Have been cosplaying for around four-five years now. I prefer cosplays between simple and difficult; nothing too extravagant but nothing mega lazy either XD I'm also a firm believer in MAKING cosplays, NOT BUYING them, unless there's a justifyable reason such as "I know there's no way I could make that" and not just "Oh i cant be bothered and I have the money to buy mine."
My cosplays are a nice mix of Western/Eastern influenced characters, mostly crossplays purefly because I find male clothes more confortable XD and are either handsewn from scratch with accessories made by hand, or altered clothing and accessories :)
(Nice) advice or tips is both welcome on my costumes from others or given by request should you wanna know how something's done which isn't already in the info ^^

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Ok, first active journal on a costume XD. I have all bar one of the items on my list to get for this costume so now to go ahead and make! The staff is in its early stages; the broom handle has been extended at the top to form the crook of the staff with plaited foam-covered wire and is in the process of being covered with brown paper. This will be PVA'd, painted, glittered, wired allsorts to make it look as good as possible. The only downside is that the wire crook wobbles a bit due to weight! But that can be fixed easily

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