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I enjoy creating costumes (clearly) I created my first cos-play October 2010 ready for the London MCM expo. I have always been interested in animation and gaming. So I thought why not bring it to life. So I did I am now creating my second cos-play for May 29th London Expo. I am a beginner In cos-play but hope to swiftly move on to bigger and better ones, Like the amazing ones I have seen here so far.

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Elven Daggers are ordered most of the costume is together now :)yey looking to get a bow and arrows too. But most importantly a quiver.

So here is my another costume for may expo. Looking forward to geting this in progress :D yay :D

So am looking at materials and objects to bring this costume to life. It is a big project for me and is one of two costumes I'll be making for London MCM May 2012 expo. This costume is to be hand tailored by My Girl Friend and me. Really looking forward to getting started.

The paint for the bold cap to make Twinsen's unmistakeable hair style is on its way to me :D hopefully get the cap sorted very soon :D

Ok so outfit sorted hair needs to be fixed to something wearable. Am working on this and should look reasonable after :D

ha ha final I have progress I have a costume photos to come hopefully at the week end :D
Hair is in the workd and magic ball/ sword working on it :D

Yes finally my wig is here just need to shape it now it could still be long rather than spiky will depend on what I can sort out. Fantastic wig :D yey

Head gear material has been found and put together. Wig is taking it's time to get here :( hopefully tomorrow :)

I've just finished tidying up the ribbon i'm using for the white belt. It doesn't looked so frayed now :D yey it's all coming into place. Really want my wig to get her though :S need to get the work started on it. :D

Yey found the perfect colour and material for twinsen's tunic :D All i need to do now is buy it, cut it, sow it, Then I'll be all good for the main body :D lol.

The main costume is now completed. Just waiting for the wig to arrive and we can get to work on that :D Yay it's all starting to take form now :D so happy.

Yey my sword for the cos-play has arrived :D I opened it and it looks really nice as it is I don't really want to spoil int by painting so I'm going to use it as Renji Abarai's Bokkon Can't remember which episodes he uses it in but YEY :D

Hi all
I'm happy to say I have the begginings of a costume, Had to stitch up the hakama slightly so it stays a good shape, otherwise the creases wont stay in place. I am awaiting the official sword to start work on and have just ordered a wig which I will be sculpting. Lets hope it all gets here in time. I can't wait to get those creative hands dirty :D he he.

Hi you all,
I though it might be be a good idea to tell how i create each costume so, I'll see if this works. For this particular Costume I had 1 week to pull things together.
1)Firstly To do the hair I simply hair sprayed it black, I wish i had made it a little more Jin Kazama style than just spray it. (My natural colour is Blonde)

2) The horns Were created with a hairband and cardboard, I had a bigger Idea of how they should have looked but couldn't in the time I had To get the look of being horns I simply bent the card board and then Used Tip-ex to add minor detail.

To continue
Lets take a look at the body of the costume for this
1) I wanted to paint my body and go like that but I didn't have the body paint to do so, so I went second best and drew on an old white t-shirt, This took time but worked out ok :D
2) The wings were made of plywood with material wrapped around. I wanted to make them much bigger but due to time and nagging of my parents that(I would get in the way of others, because of my Spacial awareness. Groan. parents huh) I had to succume to these Mini wings. I will be building a new pair for the future. For detail again I used tip-ex Which appeared to work ok.

Ok Finally
1) The Jin like gloves were made from Cardboard and material wrapped around. And then some split pins to make the effect of Jin's renouned gloves. I added Horns to make it look like Devil Jin, I plan to remodel these if i choose to use the costume again.

2) The trousers were my favorite creation for the costume, I took a pair of old Grey Black trousers. Then used red meterial to create the fire pattern, These came out the best part of the costume. Looking almost as if they were Jins.

Overall I would rate this costume ** out of ***** Due to it being limited in available time and general Design not being up to scratch on my vision. I realise That I am just a rookie with cos-play so any suggestions on future cos-plays Don't hesitate to say, or even suggestions on finished costumes, all will aid in future creations :D
Thanks for reading


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