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So i went over the lines, next is to mark out which ones get cut onto the perspex ( like a jigsaw would be cut) and smoothed over by hand file & smooth sand paper till close to perfectly smooth then paint with oil based paint and detail ect

so i come across a thermal tshirt that was white with the correct size ridges i needed. i also had a jacket that i thought had a nice material hood, so i wanted to join them together...... so i cut bits, pinned things messed about..... BUT i did one big error.... i never tried it on... i did it all on my makeshift manequin and when it come to wearing it.. was just wrong so i got angry pulled the hood apart from the t-shirt... end of that

some things i learnt from this were

when sewing strechy material, pull the material (i think) as when i pulled the material after sewing it not streched, obviously the stiches snapped. ( pissed me right off i didnt think about that)


i think i need to make the jacket first, as it didnt look or feel right longer, in the reference pic this jacket is higher than the previous and the shirt is tucket in kind of. ( as aposed to the FFX original shirt where it looks like a belly-top when worn without the waistcoat/jacket thing...

so thats the plan. make jacket THEN use the tshirt and a cotton bed sheet or somethin just because i will continue making draft till i have got the hang of it AND i am happy with the draft and my ability to use final materials.

See previous journal fo' explaination of change

so i did an all nighter again ( really should stop getting excited abut making stuff that i cant sleep) i unpicked the zip out of my white adidas jacket and sewn it into the black trousers.

i purposely picked a white zip at the bottom, i had black jackets to destroy but i just felt that it looked pretty tidy. i dunno.

iphone is dead, will upload photo for this and also been working on V3 of the stencil and i THINK i have it 99% perfect in width and in the drawing of the individual pieces to cut out pics & journal to follow when phones charged

So i have spoke with some of the most knowledgeable people i know about material and it looked like it was going to be a pain in the ass to get the material for the t-shirt, with ribbed finish and the right colour.

so i am lookin for my inhaler i that dropped as my bag spilt all over my friends cupboard floor.... searchin through washin and im like..... lined... material?

t-shirt? :D
it was a thermal t-shirt chillin in there cupboard in white i couldn't believe it. so inspiration found me and i will be investing in a couple of thermal long sleeve jumper and a couple of yellow dyes ( probably only buy one in reality, unsure yet. taking note of the not "in your face" yellow. its quite mild )

the plan is to use the material i have from my white adidas jacket to make the hood and the colar ( the one i stole the zip off for the bottom of my leg )

********I AM NOT AN ARTIST SO LOLS AT THE PIC ARE IGNORED, i used paint to help me with V2 of the template and will be corrected and pic taken**********

so i am making another sword out of perspex, this one is going to be SO much better than my first sword. as i have experience in working with perspex now and i am going to take my time. so i the last time i drawnt anything was last september when i was doing my brotherhood original - last night i spent a good 6-8 hours up-scaling. ( needs V2 putting in place)
the sword will be 130cm long (the handle is included in this and is going to be made from 10mm thick clear perspex and will be just over a foot wide from both the futhest point away from each other width wise.
to create the overall shape i will draw around the master stencil i created so it cannot get damaged and the head & eye stencils of the sword will not be damaged. the master stencil will be seperated into which colours( blue lines next to black lines and yellow ect) which will be cut out and made to fit each other, like a jigsaw, giving the sword a 3D look and finally painted with an oil based paint to cover any imperfections and dusted with various shades of blue and white spraypaint to make it visable to cameras yet still keep the transparent look to the sword.

now i dre the head of the sword out and between each colour i cut it.... drew it on a piece of white 10mm perspex, cut the shapes out and using a quarter curcle router bit i routed the edges of all of the bits i cut out, used Dulux onecoat black paint so any inperfections were covered up by the thick paint and allowed to dry (36 hours approx) the blue will next be done followed by the yellow and finally grey... the pieces will then be fixed to the perspex base and a handle will be made (serperate entry)

The base has been cut from the perspex gunna smoooth it down, buffer the edges and then paint the base sky blue with glass paint to get the correct colour.

okay... finally my perspex has come

the sheet size is 1500x500 in a pale blue colour.
i have bought some sky blue glass paint for once it has been cut out to darken the blue and attempt to make it as close to the colour as i can...

basically make the swordon cardboard that the perspex come in cut it out to get the right shape then draw it on a piece of MDF... 12mm smaller than you actually want it ( just so there is room for when i route around the stencil) the cut the MDF with a jigsaw then smooth it down.
THEN clamp it to the perspex and using a router and just go around the edges of the MDF and it cuts the perspects perfectly with no marks wiggly what a jigsaw makes. should take a whole evening to cut the shape.
i have not decided what to make the top dragony with yet whatever it is will just be painted....
i was toying with the idea of drilling and putting in a white LED into the perspex to see if it gives it a good glow in the dark, as the perspex is only 5mm thick its a baddd idea... i might see what effect will happen in the dark once i am making the handle, if i put an LED if the light will disperse much along the "blade" not holding much look for it though.

i will get painting/stainging them right after i have cut my brotherhood

from all the pics on here... i have

made a new gauntlet

made bottom bracelet

bought new gloves

made plates for the gloves and sprayed but have not YET stuck them on ( thats tonight)

made bottom red blue and yellow bracelet

made red mesh for above gauntlet

made blue red and silver bracelet for above red mesh

put 4 silver crosses on the jacket

attached jecht logos onto the leg and back (under the hood area) of the jacket

bought a high quality £30 sterling silver ear ring ( waiting to arrive )

bought a sheet of 5mm 1500mm x500mm light blue perspects ( should arrive on monday 11th oct for brotherhood sword )

grew my hair silly length tidus

attended alot of sunbed sessions for a nice tidus tan

still need to buy the boots and create the silver but that clips on the armour

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