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So I had to prep for nightshifts... which meant staying up all night... so I did the usual thing and made a pair of trousers. Of course! Fairly simple, elastic waistband, white detailing at the bottom. Tried to make sure they would allow for movement for martial arts poses, so they aren't super well fitted but they fit well enough. And of course I added nice deep pockets because I AM POCKET OBSESSED.

Finally styled the wig... which has been sat around for two years... I'm not very good at wigs yet but every one is more practice! Also made the white zigzag headband, which I attempted before but have re-done with a much simpler design.

Still not good at styling wigs but trying to practice! Used a CosCraft 'Prince' in red, which came fairly well layered anyway, so all I had to do was trim a bit of the length at the back and style the bangs and a biiit at the sides. Pleased with the sides! The front in-the-middle-of-face bang will need adjusting on the day I wear it I think. But the rest is ok. And got the hat, and Myst made me a little badge for it :D

Eurgh. So the jacket is finished! You can sort of tell I botched it together. My constant nemesis of neck-collars strikes again; the collar sits too wide on the shoulders and is a bit awkward. But I suppose I'm pleased anyway? For a jacket where I made up most of the pattern it's not bad. Could be neater. But for a quick closet cosplay its not terrible.

The boots, belt and hat have arrived. Still waiting on some shorts and gloves. Still need to style the wig and finish the jacket though!

Not as much progress as I wanted this weekend, but the jacket fabric arrived so Ive started on that. So far just got the basic body and sleeves done, but still need to add the collar, cuffs, zip and pocket decorations. Sadly I'll probably have to go against my rule of no-fake-pockets as the jacket is so short and barely comes past my chest... but we'll see.

SO I can no longer go to FanFest, and this was going to be a heck of a task anyway, so I've shelved this for now. I still want to complete it, its a dream cosplay for me, but it's not a high-priority costume at the moment. BUT ONE DAY~

SO big online shopping spree got me ordering a pattern for the jacket, fabric for the jacket, a wig... and as previously stated, the hat, belt and shoes. WHOOP. Now to wait for ye olde postman to begin work on the jacket and voila, will be done!

Deciding to throw this together in two weeks for Hibana. Most of it is buyable... already have the shorts and top, grabbing some boots, a belt, and THE HAT?? Asos is selling a hat thats basically hers? Bakerboy in red with a black brim? ASOS COMING THROUGH FOR THE COSPLAYERS!!

Will need to make the jacket as the chances of finding one accurate enough is hilariously bad. And a wig. Of course. Hehe.

I've ordered some imitation-leather fabric for the bodice and side... flaps? Never worked with fake leather before so I'm sure that won't be a pain in the ass...

Got some worbla and have started making the little adornment pieces. Never used worbla before! I think I burned my thumb but otherwise it's going okay. Got three pieces done out of... I think about eight? Its easier to use than I thought. Woo for worbla!

Gosh I'm so excited. We've just got tickets to the FFXIV Fanfest in Paris next year and I'm super psyched for cosplaying my character. No idea how! Gonna attempt to use worbla for the first time, for the accessories, and will be guessing at how to make the tabard itself... No idea!! BUT I'LL GIVE IT A SHOT!! FOR EORZEA!!

So it's been two years since I frustratedly shelved this unfinished costume and it's unfinished-ness is bothering me so I want to complete it.

Current status is that I've got a kimono top (which needs a lot of adjusting), a breastplate (which also needs a tad of refitting), a layered skirt, belt, tights, boots and bow prop. I still need to make the headband, style the wig, make modifications to the top, make the collar, make gloves, and make the god forsaken deerskin waist wrap. SO NOT MUCH THEN... *weeps*

Planning to re-wear this, but alas, my hair is no longer blonde so I've had to buy a wig. Sigh.

Sigh. SO with one day before I leave for Minamicon I frantically worked to make the blazer look less stupid. Sides have been brought in a LOT to make it fit better round the waist (still big round the shoulders but waddaya gonna do), have changed the bottom hemline to make it actually more accurate (originally it was straight but now it does the weird angular thing its supposed to) and to make it shorter. Looks passable now. Phew.

So I've spent the last few weeks intermittently making the blazer. I finally finished it last night and today tried on the whole ensemble... and the blazer... looks... silly... The skirt is so short, and the blazer is normal-blazer-length but it comes down too far over the skirt and makes the skirt look ridiculous. Also the blazer doesn't fit as snugly as I'd like (its just too darned big) so needs to be brought in at like every seam, which is awkward anyway but theres pockets and buttons... *bawls*... toying with the idea of bringing the whole blazer up, like hemming it up a few inches to bring the costume back into proportion with itself but then the blazer looks too short on its own?? And that will render my lovingly-installed pockets moot because they won't be functional anymore. And theres nothing I hate more than fake pockets. So do I make a billion adjustments or remake the entire thing? With only one and a half days before Minamicon?!

Found my sealing wand I had tucked away for ages, and the wings had gone a tad yellow-y (or had they always been like that?). Gave it a lick of paint to make it look a bit better!

Finished the blue skirt. The fabric isn't taking well to being pleated though... will need to find a way to reinforce the pleat at the base, me thinks.

So I started styling the wig (a Coscraft 'Charlie' in toffee). My hilarious inexperience at wig-styling is apparent. The front has gone well, with straight-trimmed bangs and little wavey side locks that I'm really pleased with. The ponytail is... trickier. I've got a ponytail clip-on to achieve that high-pony look but getting the rest of the main wig into a ponytail is awkward. It doesn't like sitting in a high-pony so am going for a low-pony that I can hopefully hide into the clip-on hair. Hopefully. I did buy wefts to sew in if required to hide any netting but yeah. Have made a preliminary ponytail which looks ~okay~ but definitely needs neatening up later.

Oh lawd. Doki Doki was just such a gosh darned good game. Wanted to cosplay someone and it seemed most appropriate to pick Monika. The uniforms are all the same anyway, just the wigs are different, I suppose.

Wig has been bought but haven't got round to styling yet. It's such a pretty colour~ Bought a few of the more standard items of clothing (white shirt, orangey v-neck, knee-high tights) but will be making the blazer jacket, hair bow and the skirt. The blazer jacket fabric has been a pain to source cos it's such a weird browny-grey-purpley shade. Ended up going with a sandy brown because after a bazillion fabric samples it just wasn't happening so went for colour-co-ordinating aesthetics.

ANYWAY. Have started the skirt. Coming right off finishing Cardcaptor Sakura's winter uniform, I'm using the same pattern for the pleated skirt so should go without a hitch? (ha famous last words it'll be a distaster)

Skirt done, finishing touches added, and it's done! Doesn't look too bad? The tie isn't quite the right shape but it looks ok. Just need to give the wig a bit of a brush, find my sealing wand and it's ready to go! Yay!

So I was working like a busy bee and got the top of the sailor fuku finished, using the most awkward and needlessly difficult pattern ever. Sigh. Just gotta sew the Tomoeda patch onto the sleeve (thanks Etsy) though its a bit thick so that'll be tricky.

Skirt progress started and then immediately halted when I realised I needed an INVISIBLE zip, not a normal zip. And then that I needed a special sewing foot for invisible zips. And THEN found out that 'universal' sewing feet dont work for my retro-ass 1970s sewing machine so had to source one for my specfic machine model. So much silliness. After the skirt its just the scarf and then it's done!

Hoping to have this done for Minami..? Ha...

Urghhh. I sewed the zig-zags on the scarf wrong. They were going to match up beautifully but stupid me managed to sew one of them on backwards, so they wouldnt match, and there was no way to fix it without re-making the entire scarf. SO I compromised and changed the zig-zags on the remaining section, so it looks ok, but the zig-zags are half the size on one part than the other. FFFF-

But I've cobbled together the remaining scarf bits and its just... about... done... Good thing. Toko is tomorrow. fdjsklaghsdg

So the day before Amecon it became clear that I wouldn't finish Setsuna as planned, so I raced to get this finished... I didn't succeed, but thats beside the point!

Tunic is now finished. Scarf-bow has been started but not very well. Need to finish that and the headband. Should be ready for Toko!

Oh lord.

So the faux fur I had for the waist-wrap won't be large enough to wrap around me totally, and I've only just realised this, so I ordered more of it on 24 hour delivery. Ordered 48 hours ago. And it hasn't been dispatched. SON OF A-

So that's worrying. I leave for Ame tomorrow afternoon. Oh god oh man oh god oh man.

Breastplate is done, collar needs adding. No idea how I'll do that. Gloves are in progress. Headband needs doing. Rope detailing needs adding to the kimono sleeves. Need to actually buy said rope. I AM SO DISORGANISED IT'LL BE A MIRACLE IF THIS IS COMPLETE BY THE CON.

Ame is 1 weeks away... AAAHHH ><

Have finished the kimono top. It's been done in grey, rather than the greenish-grey of the reference images, simply because the greenish-grey was impossible to find ANYWHERE. Sigh. I did luck out on the material for the gloves though; matches perfectly to the tights. Woot.

Still got to do -> white breastplate/collar/backplate combo, headband, gloves, and fluffy butt cover. NOT MUCH THEN. AAHHH-

Oh boy. For a component that will be 90% covered, the skirt ain't half complicated.

It's a double-skirt, with the white scalloped skirt underneath and the black split segments on top, attached to the same waistband for ease of wearing.

It doesn't look too bad! Zip could be neater but tbh it'll be covered by the fluffy deerskin butt-fluff anyway.

SO much left to do for this costume, and Amecon is only 3 weeks away! ><

So I got around to trimming the wig for Kagura. The one I bought was a bit too long (came down to my chest rather than my shoulders) and the bangs got in my eyes. So snip snip! This was actually my first time trimming a wig. Ever. I'm not really sure how I managed this long without it but yeah. Done! Didn't turn out too badly either!

So I've made the dress, bought a white long-sleeved top (I couldve made the sleeves but life is short and ebay is cheap), black leggings, got some boots and the wig. Wig needs a bit of trimming but otherwise done!

Oh dear Lord. So the main body of her kimono is an odd grey/green/blue colour, which is apparently impossible to find anywhere. After ordering two colours online and both being too green, and searching about five different fabric stores in different cities in the South, I've eventually given up and gone with plain grey. I figure it'll look better in just grey than just green. The colour palatte of the costume is thrown off with it being too green (I mean, like, bottle greens) so grey seemed the way to go. Have finally bought some fabric, hoping all goes well.

Have started on the skirt already. Planning a double skirt with the dark strips on top of the scalloped white. White is ready to go, but am re-making the dark in a darker less-green fabric. Basically cutting the green outta this costume. Sigh.

Ordered a new wig for Kagura. I bought one ages ago but I think they sent me the wrong colour, cos it was really light brown. Finally got round to ordering a new one and it arrived today. Good colour! Needs a bit of a trim (aah) but woo!

YAY AT LAST! Dress finished. Added godets into the skirt and finished it. The fabric is a bit stiff so it sits oddly sometimes but I'm proud! First finished garment in 3 years!

Now I've just gotta sort the white sleeves, some leggings, and done!

Started on the blue tunic! Got the body done, complete with weirdly-complex collar and added modesty-panel... There's a slit down the front that went a bit too low so yeah... added a little extra. Hehe. Taking creative license with the tunic as it's mostly covered by the scarf anyway. But it's loose and lightweight, something fit for a bard! Need to neaten up the bottom and add the sleeves.

I've got myself a cute pair of green boots from ebay. Fabric also purchased for the jumper/top thing. Sky blue and lemon yellow. Lovely~

I managed to add the skirt to the bodice, and after a long fight with the elastic, got it to look like an actual dress. All I gotta do now is to add some godets for poofiness, take the length up a bit, and finish the bottom. Simples!

Ordered what looks like the perfect wig. Sat and planned out the costume. There are a lot of components but they all look... do-able? Lots of patterns to work out myself. Wish me luck...

I've had the fabric for this sat around for three years. A few months ago I cut the pattern pieces, and today I had a day off work so spent the afternoon working on the dress. Have constructed the bodice, and attached the skirt, just need to sort out the waistband.

Tailcoat is finished! Shoulders dont fit as nicely as I'd like (I used a male pattern as a base for the design), and I still need to add a few hooks and eyes to the front to hold it together but its looking good!

Tailcoat is halfway there. Pattern is a lot more detailed than I need it to be so will be simplifying it. Need to modify the tails so they're curved like Arrow's (at the moment they're very square). Need to add a collar, a darker inner lining for the tails, and seal up all the edges but its looking good so far!

Expo cosplay progress is GO!
Ordered the gloves, tights and shoes, and bought a truckload of fabric. Yesterday, managed to make the shorts in one evening, so proud! Will get started on the tailcoat asap!

So I've decided that after all the effort that went into this, I'd like to show it off! But having stage-fright means Expo masqs are a massive nono, so I'm planning my first solo entry in a cosplay contest at Tokonatsu 2013. Woohoo!? I can handle a couple hundred cool kids in a field, right? ... Right?

Anyway, for Toko I'll hopefully be making a few minor improvements to the dress, as well as having a go at making my first major prop; Rin's guitar. AHAHA. Righty ho. Me, making props? Yeah. Famous last words. How badly wrong can this possibly go?!

THIS HATEFUL DRESS. Been beavering away at this every evening for the past two weeks (aside from Toko) and everything that could have gone wrong did. BUT ITS FINISHED NOW. *dies*.

So I bought the material for the dress, and have begun construction, huzzah!! Its a bit complicated and hurts my brain a bit, but Ive managed the dress bodice so far. Skirt part should be next, then all the fiddley details. Good start 8D

Hrnk... Sooo this cosplay has come to a screeching halt due to money issues. Sniff. But I have forked out for a yellow petticoat cos I found the perfect one on ebay and didnt want it to get away. Plan to continue this when I get a job... Wah XD

So I realised about 5 minutes after cutting most of my hair off that I could no longer just ponytail and poof up my hair for this. Damnit.

So after lots of deliberation, I fiiinally chose a wig. Buying a blonde wig when I already have blonde hair seems wasteful, but hey XD

Bought the base and ponytails in one cos it was easier (and cheaper) than buying them all separately and trying to get the blondes to match. Hopefully it'll match its picture, cos its a really nice shade of blonde, not the usual yellow or whiteish colours a lot of wigs come in.

Hrnk... only the boots and wig and already £50 spent... Still need to get fabric and such... This cosplay makes my wallet cry XD

Finished the skirt (with a lot of help from mother), so its all complete!

Ordered some white knee-length canvas boots with yellow laces. Will need to edit them a bit but it'll be a good start!

Appliqued the red polka dots onto the tshirt. Looks pretty good! Hope the stitching doesnt come undone... Just need a wig now!

The tshirt (from Glitch Gaming Apparel) is good, though I may add dark blue to the collar and sleeves cos the one I bought is missing those details. It has a medkit on the back!

The boilersuit is good though I need to figure out how to tie it round my waist so it looks good.

Also been testing makeup to make my face both manly and beaten-up. Looks good! Or, well, bad, but in a good way! XD

Bought some today, at long last... Woo XD

Pretty much sums it up! Hope they arrive in time for Kita ><

ITS ABOUT TIME RUKO GOT FINISHED. And its Minami in 2 days so I figured why not have it ready for then? Took me about 5 hours to make the arm-warmers and jacket from scratch... its a bit rushed but Im quite pleased!

So I figure, to get any degree of decent accuracy on Elis' hat is gonna take a lot of effort and/or luck. Im not good with hats. I just wear them, I dont MAKE them. So I cheated (cheat? me? never!) and ordered his hat from the Valve Store, to ensure accuracy and good-asthetics. This means the hat will officially be the best part of the whole costume. Awesome.

Wasnt happy with how tight the tshirt looked (since Azu-Nyan's is quite loose on her), so changed it for one up a size. Have started prepping the red polka dots to be added soon :D

After a lengthy argument with my sewing machine, the duster is now all sewn together, and Ive appliqued on the wings and some front ties, and its all finished! Woo!! Its a bit scruffy, but Im still pleased! YAY RINOA XD

Cut out the pieces for the duster and pinned it together... just need to sew it all together and add the white wings on the back, then its done!

Wig arrived a while ago, and Ive just picked up a denim miniskirt for the... well, skirt. Only missing the duster coat now!

Material has arrived... its a bit light, but not too bad. Also found a black top and black shorts that I can use, plus I dug out an old necklace that I made especially for Rinoa, with the ring on. Yay! 8D Also made a pair of arm-warmers... Yay! XD

Finished the tie! Very pleased with how it turned out. Ive also interfaced the pieces for the skirt waistband, and gotten a zip for the skirt, so its all ready to be put together as soon as Im reunited with my sewing machine in a weeks time XD

... Yaywig! Its a bit longer than I had expected but the colour is nice. Matches the cover artwork more than the in-game colour (which is more brown) but I think I like the red better anyway.

Ordered the material for the duster and arm-warmers!

The material for the skirt and tie arrived!! I dont have my sewing machine with me at the moment, so all I can do at the moment is cut out the pattern pieces ready to be sewn. S'all set to go! xD

Ordered a wig, and some material for the skirt and tie. And now we wait! XD

Cut the two ponytail pieces and the blue extension shorter today. First time ever trimming a wig... scaaary... Theyre still a bit too long, might have to re-trim later, but its a good first attempt.

Spent today making the necktie from scratch... A bit tricky but really pleased with how it turned out!! Looks all proper-like XD
(pattern for the tie was from ThreadBanger)

Went out and got the materials for the blue jacket (dark blue with purpley-maroony lining) and the armwarmers (dark blue with light blue cuffs). I can soon make a start on construction! Huzzah!!

Im gonna be using the short black wig used for Nana as the base for this one, and Ive just ordered a pair of black clip-on ponytails and a small blue extension... Just need to wait for them all to arrive and thats the wig sorted. Excellent xD

Ah ha! A blue frill collar has been added around the neck (with help from Street-Angel), so its not quite so INYOURFACEPINK. Blue circles are ready to be added round the base of the dress, which has been shortened a bit too. Also added the four ear things to the hood, so now it looks a bit like a cow on my head.

With some guidance from Street-Angel, Ive taken in the dress in places so it fits a bit better. Then added a hood, and hemmed the sleeves. Also made some arm-warmer/glove things. Still very pink atm.

So Ive made a basic sleeveless dress. All by myself. First time making any sort of garment using a pattern without any help... *total noob*. Good start!

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