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When deciding to start on this venture, I was lucky enough to already have collection of purple and blue beads from an abandoned project a couple of years ago tucked into my sewing box. Yesterday I started work on covering the cups on a purple bra I had stashed away with a different fabric (something I also already had to hand), and then upon finishing on that today, I decided to start on the bead work.

This is about an hours work, so this will definitely be a lengthy process. Thankfully I have 10 months in all to complete the whole thing.

Boots are finally customised. It's something I've been leaning to do for a year. The straps are now a part of the boots, opposed to simply being wrapped around it and buckled.

Decided to start work on this today. I had planned to wait a little longer, but the sewing bug got me. So far I have the base section completed. I'll be working on the straps next.

This is officially one of my favourite things about cosplaying from The Walking Dead - getting to destroy clothing.

Step one: Hole. Jeans.

Done with scissors and a sanding block, nothing special.

I've had this costume sat "in progress" for a long time, with all the basics done. Today I actually sat down and did some proper work on it. With having a season 3 Maggie cosplay already, I had the jeans, boots, etc. but decided this year I wanted to work at making things more accurate.

First things first, was the belt. I've already made one of these from scratch, it wasn't great, so this morning I suddenly remembered an old belt I had lying around in the drawer. It turned out it was perfect, so I then spent a couple of hours punching holes and putting rivets in (I hate riveting with a passion lol).

Much happier with this than anything I could have attempted to make. Next, however, is the gun holster, which I will be making from scratch. It should be an experience!

Perfect colour, but sadly they don't fit me and I can't afford to buy anymore. Looks like I'll be sticking the original non accurate ones. Oh well, I tried!

This cosplay is actually done now. I'm just waiting on my jacket and knife arriving. I have already had one jacket in my possession, but thanks to a mix up with Amazon and NECA, it was the wrong one and I had to reorder from elsewhere and send that one back.

I hate playing the waiting game, but I'm planning on a (temporary) wig test later on today. The wig I'm intending to use for now is in the picture, I just threw it on quickly the other day to see if I could get away with it or not.

All the bits and pieces are purchased for this, I'm just waiting for everything to turn up now. It's killing me.

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