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I found a massive fake flower in a local shop :DDDD I don't have to buy real sunflowers now~~

Material has arrived!
Once my projects are out of the way I can begin sewing :DDDDDD

I've ordered the wig and material for this :D I have the pattern in my disaster area of a room somewhere |D
Just hoping that the wig will match my skin tone >w<;;

I need to finish this by tomorrow OTL|||
No sleep for me tonight, it seems!

I've finished the dress!! And the underskirt~

Yaaaay 8D Hope the wig arrives soon!!!

The shoes arrived~ they're really cute (although I'm expecting my sister to say they're hideous XD) ..the only problem being..I can't walk well in them OTL|||| (they're less painful than flat shoes though!) so I may be hobbling around in them.. or clinging to Gakupo (Shacho) for dear life.

Parts of the outfit I've got:
Red Beads

I've got quite alot of the material aswell~ Need to get started on the sewing~! (Shirt, Waistcoat, Skirt, Skirt/waistcoat thing, underskirt, Garter, Cuffs, Collar)

My Megupoid wig finally arrived :'D
...for some reason it's way too long o-o;; I swear I ordered a shorter one (???)
Oh well. Much styling to do!!

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