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Been cosplaying since 2002, my first convention was Aya Returns 02 in Northampton. I went with my sister and cosplayed Celes Chere from FFVI.

I've made so many great friends thanks to cosplay,and I hope to be doing it for a while yet.

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Quick ebay find to kickstart the cosplay

Foam + PVA/water coat + spray paint, attached to gloves with velcro and super glue.

Ordered from Fantasy Sheep on AliExpress. Good quality, cheap price and didn't take too long to arrive :)

Now to machine sew and add sleeves!

Ready to be sewn onto the suit

Painting is done. Will need to either shave the fur or colour it.

I have this one in mind for Steph, her hair is different lengths in everything anyway, but I like this length and colour best :)

A little tight but I can loosen it when I add the side panels :)

Will paint the black parts on with Angelus paint

Just trying this out. Haven't got any spirit gum yet to glue the lace down and I haven't blended it either. Wig is just pinned into shape for now

Got some KICKIN' RAD blue jorts for a quid off ebay (Y)

Not doing this till Oct but I saw this wig and thought it would be perfect with a little styling! Means I can do make up/ghetto outfit tests:D

success today. Got white shirt and size 8 (clown)shoes. £14 all together(Y)

Update on where I am with all the pieces:


Porkpie hat
Black tie
White foundation and powder ordered
Magnifying glass

Still needed:

Shoes (hopefully will get today)
Grey shirt or white if cannot find grey
fake tache
Make up test and final put together

PORKPIE! Thank the slapstick lord for!
I apologise for the just woken up face :|

Just got the wool trilby in the post so I can soak it, cut and re-shape it into the flat hat now. Also got magnifying glass: essential for all aspiring detectives!

Bits and pieces that I've already collected


Need to buy/make

Fedora to make into flat pork pie hat
magnifying glass, book, moustache

Make up test

Just got the wig and bowtie for this :) Pics when they arrive!

IDEK. Not finished the wig yet. Also you know how hard it is to find a thin blue MATTE tie? Stupidly hard apparently.

This wig is very thick lol. I bought it ages ago for a Wolverine cos I never started.

Check out the fabulous lining that I will have to cover~

Bangs need to be cut shorter, but the wig is great^^

Just the trousers & boots. I might find another pair of trousers without pockets though, these don't look quite right.

Yay progress. I've got some black leatherette left over somewhere to make the over knee flaps.

The best way to counter Post Con Depression? Start working on new cosplays right away :P

..and then I ran out of hot glue sticks xD

I re-made the shirt.Much happier with the result:)

The ton-o-foam I ordered arrived. It's...Massive haha. I will have foam for the rest of my life I think.
But it works perfectly, I've made the chest piece and now need to make the shoulder pads.

I think I need to tidy some of the binding up now, but it's done.

I was practicing the dark mark on my arm.

It wouldn't come off again XD It's still only faded right now...

Malfoy's jacket is a little longer than this, but hey ho^^

This was just an old pic I took for my Ozymandias cosplay. Needs to be cut and styled a bit more for Draco though.

Started this on a bit of a whim, as most of my costume ideas start.
I loved HBP, even though I haven't read any of the books. I really liked the more mature turn for Draco's character, he's actually got some depth to him now.

I already have a wig that would work for this,and I just bought a wand haha. Got a suit on Ebay I'm bidding on,and a good pair of leather shoes.

Quite a simple one to put together really. My first HP cosplay:)

Just bought a large amount of upholstery foam to use for the shoulder and body armour. I'll probably have to double it up and hot glue bits everywhere to get the right shape:)

I finally decided on a wig, it's taken me ages:/
I think this style would fit.I spent so long deliberating over 'more red' or 'more brown' xD

...Attach with Velcro to my shoulder I guess xD

From 'Wig fashion' on Ebay. Free shipping:)

With some white stockings I had from another cosplay to see what it looked like. Remind me to wear white tights underneath so I'm not flashing my pants though, it's a little see through at the back LOL.

The other one I bought was...LOL enormously big on me. But I just found this one in S and it looks a bit better^^

I bought the coat for Kovacs^^ Also aquired this craptacular wig!
It's cheap, and a mens wig... But it's the right style and colour, so I can cut it shorter and style it..and hopefully it won't look so bad!

Kovacs I meant, of course :P

Just sticking a few pics up of the things I've got bookmarked for the costume. Waiting till I get paid and then I'll get them.

This is the closest I could find to a good coat for it. It looks a bit shabby in colour too which is good, but it's made of Suede.

Payments for shoes & wig have cleared, now I hope they arrive in time:/

Got the socks today in the post,so here is a random pic.

One trip to the fabric shop later:

I actually managed to find everything I needed in one trip, which I'm happy about,it means I can get down to it and make a proper start^^

Just bought some shoes and striped socks as a start. I'm bidding on a wig atm too, hopefully I can pay in time for it to arrive before new years eve!

Have to go to the fabric shop either Mon or Tue to get something for the scarf and leg warmers. Also some fabric for the skirt,in case I can't find anything online soon...

Arrived in the post today. The seller didn't mention that it would be SPARKLY.
Glam rock Ace it is then.

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