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My first cosplay was Hanajima at the Japanexpo in 2005. Typically there were no other Fruba Cosplayers at the time. Since then I've gotten better at creating props and acessories for my cosplays but I'm still utterly hopeless at sewing though I'm working on it.

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Found somewhere that supplies latex so hopefully get some money soon and attempt to make the mask. Still looking for an antique umbrella.

Managed to find a near perfect jumper to use today as well as picking up some more clay. Looking forward to getting the earphones done.

Finished wig a while ago finally got a couple of piccies. Needs revitalizing a bit got crushed in my bag after a trip out. Found a pair of handcuffs gotta buy a chain to extend it and then finish sword as found my sword but is only a short sword DX

I totally can't wait to do this but it's my goal for once i've reached my target weight

aah ran out of clay for the earphones plus have lost my necklace picking up my laptop TTwTT Maybe can get dad to donate some more clay to me ^^

Found out about compression bandages XD They work so well but have yet to find white ones only blue. Still need a new white shirt as I use my one for interviews I can't quite cover it in blood and still go in it XD Going to redo the wig not quite happy with how it turned out.

After it sitting gathering dust for a while I finally managed to get a hold of the drill to make a start for where the hole in the blade needs to be. Now I just need to find a decent saw.

Started tophalf of the armour.

Started making it now got one side top spike tructure done and put the flowers onto one side; it's ended up a bit bigger than I'd of liked seems my judgement was a bit off and using what i could find around the house instead of proper decent materials probably didnt help but it should at least be usable until I get the proper materials to make a more permanant one.

I've decided to buy the wig from ebay I've found a very good and accurate wig of the current 15 year old Rokudo, I can't seem to find any nice 10YL wigs though so I'm going to get an extension for the ponytail and that way I don't have to have two seperate wigs for both.

In process of starting work on the Trident and Box, box should be relatively easy and I've a good idea of how to make the Trident nice and strong now just wish I could get a better picture of the detailing on the front though I've at leat got decent references the petals are going to take a while as I've decided to do them individually as I'd like to make it accurate I don't want it too spikey or not enough petals plus they all need to be detailed as well X3 I'll buy the ring from ebay though I wish they sold them as two halves as well.

Ive bought a couple of the materials I need and I have a plan laid out for what needs doing to create this cosplay. It's going to be rather challenging but doable although I'm expecting it to be a debut for next year since there is so much work to be done for it =DD I'm going to start working on the sword after this expo however so you might get to see that before christmas ^w~

07/05/09 Update: Just bought the wood for the sword, yup I said wood it is IMPOSSIBLE to find styrofoam, insulation foam L600 Foam or really any kind of foam where I love so I'm going to try my hand at using wood.

Progress Completed: 100% complete moved to completed page

Riku from KH2... The Jackets done and aftew a few more days of intensive labour the way to dawn will have hopefully at least be fully paper mached. It's the first prop I've ever made and if I'd have known then what I know now it would have been soooo much less work. The wing snapped off and so I had to improvise on reattaching it so everythings ended up lumpy, the paper mache wont smothe down and the tip is too short in proportion as it's supposed to be longer than the tip of the wing but there's not enough time to do much about it. Oh well lets put it down to experience. As well as finishing the keyblade I also have to cut the wig and style the fringe and find a decent material to make the blindfold.

07/05/09 Update: Started applying Primer to the keyblade, working on keychain and cross.

Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts 2. The cloak is finished, yes I've been lazy and gone with the organisation cloak instead of his final form for ease of being able to change from Riku to Xemnas over the period of the day. Final Form may happen in the future but for now at least there's already another cosplayer going as FF Xemnas. Unfortunately the wig I bought to style was a flop and pretty much useless therefore much to my horror I've had to buy a pre-styled one from ebay which hopefully will arrive soon. I've bought the makeup to make my skin appear darker; Unsure wether it may happen now or not but I had planned to make a dusk plush for my Xemnas cosplay just to be different from everyone carrying light sabers around X__x It all depends on how quickly I can complete my Riku cosplay... I really dont want to carry lightsabers TT^TT

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