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Worked on the sword a bit today and fixed up some things.... So excited for this weekend!

SO LIKE IVE FINISHED. Except the sword shhhh.


So I'm like basically nearly done but SQUARES ON THE ARMOUR NEED TO HAPPEN.

Also my sword hilt needs not to be blue.

That is all.

Omg this gave me major stress but so happy that it's done <3

I finally got round to sewing the jerkin properly. All is sexy. Yay ^^

I also made a little scarfy thing~

Having a bit of a crisis over how to get the glider to work, because the boxes are too chunky.

BLAAAAAAA. I have no brain left from this.

So yeah I've basically finished :D

Yeah. I hate eyelets. But they are done. It actually was quite fun after I worked out how to do them properly. Ty to Lady Spuds for helping me get over my fear of them xD

After putting them in I painted them a dark red because they were all different colours and I think Tyrion's are reddish.

Put on all my Tyrion stuff, with some of my friend's Hound stuff....and some of my Dragon Age stuff.

Looks pretty sexy right?

Yeah this counts as progress.

Cut out main body of the glider, but am yet to transform the thin sticks into splints for the wings... GAHHHFERIHE

This is so much effort and cries.

Finally brought the wood to make his staff with...hope this goes well.

Bunched the ends with elastic for extra poof. Enjoying the look.

For his legs I decided to use some tights because they're pretty skin tight. They came in the post today. They are rather sexy.

It has been created. Modelled by the beautiful head, Flissy.

Sorry for shit picture XD Oven gloves dyed and sewn

Have purchased my fabric. Exciting things are about to occur.

It's so perfect for him~ I've begun sewing the jacket already ^^

Got my suedette in the post :D
Had a few initial problems with the position of the belt (aka I had to unpick the entire thing) but I'm happy with it now :3
Hopefully tomorrow I will finish of the tails and start on the other bits of suede.

I was in the mood so I found a few things to do.
Spent a few hours this evening making the boot tops, fixing the shoulder tea-towel from the utter mess it was in and doing the decorative stitching on the cuffs :3

Progress is halted for now because I need to attach the brown trimstuff before the lining and the coat can become one :c
Though I'm really pleased with the coat so far :3 It's gone much better than expected. Though the shoulder teatowel needs some adjusting due to bad sewing.

I've ordered the fabric for it but it hasn't arrived yet

Today I brought the majority of the fabric :333 Soso excited.

As expo is in a few days have retouched all of the armour pieces with new painty love and will be working on the stupid glove thing.

Meanwhile, I am Ootada Hikaru.

Fluffy hood is made <3 So fluffy and warm

Ehehehe *camwhores shamelessly* 98% done... I just need to make some pouches for the belt and tidy bits of it up ^^ SO HAPPY.

THE BITCH IS DONE~~~~~~~~~~~~~
NOw just have to attach buckles to make him wearable.
My face demonstrates the PAIN and MONSTROSITY of cutting them all out.

;-----------------; Its just giving me headaches and I hate it and I want it to die T_T Im nearly there though... better freakin' look good.

The belt I got in the bargain bin of a sewing shop for 99p was too skinny, so I made this one out of my spare leatherette. There are the skinny flaps at the end to accomodate for the small buckle thing. Look at the beauty of him. Might repaint it XD Looks a bit spack.

Just finished mainly hand sewing one of my gloves. I hate gloves. I hate hand sewing. *fingers bleed everwhere* Seriously. I have blood stains on the inside of it >>

Its nearly done <3 It actually looks like a maille thing now, I just have to finish cutting the scales :3

Hey everyone..

Decided to actually start using the journal.
Thanks alot if you're following my progress with this costume, it's been a hell of a lot of hard work. I hope to take some nice pictures of it soon. Today I'm going to work on the quiver and maille-dress-thing. Seriously? What do you call that anyway... Its' like a slutty dress made out of scales.... *_* I'M A MERMAID.

Made my bow today, extremely happy with it x3

Have made the main part of the belt buckle out of clay. It spent a while looking like Tingle from the Zelda series.

Not really. Just silly amounts of white spray paint. Ehehe. The entirety of my armour and a few pieces of Isabela's.

Obviously it will look better when painted but I really like how the trim makes the armour look 12x more awesome x3

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