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Slowly making progress. Kind of want to start over as I made some fundamental mistakes in the beginning, but I'm already about 30 hours of work in... ;_;

From these miscellanious scraps I had to find enough leather that had a similar grain so I could cut out 16 of these stupid shapes for the skirt. IT WAS MURDER!! also it killed my wrist cutting everything because my fabric scissors were crap, trust me, it's soooo worth it investing in a good pair of fabric shears

I needed a certain number of panels on my skirt, and I needed it to fit my waist at the top and poof out at the edges on the bottom... so I had to do A LOT of maths.

You can see the results of my Xenoblade poster skirt in the middle, but sadly the skirt didn't have enough flare so I had to adjust my measurements and try a new pattern. Since I didn't have another poster lying around to cut up, I pulled some Paperchase wrapping paper out of the cupboard and made the cutest frickin skirt you'll ever see

Also yes I drew on my legs and stomach to mark out where my corset ended and where my leg armor should come up to LOL

I ran out of paper. I needed to pattern a skirt. I found a Xenoblade poster I had no intention of putting up. Time to get the scissors...

Hoooo damn this was nerve-racking. I was really worried that I was going to mess up the placement of an eyelet or punch a hole too big and ruin the entire corset. Luckily everything went to plan after veeeery careful measurements to make sure the spacing was correct. I'm really happy with how it turned out :D

Note - the gold trim wasn't fixed down on the inside yet which is why it looks a bit wobbly on the top edge in the photos.

Finally settled for the "accurate but ugly" frills :P We were being judged on accuracy after all, not what I think is cuter LOL

I also attached the gold vinyl trim at this point. I sewed it down at the front, and had to attach it by hand in the back to prevent any seams coming through.

I think I got lazy and hot glued it to the inside in the end, but really I should have hand sewed it down LOL (shhh don't tell the judges... not that it matters anymore hahaha)

Ugh these should have been simple but they just gave me a headache. In every reference of Gwendolyn, the number of frills she has changes, and the style in which they're drawn changes too. I compared loads of references to try to decide how many to have down the front and how to do them. Did I want lots of tiny frills or approximately 8-10 distinct frills? Did I want them pinched in at the middle which looks cuter or did I want them flat and boxy looking which matches the reference more? These were just test runs.

Sewing the leather on my corset was tricky. The rough teeth that grab your fabric to help pull it through the sewing machine kept munching the soft leather so I was trying to find a way to sew it without damaging the surface. I tried sewing through tissue paper but this left me an endless job of tearing away the paper afterwards (which got stuck underneath every little loop of thread). Then I tried putting some electrical tape on my sewing machine to cover the teeth and that solved the problem! :D

This was tricky, since I had a few leather hides but they all had slightly different grains or tones of white to them, which would be really obvious on a corset like this. After patterning the corset I had to find a piece of leather that was big enough to fit all the pieces on that didn't have any damage on the front side that would show on the piece. Luckily I found one piece that would work :D

Riven's sword. I found a papercraft pattern for Riven online, blew up the size by about 200% and then cut it out and stuck it together to check the size proportions first. When I was happy with it, I made the base structure out of cardboard and hot glue. Strengthened it inside with a metal rod and expanding foam. Covered it with papier mache and gesso. Sanded it then covered it with polyfiller. Then painted it haphazardly at the convention.

Overall a really rushed job, the paint job definitely isn't finished either. I want to remake this soooo badly!

Leg armour
Pattern was printed out from a Riven papercraft I found online. I transferred this onto Worbla but using only one layer was too thin and when trying to attach the pieces they would stick and warp into each other. I strengthend the overall piece by sandwiching two layers of Worbla between a sheet of craftfoam. To remove the Worbla texture I gave it several layers of gesso, sanded it, and then added a few layers of polyfiller which I also sanded. Then then fun part - the paint job
I also attached D-rings and used velcro straps inspired by one of Kamui's tutorials for attachment, but hot glue or superglue isn't enough to hold them on their own and they broke on the day I wore it - integrating the D rings into the structure or attaching more securely with strips of Worbla seems to be key.

Basic underbust corset, same pattern I used for Mami from Madoka. Bust this out in about an hour. I ran out of metal boning so I used polyester rigiline which actually worked a lot better than I was expecting. The white details are actually a shoelace I cut up and stitched down because I was cutting corners due to time constraints and couldn't be bothered making my own bias LOL

The Gauntlet
I went through a few different design decisions on this one. Although I was using the Chinese artwork for Riven as my main reference image, I didn't really like the design for the gauntlet so I went with the EU splash art instead. The cuff is made from thick plastazote and it's covered with worbla, similar to how I made my gauntlets for Cammy. The cloth part structure underneath is made from Worbla for strength, and then holes are cut out for the glowing shape and LEDs are attached underneath. I didn't have time to order green acetate so I cut up a Highland Spring water bottle and used the plastic from that to diffuse the light. Then I appliquéd the design onto a cloth covering for this section and cut out the parts to allow light to escape through.

1st picture - Sanding and base coats of paints were down.

2nd picture - Adding the rings to attach the brown shoulder wrap. The shoulder wrap was made out of the last scraps of my polyester suede that I used for my Lalafell cosplay, so unfortunately I didn't have QUITE enough so it's shorter than I wanted. I'll be remaking it for sure. I couldn't find a lighter so I sat at 4 in the morning with a packet of matches trying to burn my costume while laughing hysterically on skyp to one of my league buddies.

3rd picture - IT'S FINISHED! Paint job on the front

4th picture - And LEDs on the back

1st picture - Cardboard base structure. This was changed a few times after this picture since it was too long and not rounded enough on the bottom cuff. I also had to add the spikes to it.

2nd picture - Expanding foam always looks so stupid lol. I covered the cardboard with expanding foam to bulk it up quickly, add strength while still keeping it light weight. Also I had a can kicking about the house so it was free haha

3rd picture - Carved down the shape of the pauldron. While watching LCS and thinking to myself "I want to play games, why am I making costumes whyyyyy"

4th picture - This was where I was at, with 3 days to go to the convention. I still had to sand (NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE HOW LONG SANDING TAKES OMFG) and paint (DITTO) everything, plus make Riven's toga, her weird shoulder wrap thing, install LEDs, style her wig, sort out something for her shoes... etc

WIP for Miss Fortune's outfit

First step was drafting the suit pattern, since it needed a custom sleeve, collar and fold-over at the front. I baste stitched it together to check the fit, and worked out the spacing I wanted for the pinstripes. Then I took the suit apart and started applying the pinstripes to each piece.

Eventually once all the stripes were sewn on, I was able to sew the suit back together and apply the lining to the inside of the collar and sleeves.

Finished up by doing the accessories: adding a strip of purple to a pre-bought fedora, making a choker with an ornamental gem, modifying a pair of boots to have purple laces and a black tongue.

I made this costume in 3 days while finishing up details on some other costumes and packing for GemuCon.

Final job is to make MF's guns!

All of the reference artwork is inconsistent, so I took parts from each that I liked. My main reference source was the in-game model and a papercraft model of that.

The links I used for reference mainly during this project were:

Papercraft: http://portaldragon.deviantart.com/art/Riven-Classic-Skin-template-316850697

Model Viewer: http://www.lolking.net/models/?champion=92&skin=0

So I was thinking I could do cammy's leg markings by putting iron-on transfers onto the stockings I'm wearing for her... I had the iron on the lowest setting, and it seemed to be working at first... until suddenly BAM the iron burned a huge hole in the back of the tights. Hmm.

Luckily I had a second pair of tights as a back-up, so I tried experimenting with making the leg shapes out of stickers, but I found that whenever I moved my leg they'd bubble up and not sit flat.

So finally I've just resorted to drawing on the shapes with some markers - and coincidentally enough, the closest colour I could find was some light blue high lighters. When they mix with the colour of my tights they are actually the EXACT colour match for my body suit??? WHAT??? I wasn't expecting that at all! So it kind of turned out better in the end, despite one pair of tights being ruined!

if anybody touches my butt they'll have a 18 pence knock-out comin' their way!!

aka i was too lazy to shape the 6 circles so I found some pennies and glued them together

Trying to spray paint outside in the snow and the wind leads to weird results. Probably should have put up a box as a windshield, derp

Made out of cotton jersey instead. Now I can actually get in and out of my costume! Yay. AND I remembered to make my pattern symmetrical this time LOL

Base made from Worbla's, bulked up with Plastazote, covered with another layer of Worbla's and then given about 3-4 layers of gesso. Sanded down, then given two layers of primer spray paint and then a further 3-4+ layers of the red spray paint. Then it was weathered to look a bit dirtier and used.

This picture only shows the first three steps (I started putting on a bit of gesso but then stopped to take this photo).

Well I pulled a massive derp and forgot to redraw my pattern symmetrical. Which has caused loads of problems for me wooooo go me

somebody slap me if i ever try making a bodysuit out of a non stretch material again

"Cammy will be quick to make" they said
"She wears practically nothing how hard can it be" they said

8 hours of patterning later.

I finally have a working pattern and I've started cutting my fabric up. I messed up at first because I foolishly used one of my old patterns as a base that not only is two sizes too big for me, but is designed for having loose fitting arm holes which caused a big issue when I tried fitting the sleeves. I redrafted it about four times and with some help from Frazzy with repositioning my darts I fiiiinally have something that works! So many kudos to her for helping me out, I was getting really frustrated and she knew exactly how to fix my problem XD

This was my first time ever making a corset so I was absolutely meticulous about getting everything looking perfect. It's a shame that nobody ever sees the inside of this corset because I'm really proud of how damn tidy it is, hehe.

Btw, my friend Tofu taught me how to pattern draft corsets and explained to me the concept behind how they work and how to sew them together. I'm so thankful for her teaching me because every corset tutorial I've looked at before has done nothing but baffle me!

Base made from craft foam. Heated up some gold PVC vinyl with a hair dryer to make it more malleable and then pressed it into the craft foam with some hot glue underneath to get it to stick. Rubbed in the corners with the flat edge of the ruler to avoid finger prints. The choker is attached at the back with two hook and eye clasps.

Most awkward things to sand and paint EVER.

I made this at 7:30am on the Friday of the con after pulling an all-nighter... XD

Finally made the patch for the back of the jacket and sewed it on :3

Ran out of expanding foam and that shit's expensive so I bulked up the rest with tinfoil. Then I wrapped it all in masking tape (used an entire roll for each horn) to cover any holes and to flatten any lumps, and to help keep the tinfoil compacted against the horn.

Finally I covered each horn with 1 packet of 250g fimo air dry light each.

I made the base shape out of armature wire and then covered it with expanding foam. Had to do this in a few different stages because the foam would fall off the top pieces of wire so I could only work on the part of the horn that was touching the newspaper at a time.

Fished these out finally. I bought them years ago when I didn't know where to buy plaid fabric and I didn't know how to make trousers very well. One of the zippers has already been ripped off of them but I figured I'd put up a progres pic of what they looked like before editing.

almoast done omg just ned to style the wig and maek a few moar poops



OMG look wat i fund in my ectomom's fabrick boxx omgomg

This is the result of a 12 hour non-stop painting session. I literally sat down at 5pm to start painting this and didn't stop until 5am. Then I had to go pack for Aya and finish the paint job in my dorm room. LOL organisation???

Some more progress pics of the binding rod that I found. I think I made this prop in the most awkward fucking way possible. If I remake it, I'm going to do it completely out of wood instead. :/

I think I was so sick of looking at beads by the time I was done making this costume that I didn't remember to upload any of my progress shots.

Oh well. Have a metric fucktonne of beads!

Installed the eyes and antennae, and then finished making the stickers and doing all the weathering. I've attached him to his base now and I just need to finish up the wheels and maybe give him one more coat of PVA to make him shiny and then he's done!

Spent the entire day painting this guy!

Just need to finish the eyes and then I can start painting him. :]

Found a better reference image to upload :)

I can't find any cheap knock-offs of this (unlike the proper PRO VW Armor Ring that I found for £3.99!) so I'll probably buy a similar shaped toy ring and then paint it.

Uploading this as a reference image because I think this is what Ai Yazawa based the art off of.

I glued them on a headband and then cut holes in my wig for them to poke through so the band is hidden, but they’re so small I could have probably glued hairclips to the bottom of them and just clipped them into the wig. Definitely would have been easier haha ;;

These were made from some brown model magic. I gave them two coats of enamel paint in buttercup yellow, then mixed up the yellow with some red fabric paint (yeah whatever) to make the middle orange and the bottom reddish-orange layer. Four layers of paint total- probably could have used less if I had used white model magic in the first place!

The bottom reddish layer went kind of bumpy but actually I'm happy with this effect. It's going to be mostly hidden by my wig anyway, but I think that horns on animals tend to have a keratin layer at the base so I think this kinda mimics it? It has nothing to do with me mixing types of paint which clearly aren't meant to go together! haha.

I did a crappy little photoshop haha

Made these in about 10 minutes, I'm planning on attaching them to a headband and hiding the headband underneath my wig. Need to wait 24 hours for them to air dry and then I'll paint them tomorrow.

Bias sewn on to sleeves and bottom of dress, this is a mock-up of the front panel... almost done, just need to do the hat after this!

Been a bit lazy working on this so far... need to move a bit faster, I'm leaving for Expo on Thursday!


That's me done doing the modelling for Vanille's weapon. Just need to wait for it to dry so I can poly-fill in all the cracks (there's none now but they'll form as it dries), sand it down and then paint it!

Vanille's normally bizarre but relatively harmless looking binding rod now looks like a torture device...

I've worked really hard to try to get this prop to have 5 points of articulation (2 for the top antlers to fold down, 2 for the base of the antlers to swing around and fold down, and 1 for the staff to fold in half) so my Binding Rod could fold up and go in Vanille's holster as it should.

Unfortunately it's not really turning out as planned. I'm considering scrapping the whole articulation aspect and just making it into a pretty stationary prop to hold, rather than stressing out trying to make something just so I can have one or two photos of it hanging from my butt. It wouldn't even be a convenient way to carry the prop as I'm horrendous for walking into things (spatial perception = zero) and I would end up smacking it into something or someone!

I've been taking loads of progress pictures while working on this but this is the only one really worth uploading at the moment. I used hollow PVC pipe as the base for the prop which I heat moulded into the curved shape for the bottom antlers. I then attached some carved styrofoam for the top antlers. I bulked it up with some insulation foam (slight failed experiment) and am now covering it with model magic which dries light-weight and fairly smooth.

Everyone in the group has decided to make the default weapons from FF13 so as such I'll be making Vanille's Binding Rod! Depending on how it goes I might make another weapon for a convention in the future but I quite like this one anyway. :D

The gradient skirt is done bar the beads that I have to sew on to it. The holster is done bar a metal snap or two I want to add to the back. The pink top is done bar a string of pink cord that I need to add to the top, and the necklaces are done (although I would like to remake necklace 1 and 2). The shoes, bangles and earrings are also done, but not shown in this picture.

The fur I ordered was really expensive (but it's soooooo soooooft...) so I couldn't afford enough to make a full circle skirt. So I had to cut two half circle skirts out and sew them together. I decided to research how to cut fur before I started, because usually I go straight in there with scissors and then I wonder why the edges of my fur looks all choppy and crap. I found this excellent tutorial here: http://sewing.about.com/od/techniques/ss/sewingfur.htm which basically taught me to draw the pattern on the back of the fabric and then to cut it out using a stanley knife and gently pulling the fabric apart. It also taught me to brush fur after sewing it to get the fur to sit in the right direction.

After sewing together my circle skirt (the idea came from the-sushi-monster on deviantart who uploaded this useful diagram http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v318/plasticgrl/skirtlol.jpg), I made the holster design after looking at the in-game references closely, as I discovered that it's not symmetrical and is kinda lumpy on one side. Once I cut that out and sewed that on (along with my strap across the front to keep the whole thing attached to me), I made two loops for the holster straps and stitched them on and put a small buckle in the bottom. I want to still add some metal snaps to the back of the holster but it's pretty much done now!

The closest shoes I could find to Vanille's were cowboy boots, and they had the perfect colour and heel- the only problem was the decorative stitching on the front. I've had to leave that, but I altered everything else I could to make them as accurate as possible.

First I masked off the leather of the shoe to protect it, and I used some dye darken the wood base as Vanille's shoes are quite dark. I actually used leather dye (that I bought for Yako a few years ago) and it worked surprisingly well! I did about 3 or 4 coats (the second picture shows the darkness comparison between coats) untill I was happy with how the bottoms looked.

I then worked out how high I wanted the boots and I cut them down to size. My friend Felixize gave me some fur she had left over from her Keiji costume (unfortunately the fur I ordered was too cream... damnit ebay and your crap colour comparisons!!) and I used that to make the fur cuffs, which I sewed to the top to keep them in place and then fixed underneath with some glue to stop them from slipping around.

Vanille's third necklace looks like it's made from pony beads, but when I compared the size of pony beads with the other necklaces and with my body they looked far too small. I couldn't find any beads online that matched the right size and shape I needed so I decided to make my own.

First I rolled out a long tube of model magic into the diameter that I wanted for the beads, and then using a ruler I made a small score to mark the length of each bead. I left it overnight to harden, and in the morning I cut each bead off and rolled it inbetween my fingers to help it regain its round shape.

Then I painted some of the beads and let them dry. After they dried I strung them on to the memory wire necklace and then used plyers at the back of the necklace to curve the metal into a hook and eye clasp. Done!

You can also see the in-progress earrings in the middle picture. I made these out of model magic and inserted a small neodymium magnet inside where it would be attached to my ear. I then let it dry hard and I painted it. My friend Frazzy helped me mix together some paint for the earrings to get an Onyx-like effect.

So this is after I think about 3 dying attempts on all of the pieces? I want to darken the side piece even more, even out the gradient on the front piece (and possibly darken the very top slightly more), and defintely darken the back piece a lot more. Otherwise it's starting to come along and I'm quite happy with it at the moment :D

The skirt won't look a thing like this when it's sewn together btw, I just really quickly pinned it on to my mannequin so I could judge how well the dye was coming along.

P.S. If you ever use "Fiebing's Suede and Roughout Dye", USE GLOVES. It stings your hands like a bitch and I don't even normally have sensitive skin.

Oddly enough when I searched the net for advice on how to dye fabric I came across this tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Swl_JQ183J8 by Sands, the Fang in our Final Fantasy group! Although I was using different materials, the idea was very much the same.

I created a dying vat using a large plastic tub which I filled with water and my dye, which I made sure to mix well with the water so the colour would not streak on my fabric. I then rigged up a way to hold my large piece of fabric at once due to its irregular shape by using a pole from a wall-scroll, some scrap bias tape and safety pins. I then would dye the fabric for 15 minutes, inch it out of the water, let it dye for another 15 minutes, inch it out and so-on.

Afterwards I would hang it to dry. Once it was fully dry, I could assess the colour and then redye it if need be.

So it turns out that my "back-up" machine that I spoke about in my journal post from July last year is actually pretty damn hardcore and I think it might be an industrial sewing machine in disguise. It sews thick leather like a proper powerhouse and I finally got Ramona's bag done!! I wish I had tried it out before now. There's a few things I would have done differently if I were to make it again but in the end I think it turned out pretty good :D

I don't know if it's because I mixed acrylic paint into the model magic, or if because it was so thin, but for some reason it cracked in several places. You can't notice it as much when the orange loops are around it but I'd like to remake this necklace if I have time.

Time Taken: 1 hour 30 minutes

I'm not sure if this necklace looks too thick. I have loads of materials left over so I might remake this if I still don't like it when I've made the other two necklaces and I can compare them directly.

All thats left on this is to add some sort of closure at the back.

It also isn't cosplay unless your hands get covered in paint!

I used some black airbrush ink (Daler Rowney FW Acrylic Artists Ink) to dye the model magic a few shades darker for the second necklace. I'm going to wait for it to dry before I wrap the orange loops around it. This pic doesn't show even nearly how stained my hands were!

For me, it just isn't cosplay without copious amounts of math and weird diagrams.

I've probably spent at least 15-20 hours researching and trawling through eBay for materials; this is the first batch of items I've bought to start on Vanille. The orange and green cord, memory wire and model magic are all for Vanille's necklaces, and then the bracelets and shoes are self explanatory.

Next I'll be buying Vanille's beads, which at the moment are priced at £50.

So this is how I somehow came to the conclusion that I need to order 1659 tiny beads to make Vanille, because I sure as hell aint making them by hand.

I need about 676 10mm x 5mm Pukalet beads
-> Pukalet White Bone Beads selling at £3.40 for 112 = £20.40

I need about 983 7mm x 3mm Pukalet beads
-> White Clam Pukalet Shell Beads selling at £1.38 for 150 = £9.66

This is ordering from US site... with the cheapest shipping the total will be £50.17. I'm gonna see if I can find a cheaper UK-based solution @_@

Btw, I discovered that good search terms for Vanille's beads include Donut, Spacer, Heishi, Pukalet and Rondelle.

Make-up test! The wig isn't styled yet, and I'll also be wearing green contacts next time. I'm considering shaping my eyebrows as well to match Vanille's a bit better. I appreciate any constructive criticism anyone has!

I e-mailed cosplaywig on ebay asking about the vanille wig they used to have in stock. They said that the old wig was not heat resistant, and that they only stocked heat-resistant wigs now. I sent off a last ditch e-mail asking if there was any way to get ahold of that wig, and they finally sent me a reply a week later saying that they had found one "LAST WIG" in their stock. They set up a private sale with me so nobody else would buy it and it should now be on its way!

Ideally I would have liked to buy two of these wigs and then wefted one of them into the first one to make it a bit thicker, but due to the circumstances it looks like I can't. I'll see how it looks when it arrives :)

I always find that knee-high boots never want to fit me- either girls with size 5 feet are meant to have tiny tiny calves or I just have massively muscular calves. Luckily, the boot material was a kind of stretchy pleather material, so I put to use some Yankee Candles and some kitchen utensil organisers to stretch them out so they could fit on my legs.

The things we do for cosplay... sheesh

I spent a lot of time pinning scrap fabric onto the white jacket and sketching out where I wanted the designs to be. I then cut out this scrap fabric, stitched it together at some joins, and then layed it flat on several pieces of taped-together paper and taped the cloth pattern down. I then taped two marker pens together so I could have an even width for all of the line-designs, and drew around the uneven fabric design to make a paper design.

After all this faff, I cut out the paper design and plonked it on to the yellow fabric, ready to start the whole tedious process of cutting it out again once more.

The white of the jacket finally sewn up and taken in- it looks a lot nicer on me, the mannequin wasn't set to my measurements at the time and just generally is a lot less squishy than I am lol

...that awkward moment when you realise that you bought 3m of £7p/m fabric when 1m would have done just fine.

Somehow I spent 4 hours finishing this petticoat off. I don't know how I managed to spend so long on it- I think it was a combination of feeling tired, getting distracted by TV and food, and getting pricked by pins every two minutes sewing it.

But it's done. Thank god. It'll need a bit of trimming so it doesn't stick out underneath the jacket and skirt but otherwise it's done.

And this is what all that newspaper finally boiled down to. Minus the sleeve (which is a separate pattern). There's a definite seam down the back of Estelle's dress, but no seams down the side and front- but in order for it to fit nicely I'm going to need at least one extra seam. I've got a dart down the sides, a seam down the front (which hopefully shouldn't be too noticeable) and a seam down the back (which will actually be a zipper).

Not sure if this weird shape is going to work for Estelle but I'll give it my best shot!

Spent the best part of 4 hours mocking up this monstrosity... it took me 4 genuine attempts to figure out how to do those weird sleeves but I think I've got them figured out now. It kind of looks like a Lady Gaga outfit at the moment, lol.

Only bothered patterning one side since it's symmetrical, btw.

So I finished sewing the 2m of petticoat fabric I bought, only to find that it definitely doesn't give enough volume to the skirt. I'm going to buy another 3 meters of netting and add a lot more volume to the back, much like a bustle, and then probably a little bit more to the front too.

Bought these white gogo boots on ebay... I hope they don't actually have an ethereal glow when they arrive, as cool as that might be :P

I finished this last night, it feel so good to finally have one thing for Estelle done! I'm getting pretty tight for time if I'm going to get this done for Midlands Expo but I'm going to give it my best shot.

I've also gotten the petticoat 80% complete, so I'll be finishing that off tomorrow and then I can get started on the white over-dress! :D

Spent last night working out the shape I needed for all the interfacing and spent today cutting it out, sewing it into the petal shapes and I started ironing it into the dress. It doesn't hold the shape as well as I was imagining it would (pictures to come later, when I get the rest of the petals in) but once the petticoat is underneath I think it should look right. Hopefully. :)

This project is really exciting and nerve-wracking for me, it's been a long time since I've made something so obscure and "costumey" that I actually have to stop and think about the construction!

I bought this wig from cosplaywig2010 on ebay. It should have enough length to shape at the back for Estelle and looks like the right colour too!

Cut out and sewed on the back dark pink petals onto the under-dress today. It looks a bit lumpy but it will flesh out more when the petticoat is in and it will be covered by the over jacket.

I've left all my patterns in Scotland AGAIN so I had to draft this from scratch/memory. As such I messed up the collar a bit so it's not as form-fitting as I'd like, but it's coming along alright otherwise.

Next up I'll be sewing the darker pink petals onto the back, and then I'll be inserting the interfacing and attaching the lining to tidy it all up. I still need to decide how I'm going to do the bias, because I think I should do that before I attach the lining too so it looks all tidy haha.

Once the under-dress is done, I'll be starting on her white coat/dress :D

I removed this component when I was working on a headset for Derek Stiles from Trauma Center 2 (never ended up finishing that costume and I ended up scrapping it). I sprayed it black and then put two dolops of bright blue paint on the tip for the "lights". Then I glued one of my left-over hair clasps from Yako to the end so I can clip it into my hair/wig.

Once again, crap lighting, crap photo. The blue is actually really vibrant on the microphone but it looks really dingy here for some reason.

I started getting lazy and I hemmed most of this with hot glue instead of sewing it. After I took this photo I glued down the little fabric loop at the top that was hanging loose, too. The bow attaches at the back of my head with a hair clasp that's left over from when I was making Yako (Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro).

2 hours of hand-painting later...

This photo actually makes them look really bad, they look a lot nicer in person (and when further away... haha). Crappy iphone quality!

The shoes are 90% done at this point! The leather "sock" is attached to the wooden base with just some hot glue and a few screws so I am -very- worried about it falling off :S They're quite a struggle to get on and off my feet so I'm not sure if wearing a different pair of shoes and then swapping for photos will be worth it. I might wear flats until I get to expo, and then change into these as soon as I get there. Then wobble about like an idiot. XD

All that's left now is to stain the wood and attach the hot pink strip around the middle. Will be done tomorrow!

My step-dad helped me screw the wood blocks together and cut the shape out with an alligator saw. I would have done it myself if we had a jigsaw, but I physically can't handle an alligator saw. I'm too small XD

Just need to sew the trim onto the bottom and then figure out what I'm doing for the sleeves. I've attempted the sleeves 3 times now and they're just being plain awkward. Hmmm.

I decided to use pinking scissors on the black trim, as in the reference image there's a slight crimp to the triangles. Not only do pinking the edges stop fraying (and save me a whole lot of work hemming everything) but I also hairspayed and ironed the fabric to make it stiff and even less likely to fray.

After the kimono is done, I'll get the skirt and the shoes completed, and then start on the hair accessories.

I asked my step-dad if he had any blocks of wood sitting around the garage and he fished these four blocks out. He helped me square them off and get them all down to the exact same size, and then I marked out the shape of my foot and where I'm going to cut tomorrow. They are -slightly- too small for my feet but I think it'll be okay... if not, I can probably attach some more wood onto the back to even it out.

After having to resew the sleeves FOUR times (1st time: french seaming went mental and it looked stupid; 2nd time: french seaming was perfect, but the sleeve was too close-fitting; 3rd time: sleeve was wide enough, but french seaming went mental again; 4th time: gave up trying to french seam it, sleeve is wide enough now) I'm finally trying to decide what to do with the lace on the sleeves.

Since it's hard to see the lace on the original image, I can either try to match the figure (seen left) or try to do something similar to the artwork (next journal entry).

I'm going to ask my friend's opinions to decide on this one!

Well, I remade the bodice of the dress completely, and have now redone the sleeves 4 times! Also now the black underskirt is complete, I forgot how poorly duchess satin folds though so I'm not very happy with it. I don't really have time or the fabric to make a new one though, so it'll only get replaced if I find a cheap black skirt in primark or a charity shop before Thursday!

The lace on the collar is in need of an iron but I don't think I'm going to add any more layers to it. I'm still not sure what to do for the lace on the sleeves, will have to give that a bit of a think. Going to add the black ribbon to the collar and start working on the hair bows now. My replacement thigh-high socks are in the mail, so I can't stitch the lace onto them until they arrive... sounds like another in-the-car-on-the-way-to-AmeCon job to me! LOL

B - the lace is upside down. The rough edge (the side covered by mesh that's meant to be hidden) will be at the bottom of the sleeve so it can either be hidden under the hem or it will look like it's part of the sleeve.

C - the lace is the right side up, on top of the white fabric, but the rough edge is in plain sight. I think this matches the artwork the closest, but might look stupid in real life.

D - the most practical lace application- but because the lace hasn't been dotted with skin or blanket colours I'm not sure if it's not meant to be see through or if the artist was just being lazy.

Horrible webcam shot, I apologize.

I hated the colour of this wig when I first took it out of the bag- it looks like a pastel mint or teal and it's not the colour I was hoping for. Not only that, but the base wig is really small (and my head isn't that large!) so the front slips back really easily (even without the pigtails on). I'm going to have to pin the hell out of it which is a bit annoying. The pigtails came kinda tangled as well- which is really surprising and disappointing for cosplaywig.

The colour looks a bit better here because I was in a dim room with artificial lighting- in natural lighting it looks poop though.

Spent nearly all day on this! This dress has given me so much trouble, it should have been done in just a few hours! :S

First of all, I had originally planned on french-seaming the insides of the entire costume, however when I tried french seaming the shoulder-sleeve seam, it just wouldn't work. I honestly don't understand what happened- I unpicked it and re-sewed it about 4 times before giving up, cutting the sleeve off, changing the sleeve patterns and trying again. I was happy when I finally managed to get the sleeve on by itself, so I decided not to even attempt french-seaming it in case it messed up again (I didn't have enough fabric left to reattempt it a third time!).

So now that I was forced to not french seam the sleeves, I gave up on trying to make the rest of the costume tidy inside so the only parts that are french-seamed are the shoulders and the skirt. The rest of it is fraying like crazy ;_; One day when I get an overlocker I'll try to tidy the insides...

Anyway, to be perfectly honest I don't really like how this sits or how it looks right now. I put the waistband where it is so I could make the skirt look the right length and still have my legs look long, but I think it looks stupid now. And because it was already higher than I wanted it, I couldn't put in darts otherwise it'd raise the waistline even MORE... so I kinda feel like it's a shapeless sack when I wear it.

I have to try getting new lace tomorrow as well, as the pongee is an off-white and the lace is a pure white. I also don't like the socks I bought, they barely come over my knee and they're very thin so you can see my skin through them. Agh :S

So all that, plus the fact that me making this costume is upsetting my friend, kinda just makes me want to throw this costume out now, to be honest. Which really sucks, because this is my favourite Miku song and I love the dress. Bleh.

I finished off fitting the jacket tonight, and then did the top-stitching details for the front (no photos yet, sorry). I then set to work on these bad boys: 24 belt loops, 8 arm belts, 1 collar belt and 1 waist belt. Squaresoft would be proud. LOL.

I will be hand-stitching these on while I'm away from my machine for the next few days, and possibly doing some small touch-ups on Ramona's various accessories.

Threw together the basics of the jacket tonight. All the insides are french-seamed so I don't have to add a lining to the jacket- I forsee myself boiling in this outfit enough as it is, I don't need an extra layer of fabric making it worse! Also, I'm totally skint, and I already blew my budget on the fabric for this jacket. But I wanted it to actually look like denim, and not some crappy light blue cotton (which I neaaaarly went for at first).

In this photo, I was yet to shorten the collar, shorten the bottom of the jacket, shorten and take in the sleeves, and hem the edges of everything. I did that on 02/08/2010.

I broke my sewing machine while working on Ramona's bag today. :S Four layers of pleather + sewing machine = needle refusing to pick up the bobbin thread anymore. I have NO idea how I'm going to finish this bag now. I'm going to take my machine in on Monday because it's still under warranty, and I might have to finish the bag by hand-cranking it through my other machine :S

This is really bad timing (badumpsh) though because I'm starting a commission that's due for AmeCon on Monday or Tuesday, and I NEED a zig-zag stitch for it. @__@ My back-up machine can only do straight stitches!! (because it's THAT old)

Most of the bits that I've ordered off at ebay had come at this point, so I did a quick test shot to see how it worked together.

the bow just on completion of the... crap paint job

You can kinda see the cute mottled yellow fabric I used for the bow and obi :D

the bow just on completion of the... crap paint job

the bow just on completion of the... crap paint job

the bow just on completion of the... crap paint job

I had a bit too much fun with my pinking scissors... I think I regretted this later when I was trying to hem my skirt. Sob.

Each tier of the skirt had TWO full circle skirt's worth of fabric in them and they still weren't frilly enough to match the reference picture. If I were to make Hilde again, I'd probably have to use FOUR circle skirt's worth of fabric...

I think that tiny bit at the top was the material I actually used for the bodice/top of the dress. The rest... ALL SKIRT

And it STILL wasn't enough... goddamn

At this point all I had left to do was replace the wheels with the red ones I had coming in the post, and replace the deck-tape as I had mucked it up with my fail attempts at skateboarding previously.

All I had left to do at this point for the main outfit was add the ribbons, the stripe on the skirt and the lace at the back.

The photo is really washed out for some reason though and doesn't show the true colours of the outfit O_o;

All I had left to do at this point for the main outfit was add the ribbons, the stripe on the skirt and the lace at the back.

The photo is really washed out for some reason though and doesn't show the true colours of the outfit O_o;

I originally made the top frills too small, so I had to rip them off and re-do them. Also both the skirt and the top had to get shortened... A LOT ;A;

Painting every spoke in the umbrella by hand... the paint was giving me a pretty bad headache by the time I was done D:

Just spraypainting my umbrella in the back garden and making a right mess of the grass~

Since I was taking the train down to MinamiCon, and I was also carrying craploads of other stuff (1 large suitcase, 1 heavy backpack, a skateboard and... A GIANT STAR FISH) I had to find a way to keep Staryu protected and also a way to carry him... somehow... this is what I came up with (a sheet and some strips of black fabric).

...my friends decided to dub him "bondage star"... I.. I don't even... HE'S A STAR FISH, JEEZ.

Just an extra entry so you can see the back of Staryu.

I hot-glued the gem in (not very securely I might add... it kept on falling out at MinamiCon) and he was done!

Next, I gave it quite a few layers of paint. I used a textured spraypaint to give Staryu a starfish-like appearance :D

Then, I covered the armoured parts with plaster au paris as well. I quickly popped in the red "gem" for show in this picture, although it wasn't attached at this point.

Next, I taped on the "armour" shape on top of the already hardened plaster au paris shell.

After taping Staryu together, I covered him in a layer of plaster au paris (aka mod rock) so he would keep his shape before I added on more details.

The red "gem" was a plastic soccer ball that I cut in half and inverted so only the red side would be visible.

Lots of people have been asking me how I put together my Staryu, so here's the progress pictures with some explaination!

First of all, using MATH SKILLZ (which I really wasn't ever expecting to use, wtf SOH CAH TOA!) I worked out the exact size that each part of Staryu needed to be to make him height accurate (2'7") and then got to cutting him out and taping him together.

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