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been cosplaying for a few years but only really felt like i've improved enough to be somewhat proud of them
also only recently gotten out of the whole "i'm short so i must only cosplay short characters" thing, but i will still default to the shorty.

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Decided that instead of having the thin many pockets like on the refs I have, I'm going to go for the bigger style that I've seen in other comics. I'll be storing my stuff in them at the Expo so they'll actually be pretty handy.

The big fat one at the bottom of the photo'll be sitting by my butt, hidden by my cape. I'm only making that one since my phone won't fit into the smaller pockets OTL

Well... I'm thinking of scrapping everything I've done so far [only the cape, whoops] and remake/make everything from wet look fabrics instead, since after seeing Akusesu's [akusesu.deviantart.com] Young Justice Robin which looks absolutely amazing.... I prefer the look of that type of material for not-so-Boy Wonder's outfit :\

Which also means that there'll be little progress for the moment as I'm coming up to the final weeks of college and soo behind on stuff OTL
As soon as summer holidays hit though, I'll go nuts on this bad boy.

Toodles for now :)

[Picture is Akusesu's freakin' amazing Robin]

Right.. Looking back on the box photos has got me thinking...
Since I'm aiming to finish this for SMASH, Australia..
I'll be bringing it back to England...
Which will give me the chance of improving it and finishing the Box for the next Expo.... [If I have the time to go. I'll be improving the kimono anyway, it's just whether or not to bother about the box now]

Sound good?
Feedback Please OTL

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