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I haven't been cosplaying for long and you will probably most likely see me cosplaying Disney, Kingdom Hearts or Glee characters
My first cosplay was about 2 years ago (Hikaru from Ouran High school host club) which now looking back I think sucked I love the challenge of creating an outfit from scratch, it gives me a chance to be creative without being stuck behind the computer all day which happens a lot with Graphic design

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Even before I knew what cosplay was I used to want to dress like ash so this will be a rather cool one for me to do a little childhood fulfilment lol I always thought id end up cosplaying Misty but I cant resist Ash
So iv just purchased this hat which I will paint Ashes symol onto.
Must remember to dig out my Pokeballs, Pokedex, & Pikachu

After 4 months everything is ready for Tinkerbell finally!! includes Tinks dress and belt, leaf hat (still need a red feather) leaf shoulder shrug, tinkerhammer, doughnut for hair, pixie dust bag and dust (gold glitter) shoes that jingle when I walk, tights and plushie Blaze

Excuse the no make up in the picture, it seems my bun extension has gotten lost in the post so im trying to experiment and see if I can do the bun without it, I think I did a pretty good job here with only using bobby pins im not used to doing fancy hairstyles. I do think it needs to be a bit bigger though

Yep to as the title says this is the cosplay I will buy once im finished with all the cosplays im currently working on XD

I am now about 95 % finished with my bodice I just need to add a few more eyelits, paint some detail on the sleeves and take it in a bit it seems iv lost a bit of weight since the last time I tried it on and its a bit baggy.

Today I thought I would do a hair test with a doughnut bun but its way too small for tinkerbell and looks really messy, I ordered a large bun hair extension so hopefully that will look a lot better.
Also today I finished my leaf shrug and pixie dust bag its really starting to pull itself together now

Managed to get an orange tank top today for only £1!!!

This is the wig I have purchased for Punzie its 150 cm's long im going to try to add extensions to the end so its even longer

So this is the wig that I will be using needs a bit of styling in the fringe department, still waiting for it to arrive its taking soooooo long to get here Iv had to put a complaint in twice, I really love the colour wish my hair was like that

So iv been looking for a blazer to use for her and wasn't having much luck in shops till I looked online and won this on ebay for £5 bargain just need to add the white piping around the collar :D

Right so as iv previously said I purchased a clear pvc tablecloth protector to use as I wanted to get the clear effect like in the movies, seems to work perfectly and after about 6 hours of shaping, cutting, and lots and LOTS of glueing (I used 29 sticks of Glue so far and there not even finished) I even have a burn blister on my hand from the glue gun dripping on me :( but im pleased with the results so far there is still a lot of detail that needs to be done but for now I need some more glue lol

So today I was a busy bee any managed to complete Tinks base dress it too about 2-3 hours(so I can now use it if I want to cosplay her original outfit) The wings are going to be a challenge but I always enjoy making accessories I have the glitter I just have to figure out how to make it as transparent they are in the movie

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