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I've always loved dressing up and recently a good friend of mine informed me of the WONDERS of cosplay (which SOMEHOW I had never heard of?!) and I believe I'm a little bit in love <3
My Grandma taught me to how make a cushion when I was 7 and since then I've developed my sewing skills myself through guesswork and trial and error. I make up my own patterns because I can never find the patterns I need and I just find it easier :)
When I was a kid I used to make props and miniature sets for my Barbies and Beanie Babies (hehehe!) and when I was 10 my mum's friend saw my creations and told me about her niece who was a prop maker for the Harry Potter series and since then I've always wanted to be a prop maker :)
Now I'm studying on a prop making degree course to develop my skills further and BOY- it's swell. I love it.

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I made it looked weathered and battle worn by painting on scratches, mud splatters and burns! :)

(Left) I casted it in resin and fibreglass, I attached the handle and strap on the inside with resin and fibreglass as well. The edges were neatened off with a dremmel (I should have fibreglassed neater lol!)
(Right) A quick base coat of plastic primer before I painted it

After lots of sanding I finally moulded it. I did a silicone jacket mould - barely had any silicone or fibreglass though so it's not as strong as it should have been :( guna re-do it a bit soon!

I used a wash of watered down acrylic paint to see where the imperfections were. I fillered them and sanded it back again.
I used a small bit of sandpaper to make the grooves whilst it was spinning on the lathe. I made the grooves for the star when it was off the lathe.

I used a lathe to spin my shield as I sanded it so that it was symmetrical.
I then covered it in carbody filler and sanded it smooth on the lathe. It didn't do it perfectly so I had to do some of this by hand.

I cut a 24" circle out of wood, used expanding foam to glue two circles of styrofoam to it, and attached the piece for the lathe on the back.

Fake red leather trainers with wedge heel. Such a cool find (y)

(for the gloves I just used my red leather gloves)

Plastazote and craft foam covered in fake leather. The silver bits are plastic sprayed silver.
I weathered them with ink :)

Very proud of my trousers :) only had time to make one of the pockets real- and perfect size for my phone! :D wooooohoo!

(By the way - the bum shot. I HAD TO. I HAD TO!) hahaha :p

Sewing the patches on and the red and white belt/corset thing

This was Kyle holding the star up to a half finished top! :p

The red and white belt was two pieces of fabric (both with ironed on vilene) and a piece of craft foam sewn in between them :)
The front panel on the chest had card behind it as well as vilene, just to stiffen it up!

Heavy weft polyester - £3.99 a meter (y) I used lots of heavy vilene behind it to make it stiffer like kevlar

Making the belt! I made it the same as Cap's belt except with only four pockets and it fits around a woman's hips. For the buckle I just used a cheap plastic one sprayed silver.
Those pockets were so handy! :P

I gave it a coat of plastic primer before spraying it with silver carbody paint then clear lacquer

I used silicone to mould my star and cast it in fast cast

For the star I made a template/frame from cardboard, filled the gaps with carbody filler, sanded it back until it was smooth and then sprayed it with filler primer to make it extra smooth :p

I made this from some black polyester cotton. Extra stretchy (y)
I made my sleeves extra long just how I like them :3 haha
(Still gotta cut the shape of the bottom of the dress)

I'm going to cut some rips in it at the shoulders and maybe one on the hip, then add the bandages etc

I sprayed them with this dirty gold stuff which was naff so I've now used a shiny gold :)

I gave them a coat of matte black before I sprayed them gold.

I tied it at the back with leather cord :)

I drew the design and scanned it into a computer and made it into a black and white image on photoshop then sent it to a lasercutter guy and he sent me back the pieces (top right). Unfortunately he cut the shoulders a tad too big and the belt a tad too small. OH WELL.
I heated the shapes with a heat gun over a shaped piece of metal.

I added some velcro and elastic to parts of it so that I could get it on and off :)

It's a little bit dodgy in some areas, the plastic didn't fit together as perfectly as the paper did. I'm guna fix it up in the near futureeeee.

I attached the pieces with super strength araldite glue and strips of leather behind the seams, but this wasn't secure enough so I also bound some string around parts of it and painted it gold (looks a bit dodgy, but I'm working on a securer method as we speak! haha)

By the way: some of it hasnt been painted yet, I WAS IMPATIENT, OKAY? :p

(Top Left) - 30 flat pieces of clear acrylic plastic. Now let's get this made! :D

(Top Right) - I used a heat gun to shape the pieces to fit my body. I heated them over domes of wood and bits of curved metal.

(Bottom Left) - I sprayed the pieces with a base coat of black matte spray paint. I would have used a plastic primer first, but I forgot to get it and these came so late in the post I didn't have time to go to the shop :(

(Bottom Right) - I then sprayed the pieces gold. It was cool coz I originally used a cheapo gold spray paint which was terrible, so I switched to the good metallic stuff, but there was some kind of reaction (with the solvents or something) when I sprayed the new gold on it and it came out with tiny bubbles here and there, but then suddenly it stopped looking like gold plastic and looked more textured like hammered metal :D I was like WOOOO!! haha :p

I made a paper pattern of the chest plate and scanned the pieces in separately to my computer, and in Photoshop I drew on the patterns in black and white and sent it off to a man with a lasercutter to be cut in clear acrylic.


(This isn't my house, I was staying at a fancy pancy cottage for a weekend :P check out that beam!?)

I know this isn't the exact pattern it's supposed to be but I'm sticking with it :p

I weathered it with a lot of sand paper and a blow torch. Might make it dirtier though, I think it needs it.

YES! A BLOW TORCH! Although it was a miniature cordless one because I couldn't do it inside of the workshop incase the fire alarm went off (it smelt like a BBQ :p)

The paste idea worked really well :)
Now I will sand and filler these until they're perfect, then I will mould them properly.

There was a MASSIVE air bubble in this one. And the pin was poking out the side because I held it at a funny angle. The problem wouldn't get solved no matter how many ways I tried. My friend suggested I fill most of it with liquid fast cast, then mix talc powder with more fast cast and turn it into a paste, then pour it on the top and squidge it on the shoe. AND IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY. yay!

By the way, the parcel tape is poking through on this one because it's the right shoe, the mould was made for the left shoe, but the difference is quite small so I'll just filler over it before I remould it.

Left: I masked off the whole boot with parcel tape to protect it from getting ruined, and vaselined it around the heel and on the pin to stop the fast cast sticking.
Right: I poured in fast cast and held it to the shoe for about 15 minutes.

(don't laugh at my ugly mould! you'll hurt its feelings)

I made a quick, rough mould of the heel. I will cast it in fast cast, sand it down until it's perfect, and then mould it properly and cast it in the good strong plastic.

Far Left: I taped off the leather around the plastiline.
Bottom (middle): I put the shoe upside down and made a wall of clay around it.
Bottom Right: I filled the mould wall with the silicone (top right 3 photos) and let it cure.

The wall was a shamefully rushed job because I was tight for time, so the outside of it looks hideous (DON'T JUDGE ME!) but the inside came out perfectly, no bubbles! ^^

I sculpted the heel in plastiline. Great stuff, plastiline, I really recommend it!

Top Right: Using a hacksaw to cut through the plastic to the pin.
Top Left: It's now been cut all the way through, I just twisted it off.
Bottom Right: This is what it looked like after I'd pulled it off and removed the leather (I will use the leather as a sample when searching for the leather or fake leather that I will use to extend the boot up my leg)
Bottom Left: Pin has been removed from the plastic. I then popped it back into place ready to start sculpting over it.

Because the blade is really thin at the bottom, I had to buy smaller caps to slot into the bottom of the stiletto pin.

(original pin on the left, new pin on the right)

I thought I'd have to buy a stiletto pin but I took off the bottom of my heel and found one was already in there! Yaaaaay!

Bought myself some lovely 6 inch heels. Catwoman's heels are probably 4.5-5 inches but oh well ;)

I will make the blades and extend the leather up my leg.

COOL STORY: I know the man who made the blade heels for Anne Hathaway, they were 3D printed and then he moulded and casted them around a stiletto pin in a super strong plastic and sprayed them silver. There were a couple of other versions of the heels too, a rubber pair for when she grabs the man's hand with them, and a pair were casted in steel for the stunts etc. I'm going to do the super strong plastic and stiletto pin version.

Just some pink cotton fabric sewn over for the headband thing she wears

Just blagged this because I had NO idea of the pattern. I got the sleeves right first time but it took a while to get the collar to sit right

I bought a gold under-bust corset on Ebay and hand sewed the green panels on

Purple cotton triangle with gold trimming and bells around the bottom edge

I think it was 2 and a half meters of this nylon silk stuff, just made into a massive circle skirt with a zip at the back

Sand coloured leather has arrived! (the photo makes the colour look a bit different)

OKAY. I decided that the foiling was tooooo shiny. So I've gone for gold fabric paint. I just sponged it on. I think this looks more like the original. (It's more gold than this in real life, this kinda looks brown, but it's not I SWEAR!)
PS- I will make the pattern better. This was just messy playing around.

(left) I used my finger to rub on the glue instead of a brush. Problem with this was some of the glue didn't pick up the foil so I was left with dark patches where the glue had dried but didn't hold any foil...
(right) Squirted some blobs of the glue in places and went to town with a brush, smearing it all around etc. I reeeeeeeally don't like this one :S

(top) I stippled on the glue with a small brush and then used my hairdryer on full heat half power to dry the glue until it was tacky. I then stuck the foil to the glue (facing upwards), rubbed it a bit then peeled it off.
(bottom) same thing except smaller dots.

I bought some gold textile foil and Plexi Glue to do the gold pattern on the dress. I'm going to hand foil it.

I had it in that lightening solution for AGES. But this was the lightest it wanted to go :/ weirdly, it kinda went back to blue instead of turquoise. Oh well. It's more green than it was :p
When it's a single layer and over my skin the colour is lighter, so I SUPPOSE it's alright. But ideally I'd have it lighter than this...

I've bought some leather for the skirt that she wears underneath this. Got some sand coloured leather coming in the post for the top of the skirt! :D

OKAY SO. I dyed the fabric turquoise AGAIN. Then lightened it again. (the colour of the turquoise in the photo isn't right, it was SO turquoise and dark and horrible, it wasn't right AT ALL.)

Btw: the purple is just what happens when I lighten it, it's so cool! When you take it out of the solution you can see it turning blue. Wooooooooo!

I'm hand painting these shapes on. IT'S TAKING FOR. EVER.

It's a mixture of turquoise, fluorescent blue and white fabric paint. I think it's a bit too light though... although in some screenshots it is actually quite a pale blue.. AHH. I'll see how it goes.

I thiiiiink this is a good enough colour, but I'm might do some more turquoise, I think it needs it..

I forgot to say: because of the metallic thread in the fabric I had to dye it in cold water. Hot water would've ruined the fabric.

By the wayyyyyyy, I am going to try to smooth out those wrinkles and give it some sort of pleating or fold lines like the original has.

OK. it was farrrrrrr too dark a blue so I popped it in some pre-dye fabric lightening solution to make it a lighter blue. I think it's come out quite well! I'll know for sure when it's dried and I can get ON with this outfit finally :D

first I dyed it Bahama Blue and then gave it a quick dip in the Ocean Blue dye to take that slightly greeny colour out.

when I did test pieces it came out the perfect colour but at the moment it looks too purpley D: I hope that when it dries it will be okay. WE'LL SEE.

I popped in some extensions and plaited it myself

from the sideeeeeee. (bit of an iffy colouration going on here as well)

BIT of an iffy colouration going on here, the lighting was weirdd

I added 3 pleats in the shoulders for a little extra pouffiness!

Here you can see the tie that I secure the sleeves with.
The brooch I used is the same one I use for my other Daenerys outfit (her leathers from season 1)

They probably don't need to be THIS long, but oh well :D when it's on me I ruffle them all up and tie them there are my wrists with a sewed strip of spare linen.

(the mannequin's boobs are smaller than mine so it kinda makes the gown look reeeally odd lol)

After I sewed it all together I added ties inside and outside to tie it all together when it's on me.

Natural linen.

This is a reeeeally close up photo, it's a much finer weave in real life, I think it's a light/medium weight linen (?)

This is a kind of stiff silk, IT'S SO NICE <3
I'm going to paint on the blue pattern with fabric paint

The same fabric used for the real dress, except in a neutral colour instead of blue (I will dye it myself).
Amazing story actually, I bought this from the same shop that Michele Clapton bought it from! A fabric shop in London called The Berwick Street Cloth Shop, they often sell fabrics to TV shows and films. I walked in with my reference photo and asked if they had anything similar and the man behind the counter was like "oh yeh Michele came in and bought the last of the blue, but we still have the neutral colour left if you want?" MIND. BLOWN. I almost died from excitement :D

(this is quite a close up photo of the fabric by the way)

This is how I began the top. I cut a template out of paper to get the basic shape (I held it around me to work out how it should look) then I cut it out of fabric and sewed parts of it so it fitted my body nicely. This gave me something to work to when weaving the top.

I made these and weathered them with sand paper and clay dust.

I didn't have time to make exact replicas so I bought 2 kilt pins and a dragon brooch from the internet and sprayed them with pewter spray paint.

I cut a piece of fake leather and sewed over the edges, I riveted gold eyelets in one end, and I used a piece of thick aluminium foil for the end of the belt (I didn't have the time to make a proper one).
(The weird black thing you see around the middle of the belt is a holster type of thing for the sword)

I sprayed my dragons in metallic gold spray paint and glued them to the belt using super strength Araldite.
(Instant Contact Adhesive (evo-stick) would have been better but I only had Araldite at the time)

I bought a Welsh dragon brooch and made a mould of it using Vinamould. I made casts of it using Fast Cast.

I made it out of craft foam, covered it in car body filler mixed with resin and sanded it down, sprayed a base coat of white, then sprayed a layer of metallic gold followed by a layer of antique gold.

made from some fabric called Winceyette.
we rubbed brown and black pastels on it to make it look dirty.

I had to make it shorter because, well.. it was too long xD or tall, whatever you wanna call it :)

I will now define the dragon's features with gold thread

Velvet and wool for the dragon, fake suede for the coat.

I looked at loads of suitable boots for this cosplay but bizarrely they'd all sold out of my size.. so I ended up with these. Not too bad, but not ideal (there's a brass panel on the heel etc).
(the one on the left has been weathered, it looks very weird in this picture though lol. In real life the weathered one looks better)

Just, simply, pieces of leather bound around my hands. Weathered with beige boot polish.

More leather, fake suede cord and weathering.

I glued on the details and weathered them (sand paper, ink, paint, clay dust, etc). Needs a bit more dirt I think :p

(Made from leather and craft foam). They are too fat and far apart but never mind :p

I folded a strip of fake leather and super glued the end on to the top of the handle then wrapped it round and super glued it in place.
There should be less leather and more pommel but I made a mistake and it's too late to change it :(

Some of it is blotchy and the end is a bit un-neat, I'll fix this by painting by hand.

Aluminium foil (the thick kind) folded over, curved round, and sprayed with a mist of black spray paint.

I stuck some Frog Tape over the black line and sprayed the rest of it silver.

As a quick way of getting the black swirly blood groove thing that's happening down the centre of the sword I decided to paint it. I masked off the edges, lightly sprayed it black, masked off the middle and sprayed the rest with a little more black. I used delicate surface Frog Tape for a clean line. Awesome stuff. Truly.

I had to lengthen the tang because the piece of MDF I used wasn't quite long enough. I glued and taped on strips of steel and slotted in another chunk of MDF at the end.
(The shine of the silver isn't so great here because I had to sort out some cracks that I had just spotted.)

After the base coat of black spray paint I sprayed on several layers of metallic silver spray paint.

I sprayed the whole thing black as a base coat. I did several layers of filler and A LOT of sanding to make it as smooth as possible. I also sanded and fillered when the base coat was on, just to get rid of the cracks I had missed.

MDF, two pieces stuck together and sanded into the smooth shape, then fillered.

I sanded the edges down with a hand held electric sander.

I cut the sword's basic shape out of 12mm MDF.

I glued the hand guard in with Araldite. The gap is for the blade to slot into.

Wood glued the pieces together and rounded the edges of the bare MDF on a disk sander.

Sprayed with filler primer, then white spray paint, then gold.

Clear plastic tubing with copper wire rods in the middle to keep the shape. Super Sculpy on the ends (later heated, and sprayed with filler primer).

I did several base coats of white, just to make it extra shiny when I put the metallic silver on :)

They sent me the wrong colour flat cord so I had to paint it the right colour instead. (The colour looks a bit iffy in this photo, I think it looks better in real life) :p

(Real leather) The pieces they sent me were too small so I had to add an extra couple of sections on the top to make it long enough. I weathered it a little using sandpaper, clay dust and smearing black ink in some places.

The shape of the bottom front part isn't quite right, but by the time I realised this it was too late to add any more weaving into it. (Well, I could've done, but I don't really have the time) :p

I bought some mixed colour horse hair to braid the strap that holds up her top. I played around with several different braids before I worked out the right one (or at least, the closest one I could get). It's two twists sewn together. I later rubbed in clay dust to make it look dirty and old etc.

I painted the top with watered down brown boot polish, smeared black ink onto it and rubbed in Fuller's Earth (clay dust) to make it look weathered and dirty.
I also sewed some parts of the weaving to make it fit nicely around my body.

I wove the top out of flat suede cord and flat fake leather cord. I decided to weave it myself because I couldn't find any material that was close enough to her actual top. I weave baskets so I just guessed at how to weave this although there are probably YouTube tutorials if you want to have a go :)

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