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Found a new wig i like more than the one I have :) so ordered it ^^

Just a little sneaky peak of the cosplay haha :3

Omg the cosplay its a little too short on the top >.< A little embarassing actually but still its really nice x

I love this cosplay i ordered it from Taobao its amazing quality. :) and! its super comfy.

So the wig was pretty easy to cut and style as shana has quite an easy hair style. :) so that wasnt bad at all :)

I already have the lenses, and sword. So Just waiting on the cosplay :)

Soo here is a little picture of the costume I tried on hehe :)

This wig REALLY did not suit me and it isnt quite the way I wanted it to look so I bought a different one to replace it :)

So I have ordered the wig, Cosplay, and headband. I checked all over online for different quotes of for the cosplay and alot of places were asking too much so I went with Tabao! and through an agency to get all the items I needed hehe <3

However the headband I got from the UK Yay!and it's so cute. It arrived today hehe lucky me :)

Airi Has greeny blue eyes so i have choosen EOS Ice Green for the lenses I will be using for this cosplay <3

So Since she had two different coloured eyes Im havin to get two sets of lenses same make etc. I have decided to go with EOS Candy series which do them in Pink and Violet :D

I am getting this commissioned! Yay! :D I love it so much :D. I decided to make it in the shape of wings haha :) Just because it matched so well :)

Okie so I finally decided to design my own character as you can see she has pink hair. One pink eye and one purple eye. (thought it looked quite cute and unusual). White lolita top and a cute skirt :D. I named the character sakura due to the pink hair and the meaning of that word.

Her eye colour seems like a deep blue. Im not quite sure to be honest. But I think I will go with blue as I already have lenses that colour.

The ones I have really enlarge the eyes :) So I think they will be perfect <3

So I decided on doing the winter uniform. I just love the cute hat! :D <3 Although I know Prim-Chan doesnt wear this till the end. I just love it :D. The anime made me cry I was so shocked to find at about Asa!. Not going to mention more I don't want to display a spoiler <3

So decided on this wig. I know the ponytails are a little long but I can sort that out :)I know on the pictures it looks like its tinted purple, but I think this will be ok for the cosplay :)

They are really amazing :D my eyes look really huge haha.
They are from Pinky Paradise and are called G&G King Size Blue

G&G King Size Circle Blue Lenses, bought from Pinky Paradise

So I got some new lenses and thought hey let's try them on. And WOW! my eyes look sooo big. The colour is so vibrant. Hmmm they are relatively comfortable. :)

My natural eye colour: Brown
Colour: 5/5
So overall 4.5/5 Stars

So I have looked through a selection of different style wig, and since I really want to stick with the original I didnt opt for one with any little pigtails etc, although they are cute.

Overall I'm happy with my choice of cosplay wig. And I will use my lolita shoes to make the character look even more cute <3

I know this cosplay is done loads by people but I absolutely loved the anime it was fantastic. Mikuru is my favourite character too so I thought why not haha :)

Bought it second hand from someone who made it :) Its really well made and a bargain buy :)

So I tried my wig on I bought a different pony tail however there is a little problem with it as its not on a grab clip just a slide so i think i will need to buy a grab clippy thing

The bells are incredibly noisey so I had to take them off :(

Soooo here's a quick look of the wig I have bought for annie. The colour really does match and its all flicked up at the back hehehe :)

I am going to make the fringe from a side one toa full fringe.

Sooo! my costume is really coming together hehe ^^ ive got the wig :3

Just ordered my cosplay yay! :D From trusty cosplayfu high quality fabrics and absolutely fantastic website x

Yay this was the most fun as the wig is sooo cute <3 I cant wait to recieve it haha :)

Sooo as usual I go to my favourite supplier for Contact lenses, which is PinkyParadise. They look really vibrant and they always supply high quality lenses that are really comfortable :)

So I have just ordered the ears for the cosplay. Just a quick cheap pair as Im on quite a budget :) ^^ but these seem to matc

So i needed two parts a wig and the pony tail haha :D

After deciding my costume I chose the colour of my fox ears and tail which are white and grey fluffy ones ^^ Eeeep! so cute <3

and a nice tail to go with it with same colours yay! :P

So most things are getting sorted :)

Im using this costume as the costume for my character. I have no idea where its from if anyone knows feel free I thought it could be some art work something. but mine will be with fox ears and tail.

i love this costume. So i've decided to wear this one for the character I think it matches up so well and has the look im trying to go for <3

I have always wanted to make my own character. And finally I have. The character is called Chiyo (picture isnt chiyo but just a random fox photo she is alot different)

So a little a bit about her is Chiyo is a mysterious character who lives in the shrine protected by the person who had found her in the winters snow which was Old man Grandpa. He believed Chiyo had been left there by god, which he felt a duty to protect, although he knew people would fear her. He named her Chiyo which mean eternal, and a thousand sparkles.

Since the people at the time believed she was half demon and half human, due to folk legend that had been told over many thousands of years. That a man and beautiful woman which was in fact a half demon had fallen in love in one nights winter snow, although it was forbidden. They had a child together, but sadly their happiness was cut short when they were both executed by their own kind. No one new if the child lived or how many more half demons were at that time, but that's how the half demons began.

Since people didn't know much about them they were scared of half demons, and avoided contact with them.

Chiyo never leaving the shrine had never known anyone but the people who lived in the shrine and occasionally one or two other people until....

Ok so I need to choose the right wig. However I wanted to pursue Kotonoha Katsura as a more innocent character :) So I looked at lots and lots and concluded I would get my wig from Gekkou Wig. Although its on the more expensive side. Their wigs are really good since I have bought one before. They are really easy to brush and don't tangle easy.

Its not the wig in the picture its a little similar but the fringe is a little different to look like the characters :)

Soooo I decided to have a prop, since its alot easier to pose with a prop for the cameras :)

I looked all over and at first I thought she was holding a meat cleaver but I realise it was a machete. So after much deliberation I decided on one. I thought it looked quite cool and atleast a little reaslistic. Which was a complete bargain for £5 :D yay and its made out of the right material :D So i can take it to the expo

So I'm doing her summer uniform :) Since it will be lighter and a little cooler whilst im in the expo. I have actually worn this as my very first cosplay but re-doing the character so it's better :)

She has dark black hair, however her eyes are so many different colours. In the anime has dark blue eyes, but they look brown sometimes. Which means I can use some of my contacts I already have.


The costume consists of:

Black wig
Black Shoes
Blue/Brown Contacts
Bloody Machete Prop

So i have bought a set of contac lenses for this cosplay. i thought I'd go for a more unusual set. As usual I buy them from PinkyParadise :) and they are the Vassen Lollipop Blue. Now they are really cool and I can't wait to try them on haha :)

Hello so I have some contact lenses for chii even though my eyes are brown too I really wanted them to stand out. So I bought a pair of GEO Angel Brown type 2 contact lenses. They really really are nice :) and are very comfortable :D

So here's a quick test of the wig and contact lenses :)

the contacts are really nice haha except I can still see my brown eyes slightly but they are very comfortable and the colour is great :)

The contacts are from Pinky paradise

So Miku has bright blue eyes in the way i see her haha so I have got the Venus Eye Aqua for Miku since my eyes are brown I need them to be blue haha ^^

So I decided to a steampunk Miku hatsune Hehehe Im so excited I will do a draw out a sketch of the costume soon ^^

So the items I have for the outfit:
Brown WaistCoat
Underbust Corset
White Shirt
Brown Leather Shorts
Brown Bustle
Black over knee socks
Brown Leather boots :)

My outfit arrived and I tried it on and realised I needed an underskirt and thanks to a great friend I have one :D!! woooo.. And it fit perfectly. Haha :D Yes So nearly there. Getting my shoes next week ^^ and then its completed.

now just to wait for the J-con in 39 days :)

So my AKB48 stage outfit arrived today. the outfit is one they wore in 2010 but I really loved it haha.

I've yet to try it on due to I have sprained my knee during participating a dangerous sport unfotunately D:

But here it is haha

Im going to keep it secret when I will be wearing it haah but it will be soonish

So finally I uploaded the photos yay. It kept raining off and on all the time @.@

So i hope they are alright the sun was quite blinding haha tehn it poured it down with rain after ^^

So I have ordered the dress, neck chocker, ears and I have the socks

I have been thinking about the shoes I could wear and wondering if these would be ok for the outfit for chii

Just some plain white ones with a little bow :)

After much deliberation I have decided to go as chii :) haha as my friend is going as Lightning :D

Wooo Im so excited ^^

Shes super cute and I hope I can pull it off :3

Annie-League of Legends:

So the dress is pretty basic haha shouldn't be too hard to do haha. Just need to find the ears haha :)

Annie is a really cool character in the game haha actually one of the first I played before I moved on to use others such as Varus :)

So I will keep you updated on the progress in a few months.

This costume is for the Next year

So I have got the complete outfit, but just need a bit of time to actually do the photos of them so they will be up soon in the next few weeks :)

So im debating on going as Chii or Shana Haha I may save chii for the london expo ^^ as I dont think the costume will be finished in time unfortunately :(

Wig all bought done and dusted. God its so cute and didnt cost too much either :)

Okie so I have planned Chii for the J-con AHHHH im so excited ^.^ and to top it off I selected this costume!!! tehehe its so cute <3 i have been debating about the character i wanted to do but this is perfect and hopefully I can stand out :)

after spending ages waiting for some of the parts of the costume to come I finally have all of them haha xD lolita isss coo cute <3

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