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So thanks to my lovely friend doing an order, I've now ordered the jacket and harness because I'm lazy and uni and phst why not, just need to wait for that and make the butt skirt and get the top and she's all done :'3

I have an Aoba now for expo which makes me stupidly happy <3
Next week I'm making the mock up for the kimono with the murky blue lining stuff since he's awkward as hell with this cosplay, then making the pattern on illustrator then printing it out onto transfer paper, putting it on the kimono, that may be dip dyed before this then painting on the details fuck me
But his wig should hopefully be at home when I visit this weekend x3 so hopefully a test soon!

The fabric arrived this morning so; The base is all done, and since I needed to double it up, its all lined and neat which is deffo needed for the way he wears this thing, plus i much prefer to get stuff lined
Just gonna add the ribbon and black details now, so this should be finished tonight

test and diff extension for wig and stuff yh

might make them a bit less poofy but yes progress on actual cloths -fistpumps-

need to do proper makeup on the day but yoho

Gotta wear these in and attach more details so the straps go round my legs but yeah
Top and shorts are well on their way too

Still need to fix up and attach elastic around the feets

I decided to reuse the wig I wore for Ho-Oh and sharpie dye all the blonde areas black to create his hair effect
I need to style it more to suit the character but I'll do that after I've completely finished this process

During the wear of May expo I noticed some really bad faults
The waist band because it's elasticated it rode together and was really fucking unflattering so I'm going to change this for a proper corset, the hair pins were also not wearable with the clip on pony tail and some of the armor will be needing a touch up, plus the bag and belt was a bit too big
Sadly I didn't have time to sort this out before expo but nfgrjdjhknhlfxv

so much left to do on them but slowly getting there...

need to fix collar but its getting there slowly

still got some work to do and waiting for grey contacts instead of bluueeeee

Still need to sort out a bunch of it to get it to look good but so close bleh

Gotta sew the collar on, add black outlines, sort out the sleeves, add hole thingy then attach the black straps then lastly get rid of the mass amount of loose threads

Had to get some new red ones so here's the ones I'm going to use for this cosplay along with many others as I seem to cosplay a lot of red eyed characters XD

This is my first ever time doing anything like this so was mega nervous but it's going alright
Obviously this is just the pattern it wont be purple or masking taped together xD
Gotta heat and mold it all when the heat gun arrives then add some fancy decor paint etc then add a proper hold up technique which I've already sorted in my head
Omfg so much work

I bought a Black rock shooter wig, wefted the two ponytails together, adding shit loads of layers into it, which also made it not tooo heavy and then styled it into a rough style
Took about 2 hours so far
Still wanna do some work on it but I'll do that later on

theres loads left to do but heres the pure basics

I need to still add some other belt straps to match the design and the crest thing in the middle of this strap as well as a closing mechanism for the bag
But yh...
Gone for a darker brown to match my waist thing

more progress has happened i've run out of the silver stuff tho

Yeah got a load left to do like add light blues but heyho

Appologies for no pictures as I have no computer and haven't for months
Basically what needs to be done;
- Attached fabric strip, horns and symbol to hat
- Add ripped effect to jeans
- The collars
- Burn effect to kimono
- Buttons and other pretty stuff to under jacket
- Braid drapery
There's been waaaayyy too much hand painting involved to this D<

This should have been the easiest part of the cosplay but fml it's a big bitch
First Im having to paint on all of the pattern myself since I did want to go more with the ref and have a skull print pattern
This is nearly done just waiting for more paint to arrive then I can finish this then sew it all together
Also thinking of creating a ragged look across the bottom of it in a similar style to sufferer and use a lighter to burn the fabric
Shhh it's fun...

Would upload progress photos but I have no computer and doing this from my iPod which won't let me ;.;

Stuff is starting to come together nicely thank god with advice from the lovely terezi in the group I was finally able to find some decent fabrics that I can use
In the end after searching for hours on end I have decided to use a similar approach to setsugetsuka to create a print of my own on the fabric for the kimono making it as accurate as possible
It will kill my sanity but will be worth it
Really looking forward to this group :3

Unfortunately there's quite a bit of damage to the top of my straight extension to the wig from multiple wears and detangle sessions so instead it looks like I'll have to be inaccurate and wear my curly extension to Alcon instead especially due to the lack of notice and funds for this con
On the plus side that one suits me a lot more :D

Well the wig is getting ordered by my bro tonight since he owes me for my 18th and 19th xD
Training is going well doing bench lifts, weights, tredmil endurance etc overall my body is starting to get more toned which is a benefit for both this cosplay and my general confidence.
The outfit itself won't take me long to do, starting to get really excited for this now :3

I'm going to gather all the materials and make all parts a can (like the hat, mask, accessories etc) up and until Expo and then like a month before actually make it.
Can't do it too early since I'm on a training program and diet so by expo if I made it now it wouldn't fit -facepalm-
Luckily they're all similar to what I've made before so once the making gets going t won't take long at all

Although this cosplay is nearly finish, when I wear this again for Telford 2013 I will pimp it up some more as I would like to enter my first masquerade with this
All that's left to do is wait for the petticoat to arrive which should be tomorrow then add the white panel in and add more bling where I feel that is needed
This is then done.
Plus I've got a quick job of adding an extra panel on the sleeve cut as it's just like lol boobs whenever I lift my arms
Just hope that it looks alright when everything is pulled together ><

Lolwut progress finally since it's this weekend
Done the eyes and mouth and half way through sewing them, then shall attach to the hoodie, then mod other areas then it's done!

Going to have to redo his collar after Alcon, don't have time before, it just wont go right, so it's going to have to be down for Alcon

Thoughts- I'm insanely tall now, I feel fantasticaly gay and they're so comfy >3<
They've finally arrived, was worried that they wouldn't arrive in time, gotta modify them a bit, tad bit of damage on them like the person said but luckily it's where the flaps at the top will cover

Actual progress is being made now, just finished the cuffs and about to move onto the cravat after a serious hunt for fabrics today. Got mountains of fabrics for this so now it's full steam ahead!
Just gotta wait for the wig to arrive and this bid war to end on the boots >D

Everything is tacked and ready, just need to machine sew it, nearly there now =D

Ok A lot has been done, I'm going to upload some progress pictures soon.
1- De frizzed the wig with hot water method
2- Made the kimono base and around half way through painting the pattern
3- The sleeve is around 90% done
4- Tacked the hakama, need to dye it once more, add pleats and machine sew
5- The tops all tacked, just need to machine sew

I need a sewing machine so I dont have to wait til I go around Batshiz's to sew
darnit money!

And I'll be starting the Obi one Friday, since I get paid then and currently I cant afford the fabric.

I shall manage this .__.

Only cost me £2 so far :'D
Basically it's a larger hair clip [ the big purple one ] and then I hot glued the black feathers which I plucked from the feather boa but there's no gaps in that so no harm done ;3
Then i just glued on the smaller flowers which were meant to be hair bobbles.
Just need to add some purple feathers to it now :3

After the last con this wig was extremely tangled.
I brushed it out and this is what it looks like.
I need to get the proper material to tie the wig properly
I have bought this spray called mane n tails and it should fix out my frizz problem.
I'll probs post a review on it.
<- Current wig status.

[one side looks shorter and wider than the other due to it resting on the t.v.]

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