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I went to my first expo may 2010 at mcm, as gaga, and now I have an addiction to it!

I got into Neo magazine with one of my gaga costumes and got on stage and danced! I've also been in Sci-fi and MYM; been on live TV on BBC One Show, been in a short film; and judged and guested at many conventions

To date I have nearly 60 costumes! Most of them from scratch, I'm trying to challenge myself more these days, hopefully I'll move on to making armour!

I want to push boundaries with costume, there is so much you can do!

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Everything you see in the photo I made, The hat I used a pattern online, the gloves were handmade from faux leather, the leotard was made from a a stretch jersey, cut into pieces and re sewn together.

My boyfriend helped me paint on the lightening bolts, and the wig was bought already styled from coscraft :)

Currently making a collar and gloves, not sure I shall get cuffs done in time though

Currently working on the trousers, customizing a pair, this means cutting out sections! took look loads of screen shots from the game!

My Fab friend CharlotteLuna is still working on my wig which I cant wait to receive! I will do a wig and make up test when I get it!

Cant wait to receive the beautiful wig, gauntlets and bones! Not sure what to work on next, I'll probably fix the top, and somehow weather the edges, coudl start on the trousers I guess

Progress from two amazing people, has started one on my blade, and one on the wig, someone else will be doing the bits on my gauntlets and all the little bones! :D
I have bought the green material, and I will start on that as I know the pattern fits.
Found a pair of leather look jeans in a charity shop to cut up! cant wait to start!

Currently working on the cape! the silver edging will take time to do, as I need to measure and pin each strip so its the width!

Had some issues with the emblem on the front I will have to unpick it and do it again :/

I've decided to go for matte lycra, just because it be easier to work with than PVC, I did manage to buy some lovely silver stretchy PVC though :D

I already have the blonde wig also

I will either buy a new pair of boots or make boot covers

Bought some really nice gold ones! Also thanks for the votes on my costume :) :D

Still in progress, managed to buy the right jewels for it, and rivets looking bead things! cost me £13 :s

photo didnt turn up yesterday, but it could be any minute tonight! :D

Today is the day I get the taster photos from my shoot! :D cant wait!

so i decided i cant make decent looking socks, so ive contacted a load of sellers to see if they dont mind sellign the socks on there own from a full costume, luckily had alot of replys now its just choosing the best ones for a good price had $20 - $45! still waiting for the photoooos! gaaah!

Had my photoshoot yesterday, and although the costume isnt finished it looked so so good! as soon as I get a taster photo i shall upload it, now i've got to go home and unpick some of it and finish it properly! thanks for you nice comments :)

I'm impressed with myself and friends for getting so much done in a week! top is nearly finished just waiting for the embroidery to be finished so i can complete the top, chainsaw is being done as we speak not sure if it will make it in time :/ the socks are complicated as they're cotton not lycra like most lollipop cosplayers are using, im going to have to hand do all the letter probs! cant wait for the shoot though!

nicks wig is styled! my juliet wig done! woop! and blade has been taken out of the chainsaw ready for customizing!

I'm trying to get this finished in a week! because I shoot to attend! its getting there! just ordered the shoes! still got to get underwear!

Bought wig, watch, sweat band, and purple and pink lycra bought! just need trainers and scrunchies! my friend kindly going to customize the chainsaw for me, we're going to make a cover for it, unfortunately this will mean i wont get the holes :(

Now I've sewn the collar on, I've decided to start putting studs on! Gaga loves her studs :D

one fake head done! lol, the best wig for him will be an edward cullen wig XD

I thought it was turning out terribly, but now ive put a dart i missed in and started putting the boning in, its turning out well :D

Located a cheap fake chainsaw that I'll probably have to customize! I will have to go down to london to get it, shoudl only got me a tenner!

I found a suitable top hat to cover, also bought knetting and another material for the bustle. Started work on a complicated corset, fitting it to the mannequin, photos up soon .

Mushroom hat ordered! I've decided to make short bloomers for the bottoms! should look really cute!

Got my amazing wig! such a beautiful red! I will need to make it behivey at the back!

Also bought some dark green velvet for the corset and some fake roses! woop!

All worked out, just cutting out the material, these will be studded then I will put the lining on! this should be interesting!

For those rivets I really hope I get them tomorrow, I got a hole puncher which will my life easier hopefully!!

Rings are bought and being sprayed matt black!

Tomorrow I will be getting all the metal rings I need, the closest i could find were keyring rings, which im going to spray black, the place im buying them from do different sizes which is awesome, I've bought all the belts I need, hopefully it wont take toooo long! foudn the perfect bra top also!

Bought a long wig to customize...not done that before lol! Still need trainers, I'm being picky about these, as I want heeled ones, which are hard to find! D:

Found the lace I need, Hopefully buying it wednesday so I can finish my cloak, and start on the interesting parts, made a close fitting glove pattern also! still need some pvc, and buckles, and more belts also!

I've now sewn the red cloak together, I'm currently cutting out and doing the lining, basically have to make 2 cloaks!

I've found some really nice velvet, the other looked cheapy! so I will cut and pin out this one, also i'm planning to finish the other one off, so if you're interested please say :)

Successfully customized and ready for cutting out! :D

Got most of it, just need the wig, shoes im not sure about yet! and pokemon soft toy hmmm Starmie, psyduck or togepi??

Just bought £70 worth of studs! Thanks to my dad for giving me money towards my cosplays otherwise I don't think I could afforded it!

as you can see the boots have arrived love them sooo much! Just got to work out how many eyelets and spikes i will need! as soon as the cloak pattern is ready i shall start making it, still ned to buy a lining for it! :)

So far bought the red braces! Found the some shorts (more hotpants), the tank top that I can customize shorter, there werent many wigs, but I think ive found one i can use! I'd love to get heeled trainers but theyre a bit hard to find!

Main dress is finished, it'll just need the ribbon putting in! the top is nearly finish also, just finishing touches, just need to make a petticoat!

Made this my pattern cutting project, made a mock up the cloak in calico, as it will need customizing! so excited!

Bought a cape pattern to use, may need some tweaking, goign to buy red velvet material, and line it with black fur so I cover myself up when walking from the hotel to the excel centre!

200 studs for my main dress, which i will have to lay out, mark each one will go, pierce 2 small holes for, and then use pliers to put them place....I'm going be here a while!

Right got the PVC bra and knickers, going to buy some black boots to cover, I've already had experience with this so should be easy, I may buy belts to cover that will go round the thighs, Will have to buy more studs again!

Got my leotard! annoyingly its see-through D:

Sleeves finished, I will upload a photo soon :)

still getting the belts together, the metal rings are proving a bit of a challenge to find! wig now received!

Bought the wig, couldnt find any with no fringe! owell! got the studs that will hold the belts together!

Bought the insulation, and piping, I hope its easy to carve, annoyingly teh latex spray is £40 a can!! I decided to chuck the shawl, and make a puffer jacket type thing, I will more the spikes on to, I feel the other one doesn't work to well!

Bought the first 14 belts, still researching hoops to use, found a wig I could buy also

So for may I want to enter the masquerade, I'd love to win euro cosplay, the quality has to be extremely high! I will be making a tail, I've decided to carve insulation to make each tail section, and slot it onto black pipe. Also going to get some spikey teeth commissioned that be winning! :D Thanks for the comments guys! xxx

I caaan't wait for xpo to wear this, look out for me on saturday! Can't wait to meet all you amazing cosplayers!

All finished! Woop! The head piece fits perfectly, and stays up right, its reaaally comfortable also! :D Can't wait to wear it! xx

Fits perfectly! I will start on the head cap, and cape tomorrow yay! :D Can't wait to show you!

Its not great, but least it comes with a sheath whih is one thing less to make! :D

Trousers done, fit perfectly! Working on the headpiece! should be finished in the next few days! I may have to give you a sneak preview!

Just done the spikes with a shawl to go over the top, and the trousers are finished all fit really well, just have the headpiece and cape to do!

The top is now complete has taken me a week to do, I'm I can finish the shawl this weekend!

Got the tight fitting trousers sorted, will work on the top tomorrow, hope i have callico to make patterns for the other pieces! :S

Done the nurses hat, just to make the ammo belt when I get the dagger through! meanwhile my alienqueen starts!

Rocket nearing finish, one month to go :S decided to make the head piece out of pvc, using corset techniques, 6 metres of black pvc ready to go! not sure to do a tail for october, may just make a very long cape! :D

Found a pattern to make the nurses hat, should be easy peasy, gonna have to wait till im paid so i can buy her official knife and maker her official belt! im so glad with the final results!

Got me gun and wig through! gun will need spraying, the costume is going well, been working hard to get it finished so i can start my main cosplay project!

Gun is on its way, closest as I could to the one she uses, and fishnet body stocking which i shall be wearing underneath the costume, I'm hopefully going to be sewing the boot covers over the next few days :D

They have the official wig for out, so I've ordered it, tis coming from amaerica, cost me £22 including p+p which is wicked! :D

Just doing the basic pattern pieces, also bought the stretchy material for the straps! :D

I've had a look at foam board, for the tail and headpiece, about £45 for for 20 mm thickness. I hope this stuff is easy to carve! PVC is bought, I will start that as soon as rocket is finished :)

Had this costume mentioned in the metro today!

Bought a petticoat, I already know I want to where suspenders, but the actual dress still not sure!

Bought some grey material as close as I could find, also got boots I want to customize, My pattern cutting wont start until early july, this is when it'll properly start until then, just gonna buy the materials

I won a competition at the expo with his costume :D

Right, no may expo tis over, time to start this one, I will be making the pattern i nteh next few weeks, after that making will start, i will buy materials also!

I cut the tights, they look perfect, this will definitely be my favourite costume! see you guys soon :D

go main costume done, just have to sort out the glove, and tights, and lace for my forehead! :D

got more beads today so I've sewn them on, Not much left to do, got a bit of a crisis with the beads, as I havent be able to get anymore of the beads for the leotard, so ive bought some similar ones, I'm going to have to un pick all of them, and space them out more so they cover more area, and the other few into it, I'll do this at the last minute just in case the others get here in time :s

This is done! :D will upload a photo, is practically finished now, just need black hair extensions!

wig arrived! tryed it on, doesnt suit me like the others, although i didnt have the make up on, so hopefully it will when i put it on! I still need a black hair extension, hoping to finish this costume this week :)

after wearing this for my shoot, i need to improve the back, need some velcro! and securing

the costume I'll be wearing for my gaga preformance! I will dancing :D so im practising for that!

I'm so glad the extension worked out really well, last is the beads, need lots of these! The only thing I have left to do is to complete the boot design, tights, and glove!

Got a photo shoot for this on Wednesday, probably wont upload the photos until after expo, as I don't like to give anything away :P

I'm changing the top skirt, by pleating it, this will make it flatter!

So fustrating for some reason, i've layered to the net, and I'm trying to cut it into the right lengths D:

Well I'm starting pattern courses soon, so I will making this my project for it, Looks like I'm making a dress, and a corset! I've already got the boots, which will be different from hers as they're pointy and heeled, but they're thigh high.

There a lot more to it than meets the eye!

Ok so I've sorted out the leg parts, all I need now is shoulder straps! :D its so close to be done! Can't wait to show you guys! xx

I got my catsuit tight fitting which is what I wanted, see through though lol! Cant wait to start on this one!

I bought an expensive catsuit, good quality though, i can start layering the material for it woop!

Ann summers do the perfect bondage outfit to sew this onto lol, this will give it strength, and its more likely to stay on, unfortunately I had to get it in medium, this means it'll have to be tightened, but owell! cant wait to finish it! :)

I recently tried on my costume, and found it doesn't cover my boobs, so I'm having to make an extension, which is visible....what do you think?

Bought some jewels off ebay, cant wait to get them and sew them on!

Bought loads of black and white netting, Researched spandex catsuits, going to cost me about £30 :/

Just bought a wig, just waiting to get a a strappy thing to sew mine original onto so it will stay on! yay for ann summers hahah

Bought some white boots ah yer, £25 though :S

Got another leotard making can continue :)

Today have been quite productive, I've been working on the pattern, I could probably finish in a few days, all i need is the wig!

I realised I've cut the hole on the wrong side of the leotard, so I'm going to have to buy a new one and start again :( luckily I hadnt done more!

Bought red lace, and shiney red to start making! :D

Bought some white lace today, but I've realised I haven't got enough since I have a massive shoulder to do lol!

Bought a leotard :D Found the right wig, and also the boots, decided I dont wanna spray the boots white, so I'll just some new ones lol

Bought a leotard, except it aint suitable for what i want so im going to have to buy a new one!

Just found the perfect boots, i will have to spray them white though, having a hard time finding the right leotard at the moment!

Well I've finished nearly all of it, just need to make the choker, the hair hasnt worked, so i'm gonna leave it down! still sexy lol!

Bought a better wig for this costume, got it today was the wrong colour! gah!

Cant wait to wear this beauty, Its amazing how much you start to care on a costume after you spent ages on it!

Tested pva glue on fake hair to see if it would stick up! and it does! woop! didnt think it be this simple!

Well I'm being forced to finish my costume for this saturday, so its all go go, Ive had a few problems, with the zip for the top, made a mistake luckily you cant see it, still need to sort on the trail!

so i got this wig, not sure if i will make it the sun, if the testers work i will try it out on the wig, also sure if i should buy nipple pasties? XD

Got to do that still, going to intresting, plus need a bunched up bit at the front, also need to the eye pieces!

Made the the full length skirt, and just done sleeves, all in a day! It looks great, I'll upload photos as soon as I can!

Got wig, sewed the bodice, also worked out how to do the dress, amazing trail!

Bought some extensions to work on, just need to buy the glue!

Finally got down to the actually dress, cut out the pvc, and sorted out the back of the skirt, waiting for wig from ebay!

Ok just spent ages looking for the right wig, I did except I had to buy it from america! But i found the pvc at an amazing price, £3 per metre woohoo! also waitng for my dressmaking dummy, so i start customizing the clothes pattern i've got!

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