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First cosplayed when I was 7 as a Cybus Cyberman at a Doctor Who Convention. Started getting more into it around 16 after really wanting to do a Scarecrow costume. Found a local convention, made a costume, went to convention. Costume fell apart.Now I try and make as many cosplays as I can afford (my preferred method is 'plain-clothes cosplay', cosplaying characters who wear relatively normal clothes, which I can make by adjusting shop-bought clothing.

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So after MCM London I washed the coat to freshen it up, which caused the glue holding the boomerang patches to the arms to melt and the patches to fall off, and I've now finally gotten around to gluing them back on

Well... I was going to wear it, but then my groups Sebastian Michaelis forgot his costume, so we all wore the previous day's costumes instead. Still had fun though! :D

Tested it out at York Comic Con today. Found it's very hard to move' breath in it without everything coming undone and the wig knots very easily :-/ Still had a great day though! :D

I've glued the boomerang patches onto the arms of the coat, and thus have completed the costume! :D

With the hip chain finished, the costume is complete! :D

Made the glasses strap out of jewelry wire, beads, crimp beads and 2 skull beads. Had to glue loops onto glasses so they'd stay on.

The wristbands are done, meaning my entire costume is finished! Yaaaaaaaayyyyy!! Now to wear it at Wales Comic Con, 26/04/15 ^_^

I dyed the fabric for the hat and the coat, but they turned out darker than I expected :( Will have to wash them again with some Pre-Dye to lighten the colour

After 8 months, I've finally finished my jacket; the first big project I've ever made using a sewing machine!

Just finished my first ever attempt at styling a wig. Looks pretty pathetic tbh, but hey, what do you expect when you're a beginner styling it for a character which has a receding hairline?

Lessons Learned:
1. Don't buy cheap crappy wigs from China.
2. Don't go crazy on the hairspray.
3. Pick characters with easier-to-style hair.

I have all the components for the costume. All that there is left to do now is slick my hair back and wear the costume to the con :)

After many failed attempts at making the crucifix pendant out of foam board (curse my wobbly hands!), I've finally relented and just bought one off eBay.

After several attempts of trying to make the crucifix pendant out of baking clay, I've decided to opt for foam board.

Wore this during the 2nd half of an xmas concert I did with the band of the Derbyshire ACF. My friend wore a last minute Captain Jack Harkness costume (as can be seen in photos).

I wore this cosplay to the showing of The Day of the Doctor in 3D at Odeon Derby. 'Twas a great night!

Had an awesome first con. Although it was awkward to walk around with the scythe, so I put it away. And the gloves made things hard to handle. And I could barely see/ breathe in my mask. And the all the straw fell off my wristlets. And my hat kept falling off. And the stitching came away from the mask's mouth, essentially destroying my mask. Besides from that it worked alright! XD

After many weeks of toil, I finally completed the costume.

After many months of searching, and several failed attempts to make my own, I have purchased a pair of gloves of eBay. More practice needed at sewing.

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