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I would call myself a costumer rather than a cosplayer, but I guess the costumes do rub off on you...I did costumes for theatre and drama, which I studied at uni, but my own designs then.
I got the bug after watching the Lord of the Rings. My first costume was the elven archer.

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That’s so short. Bit of a tricky one tbh, pleating is a bit of a first for me, my tailoring isn’t the best.

made it too log I think...sucks...and I do't have enough fabric to redo...oh well...my life is full of imperfections...this will be one more...

wip again. This is Styrene :) Made by Paul :)

the costume...minus the jewellery...3 days before Kita...

The wings are actually the part of the costume I like least. The rolled hem I did on it isn't as nice as I'd like it to be...the finish is a bit shoddy on it but yeah...might redo

Lovely crown, made from foam PVC by my lovely BF Paul.

The Front of the butterfly. Actually really happy with this, it was relatively simpler than I thought it would be :)

Ok, the next milestone was the butterfly Design on the chest. My friend Mollins linked me to a great tutorial that had a step by step how to do appliqué with Lycra. It works!

Leotard. WIP. I went for a shiny wet look spandexy fabric I found on my local Market. I's probably not the best fabric I've ever bought and I may end up remaking at some point...but it looks ok to me

Ok, so after I made the gloves, the time came to glue the leggings onto the shoes...bit nerve racking if I'm honest, and I did kinda mess it up a bit, but not that you would really notice. I think they came out great, but I needed a solution to the sliding down issue. I found that on The superhero costume Forum, who had a tutorial by the awesome DJ Spider on attaching leggings to dance tights.

the egg lit up with 3 LEDs, this is as close as I'm going to get without CGI...

Here's the pattern for the Leotard. It's not as open as it needs to be, but then again it looks good to me and is more...revealing than any costume I've made so far!

I made another one, which was too big and finally the last one was the good one. there is a step by step thing I posted on Facebook on how I made these.
I think it's public and although I'm no expert, the gloves are holding ok :)

Ok, those were my first attempt at making Lycra gloves. These turned out too small.

so got a shiny Lycra and made the leggings using Ranma 1/2's tutorial to get me started...Thanks Steve! Much happier with this look :)

I didn't like the look I was getting with the vinyl so I pinned some Lycra around my legs and instantly liked it better! It was the wrong colour so shopping would be required.

So to start with I got some vinyl to do the legs, and unfortunately, 4 way yellow vinyl is pretty much impossible to get in this country. The vinyl I used is only 1 way and I couldn't get it to work

I tried to do this with my own hair, but had this wig in the box that seemed fitting, and it kinda looks ok...

Very in progress, the armour is slowly taking shape

My home made binder, which will come in useful for a few costumes I have planned...but Loki first ;)

Cassock fabric is bought . It black...obviously!

Bought 2 kids guns for modification purposes today. The fun starts now!

Finally done, the corset, I'm kinda happy with it :)

Despite the fact I said I wouldn't do any more to Loki...I lied ...mwahahaha...it is in character after all ;) a new, wider more bellowing cape is in the works, I want to redo the bands on the sides, they were rushed. and find a better system to attach the pauldron and vambraces.!

Just the wig to do and then...complete?

Is done ! Desperados! I like celebrating :p

new more accurate horns, one down one to glue

New fabric, new pattern. much happier with this! Appliquéd and bigger than the original, much much better :)

New helmet is now in progress! Pics soon :D

Minor set back...Gold fabric I used was no good :( Might need to actually redo the whole red cover :(

New Fabric coming from eBay...I'll cut a new eagle and hope I don't need to redo the whole thing! Gah!

The new back plate needed to give the shoulders the effect in the Movie,

WIP Vambraces. Sintra again :)

Ok, Trousers are 98% done. I'm happy enough with them :o/
not that I can do anything about it now!!!

these are to be attached to the sides of the trousers

After priming, painting & lacquering...many coats of lacquer...

Breast plate, unpainted. made from Sintra :)

The helmet now has a top!, there's still a lot of work to do and it looks big and white! the horns are only taped on, I really wanted to see how it was going to look!

More progress on the Staff. It needs about 10 cm off...

Finally some progress!!! Cintra, or foamalux. Still being worked on and very white.

Very much in Progress :) Again, this is using foamalux. The relief is carved into the sheet before heating to shape. We are using 3 millimetre thick sheets.

Toile progressing nicely :) Hoping to have this one done by Monday :)

Amazingly I found a place that sells Foamalux and it's just minutes from my house! Who'd have thought it...that's gonna save me a few bucks in shipping!

I'm really pleased with my new pants! The fabric is spot on, it was a bit more pricey than I would have liked to pay, but hey!

I'm not happy with the tunic/jacket, so I bought some new fabric, the one I had bought originally was awful and frayed even after it was machined! the sleeves are coming apart already! so I plan to wear this again at Memro, with a new Jacket :)

got a descent wig and glasses today. Wig needs Styling and glasses need modifying. Wand progress is good :)

First time trying Foamlux, interesting product, a lot of potential. Needs Painting, obviously :)

the first layer of the corset, modified. This will hold the boning and will be covered with red.

So, after many attempts and much unpicking I got to this...:p I'm actually quite pleased with this :)

Minor issues with the pants...Lycra not behaving itself! Such a difficult material to use!

Red and blue primary colours have been bought...The lasso was in Dunhelm all this time ( who knew)

Hands hurt from cutting the rings...I fingers are superglued up...and it's going to cost nearly as much as a metal mail Hauberk! On a positive note, it's light, will require no WD40 and will never rust! So all in all a sound investment. I hope I'll be able to use this for other cosies too.

ok, Expo went well, I did sort of finish something in time...the jacket has now been unpicked and is being remodeled...the drawbacks of perfectionism...

Lining is prapared and ready to overlock...it's taking shape...will I finish on time? I doubt it ...may have to refer to plan B...

Cutting has begun...finally plucked up the courage to attack the Fabric...

ok, back to the drawing board, not happy with how this is coming on...

I think I'm getting somwhere with the Jacket...Why is it always more complicated than you originally think?

Ok, finished the patterns for the trousers. I still need to work out the tab for all the buttons, which is one thing still bugging me for the jacket.

note to self: must practice button holes!

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