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As I have a case of the sewing bug I rooted around my mums room for spare fabric. I have 5 metres of white ribbon to spare and decided to try and make a suit jacket which I have never done before but was a lot easier than I thought. The hardest was working with the ribbon, at places it looks a bit naff but it was just a test through to make another Asuna costume~

Considering this is the second cosplay I've tackled alone without the guidance of my mum I think it's going pretty well.
I don't have a pattern so I've been going at it with nothing but the basic pattern my mum made for my Menma dress.
The ribbon was very tricky to sew on and at certain parts it looks somewhat awful, I still need to pull it in at the waist and underarms. I also made the front slightly too long but I'm happy with the outcome
Still to do
-Ribbon around the arms
-Arm/back detail
-Detail on the socks
-Detail on the shoes
-Buy the wig

I hated the satin bows on my madoka outfit so I've now re made the bows out of cotton and will attach them to my skirt and hair asap

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