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I've been into anime and manga for about four years now and finally late 2010 I made friends with someone else who was into anime and manga - more even than I was. Cheetos introduced me to cosplaying with Midlands expo and now, I am part of a world where fairies and demons, ponies and schoolgirls, skip side by side through exhibition halls, fields and hotels <3
xD So anyway, so far I've only been to Midlands and October London MCM. After a slight disaster the night before Midlands, a Mightyena gijinka was made - I didn't want to enter my first expo nakedly normal! For October expo I spent part of the Friday and the Sunday as Misty from the original Pokemon anime, and the Saturday as Shizuma Hanazono, who helped me to discover how much cosplaying hurts your wallet. Ah well. I loved Shizuma and am looking forward to reusing her :) My intention is to rewear her when I start on the cons in 2012 ;)
So now I've got into it, I'm kinda hooked. Bring it on!

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I've been away for quite a while and now, having been back for a bit I can finally make some progress! The shirt has so far taken far longer than it should, but now all I need to do is hem it. And I've bought a wig head so I can now attempt to style my first wig!

Yesterday I bought the boots with my Cheetos-chan and so... I have COMPLETED MY FIRST COSPLAY ON MY OWN!!! xDD I will be taking some photos very soon <3

I have FINISHED the shirt!!! After sewing the sleeve on the RIGHT way, I sewed up the hem at the bottom of the shirt and now I have made my first shirt!! The hem is a bit messy but ah well xD That's life ^^ My sister was like, lol black hair under your arm! But I pulled the threads out so it's all good now :3 Still have to get me some boots though xD

Well. Once again, I did a silly xD I unpicked the sleeve from the shirt and then sewed it on properly. Except of course I just did the same as I did the first time. So now, once again, I have a shirt with one sleeve inside out xD Ah well. Each curve in the road is a learning experience, eh? Next time, it will be PERFECT <3 Of course o.O

Once again I have failed so bad xD This time I was thinking, hey wow - I've finished this shirt!, when I realised - I'd sewn one of the sleeves on inside out. Way to go xD

Well before college this morning I thought, hey, I'll sew a bit! So I sewed the neckband onto the shirt. So now I have to unpick most of it! And now I've sewn up one of the sleeves -.- Not my day, is it? xD

Well, I decided to do this one coz my good friend Cheetos wanted to sell the wig - and I loved it! So I bought that from her and since I finally have a sewing machine, I wanted to make something simple xD So I'm making the El Manana shirt. Gonna progress onto more complicated stuff but for now... I love Noodle xD

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