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Sometimes I think I have far too many costumes for one person, especially since I only really started cosplaying properly about four years ago, but there's no such thing as too many costumes.
I started off buying costumes as it was the easiest option for me, but then I got really into making things myself. These days I do a bit of both - if something is beyond my skill and I can purchase it (or something I can easily alter), I have no issue with doing so. To me, there's nothing wrong with buying your costume or getting someone else to make it for you. Cosplay is about fun, after all.

Not all of my costumes are listed here (but most of them are) and I have way too many plans up here that will probably never get done, but I like to keep them up here to remind myself that I wanted to do it in the hope that one day I'll get round to it.

So far, I'm most proud of my Avengers!Loki, Tony Stark, impaled!Hidan and Frau cosplays, all for different reasons. Avengers!Loki was my first costume making completely from scratch (no pattern pieces to go by, etc) and possibly the most complicated one I've made so far; Tony purely because of the arc reactor that turned out so well; impaled!Hidan because I've never seen anyone else do it and I thought the idea was genius; and Frau because the photos I got looked incredible (if I do say so myself).

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Started work on the embroidery shortly after finishing the undertunic. I'm doing it all by hand, so it takes a long time, but it's paying off because it looks great so far. I need to do some neatening up when I sew it onto the pleather tunic (once that's made), but so far one side is done, and it only took me ten days (ahahahah).
Now onto the other side!

Managed to get the undertunic finished (near enough - still have lacing up the front to do) in almost no time. The material is a light polycotton because I physically cannot get too hot in a costume otherwise I get unwell, so it might not be accurate to the original costume, but it'll do. Made the hood big enough to get over the wig, and it sits fairly nicely.
Now to start on the pleather tunic, and then the coat...

Asides from some detailing (which will be done as soon as I get the stuff in the post), the coat and waistcoats are done, along with the bootcovers. Just have a few belts to make, the trousers, and the hidden blade. Contemplating adding a sword too, but that will be done after everything else is complete and if I have time.

I'm doing the hood in two separate pieces to start with - I used a pattern for Connor's hood and adjusted it where needed to make the main hood piece, and then I'm going to make a second piece to stitch it to which will then be how the hood attaches to the coat itself. First time making an Assassin hood and it's not perfect, but it's good enough.

So I realised that the coat was actually cut too big (the home-made pattern pieces I was using are measured out for both double and single-breasted coats, and I cut the pieces to be double-breasted by mistake), so I had to unpick everything and start over, but thankfully that didn't take too long. It's a much better fit now - I also took in the sleeves a little during the resizing process because they were much too wide and I wanted them to be more fitted.

The two waistcoats are now complete, and all in a day's work! Since I don't want to have too many layers all around with this costume, I decided to make the reddish-brown waistcoat a proper garment, and the ivory/white one is just the front pieces stitched over the top. That way it should be cooler around my back when I wear the whole thing.

So I decided to start early enough so I can pace everything out and do one thing at a time instead of rushing into it and stressing myself out, so I started work on the coat for Arno first.
It's probably about 70% done. Still have sleeve cuffs, hood, etc to do but it's going well so far. The colours aren't a perfect match but it was all I could find that wasn't crazy expensive, and I'm definitely on a budget with this cosplay.

I spent the last couple of days working on the jacket, including making a pattern from scratch because I've misplaced every other pattern I've ever used (go me).
This means ANXF Remy is officially complete as I've decided to ignore the stupid orange lenses unless I have a stroke of genius about the best way to do them and have them look good (and for me to actually see through them).
Bring on WLFCC.

So all I have left to do now is the belt and the gloves, and some detail on the trousers (zips, some panels of fabric around the knees, etc). The gloves are going to be built up from existing ones because I can't do gloves and I don't want Cap to be my first attempt at making them (because I know it's going to be stressful), so I'm waiting on those before starting on the extra stuff for them.

The belt is just a plain blue canvas belt which is an almost perfect colour match, so I'm happy about that. I've bought a couple of functioning pouches that I'm going to cover in the right colour fabric so I can store things like my phone and my money and stuff at the con, since I have no pockets on this costume, and then I'm gonna make the remaining four myself - whether they're functioning or not, we'll have to see.

But for now, this is the full thing.

So after three long days of fiddling and sewing and swearing and crying, my boots for Cap are done.
I've used basic polycotton for the material just because it's cheap, easy to get, and I know the colour comes out really well. Now the reference photo I was using had the boots as red and black but after searching for other photos to get better shots of the boots from different angles, the on-set photos show them as red and darker red. Hahahaha. oh joy. But, considering I'd have to mess around with fabric to get the right shade of red, I decided to just go with black and deal with it.

Started with the black as a base cover, and then started adding the red over the top. Used some black pleather for the 'sole' and a couple of the details, and then my favourite metallic silver material for the clip details for the straps. Because I'm a cheat like that.

So after a day of work, I've made quite a lot of progress on the upper half of the costume. I used a blue long-sleeved shirt as a base, and then began to panel over it in the right shade of blue (and red & white where appropriate). It's still not finished as of yet, as I still have some panels to add and then the sleeves to finish, but it's looking good so far and I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out.

There's not much progress all things considered, but I have a base shirt and trousers and material on the way, and I styled the wig although I need to thin out the top a little and cut it a bit in places. I'll see how I feel about that after the costume is done, though.

I finished the trousers yesterday, so I started work on the bootcovers. Since it's supposed to be an all in one suit, I decided they'd have to be attached to the suit instead of just the boots.
Ended up going with some black converse instead of boots so I'll be comfortable, and they're fixed in place by two strips of elastic.

Managed to finish off one leg today - used a pair of slim fit trousers as a base so I could use the same material as the shirt (and get the exact shade of yellow to match). Only had enough for one leg so the other will have to wait for tomorrow. Definitely liking how this is turning out.

Got the shirt complete, even though half of it will be hidden by the jacket. Happy with the way it's turned out, though, so I'm looking forward to making the rest and getting it complete. Trousers for the lower half are next!
Although it won't be seen, I made sure to add the pointed ends to the sleeves, and the detailing on the forearms. Sure, I'll have a jacket over them, but at least now if I take the jacket off I'll still have a complete suit!

Alright so I realised I have four costumes to finish by October (although one isn't needed until November so it'll be last on my list) so I should probably make a start on them before I blink and it's September.
So ANXF Gambit was top of the list as it's one of the easiest and I have easy access to the materials I need unlike the others.

About 12 hours of sewing later, and I've almost finished the top half of the suit. I still need to add a collar, some black detailing to the back, and some alterations to the ends of the sleeves, but it's pretty much done. Thankfully the lower half is relatively simple in comparison so I should be done with this either before LFCC or just after, depending on how much I can get done. We'll see, I guess.

So I'm pretty much done with the flightsuit now. All I have left to do is add some zips to the trousers and make the helmet.

So after over 12 hours of work, the webbing and the buckles are complete! The buckles are made entirely from cardboard wrapped in fabric, and are sewn to the rest of the webbing to ensure they remain in one piece and don't break (hopefully).
I still need to add a couple of stitches here and there on the webbing (mainly on the front) just so it stays where I want it to and retains its shape across/down my chest and doesn't bunch up too much when I move, but I'll be doing that at a later stage because I am so done with sewing right now.

I need to add in the valve-like pieces on the front, and work on the sleeves next - and then it's onto the trousers.

Since I cannot make them of metal or plastic, I've come up with a way to make them, hopefully, sturdy. I cut a basic shape from cardboard, and then put silver fabric over the top, sewing it to the cardboard. For the vertical strap buckles, I've sewn the buckles to the webbing itself. Only done two so far, so we'll see what happens with the rest.

As the title suggests, the yellow on the jacket is now complete. I can't do any more until I have fabric for the sleeves or the webbing for the straps, but for now I'm happy with how it looks.

So I started work on the jacket for the flightsuit today - only added the front yellow panels so far, but I'll be working on the back yellow panels next. Not much progress, but it's something.

Finished off the shirt and the cape yesterday, so I'm making good progress. Just have the trousers left to do. I'm probably going to attach the shirt and trousers together once I have them complete just so it looks smoother.

I'd forgotten to update this when I started making the new outfit for Wiccan, so I've already made a lot of progress. I've been focusing on the bodysuit, although as per my usual style I'm making it in two pieces simply for comfort and ease.

I just used two shirts of the right colour, and I'm slowly adding sparkly fabric (with scatters of sparkles that is close to the space-effect) over the top of the black sections, piece by piece. Once that's done, I'm gonna add the red trim and add the last remaining details, and then I'll move onto the lower half.

I have a hood made for the cape, but I'm yet to make the rest at the moment as it needs a second person to help with the measuring and the pattern.

Although I'm still waiting on the belts and my wig, everything else is finished. Bootcovers only took a few hours each day, and I went for shorter ones than regular Rogue just to have a bit of difference between regular and Rule 63.

Managed to finish the suit finally, as a two piece rather than a one piece, as it's rule 63. I'll be moving onto the boots next!

Finally got the material to make the trousers, so I've made some progress in that department. One leg is now complete, so just gotta finish the other leg and then it's onto boots and belts.

Asides from getting the gloves together, not much has been done for a while. Mostly because I was waiting on a pair of yellow trousers to arrive so I could start to work on the lower half, and they were delayed.
Alas, the ones that arrived didn't fit right despite being the correct size so I'm gonna try and edit them (I can add in panels of fabric where they'll be hidden beneath the green I'm gonna add to them) whilst waiting for another pair to arrive (which will be another goddamn month) just in case these ones don't work out the way I want them to.

Still working on a way to do the wig, but that's also down to money issues. Probably won't be doing anything until after Christmas at this rate.

Despite saying I wouldn't be working on this until after expo, when the stuff arrived for the upper half I just couldn't resist making a start. Several hours later and I have it (pretty much) complete. The collar still needs a few little details added but at this point I don't want to even look at it anymore so I've set it aside for now, to finish later.

The patches arrived and I spent about an hour sewing them on - I know, I know, that probably sounds like a long time for two simple patches, but I was taking my time with it and making sure they were in the perfect position...

Rogue's jacket is now complete. I've ordered some stuff to start making the rest of the outfit, so expect to see some progress once expo is over.

Found a perfect jacket for Rogue today - ordered the X patches for the sleeves. Not much progress will be made until after October expo, however.

So I finally sat down to finish off the belt today. Made the separate pouches/boxes out of cardboard so they'd be nice and light and wouldn't weigh the belt down, secured to the belt with little cardboard sleeves superglued to the back.
One box opens up so I can store extra playing cards inside it, or something similar (like business cards~).

This marks Evolution Gambit as officially complete.

Thanks to a super find in a charity shop, I've bumped Cas up to 'in progress' as I have everything else already (save for the correct tie and possibly a more suited wig). I'll also be making an angel blade because reasons.

The trousers are complete, and therefore so is the costume - asides from a couple of pouches I need to sew onto the belt.
I used the same grey t-shirt as I used for the shirt so the colours would match.

Finished the other boot cover, as well as the white detail on the gloves. All that's left to do now are the trousers, and some pouches for my belt, and the costume will be complete!

As I have to wait until next week for the rest of my cosplay pieces to be delivered, I decided to work on the boot covers while I wait.

Finished the first one - grey/silver polycotton and black PVC, with a piece of thin cardboard for the kneecap piece.

Managed to find a pair of trousers that are an almost perfect match for colour. As I'm unlikely to find anything better I've decided to go with them and buy a couple more of the zinc shirts to use for the grey sections on the lower half, so the colour is a perfect match.

To make it easier to wear/etc, I've decided to make this in two pieces. This is just version #1 anyway. The grey is technically too light to match the cartoon colours but it'll be easier to find a match for it, so bite me. XD

Finished the top half yesterday, and did a quick test-shot to see how it looks.

I somehow managed to finish off the coat in one sitting, so Gambit is officially done! I need to tidy up some threads here and there and do a few tiny touches but I consider it done, now.
Ready for LFCC~

After four days worth of work, I have the boots done! I still technically need to add a bit of elastic at the bottom of each one just to give them a little shape around the platform of the boot, but I count them as done because I can do that last-minute if necessary (and the elastic isn't needed to hold them in place anyway).

Going to work on the coat next, and then Gambit will be ready for LFCC~

After two days worth of sewing and suffering, the first of the boot covers is done. Done completely by hand, with the use of PVC and silver foiling (and a section of cardboard for the knee piece to keep it sturdy and upright). You can't see it in the photo but I went around the silver pieces with black thread to make them stand out~

Almost finished the first boot cover. I ended up making a start on them today simply for something to do, and eleven hours later, here we are. Still gotta sew the silver pieces down properly, and then go around them with black thread to make the pattern show, but almost done!

So I've just finished creating the pattern for Gambit's coat, and I'll be working on it from Tuesday or Wednesday onwards. Modelled it from a leather trench coat I own so it should be about perfect, hopefully. The fabric is nice and light so I'll get a nice billowy effect if it's windy~
[I've made promises to get better at updating CI with journals and such]

Purchased the fabric to make Gambit's coat and boot covers a couple of days ago, so I'll be starting work on those over the next couple of weeks. First time making boot covers that cover the whole boot so this will be a fun experience x_x

Since I probably won't get the main costume done for LFCC, I'm doing his casual outfit from Young Avengers instead. Shirt is done now, so technically I'd say the costume is done, too.
[Note - image is reversed. The yellow is on the correct side, I swear >_>)

The last things I need to do (other than tidy up some threads here and there) are the wrist-cuff things he wears. I couldn't get a decent screencap of them so I'm going by what I can see and guessing the rest - and all I could see was red and silver, so that's what I went with. Nothing fancy, just silver pleather and red cotton mix, given a little shape and strength by a strip of cardboard.

Only done one so far as getting the needle through those layers (and after eight and a half hours of hand-sewing before that) has killed my hands, so I'll be taking a break and will finish the other one tomorrow, perhaps.

After many, many long hours of hand sewing, my belt for the tunic is finally complete~
I used the same brown cotton mix as the braid for the base of the belt, and then this wonderful black pvc-esque fabric labelled "shark fin" for the top layer. It's only attached at one end (I'm still considering adding a few stitches at the back) so I can pull it a little tighter once the tunic is on, to help give the whole thing the right shape, and I've gone with velcro to attach it together because it's easiest.

So I finally got around to cutting my wig - it hasn't turned out the way I wanted it to and I've bought a replacement because I hate it so much now BUT it's the right length and apparently looks fine according to those I've asked so idk. I might use this one or I might use the new one. We'll see.

UGH FINALLY SOME PROGRESS. I've had the fabric sitting around for ages but I've only just found the time to start. I haven't entirely finished his tunic yet but it's mostly complete and I'll be finishing off probably on Monday if I can. We'll see.

I'm especially proud of the brown braid-like collar. This is why I'm a self proclaimed genius.

So I've just spent a day doing all the finishing touches to the cosplay. The shoulder armour is almost completely attached and ready to go, the belt is done, and there are just a few small pieces I need to finish - and then LOKI IS DONE. I have spent so long on this costume, I've bled for it, and I'm so relieved that he's almost ready to go.

No photos this time, as I promised myself no more photos until I have the finished thing.

I ran out of studs but I only need 33 more to finish off the trousers. I have more on their way so hopefully they should be done very soon. Finally.

Finished off the armour a few days ago. Not attached to the costume yet since half of it is in France right now, but I'll get some photos soon.

Started work on the armour pieces - starting with the bracers. They're made from a thick, sturdy cardboard tube, pvc which was then 'dusted' with gold paint. I added the markings on with a marker pen instead of trying to do anything fancy because these are just the first attempt, and I'll eventually make better ones as I improve the costume as a whole. I'll be moving on to the shoulder armour next, I think.

Managed to get one leg of the trousers done. I decided to make it much simpler this time round due to time and money worries. 290 studs were used, and I'll be working on the other leg soon.

These were possibly the easiest thing to make so far... XD
They're nothing special, just fabric and elastic, and I'm going to add snap-fastenings/press-studs/poppers/whatever you want to call them to the top of them and onto the trousers so they stand up completely straight, since they're not strengthened enough to do so on their own.

So I started adding the metal studs to the tunic today - discovered 300 wasn't quite enough so I'm gonna have to buy more, but I got most of it done so I'm pretty pleased with that. Just gotta finish that off, add some detail to the sleeves, and the armoured piece across the collarbone, and then the tunic is done. Oh - and the belt buckle etc, but I consider that mostly to do with the coat.
Hopefully I'll get this done within another week or so, and then I can work on the trousers and boots.

With the coat and the tunic, I mean.
The coat is pretty much done - I need to add the gold stripes across the bottom of each split of the coat, and make the belt/shoulder armour and the armour for the forearms, too.
The tunic is finished save for the gold armour piece around the chest, and the metal studs (which I have ordered, but haven't arrived yet).

I'll be moving on to the armour, belt, trousers and boots next. Then I get to work on my props. XD

I finished off the sleeves and pieced together the tunic. All I have left to do for the tunic is some gold edging and the gold armour across the collarbone, and add the buckle for the belt.
Coat remains the same as we cannot attach the shoulder pieces just yet. I'll start on the armour pieces next week.

As we need to get some extra stuff for the coat, we started on the tunic today. I managed to get the interlocking stripes on the front of the tunic done, as well as some on one sleeve. I'll be working on the other sleeve tomorrow, and then work some more on the tunic.

I'm almost finished with the coat, now. We decided against putting a high collar on it since there's already one for the tunic and too much on my neck makes me uncomfortable, and is therefore not fun. XD Just need to add the gold and the shoulder pieces and it'll be done.

Started work today - made the pattern pieces (from scratch) and cut out all the fabric. Only managed to get the shoulder and side seams of the coat done, but I hope to get more done tomorrow.

Just spent £138 on the fabric for this costume, so it's definitely in progress now! I decided against attempting to work with leather this time round, as it'll be my first attempt and I don't want to ruin it (plus I can't afford to) so I've gone with a simple black cotton instead. This way, once I have the pattern and the experience of making the coat/tunic, I can move on to leather quite successfully. (I hope)
I'll be adding more progress as I go along.

So I have my Legolas wig. I can't style it just yet for a number of reasons, but I've combed it all back ready and tied off the bit that will eventually be his braid.
I was gonna get some clip-in braids for the side ones (as I don't have that much faith in my abilities) but I can't find any small enough so I'm just gonna have to hope I can manage it myself, as I've NEVER braided hair in my life. Found a good tutorial however, and the website actually had a "Legolas Braid" section, so... y'know, that's handy :|

I already want to live in this wig. :|

So my ear tips arrived in the post today. They don't blend at all well with my skin tone, but bearing in mind that I WILL be making myself paler for the cosplay, it shouldn't be too much of a problem (and I can always coat them with the same colour I'll be using for my skin).

The only problem I do have is nothing to do with the ears themselves, but more down to the fact that I hate having things on my ears/face (except paint, as I've taught myself to ignore it). I can see myself having to wear these for several hours each day/night in order to get used to them by next year.

I have a feeling I'll be using some theatre glue or something on the back of my ears in order to ensure they stay on, but they don't fall off easily so it'd just be some extra support (and therefore won't be the end of the world if I can't get the glue in time for whatever reason).

Just gotta make sure I remember to take them off before I go outside anywhere...

So I've started this cosplay even though I won't be wearing him for an entire year.
Just purchased the ears and the wig, and I'll be buying some clip-in braids for the ones that curl behind his ears as I'm USELESS at braiding hair (and they're more likely to be on show than the one at the back).

I found a perfect wig for him - the colour is absolutely perfect and it's the same style of wig as one my friend has (she can throw it around the room and it'll still look perfect). I'm going to have to cut it a little, I think, but hopefully that should go well.

I'll get some photos up once the wig arrives and I've styled it.

My new suit jacket arrived today and it's perfect. I'm worried that it's a little darker than the rest of the suit, but at this stage I'm beyond caring about that.

The jacket fits so much better than the first one, it's really comfortable, and it looks great. I'll add a photo or two later.

I've done so much progress on his fan and kama, yet I've forgotten to update this... XD
Currently, one side of the fan is completely painted and done, just need to paint the other side and do a few touch-ups and it's done.

The kama blade is drying after some masking tape took off some silver paint so I had to redo it, which I wasn't pleased about, but once the new paint dries I can attach it to the pole and then that's pretty much done, too.

Not long until expo, but I think I'll get it finished in time~

Alright, so the suit came yesterday, and I tried it on last night with my waistcoat, shirt and tie...
I'm not too happy with how the jacket lies on my shoulders, so I might purchase another one if I have money to spare. If not, I'll just have to accept it and deal with it.

My fedora is waiting to be picked up on Monday as I missed the delivery today, so I'll have that soon enough.

I have his gun all painted, ready. Just need to purchase notebook and make it look like his~

Alright, so after a discussion with a friend (who is also my Rusty), we decided to do an LA Noire cosplay on the Sunday night of the October MCM Expo. I'll be making his notebook and even having the intuition points, etc, just to make it all the more fun.
Can't wait to walk around picking things up and rotating them for ten minutes.

Gunzi is pretty much done, ladies and gents! Finished the claws today, so they're all nice and silver, and nicely glued together. I'm going to buy some brand new bandages for Alcon, so they're not all grubby and threadbare from where I've been taking the old ones on and off for photos.

Bought the "paint" for his arm tattoos, and I have the black "paint" ready for the others. Only thing I'm really waiting on is the binder, but failing that I have enough double-sided sticky tape to last me a lifetime.

Everything is done for Gunzi, so I'll get round to uploading some finished shots before I head off to Alcon (well, I'll try, but I'm in a mad rush to get other things done in time, so first finished shots might be FROM Alcon).

Pics of the finished claws are up. Enjoy.

Started work on the claws. Made them out of cardboard, but they're not painted yet. Might find something better to hold them together too (at the moment, for photo purposes, they're held together with glue and sellotape).

I'll upload pics as the progress happens XD

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