months after placing an order and 3 attempts later, my second wig has finally arrived! It is absolutely worth the wait. I can't wait to get wefting.

Necklace hangs at about 18 inches.
25mm dark cream/ 4mm cream faux pearl beads and peachy Swarovski beads.

The dress is finished and the hood has been attached. This was really simple and a lot of fun to make. Took an evening or so of Disney movies (which should be an official unit of time). The main body is jade shot taffeta, it looks a bit garish under flash but is pretty enough in person to make up for it.

Gawd, this jacket! :'( The first attempt, took weeks and ended in miserable failure and a lot of wasted material. This attempt still isn't exactly as I'd like but it was whipped up in under 2 days using 2 charity shop curtains :-)

Helmet/ cap = cheap mask, funky foam and papier-mâché.
Gauntlets = funky foam and pleather.
Boots = Existing boots modified slightly and painted.

I might have got a little ahead of myself and bought a wig for this costume already. :D A bit nearer the time I'll buy some extensions and have a go at adding them in to make it bigger.

Still got a few alterations to make but almost finished.

Now all Ive got left to do is the skirt and wait for material for the boots to arrive so I can start on them.

ID badge from a template by VortexVisuals @ DeviantArt.

The gun is a water pistol jazzed up to look like the one her figurine holds. I added a bit of sparkle to it for fun.

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