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What makes me interested in a cosplay is a costume that excites me or I can see myself having fun wearing! I saw people cosplay alot when I looked for images online of characters but I never really got into cosplaying till my first Con back in 2005 when I was 16 so just the right age to go. Had a hastle trying to get my parents to cave in and let me go though XD.

I try to attened a at least one Convention a year this isnt including Expos.
So far I have attened :- Ayacon'05, Amecon'06, Auchinawa'06, Amecon'07, Amecon'08, Auchinawa'08, Ayacon'09, Auchinawa'10, London May Expo'10, Ayacon'11, Dee-con'12, Kitacon IV, Amecon'12 and Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Celebration London.

For 2013 I am booked for Ayacon (duh) but hope to attend May Expo, I'm not sure on any other cons that year and I do get 5 n a half weeks paid holidays from work... hmmmmm :D

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When I was at LFCC I acquired fabric! And the type of fabric I've been wanting, WOOL! It made me so happy! It always upsets me seeing Merida in Velvet and normal Polycotton... So being able to get the Wool I needed just made me weekend even more awesome. That and it was cheaper than the internet by a glorious £10!

I even got it in the shade I was after being a Petrol blue/green. This image doesn't do the colour any justice my camera phone is pants lol!

So I am having to budget ALOT right now. Ended up crashing my car so extra expenditure is going into a new motor. But I remembered before Christmas I had ordered and received Merida wig vs 2 which I was going to sew on n make my wig longer n thicker. It came and it was a different shade and style so I threw it in the wig drawer. Then I though just two days ago "...I could start sewing in the bright copper wig into the wig I have... :O" So far I have but in another neck piece and about 3 wefts. And I have had to go hunting for my sewing needle 3 times as I dropped it somewhere in the wig. Doing well lol!

Okay so I bought the pattern for both the dresses she wares in this movie. I am doing her white sparkly one the now :3

I bought white chiffon for the bargin price of £1.99p/m and about £4.99 postage. So still cheaper than in the fabric stores of Glasgow.

I have everything else for this cosplay already but if I have time I may try and make her circlet and brooch out of worbla :D

Normal white fabric to go!

Okay so chest plate done ish (I need to get thicker ribbon for the top bit) the arms cuffs are done with their white stripes. Working on the ones for my ankles but it's proving to be a pain if I want to use interfacing.... I think I have a new plan which will allow the sides to stretch so fingers crossed! The military rope for the shoulders are bought, I have the template for the hat done just need to sew it. I need to pick a thickness for the light pink stripes, not thinking on too thick. I need to cut off the head, hands and feet to the zentai suit.

---- problem? ----

I may not have the armguard. I don't think I'll have the time to make the wire frame, expanding foam and carve to then colour it so it'll be a TBC but I should have everything else done. Thank GAWD

Dress is 90% done. Hats done. Pipe is done (see photo). Masks base is done now to modrock it. Then everything needs latexed... halp!

I normally find the fabric I need in one of 3 places. Ebay, Amazon or Tissufabrics. I ordered the Aubergine lycra from Tissu fabric as it looked a pinky purple and lighter than the Wine shade. Just received it in the post and it looks similar to the Wine and not brighter at all. TissuFabrics why you suddenly fail me ;_;

--- edit ---

Also I may have ordered WAY more than I needed... woops!

So I've started patterns for the chest plate, hat n fan. I'm waiting for the Aubergine lycra to arrive. I'm struggling to figure out wgat to do for the arm gaurd... oh n i need tassles still zzzzz!

Lolol i'm enjoying this too much....

Wig wins... Now I've got all the ringlets in it woot!

I was going to do a make-up test but skin says no.

Curling tongue 2 Raine 0. Owie ;_; Curse you ringlets!!

Okay I was trying to deside if I should buy a pre-ringleted wig (limited options) or to style my own for Anastasia. Then I remembered I have a red wig that I bought for Black Widow but looks more like Ariel and though, what the heck I'll practice on this! So I did.

Almost done. I was going to double hem it buuuut i just dont have enough and it frays out. So plan 2, buy ribbon!

Dress is 95% complete, just got to hem the bottom and then to my cape.

Also ignore the grumpy face with no makeup. 3 days of running on less than 7 hours sleep does that to me :D

I have hemming, attatching sleeves and a cape to go with less than 24 hours till I pack to leave. I CAN DO IT! *fist pumps*

Okay so I made the dress out the fabric I found, it was FAR to see through so I had to then go to the closest place that sold fabric which for me is Dunelm Mill, yay? And got a poly cotton lining. so I finally cut out all the pattern sections again and then made sleeve patterns as I noticed I forgot them woooooo I has the skills!
I have not pinned the front panels togeither and I'll sew them togeither first tomorrow and then I'll move onto the back panel and then I have a cape to go... I still havnt picked a cape pattern buu! D:{

It's not 1:30am and I've been up since 8am so I think I should give up.

Okay so I started the mock garment, as usual I'm running late but this time it was a few situations out of my control.

I went and unraveled my fabric for Galadriel and for some bizzare reason I only have 3 meters of the fabric. Like wtf? I'm so sure I went in and asked of 6 meters like I did my spider tulle D: so the fabric I was going to use has been tossed to the side and I went raiding my fabric drawer. I have enough white fabric of a different type alas it's not smooth or silky but it'll have to do.

That made me so angry haha!!

Didnt like the dome so i made one outta clay.

9 images later I drew this. It's not 100% accurate because her cape hides some of it lol! Also I know the brooch is ment to be a disk but i got irritated looking for mother of pearl disks lol!

I have the bullets for the cuffs, the wig but I fear in photos it'll be too bright, toy pistol. My boots are in the post so just the belt to go :3

13 hours n a whole large can of tresemme freeze hold hairspray later. I honestly think i've inhailed too much of tge stuff.

I didnt take a photo of the progress as it's too dark in the livingroom to do so and I'd have to re-comb a bit I just de naughted which I dont want to have to do again...

Between parting, de-naughting and waving it I have now spent about 10hours on this wig. I honestly believe I am high on hairspray! Either that or I've damaged my eyes/sence of smell lol. I have about another 4 hours worth of wig waving to go and then I get the joy of floofing it.

I have the circlet to make, considering a under foam padding to plastic over layer because the silver spray I have will work so much better on plastic than foam. Same with the brooch. And the whoooole sewing to go. Including pattern cutting. Ho-shoot! ;_;

After 4 hours of styling i have the back n fringe to go. Save me!

Oh happy days! Now to just part the whole wig zzzzz

Okay so after a day of reflection I have desided I'm going to go buy a a Babyliss Hair Waver, This obviously has the 3 prongs meaning it'll shape it without me using my hairstraightners n alot of shimmying which didnt work. So fingers crossed that this works. I did put some sections of the original wig into pleats but I doubt that'll work or for long so investing in a Waver it is.

Also I have fairly short hair so I wont even be able to use it in my own hair but I can forsee my cousin wanting to "borrow" it. Lol!

I knew exactly what they had used for the necklace in the movie, I used to come across them alot in the Scotland themed shops or the little local jewlery craft shops but alas not so much now! So I went forth on my mission on the internet n aquired myself the perfect necklace!

The other wig I ordered is shorter, thinner and a whole different shade of blonde from the image. So once again it's not right and I'm now throwing a hissy fit. I seriously doubt I'm going to get this done in time for May Expo so I may have to postpone her and chillax n come back to her before I get so annoyed that even wearing her wont make me happy.


Infact the new wig looks like it's make a better Eowyn wig than Gladdy.... >_<

So I got help sectioning the wig n tried to crimp it and despite working on a tester it hasnt gone well. New wig needed so time to troll the internet...

2 patches down n 1 to go! So time consuming considering I'm doing them by hand but I dont trust my sewing machines stitching to be right, even if I changed he setting, I may practice with one before I go.

T-shirts are in the wash (cheaper than making them so thank you Primark) then it's black ribbon on them, I need to edit my leggings into short and add red ribbon and it's done so I believe it'll be finished today with maybe a makeup n wig test throwen in!

Hand sewing me some school logos! My fingers are displeased lol!

I have bought a wig! After looking for ages I finally found a perfect wig, with some floofing will go all the way :D Now to hope it arrives like that fingers crossed!

T-shirts painted! I think I got more paint on me! Lol!

I have the t-shirt, skirt, tights and shoes in my house, I need to paint daimond/triangle things into my t-shirt. Pudding has the wig, the pink suit jacket and the hat :D So all I need to sort out is my earrings and the belt :3 The belts the one thats being the pest!

Okay so 2 days ago I started the patterns and I finished sewing togeither the skirt with an elastic waist as near by I have no sewing/fabric shops so I couldn't get a zip... So upon getting up this morning I got out the iron n stared making my gold strips for the skirt, yes I could have bought gold ribbon but I didn't as I clearly like to complicate it for myself!

Patterns are cut out, waist bands done, my baggy trousers are done. Found my last spool of navy thread up the loft so time to get dooooown! Hoping to only need to do the gold trims tomorrow :3

I was so amazed my dye colour blending worked so well I had to put it up as a cosplay image instead. Now I'll show you it wet and having only been in dying for 10 mins before I dragged it out in worry that I had added too much flamingo pink to my dusty pink batch! Lol :D

Well the dye I used failed me as it came out far too light despite the fabric being cotton... The next pink dye is a bright pink soooo I need to pickle my brain a little...

Started the dying! I chose Dylon powder pink hand dye. I'm currently still stirring as I type this. Will take a photo of my endovors once dry :D

So on my next day off I have my harem trousers to dye and I selected Dylons Powder Pink Hand Dye. It wasnt to bright or dark so I'm hoping it comes out the right shade. This method means I'll be standing dying the fabric for an hour, excited to see the results :D

I was going to dye them but I had the right acrylic paints so I painted them insted! Tomorrow I work on the top and then I need to dye the trousers when the dye arrives :3 excited!

I have everything I need for this cosplay!I just bought the shoes I need to paint today and I have all the fabric in my room so it's good to go! :D

Took a snip off my wig as when it arrived it said it couldn't be heated so I sadfaced n threw it to the side. I took a pair of old hairstraightners to it and suprisingly it did what I wanted it too! :D good times :3

Tis alot longer than I expected but has lots of volume :D Also I look so wide eyed xD

Okay got the suit jacket, got the white top to paint, Pudding has a wig n hat I can use. Just ordered the skirt and all I need it shoes, belt and tights.

Luckily I'll be in Glasgow on Saturday into Sunday so I'll be able to hopefully but what i need then :D

Just bought me a wig! I was hoping to find one that was already slicked back but alas it was not to be! So this is my base! :D Which works well for when I want to do her normal day dress :3 Exciiiitement!!!

This is wee snippits of the fabric I have and the button :3 exciiiited!~

I finally picked fabric! I am doing 2 versions of The Hobbits Gladdy. One that I am dubbing her battle wears n the other her purdy sparkly wears :3 this fabrics for battley Gladdy.

Need to be trimmed but they are nice n light and I hardly feel them at all :D

My elf ear tips arrived today!! :D so much better than joke shop ones.

I parted it, it's already tangeling so much n I've only had it on for 10 mins max. This is gonna be a pain! Lol! Also I look like death forgive me T_T

It arrived! Forgive me but it's late and I'm still in work clothes ¬_¬; Also it's SO long! I knew it was 150cm but still it's past my knees which totally caught me off gaurd.

My Nenya ring arrived in the post today n I didn't even order it more than 48hrs ago! It is soooo purdy and now to see if it fits the required finger lol! X3

Trying to source cheap white Gabardine/ Polyester Twill. OMG How expensive is it!? I found a cheap one until they charged a stupid amount for postage D: Ebay has even failed me. Looks like the base dress alone is going to cost me £40 Oh happy days!? Lol!

This is the wig I bought! If you want to see the elf ears look on my hobbit versions journal xD

These are the tips I ordered. They where cheaper than buying it from the larp group in the UK.

I have desided I am going to make Lothlorien's banner :D Just because I can and it's so purdyful!

Just bought my wig and latex ears! Now to finally pick fabric :D

So I went on a mission on how to crimp hair without a crimping tool and I was successful!!! :D Now just to pick a wig and preferablly one that can cope with hair straightners. Mission accepted >:3

I went to Glasgow yesterday n desided to fabric hunt for Galadriel, alas the options were horrid and the one I might have accepted was £76 a meter (I need 7 ish meters) so I laughed and walked on. So the hunt continues! (It could be I'm just being overly picky?)

My pattern arrived! I only ordered it two days ago~

Now I need to deside what fabrics to go for, I defo need a lace and a silky fabric. Also trying to pick a wig to krimp arg! Why are there no good photos of her? D:

Okay my hair extensions arrived and then my wig arrived. I knew the wig would be too thin but I chose to wait to see how it looked.

It's the perfect shade but I will need at least another wig probably 2 to get the ponytails to the right thickness. Exciiiteeed!~

3hrs work... Aaaaarg! Still got the front of my wings and my bodysuit which I need to panic n go get a zip...

Okay so I have the front half of the wings to do, and the head wings to glue and then sew into the wig and I need to make the whole of my bodice again as it refuses point blank to stretch so I need to try and find a zip tomorrow, preferablly a red one oddly enough... Oh and I need to pack tomorrow D':<

I leave on Thursday. I have my tights still to stencil which is almost impossible to do on myself, I have a bodysuit to pvc, headwings to do, the front of the big wings n wireing to do and obviously a body harnis to support them and my wing to style at the back. AND I think I may not have enoguh red PVC and none of the fabric shops near me have any atm.... D':

Boot progress! Now to finish the wings n pvc up the bodysuit and the head wings and the tight stenciling... D':

8 days until I leave for Ame... I have made the pattern for the wings whish has meen testered n works well :D, I got the wrong shade of fabric for the inside of the wings much to my rage! I have just done my gloves and tightened my boots which needs a point. I have the bodysuit to PVC up and the wings ontop of the head to do. Oh and the feathers to sew on. Save me............

90% done, just to sew the top part on :D

I'm making a mock garment for my dress, so far I've gotten the skirt part done easily enough it's the friggen backless bit with the top D: totally regret not just getting a pattern now! xD

Earrings are made! I only have the dress to go! Now the question is saggy boobs or no saggy boobs hmmmmmmmmm!

Okay so my boots are ordered and a bodysuit is ordered which I'll just for a pattern n possibly lining...
I'm trying to deside on how to make the wings on my back which is proving to be a little bit headachy. So far I'm thinking of using thin metal wires for the basic shape then chicken wire and gauzing to pad it out. I need to buy more red PVC and black leather zzzz save me D':

My Madame Medusa jacket has had progress done! I just need to sew the feathers on once I return from food shopping.

I also just got a job so my time will become very restricted... *has 3 cosplays to do* shoot me D:

My feathers arrived today, they are exactly what I was looking for! not to many small or big feathers :D

A week has passed and I havnt even had a chance to even touch the fabric let alone sew anything... Did managet to paint the rest of my cane though! :D

P.s ignore my dog in the background... I'm beginning to think he can sence cameras lol!

Okay so I finished painting part of the cane.

I had started making the jacket yesterday n I discovered I didnt have enough fabric to make the sleeves, D'oh! D: So after I sewed the body togeither I used my brains n pinned the feather boa's I had onto it to then notice I still need another 2 boa's... FFFFF I better have enough red fabric for the dress xD

I started to piece togeither my cane!, blasa wood, paper cups, polystyrene balls and felt where killed in the making of this cane.

Now do I keep it yellow or paint it gold... Hmmmm

I got these lovely metallic beads for Medusa's earrings! Now just to wait for the clip on bases to arrive to attatch them on! They are easily a cm smaller than I'd like but hey I've been picky enough! XD

My cane is in working proccess! I already had circle balsa wood laying around from a prop I was going to make and forgot what! (I do well...) but I think it's a little too short for my height :/ so I may make the top of the cane a wee bit larger than necessary.

Now to wait for paint to dry to do layers :D

ARG! Madame Medusa is your hair Red or Orange/Ginger!?

Someone save me ;_;

I bought this for something else n can't remember why haha! Ignore mah puppy in the bg lol xD

I don't think the Amano vs has this but I'll put it here for now as it is purdy and for Garnet.

I spent ages online looking for a suncatcher for her necklace and tbh it wasn't going to be cheap... So as I was walking around the International Market today I found the largest one they produce and like half the price! I was extatic :D so I bought it... Lol!

I've had the fabric for this for ages, n Kita has been over for ages and I finally noticed how close Amecon was so I'm now freaking out.

Why must my feet be so big!!! Like hello I want nice CHEAP ish red boots ;_;

This may end up making me cry...

Actually why am I doing this I dont like skin tight, showey cosplays.... shoot me D':

Found the perfect t-shirt for this so it was bought! n who says Primark aint useful?

The end is in sight!! I have spent 8 hours or more hand sewing today, my thumb hates me but it'll be forth it, I have a couple more bits to hand sew est time about and hour to 2 hours then it's sewing machine then ripping the dress! :D then it's only the wig n horns onto the hairband but I need to get nails for that.

As you maybe able to tell from my title I now hate stripes, hand sewing these on took AGES I hate hand sewing D':

So today I desided to go forth n try n make my pleated skirt! Suprise Suprise I dont have enough fabric... So I cut it in half (making it thinner than I'd have liked) and now it may also be shorter than I'd have liked! Sacrifices.... xD Also people do you all not know how to draw? Half the time it's a knife pleate n the rest is box pleate! Arg!!!!

---- edited later that night----

couldnt work on it most the day as we had guests over so the livingroom was full so I worked on it tonight! I picked knife pleats for my skirt, it sit's nicer n fits the thick gaps that the figures show so alls well! now to sew it in the morning when everyone is awake! :D

This cosplay is just making me rage, really need to get a bodice -_- but I have however made progress!

Enjoy leggings :D

Okay this is making me rage now, the mock garment sat perfectly and yet the actual fabric is like "LOL your sleeves will be too short and you can be baggy at the armpits and lololol" so I may kick it to the face, now to sit n think how to fix this tetris style without destroying my expensive fabric.... I hope nothing goes wrong with my lime green leatherette D:<

Well because after a specific time I can't use any sewing machinery I decided I'd work on my embroidery for Garnet. So I did a wee mock sketch on my really old Namine dress and got some thread n started to hand sew. It also helped me calculate how long it may take me to do the whole of Garnets top and trousers and I sadfaced xD but hey I'll just have to put a movie or 8 on in the BG when that time comes.

Hopefully my practice isn't too awful! XD also it isn't the best image and due to the wefts of cottondrill it was a bit of a pain!

Okay I have a pattern cut out n all but I would like to state I officially hate darts... Why the heck do you suddenly choose to slap me in the face? D:<

On another note YAY Progress lol!

This costume was easy.if it wasnt for the fact I always make thing TOO big... so I have a new baseball top coming my way and this time I'm just going to paint the symbole on instead of print it with a transfer as I just didnt like the look of it. AND my skirt needs to be taken up a bit as I was tripping over it at Nanashi Dansu.

On another note I spent 3 n a half hours drawing Squiddles for my lunchbox and what does my printer deside to do? It desided it cant print green! YAY! So atm I have a purple n blue Squiddle instead of a purple n green, siiiigh!~

Well I couldn't get these in pink without paying £40 so I laughed and bought cheap white ones and painted them. They look quite cute actually :3

My wig arrived today! It's different than what I expected but I looks good, just gonna have to give it some more volume~ sorry about it being sideways lol!

As you can tell I'm proud to have finally started it and in the image there is progress! Not a lot but still xP

I need to make her horns again, well I either redo them completly oooor make one more to match one of the two I made already as you can tell theres a size difference in them. So alas I am sad. So I may make these horns out of Femo Light instead... Oh the options~ :3

I like how it looks like homies... Aaanyway I made horns today! Now to see if I like how they look when dry :3

That's right people I have gotten of my Skyrim arse n started sewing!

I have cut out my symbole to be glued then sewen on and I have almost finished my skirt! Only gotta hem it and then thats me :D

I have the fabric, I have shoes ordered, I have leggings. All I need to get still is the stuff for my horns and the wig I've been eyeing up xD

Okay, so I have green fabric already I just need to hope it's enough. I have an older pair of glassess which should work too! I got the silk ribbon I needed too so I'm doing well for myself!

Missing? Pink ankle baseball shoes.... Why must my feet be the size that no-one seems to have?! D':

Yeah I'm mature... So what?

Ahem ... yah... Okay so Today I got off my lazy now unemployed butt n desided to make her skirt! Unfortunatly I couldnt find my skirt pattern. Suprise suprise!? So I had to make it by eye which is kiiinda okay as before I commit to cutting fabric I pin it and try it on. Which was good as for some odd reason the waist was like 4inches to wide... Wtf Raine!

Now this cosplay looks easy n it probably is easy but I hope to pull this off! Fingers crossed :D

I bought red pvc today and red lining. Only enough to do the body and poooossibly the head wings xD Thankfully the fabric shop has this pvc all year round. I'm stupidly excited about this! Honestly it cant be healthy lol~

After much debating I STILL cant deside if I should make the leotard outta Lycra or PVC/Leatherette... Why be it so hard to pick!? I'll find out when I'm in Glasgow on Tuesday/Wednesday when I poke at loads of fabric.

I'm considering this cosplay for Amecon'12 if not then Auchinawa'12(if it happens xP)

Well I stared making the pattern for my skirt today, I've only gotten the yolk done but hey! I have stuff to do xD My wig arrived in the post today!~ A whole 2 weeks early :D This makes me a happy bunny. It's such a lovely wig :'3

So today my tasks are finishing the pattern for the skirt and possibly making a mock garment and tomorrow I will make my skirty and my costume will be done :O

I bought some green Fabric for this today! I did look at the felt but desided against it atm :3

I have pink fabric and zip! Now if only I remembered pink thread... D: xD

So today I went to Glasgow to hand in CV's n hope I get a job xD I went into the Fabric shop that noooormally I avoid as I usually end up too lazy to walk that far up aka Mandors... Went looking for their pleather n such to see prices for another costume n didnt find any and I thought to myself "Ah my pink fabric for Madam Mim is due in the post!~" as I gazed longly at a £10p/m pink fabric... Got home to discover that the fabric is seethrough.... Yaaaah do not want xD So alas I must go forth n get more pink fabric! ;_;

I have ordered my wig! It took me a while to pick one I liked but I finally desided upon this one, I just think it looks nice :3 Forgot to mention I have also ordered my shoes, which will work for Medusa! :D

Pudding had sourced me some black kitten heeled shoes and for a while I had thought they would do as I have red tights AND white stockings to wear but when I tried that in my home they still fell off D:

After work on Tuesday I went to Primark in Glasgow and saw these sexy black shoes in my size that actually fit! Only 3 left on the shelf, ontop of that they where on sale for £6 from £12! So I snagged them and when I got them to the till the cashier looked confused and then I got told they were £1! BEST BARGIN EVER~~ Unfortunatly it now means I may be quite a bit taller than Pudding who's already going to wear high shoes just to get near my hight... Why must I be so tall D':

Okay this one is proving to be one of my hardest cosplays for Aya, you'd think it's be Kneesocks from PSG but that was fairly simple. However re-lining a pre-existing cloak making a hat cover and trying to make a weird lantern thing is = a pain in my neck -_- I have the cloak almost ready to be lined (I stpidly desided to follow the previouse lining which was panels...) then I have the lovely lantern to make. For some odd reason when I was paining to orb I thought it was green so I ordered green glow in the dark paint... Weeeeeeeell I found out it was yellow so I painting the base yellow n in the dark it'll glow green and I'll just have to love with it ¬_¬; I have the chain I only need to paint the face onto the orb and make the actual lantern.

This cosplays going to be pain for another reason... I wont be able to put the hat in my suitcase because of interfacing and the lantern wont be able to go in. D: D: I may just wear the hat pft.

Currently unpicking my Kneesocks skirt to resew it, I should have finished this over a week ago but I hate unpicking and I had applied for a job then a job interview then a job in the space of a week so I've been a bit AHGFDFV ish xD.

Also for this cosplay I have to wear a padded bra, so I'll be in a billion layers, I hope it's not too warm or I may die ;_;

I desided to make the Death book because Kneesocks almost always seems to have it that n it should have been easy.
I got the book easily enough and I had the correct foam already in my house. So I made the oval and the bat/devil shape and I managed to glue little crossess and part of my hat for other costumes fine. The Death book however? Well lets just say it desided to spew out glue which in turned has burned one of my fingers badly enough that I have a blister. Thanks for that Death book D:
Despite this my book looks awsome already~ Now to paint on Death but I'll do that when I get a thinner paint brush ^_^

Making the hat cover now, not exactly easy sometimes so glad I remembered to cut down to make slats XD then I need to figure out how to do the circle base but I think I know what I'm going to do~

I hate ironing... Orignally that was all I was going to say but now I'd like to point out that I hate interfacing and editing hats.

On another note though my hat looks sexy so far!! still got to add new fabric instead of the lining but from the back it looks like The Sorting Hat from Harry Potter... :/

The suits are almost done, thanks to Pudding because we originally agreed to buy beige suits n mod them but alas that wasnt ment to be and she went forth n got fabric, due to the distance between us I didnt have much help in the whole suit making dept. My wig still needs styled waiting to get the horn put on the wig first. I also found an old pair of glassess that I had 4 years ago that will suit Kneesocks well :D
We did our first make-up test yesterday where I got red'ed up which was interesting as I HATE people poking around my eye so I help flinching everytime Shae went to put on eyeliner ect.
Then both Puds n I got our fangs molded to our teethies~
Pudding n I however wont be wearing contacts, we had thought about it till we discovered Puddings allergy so she cant go near it without death so we desided life was better lol!

My hands are still kinda red and so is my face D: so glad our cosplays are for an event and we can go bathe afterwards!

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