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These are hopefully the shoes I will buy for Madoka, just got to save or hope I find them for cheap !

Omg it is amazing ! Lace front and super long !

Now to get styling :3

YEY ♥ My Lochaven cardigan arrived ♥

Was worried about what size to get as people have said to get a size smaller(which I did) but it fits perfectly!

I love it ! So soft ! <3

Made out of white air dry basic fimo!

Really could be better but I gave up after a few hours xD

Dress so far ! Some is pinned in place while others have already been sewn ~

Pretty happy with it so far !

All pinned in place ready to sew !

WOO base of the skirt is done ! Just need to make the bottom of the skirt wavy and add the waistband !

Progress finally ! <3

Need to add stripes onto the socks but I love this skirt <3 <3

FINALLY ! argh that took forever !!!

Not the actual colours ! this is just the base.

Still needs painting and adding to a necklace :)

Pretty pleased with it seeing as it was my first go at making something with fimo !

How perfect are these ?!?

I think I love them

Love them both ! The wig is so soft ! <33

Will grab some pics soon, all I now need to do is make the hat and buy some navy socks and then it will be complete :)

ehhhhh, don't suit wearing this mask at all... may scrap it and not bother with a mask afterall.

Wig still needs styling but I loves it <3

Um... oops ? ^^; Just ended up buying the wig and uniform as I just got refunded from another cosplay item and these were both pretty cheap!

Loving the wig colour ! Darker colours suit me better and this can easily be used for my Yui-Angel Beats cosplay too ! (was listed as a Yui wig afterall)

And the uniform <3333 Just hope they both arrive looking like they do in the pictures D:

...now do I wear this or Nagisa for KitaCon...?

This is the base for my design ! I already bought the base dress so all I need to do is sew on the green stripes when it arrives~

Just bought the green material and its gorgeous *___* ( actually its a dress that I'm going to cut up but ohwell >>;; )

Needs taking in a little but thats about it :3

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