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Only recently got into cosplaying when a friend asked whether I wanted to be in their Ouran High group for the London Expo Oct 07 - jumped at the chance. :3 It was also my first convention, which made for a happy time.
I'm not a brilliant sewing machine-user, but I hope to be able to use one competently enough someday!
So far, I've been to several London Expos, Kitacon '09, Ayacon '09 and Amecon '10, so I'm still fairly new to all of this!

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Second layer of latex went on today. Kinda worried how it's setting as I keep getting drips, but I can't dry it any other way. Also it's getting heavy and draping weirdly...guh. Soldiering on.

ahahahahah, shitty picture. but the zentai is fabulous! it didn't come with a crotch zipper though, like I'd asked for so...NO LOO BREAKS FOR ME.

stuffed lekku with rice and stuffing. Still need to stuff and section the main head. Glueing the seams.

all sewn up! will start latexing or filling tomorrow...

facepaints came today! bought blue and blue azure Grimas paints - I like Blue Azure more, but I haven't tested it on my face, only my hand. Looks like the coverage will be pretty good though, so I'll test it later. Latex testing going well, waiting on samples in the post foam-wise, and my lightsaber kit is on its way. HURRAH.

Now to wait for Aurra and Aayla's patterns.

holy crap, latex smells SO AWFUL.

Anyway. Been browsing the twi'lek forums, covered some tester pieces of foam to see how they take to the latex. thin skins, then slightly thicker as I go.

Going to *gulp* attempt foam+latex lekku first - if this collapses around my head, I'm going to try fabric+ latex. If that fails, I'm buying a set off Pam (who is amazing). Definitely buying a zentai - planning on doing more swimming and stuff anyway, but zentai seems my best bet for now. Also looking at airbrushes....

Also, hahah, making an Aurra Sing cosplay for my girlfriend at the same time. This is going to be a fun, fun year.

...all done with earrings! couple more coats to be sure tomorrow though!

I burnt out the sewing machine pedal whilst trying to sew up the Astrid top today. Yeaaah. Pattern made for waistcoat though.

okay, so I had to rip off that pink as I made a slight measuring error. NOT TO WORRY. New pink is being sewn on now, I reckon.

sewing top currently, bangles are all done. then to add the red line and to the iron!

Finished the bulk of the Toothless plushie! He's about five feet 4 inches now, with the head, that I had to redo because the other one was too small. I think this one is too big, but we'll see! Just need to work on detailing, scales, eyes, restitching everything one for security...

Most of what I need to make Hiccup, sans boots and little bits and pieces! Let's get cracking!

blue-grey, instead of the black I see people use. Idk whether it'll be okay though! let's find out.

made the head yesterday, finishing up the body now!

Considering getting a new coat for Alois - this one is just far too big and floppy! aaaaaaaaarrrrgfh1

Bought 10m of fleece. Still undecided on the design as of yet....
Still need some black fabric paint, sculpy, more paint, etc...

spack face not included! but the wig is styled, even though it's not apparent from the photo!

Lapels done. Bloody handsewn onto suede using leather needles and without a thimble, so OW. Can't get the black lines done in time - I'm really not sure how to do them either, so I'll have to leave them for expo! Ah well.

The wig I commissioned (and which was dyed) ran all over my dress the first time I wore it out. So not impressed. My dress is now blue green in patches, and it wasn't exactly cheap. Everytime I touched the wig, it came off on my skin and was hard to remove. Great. Guess I'm never wearing this wig or dress ever again.

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