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I use to pretend to be Knuckles from Sonic The Hedgehog when I was little. I never grew out of pretending to be characters. For the HP book launch one time, I was Magonical. I don't know when it became "cosplay"... But for this it'll be when I dressed up as Link and went to Waterstone's first anime and manga night in King's lynn. 2007 I think...

I think the best thing about cosplay is the fact that I see it as not loosing your imagination to adulthood. You can cosplay at any age! I plan to take my great grandchildren to expos. I'll be Queen Victoria or something lolz

I have to say, making my Cloudette costume has really made me feel like walking around with my chest puffed out. It's the costume which shut up my mum (constant "you can't make that! You've not got the skills" when I started). She's not doubted me since, even if she's not that supportive either.

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Norfolk ;p

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May have just started this.


I have removed the sleeves from the shirt I'm using, and I have all my material bought.

I technically have two to make, as I'm making Catnip's too. Got to make it for May Expo, so ruuuuush jooob >< Cause I fail.

So here's the fabric I'm using for it all, minus the collar material.

-Purple and greeny/blue colour is polycotton, for the top/hat and shorts respectfully.
-Holosequin dressnet, to go over the shorts
-Pinky Purply material, I dunno what it's called and what side we're using, but it's got a lovely sheen without being stupidly shiny. It's for the trim.
-Dark reddy suiting material, for the lining, boots and accessories
-Gold ribbon, for some trims and the circlets on the boots
-White lining material, for the top and ruffles
-Holographic foil, NOT SHOWN, for the collar.

Certain items on my list are doubled up - this is because I'm buying material for two people in places (the lace and beads).

Likewise, purple, "shorts" and netting material are not on there. This is because I had these from a previous costume so the price is already "written off" so to say. Once I find out how much they were per metre, I'll add them to my list. Likewise, I'll remove from my list of the second costume, once I've worked out how much it was.

This list also shows shipping cost. Naturally, with the ones split across two this will change. I will half the cost of shipping when I can be bothered.

So, drafted the bodice of the top and the sleeve.

I hate pattern drafting. The paper does not co-operate.

Also, somehow the pattern ended up being big enough to fit myself AND Angel Tear and Catnip_Dreams in there with me. Even though I had it fitting the form and then testing it on myself :/

In the photo on the main page, the top is just tacked together, and is just the bodice atm. There are two pins in the boob area, as it was a bit big. ANNOYINGLY, Azusa's outfit is actually quite loose around her! Unfortunately, my bust does not measure up to her's, so I'm gonna make it tighter.

Also, cause, when I lean down in some of the parts of the song I'll give the audience an eyeful.

So, I am changing the boots in the image into the character's shoes.

I'm starting by cutting off all belts and decorative zips, then I'll cut the fabric to shape and glue it to the boot, finally hiding the zip and adding the little decor she has on her shoes.

I'm a little sad about doing these, as these are rather nice shoes, but I'll never wear them, mainly because I HATE zips on the outside of shoes. It just looks god awful and whoever decided that it was a good idea should feel bad about themselves.

Yeah, updating on Christmas. Sue me.

Well, I've ordered many velvet(esque) material and looked at stuff for the under top and apron - I think I'm going to use taffeta for the coffee coloured top (as I think it will look better) but I'm undecided on the apron. It needs to be discolourable.

The bolero and skirt is gonna require so much work! After failing miserably to find the right velvet, I then realised it's because her outfit is old so the velvet is old! And thus is distressed!

So I'm going to have to distress the velvet (and it's making me consider switching to hardmode Daniella in the red because I have very old red velvet curtains at home) which will take time >_<

Wig wise; I'm not finding the right colour, let alone style, so I'm dyeing my own wig and curling it myself :3

Getting a few bits commissioned as well, the gem and details mainly, cause I'm too lazy to do the details (and mine come out horrid and I want them to look fabulous) and the gem cause I don't actually have the facilities to make them. Getting them commissioned of Darkshines, who adores doing that kind of work!

I suppose this past planning stage, and now in progress...

No facial hair for me! Need to contour my face and work out how to do her damn hair!

Bleach may be the best option.

- This is to tie in with Angel Tear's Naked Snake.

Who, rather disappointingly, is not naked.

I've been planning this guy since I flicked open my Washington's Journal and saw him standing there; duck facing and his crotch in the centre of the page.

I think played the game, and I was like "this guy is amazing!"

So yes, this man is a definite!

I want to do the whole shebang, weapons and all! It's gonna cost a lot but it'll be totes worth it!

I may also wear him for Ayacon if I have time :3

Well, found a little cheapy shop on ebay which does good quality but cheap fur. I have narrowed it down to four, and I need to ask my friend what she wants to go for as it'll work out cheaper :3 They're "Super Luxury" Faux fur

They are Gray Coyote (top left), Brown Coyote (bottom left), Dark Brown Mix (top right) and Brown Wolf (bottom right)


Recently found out that a long time friend is now a black smith with pretty much free reign in the smithy. Now, I'm getting my hopes up, but I've just messaged him asking if he thought it would be possible to make the scales for me, then I paint and assemble them into her outfit. If it is... Christ, Lady Loki will be glorious!

Here's a breakdown of the beads:

50 x large "pearls"
100 x small "pearls"
50 x green teardrops
150 x clear teardrops
50g gold mix beads
50g green mix beads
50g Gold seed beads
100g Green seed beads
100g "Rainbow" emerald seed beads

- Won't necessary use them, and certainly not just for this costume, but I wanted to have them just in case I did decide to add (unnecessary) details

DA Page: http://morgancrone.deviantart.com/art/Lady-Loki-Headdress-295599457?q=boost%3Apopular%20Lady%20Loki%20Headdress&qo=0

I asked the maker of the headdress left to see if they would share how she made it. Here's what she replied with;

It was just sculpted out of MagicSculpt epoxy clay in layers like any other sculpture. It started out being built up on a white craft domino mask for shape becasue I didn't have a life cast on hand. The 'V' design on the front was separate and attached later, the horns were attached last and the sockets were built up last with Procreate epoxy putty for extra strength. In between layers it was dry sanded with different grits of sand paper, carved and cut down with various exacto blades and when it was all done it had another full sand down with a medium grit and then ultra fine grit sand paper and finally buffed with a sanding pad until it was smooth and somewhat shiny. After that it was sprayed with 3-4 coats of ModPodge gloss sealant, then a few coats of red Krylon spray paint and about 3 coats of Krylon Speciality Metallic spray paint in Gold.

And as I had posted to someone before The horns have an almost wire thin core of tightly twisted 'heavy duty' aluminium foil. This can't support the shape of the epoxy though, it just gave a base length to start with. While the epoxy was about a forth of the way cured is when I put the final curves into it and then exaggerated them even more in each layer. While curing the first layer I had them draped over different forms to support them and keep the curves from going flat. I used 3 layers of epoxy clay for each horn. Between each layer I scrapped them down with a bent razor blade and sanded and then a finishing sanding once all was done. One thing to remember, the epoxy clay is heavy and must have a VERY secure way to attach at the base of whatever you're putting it on. If what you're making is going onto a leather mask I would say to try the paper clay or polymer clay over a thick base of aluminium foil. There's also some really sturdy variations of paper mache these days that finish like clay. I had my reason for using the material I did for the horns but in other applications and designs I would use a different material. The epoxy clay (Magic Sculpt) is also rather expensive.

It's really just all basic sculpting, I mean this was the first time I used this stuff. I didn't even know about Magic Sculpt before, I was expecting something a little more like the epoxy putty but it's nothing like it and not quite like clay either. It's an interesting material though.

This wig is not thick enough, so I need to add a lot more extensions to it to give it the volume Lady Loki has. Damn nightmare.

I would grow out my own hair and add volume since I don't need it short for any planned cosplays (I'm not doing any guys for once :O) but that's a bigger nightmare.

Like the green kimono girl, this is just a design by Yamashita Shunya. However, I love it.

It shall be made.

Silks again, me thinks.

This is not a character, but a design by Yamashita Shunya. It is to be Catnip_Dream's birthday present. She knows, as I told her, so yeah!

I've got fabric already for it, which I was going to use for Lady Loki but it will this a lot better :3

I'll use white silk like material for the trims, and the reverse side of the material for the darker greens. I'll paint on the flowers :3

Obi, I'm not sure what material to use... I'll try and get similar material to the rest of it :3

I'll probably work on making all of them... As I like all the designs here.

This is my most ambitious project to date that I'm working on NOW.

I'm going to use a mixture of designs, with my own ideas added, and use a mixture of fabrics.

First things first: I need to lose weight. Not such a worry with my upper body, it's more my legs, but definitely need to lose weight.

Base and The scale armour: Gonna make a lycra suit that I'll attach the scales on and I'm going to make each one individually out of fabric. I'm also going to attach little gems to each one so it catches the light better. Hopefully, this will mean that they're not identical to each other but don't look too different either. I'm also going to use a variety of fabrics for it, so it's more textured, and that will also add to the depth of it... Hopefully... Also, the top and trousers of the suit will not be attached so I can pee without stripping!!

For the loincloth: I was thinking of using a wool which would be more accurate of the sorta time period it was from. Also considering hunting down green leather for it, then adding gold beading to the outside. Yes, it'll take a while, but oh well.

Belt: will be leather. However, I'm adding little satchels to it to put my stuff in.

Essentially, fabrics will be: Katonic silks (Indian silks), taffeta, leather and wool. It will be expensive.

It will look awesome

Metal gold pieces will probably be actually metal. I've already started collecting them. And they'll be a mix of golds and greens to add more to it :3

I plan to go all out on it.

Yeah, basically to say I got covered in tea and coffee. It smells now.

It doesn't look complete cause I commissioned the other stuff which I'm getting on Friday at Kita.

So the wig arrived - I was rather disappointed cause it's not as wavy as I thought it would be. So I've bought another which is a curly wig and brush the curls out.

So, after a successful whinge at Catnip-Dreams, I'm wearing silver leggings with this rather than thigh high socks, as I'm very uncomfortable with the idea of my thigh showing due to both my weight and my skin condition. I was considering wearing flesh coloured leggings or thick skin coloured tights underneath, but my boots are a tad of the tight side anyway, so with an extra layer they're unlikely to fit...

Anyway, I'm happier with that bit of leg covered!

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