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My most successful (and by this i also mean the only one i have stuck with so far) is my Seras Victoria. Its also weirdly popular, mainly because I tend to have a hellhound pooch with me! : D Shout out if you have seen the one I mean, dudes.
I have been doing cosplay crappily for far too long now!

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Why do pipes need so much filing? Who would have thought that using a circle drill wouldn't give me the perfect straight edge I want?
I drilled it like a billion years ago, and I still haven't filed it. Hopefully this will remind me, or I will have failed as a replica-gun-maker. Epic fail.

It's very time-consuming to do. It takes me even longer to sew on than the Hellsing patches, and they took an hour each!!
On the bright side, soon all my friends will go back to school or college or whatever, and i will be left all by myself for a few days to sit and sew piping before i start work. Eek. This also means a few days stewing alone, fretting over starting work for the first time!
...Any progress is good progress, right?

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