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I just love the whole idea of cosplay, I mean what would we do if it wasn't invented? It's great that you get to meet new people and feel the fame of your image and work, which is what I really needed to boost up my confidence in how I felt about myself. It may take alot of efford and time, (not to mention money) to complete the perfect outfit for your perfect character, but it is all worth it in the end. I first wanted to cosplay as Cardcaptor Sakura, as it was my first ever loved anime, so even today i'm still in progress to make her my best cosplay. (I hope I get more cosplays checked off the list too lol)

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Here I added the eternal moon forehead piece to the choker, replacing the last gold moon piece (which was a little too big). ^^

Here I painted the black heel to match the boot material colour.

Here is the updated tiara prop I ordered off ebay, (made of brass) with added cameo gem and stuck on beads.

Here is my updated sailor fuku, the whole process of attaching the skirt to the outfit was easier than I expected to be! I managed to attach it to the skirt underneath and make it barely noticable that the colour dosen't 100% match the collar (due to lack of paint).

This had to be done since my last pair became my eternal gloves (sadly not reversible..) ^^; Pretty much I did luckly have an extra pair of gloves stashed away and I came up with recycling 6 lot of my sister's old braclets for the red hooped ends. They can't really fit right up my arms like they meant to in the ref pics, but in my opinion, they do look more better and armor like than fabric (I really do feel like i'm in steel armor with these fukus, just crazily put together..XD)

Here is the new skirt for the fuku, which will be simply attached over the present skirt. I feel this has to be done since my last attempt of leveling the skirt length didn't go well as the material started unraveling. Also I would like to use the present skirt as a kind of underskirt, just to help the skirt have that 'widespread' effect. Before I begin attaching the whole thing to the fuku, I'm aiming to completely cover the skirt, to the pleat, with paint to match the new collar colour (looks like I may need to buy another can..XD)

Here I decided it would be best making the collar and skirt a darker colour (since the colour didn't match most of the ref pics of sailor moon.) Before I applied a can of navy blue upholstery spray paint I had to unstitch the collar and both red bows from the fuku. I then added a new set of lines with shiny white ribbon (after removing the previous stitched ones for the paint). I'll next be adding a new skirt to the fuku to match the new collar colour.

After glueing on the red ribbon, I stuck the gold moon piece onto the front of each boot. (I was able to bend them to place after applying hot glue.)

Here is the back view of the boots, I really like how they've got that high pointed look just like the original reference. :D

When there was just enough coats to cover the greyness/completely dry, I began applying the red metallic ribbon to the top of the boots with hot glue.

Once I finished attaching the velcro patches to the leotard/inside of the tier skirt, I could then start alining and attaching the yellow ribbon, just above a gap from the red ribbon to match the reference.

Here I began the process of attaching everything to the leotard by making little markings on each side for the tier skirt. (these will be covered by velcro patches).

Here I began putting a few coats of white paint over these pair of grey boots. (They may need another coat..)

Success! :D It was really fiddley to stick all the shiny pieces to the bits of foam, but I managed to get them looking close enough to the reference and the real thing! All it will need now is more duck feathers (I've ordered) to completely cover the primarys. ^^

Here is the finished set of wings, made to match the brooch as much as possible! >D

Ok, I didn't expect them to bake pink!! XDDD It looks like I'll next have to paint them back white.

Here I began molding out the 3d fimo wing pieces...

Here is the Eternal Bandai brooch I purchased on Yahoo japan auctions. I'm now hoping to make the wings suit the original reference/polished look as much as possible.

Here is just a test of how it will look 'almost' together.

Here is my attempt of recreating the polished marks onto the wings to match the brooch. I started these by cutting out the shapes seperately from a red shiny windmill piece. It was a little fiddley to cut out, but it's done and ready to go with the 3d wing fimo pieces, which I will make next..

Completeness! ^^ They just need a little more hot glue and they're all secure. ^^

Here are some stampings I ordered of Etsy.com, before I stuck them to my gloves I had to snip off the stars.

Here I started to cut out 4 wing pieces out of craft foam. If you can look closely in the picture, I'm now in the process of covering both sides of each one with duck feathers..

Ta-dah! A few areas got chipped..but I managed to carefully cut the shape out! It definitely matches all my accessories and bandai items! >D Now I just need to pad it on the other side somehow, so it can actually stick straight to my head. XD

Since I can't find a good plated moon stamping to match the anime reference, I've began my attempt to cut out a moon shape (which will be placed in the middle of my forehead), from a gold christmas bauble...I'll do my best! XD

Here I've attached them together, onto stitching them to the pink bubble sleeves! :D

After stitching the 4 leather bag handle pieces together, I began painting them in red acrylic paint. Next I will apply hot glue to secure them in pairs, before I stitch them onto the pink bubble parts.

This is my third attempt to update the padded hooped sleeves, last time I made them from spare red material (which took hours of hand stitching but ended up not looking as rounded I thought.) So here I've come up with editing some leather bag handles together and seeing how it goes...

Here is a preview of the full set so far...after they are all finished, I may add a few features by stitching padded bone joints to the top area of each one, and possibly add a thin coat of blue spray paint the primary ends.

Here are the bottom half of the wings, I have just started to hand stitch around them. Afterwards I will attach them onto the top half of the wings.

Here I managed to complete hand stitching around both of the top wings. I'll next be starting on the bottom pair and begin planning out how to attach the whole set to my outfit!

Here I began to hand-stitch the ends together, reason for this is to make the end result look less obvious like a rough cut out of the shape, and not to mention the foam pieces are about 2cm thick. So I will continue with this and decide whether or not they need material entirely, to cover up any messy edges. XD

Here I applied a thin wooden stick (from the body of a hanger) to the spine of each top wing. This is to keep it standing up right against my back with it being not so strong to stand on it's own. I also had to go over any sharp bits with glue so it will be extra safe to wear. I don't think I have to repeat this process with the bottom half of the wings since they're going to be attached to the top half anyway. ^^

Here are the top half of the wings that I had custom-cut by a foam seller, I had to trim them down a little since they turned out bigger than I thought. ^^;

Completeness and just fits right! 8D I managed to trim and cover the v-shape by overlapping the red ribbon, luckly with some to spare for the gloves. All it needs now is the velcro on the inside to attach to the leotard, which will then be alined with the yellow ribbon that still needs to be done..

Here I began attaching the red ribbon over the yellow v shape. Next I will try my best to trim as much as the skirt off as possible.

Heres another view of how the sleeves and gloves will look..

Completeness! These were made with a set of duck feathers and metallic beads.

Completeness! All they need now is the gold moon charms in the middle of each ribbon.

Here I've began hot-glueing the feather barrets to each side of the gloves, using a set of duck feathers and metallic beads. This process will also be used for the hair barrets, attached onto a clip each.

Here's the progress of the wrist ribbons for the gloves. I'll be carefully hot-glueing each point to the glove while wearing them! :S I sense pain coming my way.. lol

Completeness! Ok..it's now a little stiff from the glue and black paint I added to it before to cover the navy tone.. >.<; but from a distance it's acceptable looking! XD

Here I'm now onto my second line! It's officially covered in glue bits.. XD

I bagan hot-glueing the gold ribbon to make up the three stripped design. It's a little tricky keeping the glue from sticking everywhere, but it's saving meh the whole stitch work..lol

Completeness! ^^ I managed to put this together using the previous choker used for Prism moon, with a gold-plated heart charm and a glittery silver moon piece.

Here I managed to trim the red skirt without the whole thing falling apart. I did this by stitching a v shape over the yellow and red top. :D Next week, I'll buy the ribbon to cover the stitchwork and velcro so I can then attach the whole thing to the white leotard. Some loose parts of the black skirt need a little hot glue too.

Here is a pic of what I have recently been working on so far..The sailor collar (I got off ebay for £2) has been painted from navy blue to black to match the skirt, it will soon have three gold ribbon stripes added to it.

Here I have attached the three layers together to the red skirt, the V shaped cut out will next be covered with ribbon once I trim the red visable part of the red skirt. The whole skirt will then be supported onto the white leotard (once it arrives) with velcro.

Here I attached the black layer underneith the bottom of the red skirt, next up I'll be attaching the yellow layer! ^^

This is pretty much the shape I've hoped for! I've now cut a V shape into the yellow skirt so it can fit to Eternal moon's design. I cut the bottom section of the black for it to be attached to the bottom of the red skirt (when it arrives XD), so eventually it will be stitched together. I've had to also glue together the pleats in them, hopefully they'll stay in place once I've attached the red ribbon over the V shape..

Here I'm starting on cutting the yellow and black of the tier skirt. The red one hasn't arrived yet so I'm just getting these two ready, once it arrives I'll then attach the three layers together!

Here is the finished result! The red hoops on the ends are really tricky to keep on..very annoyed about it failing every time I try them on grr.. but I'll see If I can attach them to the white leotard when I get it! You can still see the silly faces on each one of the balls XD Ah I'll just put another coat on when I come back to them.

Here I'm making the pink bubble sleeves from two rubber play balls (with silly faces) XD. I first cut carefully two holes in each one so I can fit my sholder and arm through them, I will next begin putting coats of paint over the silly faces as much as I can (you might still be able to see them in person XD). I also made two sets of red hoops to glue on to the sleeve ends, This is becoming so tricky, just as the design goes...

Here are the gloves, complete with more padding in the red parts.

I had this custom made for me and I was already aware that it wasn't what I expected, so I thought I'd add my own adjustments to it. (I am however happy that it's a leotard this time!) After I attached the red bows to the front and back, I stitched the back and sleeves so it can look more fitted to me. I then began trimming the skirt and adding hot glue to the ends to avoid them unraveling. Next up, I'm thinking of sewing a padded bra into the bust area.

Here are all the accessories I made today together! :D I simply made the golden hair barrets from golden craft card, glued onto the plated beads and hair clips.

These are made from silver plated beads and moon charms (I gave the moons a gold tone with a pen) all glued together on to a stud.

Yay finished! When the spray paint dried I started decorating it with stick-on plated jewels, the red gem is attached to a cameo piece I bought from the bead shop.

Here is the tiara from the previous time I was moon, I ordered a new brass one on ebay but since it's taking it's time to arrive (I'm talking 4 weeks..grr >.>)I had no choice but to edit this one. I began spraying a new coat of glitter paint over it and letting it dry for a few hours...

My friend helped build these on her sewing machine Arigatou!! It would of took ages handstitching them. XD Afterwards I wrapped the original wig extentions to one so far..hopefully they're ok with only bits of the ponytail hair on them. XD

Here is the completed brooch, I put this together using various jewelry pieces, hot glued onto a yoyo part (this seemed much better than buying another compact). I also glued a safety pin onto the back! ^^

Added silver material from a recyled bag! :D

Here is a test of the left wing, this is just to have an idea of the scale and if it will suit my whole height. XD

Here are some awesome boots I bought off ebay which are proper cosy to wear. :D All I'll need to do is to edit the top section with silver material/gold moons.

Here are the Odango accessories I made from two curtain hoops and red christmas balls. I originally made these for Prism power moon.

Well now since I'm not getting the real bandai version because of a scam seller, I'm better just editing my own version with a mirror compact as a base. :D As a start off, I've cut out the main pink gem out of another christmas ball XD, plus I have a spare brass moon that I can use to fit to the design. My plan for the 4 other gems will be to use this jeweled bracelet. I would like to keep the gold holders on the gems linking the bracelet together, so it can have a more secure look to them. :D

Here is what they turned out like, was hard to finish after a few burns from the hot glue gun XD but it was worth it! All that's left to do now is find a way to attach them to my usagi wig. They are abit on the heavy side with the silver rings but it can be solved! ^^

Today I got these silver curtain rings from my local DIY shop and thought of attaching them to the christmas ball pieces. I started off hot-glueing around the silver rings onto the baubles and then trimmed off the excess parts. Now they measure up to 2 inches wide which is a better fit on the wig buns.

Im so glad I was able to just put these together myself without spending so much. They are made up of two gold/silver plated moon and star charms each, and glued together with string onto a stud base. The only thing I'm not sure about is the weight of them on my ears, they kind'a hurt since I don't really wear big earrings lol, but Im sure they'll be fine just for one day.

These were used last time on my previous outfit. All that had to be added to them was stuffing to give them more of a 3D look. :D

So this is what i've came up with pretty much. I kind'a took apart my previous covers for my Cardcaptor Sakura wand, so I had a go at cutting a plastic christmas ball in half (I love that red polish look, they really match the bandai wands X3) . I'm next planning to buy a bezel each for the two halfs as the silver frames.

This bag is seen with Usagi-chan containing her school lunch in season 1. I thought i'd make my own tracing the bunny head from my laptop screen onto a spare bag and sponge painting the bag pink. It will be perfect for the day carrying my lunch and change of clothes! ^^

I managed to grab this for £40 on Yahoo Japan Auctons a couple of months ago (since I lost an auction on a good eternal brooch). I'm pretty shocked the buttons/sounds still work when the seller said they don't (they are still a little dodgy though XD).

Here is a preview of me wearing the outfit! (I'll be attaching the wings to my back on the day*) Roll on expo!!

This was a hat previously worn for another version of the outfit I had before. Since I've retired the manga outfit, I decided to paint it a darker colour to match the dress and top as much as possible. I also cut the ends of the bow to match the reference pictures. There are still a few patchy areas after using a wet sponge but still looks good from a distance! XD

This is what happens when you don't buy enough fimo. XD
So I first started off molding together 6 pieces of different coloured fimo, It won't really matter what colour they are since i'll be painting it all at the end. (shame I was hoping to make the feathers out of the pearlised white lol). Ah well, I'm continuing to make it look like the clow wand head as much as possible..

I had these completed already for the last time I was this sakura, however when I thought it was right to give them a wash the material started to worry around the edges. I had to mend these parts a little and ended up adding hot glue all around to make more of an outline. They should be ok now and shouldn't be hard to attach to the outfit. ^^

Here is just a view of the dress contents. ^^

Here it is cooked! All that's left to do is to fit it onto the dowel, once it's cut to size. I may have to add a little abit more fimo to the top of the head to even out the size if I have time, then begin painting it and attaching the feather sides to it.

Here is just a view of what i've done so far. ^^

I began to make these while the head was cooking in the oven. The feathers are made from white card, (I may change them to foam instead if I have time) and the red eyes are made from my sailor moon odango shields I bought a few years back, (they kind'a got broken so I'm now using them for this.)

This was the point where I could see if it would suit the dowel (it hasn't been cut to size yet btw lol). While I was doing this I began adding all the fimo I had left to the head, evenly around the back and mouth of the design. After that, I made the hole inside larger for it to sit on the extended rear parts of the dowel (which I need to buy more fimo for).

Ok, this took me a few attemps to get it this colour, I'm talking fabric spray: fail, Fabric Dye and paint with wet sponge: kind'a worked.. from what you see here. XD It is still a little patchy up close on the skirt, so I may have to add another coat on the other side when I get more paint. This is made up of a light pink tank top and a light weight skirt (that isn't the kind of material that likes to be dyed or sprayed on!) Once everything is nice and red it'll be ready for wire around the edges for it to stand up on. The hat will get the same paint treatment soon.

Here is a plan for the wings, but I'm still not to sure if it will be final. ^^;

Here I have a plan out of my Eternal update. ^^

This is how it turned out after I attached the whole thing to the belt! :D (if you can make it out in the picture ^^;) I first had to stitch wire onto the waist part to make it more secure, then I stitched and hot glued the petticoat onto the belt in a zig-zag shape and added an extra layer of lace to give that lolita finish. X3 So, my next and final task will be to cover all the messy work showing and add velcro/invisible thread for extra support keeping the ballerina dress standing! >D Its nearly done MWAHAHA! XDDD

A little hard to put the wire onto the edges but, I did it! lol Just incase the pink dress fails to cover the whole sign of duck tape underneith, i'm hoping some paint or material will XD (that will be included in my next task). The last thing to do is simple, just attach this onto the belt in the picture.

Here is the start of my petticoat! >D
The original plan was to make it from one single piece of A1 card and make another for the second layer, but since it turned up smaller than expected (XD)I used both pieces to make one layer attached with duck tape (for now).

Here is the ultimate wand Eternal moon uses later in the Sailor Stars seires. This is made up of three seperate wands, the top is the Eternal tier, the middle is the Holy moon chalice (which cost a bomb since it's so rare! It was my main 21st present), and the bottom is the power rod (the extended part for the tier).
I am SO lucky to have this it's untrue! :o

I'm sorry I'm not one to take progress pictures, but at the beginning I started off drawing out a stencil for the star head and used it to cut onto the fimo. Next (obviously) I cooked the pieces until they were solid and touched them up with paint. Afterwards I realised I forgot to make slots in the pieces to make the head would hold together tightly, so I had a tough time cutting them out lol. When my hot glue gun arrived, I finally glued the pieces together (I had to re-do a few areas since they were on the rough side).

Here is the Meimi wig I tried to style lol, made up with a seperate ponytail, hopefully it'll be ok on the day. ^^

Here is the suit, finally complete lol. For the waistcoat tails, I managed to make them stick up behind me by sewing long twigs within the inside. Then for the skirt I used spray paint over a cloud-shaped stencil for the top half. And finally for the hat, I wrapped some dark pink material around and finished it with a bow! :D

Here are the boots which at last match the dress, I painted my Sailor moon boots saving me buying some more XD and it was hard making the right colour at first~but I got there XDD.

Here is the ending result of the dress! All it needs is the puffy sleeves being attatched properly. I can't wait to wear it at Ayacon! X3

Here are the accessories I have for Saint Tail so far! For the wand I used an extra part of a wall scroll and attatched it to the small wand toy I found at last :D The bow I mannaged to find from a dress up set and Ruby just popped out of nowhere just in time! X3

Here is the dress I found close enough to look like the same thing, I'll be editing the collar into a darker blue and dolly shape.

Here I made this by cutting out the main shape using craft foam, then used a steel Tiara for the base and support for it to stay on my head. ^^ All I have to do now is to add a battery powered light bulb through the small hole at the tip.

Here I luckly found some yellow pom poms at the material shop, I simply glued them both to a pair of new dolly shoes. ^^

With these I just bent the wire of some ordinary green party fairy wings, a few bits started to split, but I mannaged to patch them up. ^^

Here is an ordinary boob tube I got today, all i needed to add really was glitter glue lol. Close up, I made such a mess of it >.<....

This was just a one chance offer on searching for a hunting horn. Since they can sometimes be 5 feet long, I mannaged to find a display one only 30cm long. The only problem is, it sure does make my hands reek of metal lol.

Here is the front of the card cloth I have done so far. Basically I just used the same material I worked with while making the rabbit head mask, luckly I had just about enough left to cover both the front and back of me. For the red hearts I used an old t-shirt that has been hiding in my draws for years, since it dosen't fit me anymore I decided to recycle it myself lol. All there is to do now is to add the beads to make a cross pattern in the middle (to seperate the hearts into four squares), then add jewels to give the whole thing sparkle! ^^

Here is the white rabbit mask i've been working on for a week now. I bought an ordinary white balaclava and cut the "mickey mouse" shape out of it, trying not to let any of my hair roots show. For the ears I measured my height and made them just as long, I then hand sawn them and stuffed them lightly with pillow stuffing, then pinned them to the back of the mask. I also had to make a hole at the top for the crown.

Finally I mannaged to link all my expencive charms up with my pocket watch! All I had was a pair of scissors (I was fresh out of tools lol) and bent each link and bent them back together. I did however have a few mistakes by cutting off a loose chain or two, but it looked over crowded anyway. The next step is to attatch this to my costume which may be a little fiddley, it is a shame though its really heavy, I will probably detatch a few charms if this bothers me on the day.

Here i've stuck to reusing the little crown I made for Daphnie, I first decorated it with sticky gems all around and then linked up a spare charm bracelet across the side. Then finally I linked up a lock and key in there I bought along with my steampunk charms. Afterwards I decided to go over the crown with glittery varnish so it can stand out alot mor on top of my head. I really like the outcome of it than before, hopefully I can make another for a future cosplay...

I had no idea how I was going to find a retro microphone from the 50's, I tried looking for the most cheapest replica on ebay but no luck. Luckly I mannaged to figure out how to make it out of a plastic bubble bath bottle while I was searching for things to recycle XD. I also had an old used mascara tube randomly so I just super glued the two items together. I then covered the plastic bottle in silver acrylic paint, once it's all dry i'll start to add the black gaps and bolts roughly using a permanent maker or paint (I haven't decided yet) and if i have time i'll wrap a little pink bow on it while I sing "Seikan Hikou" just like Ranka Lee. X3

The Sailor suit was such a struggle at first, but mannaged to complete it the way I wanted it to be. The top was simply made from a white t-shirt which I found in primark ages ago, I just didnt want it anymore so then, all I had to do really was fold and stuff up each sleeve into three parts using plushie stuffing and cut off most of the bottom for later. Joining the blue pleated tennis skirt with the top was really bad at the start, the white top started to stretch too much that I was worried it would look horrible to even continue. I used plushie stuffing to make the bottom of the top, then folded and hand stitched the entire skirt to the top.
With the help of my best friend, we hand stitched the red bows from satan a few months back, but afterwards we saw it was too thin and wouldnt be strong enough to stick up, so I decided to try a different material. It was really tough material to stitch though and didnt really work as good as the satan material, but it worked soon after we put two pieces of wire in each one.
I found the blue collar on a sailor fancy dress costume from afflecks in manchester, and stitched it on to the white top using a sewing machine (which took me some time to get used to lol). Afterwards, I added acrylic paint to the collar so it would match the colour of the skirt, for it was far to light. I know I should of used fabric paint, but I think it dried out alright, it actually gives the effect that it is like the exact tone in the anime. I never thought I would have completed this ever! I have to say the most difficult process that left me in a mess for days was attatching the skirt to the top, The whole folding and stitching together~it nearly all came undone at one point, it was horrible I was so lucky that all of it didnt fall apart.

Now it seems to be all done* :D Im so happy how it turned out lol! X3 I just hope it dosent fall apart on me again!!

The hat was the first thing that apeared in the design, including the pinstripe idea. All I had to do was add a head piece made with one or two of the gambler's cards and two hands from the time card. Then on the night before the expo (along with the jacket) added romanized text around the top.

First off, I made a start of drawing the back design of Luxord's fair game card with a grey pastel, then went over the lines carefully with a marker. Then afterwards I covered the collar, buttons and pockets with black fabric/acrylic paint, to finish on the night before the london expo, I added romanized text on the front. The outcome of the jacket is the best I think and reflects what I know of him being a gambler of time.

In the afternoon I was Naruto, I hanged out with Demyx and Dante for the rest of the day (U guys are awesome!)We had lots of photos taken, we met Linda Hamilton, spotted some storm troopers and ate Pocky! yay!

Ish had an epic weekend to remember* didn't wanna say goodbye~ I hope I meet everyone again next time* Oyasumi* & take care**

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