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OK I've got the main BUYING done, it's just painting and styling and such like now. Which is pretty cool cus I was sure I'd never have this done. :3

The crown was dead easy to make (the part I was dreading), I just made it out of some stiff black card and some scrap yellow card I had hanging around! /budgetcosplaysftw

Now I'm just waiting on the wig, need to sort out some socks, and paint that damn shirt and I'm all sorted! :D

Yeah, the wig got an extreme rework. And a restyle. :') I proper glued it this time though, should stay fairly stuck. :3

This bitch got styled. ;) It was so big and overly fluffy, I had to thin it somehow... o.O I trimmed the fringe a lot, and also thinned out a lot of the hair at the front. I wasn't really sure how to go about it, but I found a technique in the end that works. :)
It doesn't look a lot different, but there is LOADS of hair on my bedroom floor now. ;)

Got my wig today!!! It's lovely and floofy! XD Needs some trimming, but I'm pretty impressed with it considering it was only £11. :)

YEAH! All ready for Expo on Saturday! Hooray! :D

OK, the painting took forever! XD I got one side done, and I'm gonna try and do the next one at some point in the near future! :D I'm quite pleased with the outcome, the paints were a nice quality! ^^

HEYHEY KIDS. Since my last journal, my superb socks have arrived and they are rather superb. Also, I went out today and purchased face paint and white fabric paint, and then tested out how my face is gonna look! XD I think it looks quite scary, personally. O.o But anyway, it's looking good, wouldn't you say? :3
I'm gonna try and paint my hoodie tomorrow, and then I'm all done, I think! :D

Purchased some socks today from eBay to complete the look! :D They'e dead cool. ;) Just the hood to go now, can't wait! :D Expo in ONE MONTH. <3

So good news! My lovely grandparents braved eBay and bought me a lovely red hoodie! So that's about £16 I'm not gonna be set back, which is lovely! :')
SO! All that's left to do now is paint it really! And I'm quite excited about that, I really hope it goes well! I'm counting on it doing so! XD
ALSO! My dad bought me some gorgeous Doc Marts, which I'm gonna wear with this, 'cus they really suit it, I think. :) <3
That's all for now, peace out! xxx

Oh my GOSH, I received my wig today, along with a wig head I ordered, which is totally lovely!
The wig is so perfect!! Like seriously, it's beautiful and so soft and lovely and I love wigs. I might still need to trim the fringe cus it's a little blunt, but it's otherwise perfect! XD

This cosplay has officially started! I purchased the wig yesterday, and I went into town the other day to get black fabric paint. All I need to get really is white fabric paint, and the hoodie of course. Then it's figuring out the bottom half, painting the matryoshka hoodie, styling the wig ('specially dat fringe XD), figuring out my make up, then I'm pretty much ready really! XD And several months early! :)

I finished up the hoodie today at my grandma's. Well, she sewed the fur on for me, so A MASSIVEHUGE credit to her, and I finished the drawstrings and the zip <3
SO. That's pretty much all for this one! Can't wait for Grack to be done with hers! :)
Pictures sooon! ;D

OKIES! Couple of things:
New trousers are dyed and they look really, really good! They're bright orange and super sexy. XD SEXY GARMENT.
Hoodie is almost finished now - just need to colour in the rest of the zip, and then sew on the fur, and then we're all done! :D

A little updateroo on this shizzle:-
- Most of drawstring and zip are colour black.
- The orange trousers I originally got are too big
- Therefore I'm dying some sexy white jeans orange
- It'll be a while until I can get the dye, unfortunately, due to me having no money/going to France/not having a free weekend to go into town recently. *RANTRAGE*
- I still need to attach the fur, somehow...
- So that will require time, moneez and Sally Twinkles.
- AND THEN I&#039;M PRETTY MUCH FREAKIN' DONE! I am most excite!

Grack and I were planning a summer South Park cosplay, but that's yet to be confirmed or indeed discussed in detail. :)


OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! The wig arrived today, and my God, it is SO SUPER SEXY!!! It's really bright and yellow, and it fits really nicely! The style is also really, really goooood! :3
See left to see a picture of moi in ze wig wearing Grack's hat that we unsuccessfully tried to dye. Kenny misses his Kylee! *K2SUPPORTER*
I am far too excited about this. <3

Wig is ordered. *HIPTHRUST*
Will update when it arrives, and will add a picture too! :)

Mm'kay, quickity quick update - I've found a wig that I think will be good for Kenny, and I'm looking into buying it... :3 This is eet: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Anime-Cosplay-Wig-Short-Yellow-Blonde-Hair-Wigs-7765K-/160594437950?pt=Women_s_Accessories_UK&hash=item25642ca73e#ht_5105wt_1282
With any luck, I should be able to order it within the next few days. :)

Grack came over today, so item swappage took place! I got my trousers! They're slightly duller than I expected, and made of a weird material, but I actually really, really love them!! They fit perfectly, and are a long-leg, which is gooooood!
Grack's wig came too, and it's really nice, so I might order my wig from the same seller as she got hers from. :) Then all I need to do is attach the fur to the hood, and Kenneth's pretty much done! :D

Also, look to your left for a super attractive ass shot of the trousers. Kenny's ass belongs to Kyle, ok? *K2SUPPORTER*

Went into town and got some more stuff yesterday! :D HERPDEDERP, I AM SUURR EXCITED ABOOT THIS.
Look at zee picture to your left for an UPDATE! :3

I got my hoodie the other week, and the trousers arrived at Grack's house, which IS GOOD! :D As soon as her wig gets here, we're gonna do a ceremonial swappage of items, which means I only need my wig and a few other bits (including binding and, ahem, 'props'... Grackle will know what I mean) and then I'll be done! Depending on when we both finish, we should be doing various things in cosplay (like shopping and ice skating and TGI Friday... hopefully XD) and maybe taking some K2 pictures too... :3

After some travesty, I finally ordered the hoodie, which should arrive within 3-4 days!
And my amazing friend CommonGrackle ordered me the trousers, and they'll probably arrive within a week or so! Yay! :D
Wig next, just need to hump my mother's leg for a bit in order to get the money...

EDIT: Hopefully going through with this one! Getting the hoodie tomorrow, fingers crossed. I'll be doing this with CommonGrackle - she's doing Kyle - and eventually with another two friends who are doing Cartman and Stan. :D

I'm not sure whether I'm going through with this one, but I'd really like to. Let's just see if my funds can allow it! ^^ I'm majorly excited about doing Kenny, though! :D

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