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I have been cosplaying since 2005, and don't intend on stopping any time soon!
Cosplay is my life at the moment. It has taken over my mind and bedroom alike, hehe.

I'm always a friendly person so if you ever happen to notice me at a convention come over for a chat!

My first ever costume was Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto, and my choices for projects seem to have been increasing in dificulty since. Where is the limit? I have no idea! I've always had the mentality that if someone can draw it I can make it! (to varrying degrees of success). My favourite series to cosplay from is the Warcraft Saga, they have such amazing designs and beautiful creatures =).

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Staffordshire, England

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The progress steps I used to build up the feet for the costume

The technique i used for the skin of the costume,
using heat on a craft felt.

The steps i took in making the first version of the head

Spent the day making Radagasts hat!
I used a mixture of needle and wet felting to get the overall look.
Was a very fun process, that also gave me some exercise, and an excuse to buy a bouncy ball!

Working on Jax's weapon! Pretty fun design to make, not too complicated, but not too simple, especially when trying to make it con safe. I ended up making a clay shape of the blades, making a mold and casting it. I then attached it to the rest of the staff using cardboard and papier mache. It's a little bit too strong, so I need to be really careful with it!

To make this costume as authentic as I could, I researched into how shoes would have been made in a similar origin Jax's costume looks like it's from.
I found out they used to make shoes with coiled rope bottoms, so decided to attempt making my won shoes from scratch!

For the armor pieces on Jax, I decided to do fabric covered foam. This allows me with the massive belt to still bend down, without it digging into my chest. It also allows me to easily add raised patterns, rather then just painting them on. Also, with the top material being fabric, it meant it was really easy to distress and airbrush onto.

In order to get it as accurate as possible, I took a screenshot of the top of Jax's helmet from the in game model, enlarged it and printed it out.
I then used the paper template and cut out foam shapes to attach and paint over for the helmet pattern.

For the back of the helmet I cut, ironed and sew together about 30 strips of brown suede. I really like this effect ^^

Spent all of today working on the Helmet. The Perspex was alot harder to bend then I thought it would be, ended up burning myself a few times trying to pour hot water over it, because I didn't have a container big enough xP.

I actually planned ahead a little bit by drilling air holes into the mask (first time for everything). Now all I have to do is hope when I add the back it still looks circular *fingers crossed*.

The electronics threw me at first because I hadn't realized the current needed to run the LED's as I'm using different ones to normal.But everything is sorted and working now ^^, each of the LED's is wired separately to some prototyping board at the side of the mask, so if any of the connections break I'll only loose one light instead of all of them.

Spent a whole day trying out different natural dyes for my costume. I had a HUGE success, and completely happy with my experiments.

I used red cabbage, pomegranates and onions for the different dyes, I was really surprised that red cabbage makes blue dye. I didn't believe it until I saw it! And the blue is the perfect shade for my costume ^^. Now all I have to do is find a way of dying whole meters of fabric at once, evenly....

I've always wanted to be as green as possible since I was a wee lil lass =3,
I really wanted to make this Hippogryph solar powered origionally, but was worried it would severely damage the asthetics.

I was laying in bed one night thinking about everything, and realised that I would eventually be putting the saddle on the costume. I'm now trying to come up with designs for making it so that the saddle has solar pannels hidden inside. Then when I'm outside the top of the saddle opens up on hinges to reveal the solar pannels, letting the lights and animatronics charge up! (Especially since I won't need any of the lights turned on while outside).

I'll probably post something on the forums asking for help on this in the future, as I'm still rather new to electronics, and have never played with solar pannels, and how to safely connect them to a rechargable battery before.

Every costume needs a prop! I've decided on the Plantern because I like things that glow =3,

I started off with cardboard triangles for the roof, using masking tape to keep them together.

I then cut a square of cardboard slightly smaller then the roof to make the base shape.

After that I joined the two with wooden sticks for support. Then added yellow tissue paper to each side.

A torch was added into the handle so the Plantern acctually lights up.

Adding foil to the roof's inside and around the torch reflects the light making it shine a little bit brighter.

Wires... Wires... and more WIRES.
With the amount of things that I have going on in the head of this beast, I've had to work with so many wires XP.
I was sensible at first, and used coloured electrical tape so I knew which wire was connected to what. But then I ran out of colours XD.

The picture only shows the wires for:
-'Wagging' tongue
-Blinking eyes
-Light up eyes

There is still to add the wires/pipe for:
-Voice Box
-Moving Jaw
-Smoke pipe (for visible breath)

I think I'm upto about 6 battery packs so far? *Facepalm*
And I still wanted the whole costume to light up orange, blue and UV... XD
That will be around another 6m of cable, 3 battery packs and 150 LED's to wire

I was acctually playing around with how to get the neck to move, and ended up making the tail instead!

I've seen those toy snakes that 'swish' from side to side, and decided to go along with a design sort of similar to that.

I joined several pieces of PVC pipe together with metal strips and left the screws slightly loose so they would be able to pivot.

I then added metal bracket strips to each side, which is where the string threads through.

I also added a strip of PVC down the centre to stiffen it up a bit, and help spring it back into the straight position when I let the string go.

Once tied to the end of the tail when I pull each sring the tail will bend that way.

This will all be hidden inside the tail so I can give it that flick like motion horses do. The tail will be controlled by hand inside the costume. But it should also bob about when walking along, as I'll be adding a spring underneath where it's attatched to the rest of the costume.

The base of the costume could well turn out being the most expensive part of this costume. It's not the PVC pipe that costs alot, it's those joints.

But anyway! Finally made a start on this costume. Starting is always a difficult part I find, especially with larger costumes. This base structure will be holding a heck of alot of weight so I have to make sure it's right, because if I get this wrong the whole thing could fail.

I've been using PVC pipe 40mm for the main weight bearing structure.
20mm PVC pipe to bend for the 'spine' of the costume to help get shape.
Plastic 'lipping' for the flexible straps to fill in the gaps between the larger pipe.

Currently having troubles trying to get it to fit in the car XD... Also not sure how it will fit down the stairs once it's finished o.0, I know I'll at least have to do it in 3 parts, then put it together at the destination, which unfortunatly will mean weak joints in the structure =[

As you may have noticed I now have a to-do list on this costume,, I almost wish i hadn't have done it as i didn't realise how much there is to do.

I know my time will be tight to get it finished for May London MCM Expo, so I've made a schedule so I know what I have to do everyday if I want to get it finished on time. I decided if i can keep up with the schedule for the first 5 weeks then I'll stick with it, if not I'll stop working so hard on it and skip MCM Expo this year to save money for next year. (Will be the first London MCM Expo I've ever missed since I started going ='( though I've already missed my first Midlands MCM Expo this year too >.>)

So yes, not sure if this costume or mysel will make it to May, but time will tell!

I've been jumping all over the place with this costume, one second I'll be working on the head,, then the next I'll be working on the hooves. Which is why I haven't really been uploading any progress yet.

I do have a few updates on the features...
-Back legs will be moving mechanically.

-The test of getting breath to show from the nose was successful now I just have to figure out how to acctually fit it inside the costume.

-Also I have come up with another idea I'd like to impliment which is to have the sides of the costume moving so it looks like he's breathing. D=!!! Why do I keep adding things to this.... *Sigh* oh well I just hope the extra trouble will acctually be noticed.

P.S. I am still going ahead with my plans to upload some progress videos of this costume on my youtube. However I'm trying to film them in the chronological order, and I still have aload of planning sketches to do, so keep an eye out.

Today I went shopping, and one thing I bought was a portable speaker for an MP3 player, and after a few hours looking around on the interwebs I've been able to found a download of the Hippogryph noises from the game!

This costume is going to have a voicebox! I just hope that with the sound around the expos that you can still hear it.

A discovery!

After looking around on the internets trying to find new techniques I struck gold! A techniques that pretty much garuntees 100% accuracy XD

It is very fiddly and probably takes more time then the first method I came up with (carving foam) but I hope the results will be worth it. I definatly intend to use this technique in the future.

Okay so I've just realised that my brain automatically over-complicates everything >.>

Instead of using the leg mechanism I spent about a week working on using wood and string and pulleys, I'm just going to use some fishing line .... Yup, fishing line XD.

The line will attatch opposing front and back legs so when I take a step fowards my back legs will move,, simples! (*Insert meerkat squeek here*)

I've been contemplating for a few weeks now about if I should make the back egs mechanic, so that they move when I do. I know that adding in this feature to this costume will:
- Make the costume heavier
- Make the costume harder to transport
- Make the costume more delicate
- Make the costume construction time at least a few weeks more

However, it will look fricken awsome! XD I know that mostly photo's are taken of costumes so moving back legs wouldn't matter. Buuuuttt on stage it would look a bit wierd walking around and just dragging my back legs behind me.

I've doe a few cardboard tests and scaled it upto full size in wood. I know how the mechanic will work, it's just putting it into the costume and working it while I'm in the costume.

Well today, I made a hoof.

Yup, not even a full hoof. Just a template for a hoof... within the whole day LOLOLOL

8th November 2011,,, the project begins,, and off to an expensive start >.> £10 already on just testing fabircs and techniques. However I intend to do this costume properly,, something worthy of Blizzcon! Something to properly show my love for my second favourite animal in Warcraft =3

I've started with playing with mechanics with bits of cardboard for the front claws and rear legs. I have also played with turning felt into feathers and dying fur, what fun!

I have had to make a hard decision, to sell my baby boy!

Unfortunatly money is tight at the moment, and I'm going to struggle making a new costume before I can sell another one.

For details on the features of the costume look at the information tab above.

If you are interested, would like more information or more photos please feel free to contact me on

(I will at some point upload a video of how the costume moves)

Fenris has finally made it out of the house and all the way to London!

I wore him in the evening on Saturday and the whole day on Sunday. Scaring small children has started to become a hobby of mine at expo! *cheeky grin* I love standing still and waiting for them to come close before roaring and haing my mum do the remote control snarl,,, priceless.

After re-finding myself I have re-found this costume and realised that the rush to get it finished within the three months for college meant that alot of corners were cut.

I'm delving back into my dear boy and giving him alot of touch-up's:

- Fixing the animatronics (as someone appears to have stood on his head while in storage)

- Finally sorting out the wings, although the mechanics to amke them move up and down also appear to have broken and unless I want to start again aren't fixable.

- Re-doing the tail so it stick out from the body giving it more relistic movement when walking

- Updating the paint job

- Adding chains and shackles to make the cosplay more fitting to the characters storyline. Also to help hide the joins in the costume.

- Giving him one hell of a grooming session to sort out his fur >.>

I was origionally just going to have pure white eyes, using a white bin liner over a glass lense. However after playing around with some glue I found it dried, leaving an almost crystal look, so I decided to use this instead. Unfortunatly I can't seem to get a photo of how it acctually looks in person, but hopefuly the pictures give some idea.

Spent about 2 days overall trying to get these teeth to look half decent.
I made them out of light air drying clay, meaning I didn't have to waste time casting them. The teeth were fixed into place using hot glue, which acted as a superb gum line around the teeth.
I made the tongue from spending hours putting layer after layer of latex together. Though it was worth it as the result is quite,,, tongue like, it's a little creepy infact, haha.
To give the mouth a wet look I added a pearl glaze to simulate saliva.

okay, so I have 2 months to make this beast.

I started the stilts a few days ago and finished what I thought would look good, however after taking the stilts into college my teacher pointed out the designs flaws. So with the first few days of constructing being a waste of time I am now back to square one.

However this could have been a blessing in disguise as a friend has shown me an even better, more realistic way to make quadsuit stilts. So I am starting again tommorow, and hopefully I can get this design to work. Luckily I hadn't spent too much money on the PVC piping stilt method, so I'm not too fussed.

Well, spent the last 2 days straight (about 13 hours each day)working on the bottom half of the cosplay, and it's still not finished >.> I'm leaving the detailing as in the photo to the side for Midlands expo, then adding the rest ready for London expo.

Each of the long hanging down flaps took about 5 hours each to make. All of the runes were coppied as close to the reference picture as possible, and I think I made them quite accurate.

The eyes on the two long flaps are made from gems paint and foam sheeting instead of just painting them onto the fabric, so I'd get a 3D apperance.

The ourlines for all of the sections were traced from an enlarged reference picture, so I know they are as accurate as I can get them.

Today I went shopping to try and find motors for one of my other costumes. However I ended up walking home with aload of other electronic stuff in my bags to play with.

The items in the attatched photograph will hopefully be put together to form the glowingness of the eyes for this costume. I have decided to add a switch into the circuit to make preserving the battery easier when walking around conventions, in order to save the hassle of taking out the batteries, like I was doing with previous costumes.

I was origionally going to be working on the skirt today, however the fabric was still wet from washing it yesterday >.>,,, sooooo instead I decided to attempt making the belt.

I first did a paper template, then a cardboard ones (in the photo) I remade cardboard ones so I could keep them for furtue reference, and they'd be more durable then paper ones.

From the templates I cut the foam layers to shape (5)and glued together, leaving the funest, yet longest part, the painting!

Spent a few hours in the early hours of the morning finishing off the eyes for atleast the front of the costume, though thinking about it now I need to do 3 more for the back of the costume too,,, DARN. Maybe I should change the title to, 'Eye Gems Half Finished'.

Spent a few hours today painting >.>

Seems such a waste of time painting such small details, but hey. Hopefully the overall effect will be worth it!

I've decided I'll start on the smaller things first (for some unknown reason)

Also today I did a few tests with the fabric I bought (Lol, yeh I should have done tests before I bought several meters), and yey! Everything seems to work ^^

Today was day one of this cosplay build, and, obviously the first thing to do is go out and buy the materials. However this first shop has been a bit of a disaster, with me ending up with mainly paints, but nothing to acctually paint on >.>.

I found the perfect size eyes for the details on the robes, but they only had them in brown, which means I get to spend this whole first day scratching off the backing to about 27 eyes -.-,, Hurrah!

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