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Entering my fourth year of cosplay now =D

I look back at my old cosplays and cringe at the shoddy quality, look at my recent ones and do the same thing.

I'm an avid photographer, and adore the chance to have someone in front of my lens. I'm currently saving for a new camera, as until I can buy one I'm going to be continually working on film. But if you ever want photos, and live near to London or Brighton or somewhere nearbyish to Eastbourne, well hey, just send me a message and you can have some pictures 8D

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Now I have to hand stitch on all the ribbon for the edging as I forgot to machine it down before puffing it up :C

Most of the back of the coat is done, needs a bit of neatening on some of the seams. Nearly there! :D

Not bought specifically for the cosplay, just cos I like them. And, y'know, 80 pounds on shoes is totally normal >>
But anyway, I do have the lovely Bettie Page Mather boots to use for this, so I am happy :3

I've been wanting these lenses for ages, and I love them so much <3 They'll last a year, and then I'll probably buy some more ^^;

Also, FOAM PROGRESS. I have started shaping my vast amounts of foam into some semblance of her leg armour, will either paint it with acrylics or cover it with pvc. Haven't decided yet.

Bought my wig at last. Had my eye on it for a while and stroke of luck, as soon as I have the money to buy it it goes on sale at 30% off <3
£16.96 make me happy.

Have started working on the boots/lower-legs/shoes/things.

Started by sketching out the skinny bits of something that she stands on and will sketch it out onto mdf after. After that I plan to strap in shoes, paint the wood substitute and cover the outer in sheet foam. Hopefully wont be too uncomfortable...

And that's only on the jacket, I couldn't be bothered to count the skirt as well.

Well man that wig is heavy now. And longer than I am tall too.

Just got 6 buttons to sew on now and litch is finnished ^^

Cut the wig first, sprtized with hair spray, pinned a paper template to the fringe, spritzed with golden blonde spray on dye, unpinned the template and spritzed with hair spray again.

I'm really pleased with the result, it was my firt time dying a wig ^^;

Scythes in progress! Both are just brushing 6ft long from tip to tip so they're going to be mighty fun to carry on the train to expo.
All I have left is to paint them and add in the light/dark gem things at the top and they're done 8D
Photo in the photo section for the full giant scythe experience.

The funky ass horn things are being made by my wonderfull Darky in exchange for a scythe and also as an attempt to get our cosplays looking as the same as possible.

The wig I have is a pale blond bob, I plan to put the design on the fringe on by putting on a paper template and spraying the rest of the wig with a darker blonde dye.
Once I have the money for the dye that is...

Maybe a little too perfectionist?

Spent about 3 hours: sawing through the top of my old glasses with a scissor blade; removing the lenses; cutting, sawing and burning the ends as short as possible; and finally gluing the lenses back in, just because otherwise I'd've been mightily annoyed at the tiny detail.

And I broke three of my nails in the process :C /not impressed


Why do I paint things?
I sawed the pole in half, glued in an inner tube, tested sliding the two parts together and it worked fine. Take them apart, paint them, once it's dry try to slide them together again. Doesn't work. And not only that, snaps the inner tube, partially inside the second part.

Rage enused but I did manage to fix it with a lot of superglue (that is now also bonded to and burning my fingers) and ducttape. It also grew a few inches because of that.

Finally getting onto making her pole.
185cm long approx, and am gonna have to paint it around exam revision ><

Given up on trying to make it easier to carry, am just going to have a big awkward prop with me.

Lame titles are lame.

Anywho, the cuffs caused me as much stress as the puffy pleated sleeves. Make this cresent fit on the end of that sleeve neatly. I've re-done them 4 times and I'm still not happy with them yet :C
The visible seam between the sleeve and cuff I do quite like though =D

puffy sleeves made out of pleats on a curve as you'd expect.
I'm pleased with the result, it just took me forever, all the yellow's given me a headache...

Ooo shoulda updated this when I started... Anywho, cosplay itself is mostly finished, as are the shoes and wig (Bar a few leaves, and I have glasses anyway so that works pretty well) all I have left is the Panda for her hair (which is sitting on my lap waiting to be assembled) and her pole.

Ah the Pole. Am not quite sure how long, or what out of, it should be made; and how in gods name it'll be possible (if at all) to get on the tubes as well.
I'm about 5'8 in with her heels on, so any suggestions at length, fabrics (bearing in mind I'm poor) and ways to make it public transport friendly'd be much appreciated. She won't be complete untill it is...

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