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started in 2006... continued since.

still learning how to make my cosplays better..will take time.

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The wig from coscraft has arrived so time to style. Will be having a friend from work help me make her sword out of wood due to lack of space and tools at home :<

Found a close pattern for her dress/uniform and will be getting that with fabric after I come back from holiday next month.

Since the new garo has aired I really want to work on this more ( with hyper in July I have to work fast) I have started up work again on the mask and the main body :) wish me luck

Death is now done, Little disappointed in the dress since its a bit baggy on the waist but the patten was a mess and I had the guess most of the sizes for each piece. The sleeves are long due to that fact the top part will be bunched up and I didn't have time to work out a better way of keeping them gathered together. The head/mask is complete ( but not pictured) I hope it looks all good at LFCC.

working on and off on this along with deaths costume. Building up the mask to make the right shape so far that will be coated and the insides removed to make more room for my head.
Bow has a wooden base thanks to my partner who kindly made the bow skeleton for me.
sadly the picture is too big to post for now....

Started work on the dress (the front part is on the model still need to do the back and sides) the mask is drying and I have a zentai suit to attached the mask to to hide my face.

so most of it is done now, sadly after trying it on I have to re-iron it again ( but a more powerful steam) since It did not hold its shape very well. Other then that I just have to finish the sleeves for the kimono top an it is done. :)

Also excuse the trousers and bow legs in the picture.

All the tails are done now and are secured to a belt under the obi, decided to colour the ends of the tails so they actually match ninetails tails. All that is left is to line the yukata top, make the headband ears and put a clip on the fron obi bow so it can be secured on tightly.

Trying to get the right height on the skirt is hard without a big petticoat but it still looks nice as it is at the moment.
The bow and waistband are done just need to iron it all and iron the pleats in place.
The top has been started, I have tone sleeve and the main body just need to cut ans sew the other sleeve and lining parts.
Over all almost done really. :)

I really hate pleating even more when I have to do it with a meter by 3m wide fabric, lots of fun. The mask is done and have a wig from coscraft, all the fabric is here just need to cut it all to a pattern and do the accessories.

( will iron out the skirt after it all been sewn up)

a picture of the old mask (right) vs the new mask (left). the new one is made of worbla so it is a lot lighter now and easier to wear. The old one was made of paper mache but it is so thick that is weighs far to much.
Working on the ears next along with the top, I have the fabric for the top outside but yet to get the lining or the skirt fabric.

lots to do. :)

SO after having a break down making Nao I have decided to do this instead and I'm re-doing it all. I have a new wig ready and started work on the new mask which I will post soon after it has been painted.

No images yet since my camera is dead.

The shoulder piece broke into a lot of pieces... so had to re-do part of it sadly, Its drying at the moment and now added some gaps so it sits on my shoulder better. The head band is done just needs to be painted, the wig though still needs styling at the front and lastly the shoes need paining on the heels. No sewing today just don't want to have to try and fiddle around with the sewing machine...

Started work on the legs in order to get them out of the way so I can work more on the props and main body parts. Finally got some decent fabric for it all and made up a solid base from foam then covered with light fabric to make the cone shape around my legs.

Also wig is done just have to style the bangs so they make v shape at the front and do the head band.

The paint looks good. Done a base of burnt orange and thin layers of gold on top. I was going to spray it with gloss but that may ruin it so not going to do that. Will get more paste for the chin part since I ran out then I can make the back neck part so it all closes tight to my ead.

I forgot how tedious helms are having to continuously check it fits and that everything is secured properly. This being even harder since it has to fit to my head shape tight.

The front looks good at the moment doing details and fitting the back blade which keeps messing up sadly since I don't have any decent cutting items to get the perfect round shape to it. I'm just having to trim it a bit at a time and re-gluing it .

Testing out the paint to see how its looks, far to orange at the moment going to mix it with a gold so its not so harsh. Sadly brass is not a popular colour in paint so have to try and mix a closer colour.

working on it again to make it solid, one side has been plastered and one side still needs to be evened out. slow work.

I stopped for a while due to work but now back working on the hand since it is the hardest part. Sadly very few images are available to see her arm form all sides and it varies from round to square in many images. So I went with the anime and made the bottom a half square and the top round.

Next will be to plaster the shoulder and then the base for the arm will be done for me to secure it all together.

The helm is the most complicated since its fitted to her chin and the arch at the top of her head so I made a mold so it could fit me with a bit of room to get in and out of.

Chain mail is terrible though I really am bad at continuous patterns with varying sizes. I tried to save myself the trouble of doing lots of small loops by mixing big ones in only the ruin the pattern. Instead I will do big rings under the armor and small ones in places not covered.

I've never done a mech arm before so this will be fun. I want it to be workable since I wouldn't be able to do much with out the use of my right arm but also it will be fun surprising people by moving the arm as if it is a real mechanical arm.

The left image is the rest of the top so far I have been trying to be careful not to mess up the stitching since I only have enough fabric to do it once. I have done the bicep piece so I can see how the rest will look according to my arm size.

Still more work to do though.

I'm not really uses to making skin tight body suits but this is starting to look good with the material I'm using. The top is made from heat tech round neck tops from uniqlo( I got them on sale cheaper then having to buy fabric really). Most of the lower outfit is bought sadly since I can't make leggings/trousers or shoes. So I have Tobi socks as a base for the shoe and very tight leggins for the legs.

The costume is now done ( the thigh pieces aren't in the picture since they are still drying and the knee covers are just balancing on the boots). I might touch up parts with paint since I did rush a bit to paint it all in time since I usually have it all done a month in advance in case anything goes wrong.

The fun part is getting it all on at hyper japan, you see I always plan getting it on ahead of time but I have just realised how tight parts are and that it can be hard to move the more I put on. So if anyone sees me flailing around trying to parts on don't worry I'm not going mad just might need someones help.

Running out of time for once (usually I would have a costume done by now but this has been a big project).

All that is left to do is paint it all which is always the longest for me to do...good thing is I have spray painted all of the bits with a layer or two of white paint to save me having to paint layer and layer of acrylic paint by hand.

over all its shaping up nicely.

the mask and necklace are almost done now. I chose to make the earrings as well just in case but not to sure what clips to put on it since I don't know if she has any allergies or reactions to specific metals. I will try to gloss the mask to keep the paint in place and will add clasps to the necklace.

Have to have this done by Halloween so working fast.

My friend asked me to help her out, well I more volunteered since she said she has no idea how to make it so I offered my help. The mask is interesting since its different in certain images/parts of the film but she is only attaching it to the hood and not having it on her face so the mask I'm making is a bit flatter so it sits better. (well that and its hard to make it the right shape with only foam and minimal materials.. but that's ok with her so I don't mind :)

That being said I'm doing tests to see how I can make it look better through painting and making the front round but the back flat so it sits right.

doing details on the boots ( only one so far will start the next one as soon as this one is done) painting is slow and I have now realized that it would be better to get a can of spray paint to move things along quicker...
things left to do:
boots, one glove, spear pole, painting leg pieces, wrist pieces, knee covers, small bits on the chest and paint anything missing.

Picture is of one leg so far minus the details on the boots still to be glued on.

I've say done my hips in so can only work on bits that don't require me to try them on but it's works well. Spear head is made and half painted just need to paint on the last details on it before i re-make the handle in the middle.

Thigh armor is also coming together which is being difficult since I made one to small and had to re make it after I had glued the other together and couldn't use it as a template for the other.

For now no moving around to much or I'll damage my hips even more.... ಥ_ಥ

testing and I realize that I will need to squash down my chest a bit to make it fit better on the day but that's fine.
The circles are to mark parts that need to be edited more, SO:
Purple: I need to sand down the mask since I added foam to hide mistake made on the face, so a layer of paint will be needed as well.
Light pink: belt is all made up but it needs to be painted the right colors.
Dark pink: started on the spear head ( the other half of the poll is missing in the image so it will be longer) the foam base along with some wood to stabilize it.
Blue: the last small diamond shaped bits need to be added to the back so it matches the front.

over all it looks fabulous so far. ( and I edited out my feet because they are really bad)

started the arm piece now before I do to much work on the body but almost done the main body piece. I don't have much to say progress wise just thought I should post up a picture so far just so people can see.

I have no idea why I keep panicking over this when I have months to do it but I just have to get the main bits done or it will kill me knowing how much I really have to do!

But I have finally found a decent glue for the foam I'm using it takes longer to dry then super glue but it works really well so the shoulders are coming along nicely.

Pictures of the front and back body piece and the start of the belt part ( the coloured parts on the belt are just bases so I can see what goes where) I'm really pleased with with it so far since its finally taking shape but now I have the capes as well coming along and I have forgotten how nerve racking it is to paint detail onto fabric when the TV is on in the back ground..

also ignore the slightly crooked should piece on the left that's not suppose to look like that..

OK I'm still working to slowly mainly because I have no decent glue and the magnet idea failed miserably but other then that its still moving along and will now use Velcro to connect the pieces together.

The shoulder pads are coming along I made smaller circle pads underneath the main ones even though the just disappear under then main parts so far I need to get the under garments together and the red cloak pieces since I am now running out of time...

So hyper japan has be announced for November of this year, TIME TO WORK FAST!

the front of the chest is done, will buy myself some magnet strips for the sides so they can be secured on easier. Started work on the shoulder pads now since they seem hard and I can't do the belt until I have the magnet strips.

Just to show how far along I am.

The front of the chest has been base painted before I continue to do the neck, back and shoulder pieces. The helm is mostly done just need to complete the back panel and finish the details on the side of the ears.

To add the polearm/staff is starting to come together the body is hollow plastic and the foam center is a cover that moves to hide the joint where the pole can be pulled apart to make two pieces. the bottom silver piece is also plastic and hollow and will be a base for me to add details onto.

So after a long think I decided to just say what the hell and make the whole armor set ( even though I'm the wrong build and will have to make a body suit to make up for it and to make me look more manly in size).

To start I'm now doing the chest piece first so I can work from that and make the rest that will secure to it. The helm is on hold until the weather is a bit nicer since I have to use isopon out side.

picture is the chest piece base that needs a better paint job really before it looks any better.

Putting the details on now just before the isopon is added on the main parts so I can smooth it all over.

I am so happy looking at it...I have never felt this proud over a helm ever.

So I could see where I need to add details ( and also what parts will be painted silver) I got a bit bored and drew on where it would all go. It actually helps since I now know ( to some degree) what it may look like with all of the details attached. Now I need to add the one missing spike on the side which I keep forgetting and cover it in bondo/paste to make it solid and smooth.

doing the back of the helm at the moment ( managed to get brilliant images of the helm in the recent episode of Garo "go TSUBASA!") the back will be once piece but also realized that I might have to add detail at the end by layering on foam pieces.

I have no idea how this will work...

Just painted the ears now that they have the general shape I want so I can then layer on the details .Still need to do the side spikes and connect them to the sides of the helm.

Once that's done LAYER ON THE DETAILS!!

Done the inside part of the ears now and juts have to flesh out the out side since it has a slight round edge around it. Once again ran out of equipment (masking tape this time) so will papermache the ears then have to buy more tape.

still not sure what to use to coat it in the end? I wonder what UK equivalent of Bondo is?

This is my first time making any sort of helmet and I'm sadly doing it the really cheap route since I would make far to many mistakes doing it the professional way and molding the helmet from a clay base ( but also I don't really know the exact step by step to make it any other way but this way). The base is make of card and is built up with foam to get some of the details in and papermashe and some paper tape to make it more solid ( and to hold things in place when its drying). Once its all solid and the right shape I'll cover it in lots of layers of bondo ( or any other substance I can find to make it super solid) and remove the inside card and paper base.

I just hope it all works thought.

I feel like someone has punched my in the face after trying the mask on.

The mask is a bit heavy so it just flattens my nose when I wear it so a nose bridge has been made so its less painful to wear. I feel like I've just pulled a octopus of my face since even though I can see perfectly in it the fact I have such a heavy item on makes my face and head feel heavy ( and the lack of sleep doing the costume doesn't help either).

Also Stupid photo of me in the rather naff wig with the mask on is amusing to see since I have to stick my tongue out to show how far down the mask is without the nose bridge. ( and it doesn't move by much when I put the bridge in but it looks a bit better)

for now will be done with it all by the end of the week.

The sleeves and bottom of the costume are left now just need to sew the edges on the bottom and finish doing the pattern on the sleeves.

Just happy to see it almost complete.

Most of the small bits have now been done for the cloak and just need to be sewn on but the pattern on the hood and sleeves will be painted on. I know that sounds like a bad idea but I tests have came out good and a lot cheaper ( and quicker) I can't really embroider it with my lack of skill so paint will have to do...

The mask looks really good so far but a few cracks have appeared ( at the top) which need to be sorted so don't show. The gem at the top isn't on yet since I have to wait for my green glass paint for it and for the eyes. ( so everything I see will be green which will be funny)

Still lots of work to do the cloak still hasn't been touched at all.

Well this really isn't helping but my computer... ( the joy it is) is messing up which makes in annoying is that all my ref images are on it and I can't see them properly cause the screen is messing up....

Like I need any delays to be honest..only have a month. But the mask thank goodness has dried and is ready to paint which will only take a day or so.

Last thing to do is the cloak.

I can't make metal objects ( or do any form of smithing) so I have to make all the gems/ornaments on the front out of a molding substance ( I don't have the name) that you can cook to harden then I have to coat them in a load of paint to make them look metallic. Other then that the cloak is coming along more its got the sleeves now, and honestly looks like a tent....since I may have made it 2-3 sizes to big.

It looks a lot better now with a bit more work on it and at least its out of the way now so I can work on everything else.

Next is the mask and cloak.

The good thing about doing this along with the series is I get lots of refs over time that help me ( well give me more work). Still got to get more items for the costume along with a set of wooden beads to thread along with the rope ( which I never noticed till I saw the new episode).

Lots to make and do.

They joy of being short of fabric buy a tiny amount ,so I don't have enough to make the hood and smaller cloak...

Oh well I can get some more and it was a good price. The main body is almost done just need to do more of the gold embroidery bits so I can sew them on once it done.

Trying to make all the details is rather hard with the limited ability I have ( and equipment) so I've made bits of the embroidery from other pieces of pre-made embroidery sets you can buy in haberdashery shops. So far it looks OK but not really perfect to be honest. The original piece was a white flower pattern in which I massacred by removing all the curls, painted them with a mix of gold paints and them glued/sewn together to make one big piece.

Well, so far only the gold rope/ tassels have been done ( the black outfit in the picture is just a kimono from an old costume)Also the tassels look rather messy in the picture but I will iron then out a bit or might just make new ones if possible out of better rope.

Oh got to love my costume work. On the day the costume looked nice until it started to fall apart... My luck the middle finger of the glove fell apart after I removed a loose thread and the green ribbon on the boot covers started to fray and fall off.

But in the end I never got to wear it for long since I was to hot and expo isn't as much fun anymore( not sure if it was because I went with my boyfriend or that it was too hot and to many people) other then that the day went well and maybe I'll fix lunatic up a bit an wear it again some where else.

I love this wig! so much! I ordered it on Ebay expecting it to get to mine just before expo but it got here IN 2 DAYS FROM CHINA!! Oh I'm so happy now its all done I just have to get the 3 hair clips for the wig and some make up items and I'm done :D

Costume is now complete but still need to get wig ( found the perfect one a while ago but have wait due to money)

Trust my luck, finished doing a bit of sewing on the boot covers then *bang* sewing machine hits something and the needle bends. So no sewing for now except for hand sewing the top.... wish I could finish the boot covers.

After re-doing the skirt since it was to small, I have had poor mum help with the top as well. ( Thank you mum for hand sewing the blue on :D ) one the blue is on I will add the grey as well and hide the sems with the green ribbon. the cloak is still not done will sew the bottom half of the lining on so it connects to the top half. Also the black details on the collar have to added as well by hand.

Still a lot of work to do but I'm just glad its comming along now.

...yeah, made a huge mistake by trying to sew the lining and its ruined the cloak had to unpin it and do it again.... its fine now sew one piece to the cloar and a new piece to the main cloak like how I made it with teh white fabric outside. LOng story short it will take longer but look nicer.( no image since its a mess at the moment.

Finally back and working on the cloak again since its still not finished and I have yet to work on the main suit since I haven't bought my black zentai suit that will be the template for the body. I've sown on the clip part to hold the cloak in place at the front and have sown (some) of the green lines since the sewing machine did not like the collar due to the foam implant holding it up. :(

Woops... I have now sorted out the collar so its stays up but I have realised that the green lines are in the wrong place comapred to the picture...( only I could have done that) I might add a line since I can't take the green off since its hiding the seam between the collar and the long cloak. ( the zig zag bit isn't sew on properly yet but the line around the cloak is and thats the one hiding the seam)

The two lines show where I might put the other line so itlooks a bit better.

BAH!!! the collar is a pain will have it starched so it will stay in shape a bit more when on. The inside of the cloak will be lined black like the orginal lunatic design but the outside of the claok will be the same as the ref picture.

finaly completed painting the mask (really should have waited to get the matching fabric first but I can sort that out later).

I still have to add ties to the side so I can put it on, will get some sort of strong rope/ribbon to secure to that to my face.

After a few slip ups I have painted the black parts of the mask for now so I can do the red/orange parts next once I have matching fabric ( best to get the fabric first so I can match the paint to it)

Also the chin looks a bit rough D: got to sort that out.

Sorted out more of the mask (since its being a pain) painted it a few coats of white and cut out the eyes so could see out of it.

Also to sort out the uneven edges I cut them with a stanly knife and pealed back some of the wire, so I can layer on anther load of paper mache on the back. (so the wire doesn't scratch my face).

I've never really made such a mask before I was going to buy a plastic naruto anbu mask ( I think thats what its called) and edit it a bit. But this way is a lot more fun I've used fine wire mesh and pre made paper mache mix that can be formed like clay but it is a lot lighter when its dry then clay.

once dry I will coat it white but also I'll cover the back of the mask so it doesn't scratch my face in places where thw ire has been cut to shape.

the costume is now complete, but you will have to wait for expo before photos are added. ^^

hope to see you all there.

the back piece has been done just needs to have the gold sewn and attached to the sides of it.Its looking ok so far not sure how it will look on.

but to-do still:

>last side piece
> gold detail on back
>paint and secure scarf to helm

now painting the scarf patten onto my scarf, used a fabric pen to draw the patten on then painting over the marks with a mix of acrylic paint and water.

still to do:
> scarf tassles
> sew on back red apron pieces ( all cut and ready to sew)
> sew last side piece

Almost done. ( will be working slow the day after today)

so now the front part is done minus the long gold bits which need to be hand sewn onto the harness. *CHEER*
so all thats left is:
> paint detail on scarf and sew together at the back with tassles
> red details on back
> side details

Then DONE!

Ok so I'm running out of time since I go back to uni full time on the 21st which will cut down my time a lot. So to make up for that I'm working at double speed at the moment since I usually only do a bit of the costume a day, now I'm doing full pieces of the costume each day.

SO far to day I've fully completed the sleves with details and attached them to the main coat so all thats left is:

> scarf to be dyed and painted (also attach balls and tassles to back of scarf)
> back and front red aprons (one out 6 done so far with details)
> attach aprons (front will only attach on side the other side will button up)
> side pieces (still need to sew together)
> Claws (may not be made in time due to lack of funds and foam)

But hey I have SLEVES!!!

I've sew the black coat together now it has straps on the inside shoulders so the harness can be put on first then the coat. The gap in the chest is for the chest piece to secure to the harness, and its the same on the back.
> sew details on the front 2 red pieces left
> gold straps
> do back red pieces
> sew the side pieces on ( one already cut to scale just needs to be sewn)
> sleves
> dye new scarf yellow ( in pic) the paint details on it.

So a lot still to do ^v^

Starting to sew the details on the red parts of the costume now, have already managed to stab myself in te thumb while pinning, I so can't use the thumb on my left hand....for now.

The gold fabric is really good since it doesn't fray but the cotton does so sewing on details is a pain with the cotton. Also the scarf is to small, so I have to buy more yellow fabric to beef it up a bit once thats done more details will be done but for the scarf I'm painting on the black pattern not sewing it.

But I like it so far I'm putting alot into it now that I know Kamui is going. ><

Ok so my sewing skills aren't brilliant, so trying to do the scarf is horrible mainly bacause I can't find good ways to make it keep its shape and I have to hand sew it around the neck at the back since the scarf is to small to put on over the head. but so far it seems to look ok have to paint the pattern onto it to match the tassle at the back of the head still.

But I'm happy with it so far, the main under coat/cloak (the black parts) is being funny because its a thin cotton at the moment which needs to be lined with a thicker fabric for it to hang better.

so now I have started painting the back piece properly so it matches the front, also I've tried on what has been made so far.

One thing for sure I pray no one is stupid enough to even try and glomp me in this costume - -; even when walking its hard to balance the weight of the hood (at least my posture will be better after wearing it).So if anyone tries to glomp me I will just cave under the weight and fall over like a tree thats just been cut. "TIMBER" TT^TT

*please can no one glomp me in costume, a friendly hug after a greeting of "hello I like your costume" or " can I have a hug" will be perfectly fine just no full blown tackles. Thank you*

Other then that things are OK, going to buy fabric next week on friday.

Back from holiday (again) and back to work, but still haven't done any work on the main coat or fabric work at all so must buy fabric very soon. Started on the back piece now in foam this one will be permantly secured to the harness since I don't have to move it to get into the costume. Once painted the fabric work will start (I hope).

so I've attached the grill and details to the helm, and they're all painted and ready to go. Next on the list is to do the back piece to match the front chest piece and to get working on claws and cloak.

Done most of the paint work now, was extreamly annoying and for some reason it still looks a bit off ( and not because I can't paint straight lines) I think its because in all my ref pictures the colure is either bright or really dark so I just did what I thought the colures were in real light. so they look i'm sure it will be ok once the scarf is added and the main outfit made.

P.S. No, I haven't done the grill yet still keep forgeting to pick it up from my boyfriends house. sorry.

so the top half is almost done needs a trim on the edges to even it out since my stanly knife is broken and had to use scissors so it looks a bit hacked on the sides. Next I need to get the thick foam from my boyfriend since he dosen't want it, since he dosen't have the time to make his armor now so he's helping me *yay*. The thick foam will be used for the gridle on the front of the helm.

got some foam and other equipment to continue the costume now. ( still haven't got to getting any of the big things) for now i'm concentrating on the hood because its the most complicated bit next to the chest peice.

For the mask though I have started to make it and the over all shape is done just have to attach the snap buttons to it so it can be taken on and off during expo, and then painted white and the blue eye covers added.

alost there...

back and doing the hood now, and as my luck goes its been..ok.. the mod roc wasn't as light as I was hoping it to be so the hood is a bit heavy and because of this it really wants to lean fowards when its on the model but leans back when I wear it. At first the mod roc was so heavy the wire frame holding it keep caving in on its self but its ok now just need more mod roc to smooth out the lumps and gaps ( even though i have already used 4 rolls of mod roc just to make the hood stable and a solid shape).
other then that i've glued a piece of foam in the hood for my head so i don't knock my head on it when i put it on. after the hood is done have to do the mask and helm piece that covers his mask which will all be secrued to the hood so i will use lighter items to make them or the hood will just be too heavy.

i've desided to do the arm guards on the costume now with what time I have only to realise that I am one peice of foam short of finishing all the costume since I failed on the first try to make the arm guards TT^TT. so i have to find one piece of foam board before the end of this week in order to finish all the details.

oh my luck is terrible lately...
the waist coat armor doesn't fit at all its way to big for my back so i've had to remake it again to size. There is no time to panic i will get it done the only thing is i will most likely not be able to make the arm guards in time so i wont have any armor on my lower arms.

The start of the biggest costume i have EVER done..^-^

At first the hair piece and accessories have a been a lot of work lucky i chose to do them first rather then last. To help with making the necklace and hair piece i have tested on the necklace first it seems that foam is to fiddly to create anything and in an attempt to make it easier i tried to dip a wire frame in PVA or a plastic bendy like substance....didn't work so well.

thanks to the kind people MCM expo forum i found a way around it by using masking tape as a base and added layer of glue to help smooth it down so it becomes an even surface easy to paint on. ^-^

after this i was able to locate some more equipment to do the tassels that hand from the hair piece. using pointed lids from old letraset pens that had run out i made the bell like grips that secure the red rope/tassel to the hair piece and have slowly attached real bells to the rope. ( which is a lot more complicated then i thought ^-^;)

other then that is been fun so far i will be going on holiday and will be trying to find a long red strapless dress i can edit for the base of the outfit ( since i can't make a bonned dress with out a sowing machine) after that i will start work on the dress and the kimono...^-^

wish me luck since i need it.>~<

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