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I love to cosplay! It's a lot of fun ... as most of you should know by now.
My first cosplay was Tifa Lockhart and she is one of my favourites to cosplay because shes comfy to wear.. no need for a wig for me ;)
So far I think the cosplay I am most proud of is my Armored Ventus from Kingdom Hearts; Birth by Sleep.
But my Assassins Creed Hellequin comes in a close second.

My cosplay dream is to just keep getting better and better because when someone appreciates the work you put into your cosplay, its the best feeling ever <3
I do commissions for friends at the moment, hopefully when I feel as though I'm good enough I'll open commissions publicly!

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So I finally have the suit ready, and the wig got shipped today, will hopefully start making progress on the belt ect during this week.

Putting this to a complete costume because.. its complete now :D
I'm just waiting for next week to roll on so I can get some fun pictures with my friend as Cosmo! :D

So I've done every piece for my suit, pretty much, I just have to do the shoes, which I'll work on once I have the shows I'm going to use. I've started sealing up everything, one coat down, probably another 5 to go, to make it really sturdy. I'll have to start looking for paint now too!

So because my skin is sensitive I've had to be careful with what I choose for this cosplay. :/
I can't use face paints such as snazaroo as it makes me go all puffy faced :(
However, my mum has given me a concealer set called Models Prefer, and one of the colours is an off white/bluey colour.
I thought, MEH why not, because I know these are okay on my skin, I'll use the concealer on my face and dust it over with a grey eye shadow, and it seems to of worked. I dusted it over again with powder, and so far its lasted quite a few hours. I'm not sure how many, but a while nonetheless. I'll post up pictures anyway. (I added horns because I'm that cool)
Now I have to find a similar solution to painting my arms as there is no way near so much in the tiny pot to cover my arms as well.

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