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My first cosplay was king mickey and that was for London Expo Oct 2008, and i hope to do many more cosplays ^_^

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so i've cut out most of the main pieces of fabric and have lined them, just need to buy bit more fabric for ling and sew them together. Thanks to grace for helping me with the lining and lending me her sewing machine.

Just ordered my fabric, hopefully the colour is alright once its all together.


Thanks to the lovely Holly Hocks, i have a fabric i really like and hopefully be able to use! =)


The past week i have started on Subject Delta helmit, which has used up LOADS of cardboard and gluesticks xD. i used this site http://iamsubjectdelta.com/ as a guide line to making the helmit as i had no clue where to start. Now that the frame of the helmit is done i'll start to put putty on it so that it will have more shape and become harder.

Got the spray paint today so as soon as i finish the mask i can spray it =D

Mask is almost done just gota finish the right cheek then make the ears and I need to make straps to keep the mask on my head then spray pint it =D

Making the hat now just need to finish making it wid card then add fabric. might put some straps to keep the hat on my head too.

I've used my coat pattern from my king Mickey could to make earls coat, I cut the pattern out and started to hand sew them together, after its sewed together I just need to shorten the coat and make the pattern things at the bottom and add buttons and touch up on few things then should be done.

Again I hope I finish this in 5 weeks XD *prays* XD

everythings done now woo, not that happy about ears coz they flop a biit but cant be helped. my family said it looks gr8 so hoping everyone thinks so too. =D

Done the silver bits 4 the chain not really sure what they meant to look like because every pic i look at they look different xD. i've also finished the silver bits that go on the black string which is attached to the hood.

ok head is basically done just gota do mouth, ears are done just gota add the last stick bit on bottom and make support 4 the back, coat is done just gota make hood and the chain things and tail. nxt time do a cosplay im not leaving it till last min xD oo and keyblade is almost done (being made by Wayne).

well the mickey head is basically finished i just need to add the little lip thingy and just the glue dry xD, but to me it doesn't look right and its really bugging me >_<. i also finally started to cut out the Organization 13 coat using a Matrix coat template (with some help from my dad xD).

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