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Okay....heres the basic plan on how I'm gonna go about making this...
I'm thinking so far, that I'm going to get a black Zentai suit for the underneath, and edit ontop of that. (cut shoulders etc.) Then the over dress, probably using a similar material.
The Boots, I'm going to buy, I've seen a pair on EBay which are practically perfect, they'd just need a tad bit of editing along the top.
Then, I'm going to make the Baton too and find a way to attach that onto the side of the boot.
Then I think the next step would be that chest armour that she wears....thats going to be interesting...I'm still a bit stumped on how to do that at the moment but...we'll work something out 8D;
And finally the lighting! I've been linked to some fantastic places that I can buy Light Tape for a reasonable price, so that'll all be sewed in and finish off the look ;D

God I can't wait to get the money to start this..

Man, this was a bit of a killer, but I bent it over and made it my bitch.

Pretty proud of how its turned out since I have little/no sewing skills. Just waiting on the wig so that can get styled and it will be finished!

Pics coming soon ><

Fabric bought for Mage!Charizard Gijinka :D
Orange for Cloak with dark blue for lining.
Creamy fur for edging of Cloak.
Yellow and Orange for cut off trousers (yellow on inside and orange on outside to mimic the yellow underbelly Charizard has)
Rest of fur to make a top and boot covers~
Just need to style the wig when it arrives and if I have time(patience) making a staff too.

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