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I started cosplaying in 2007! My portfolio isn't very impressive and I am embarrassed of some of my early costumes (but who isn't?) and I used to often crossplay because I just loved male characters so much more. Hopefully I am improving with time!

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This cosplay was 'finished' for MCM May 2013.

Unfortunatly the shield bag didn't arrive in time so I'm going to redo this cosplay for another time.

Improvments to make:
-Use the shield bag
-Wig: I struggled to style the wig in the morning and found it very awkward to wear throughout the day because of the fringe. I'll either get another wig or style this one so the fringe is totally out of my face and pinned back.
-Petticoat: I noticed in pictures after the way the dress fell was pretty unflattering so I'd like a a-line petticoat to poof it out.
-Stockings: I'd like higher stockings the don't keep falling down every 5 minutes.
-Cucco plush?

I'll work on it until I'm happy!

Sorry to rant a bit but I just wanted to show you all my recent investment here.

I ordered these wings 3 days ago and they arrived today, judging by the picture on the auction (left) they were lovely. However when I got mine..

They looked like every other tacky pair on eBay.

I personally hate them but I just wanted to get opinions from you guys and when I could do to improve them. (To be fair the seller offered me a refund if I sent them back but I just don't have time!)

Anyone have any good wing recommendations? I already have a white pair but would like a black pair for Cas.

I'm aware of all the ones on eBay, already looked through.
Not interested in any cheap-flat looking ones~

And should I go for Feathered wings or foam like in the attached pic?


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