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So in my last journal I was umm-ing and ahh-ing about how bland it all looked. Well today my mums school got a donation of scrap material and she bought some home for me, in goody bag was some gold and ivory brocade. Expensive looking stuff, matches with my previous material perfectly and it looks amazing~ without being in your face. i've got a few appliqués coming in the mail just to see what i can do with them.

My hoop skirt arrived, and it turns out the petticoat I made for Esmeralda fits over it perfectly. Rad. So I pinned my material into a dress to see id have enough to make it. Probably i still don't know. It looks kind Blah and bland to me its not very impressive, so i'm gotta try and figure out whats gonna me it look amazing. I'm leaning towards brocade and sparkles.

My boots arrived today and I looooooooove them, They're not super accurate but I don't mind since I just wanted something that would make my stumpy legs looks good. I've also finished the beady things and i'm just waiting on my pay check to get the rest of my materials.

stuffed his wire frame with tin foil and wrapped masking tape round it then used milliput to make the head and cover the body.

So the wig was a flop. looked like something you'd snatch off a a jerry springer guest in a fight. So bad. But I have another on the way, a much better one, better colour and style and texture. Should arrive any day now and then I'll practise some make-up.
Bought some material after work today from John Lewis, It's a 100% cotton toile, really light and quite sheer. Then I had to make a custom colour dye using procion dyes. Left it in the dye for 16 minutes and its now drying in the sunshine. Pic related.
The belt and shoulder mabobbas are gonna be lasercut from worbla.

So i'm bumping this forward to may expo. Since i have nothing else to go as. Me and mu Mum decided that we wanted to make a dress from GOT. I've bought a wig already hoping it'll be a-okay

Putting this in progress cause i have started buying stuff. It feels so weird not having to make anything from scratch for a cosplay instead just buying regular clothes and editing them :o

Bought the foam for the armour. So damn excited to get started.

The Shirt is done minus the collar. I can't be bothered to put it on now I have other stuff to worry about, It looks just as good without it.

okay so, the purple skirt has been shortened and now has a rolling hem. The under skirt is finished, it's got lace round the bottom and is now elasticated. The jop just need elastic and a collar and it's done. I finished off the waist scarf thing in a day, cut out a square 1 metre by 1 metre, Hand stitched the trim all the way round and put then attached the coins 7inches apart. :D

Got thin gold ribbon to sew onto the boning of the corset. Thicker gold ribbon for the trim of the waist scarf. I also now have my coins, laser cut from 2mm MDF. I've done sun and moon designs on them in 3d paint, didn't want boring plain coins. I will then spray paint them gold.

Elasticated the skirt finally after dragging myself away from Mass effect 3. I'm debating the underskirt in my head cause the skirt swishes so nicely and I don't wana ruin it. Gonna give it to my mum so she can take it to work and put a rolling hem on it using the overlocker. The top i'm wearing is my Ariel top since its kinda the same style but i'll be making the top as soon as I get the material. Also need to iron my headscarfbandthing so its flat.

I couldn't find any material in the colour so I cut a strip of the material I have left over from my Alice liddell underskirt and hand dyed it. It's a little darker than I would have liked but it's such pretty colour~
Gonna tidy it up and sew it tomorrow.

Cut my skirt out last night and its been sewn together. It's not quite a full circle skirt but its good enough considering I didn't use a pattern. I'm gonna get a rolling hem put on it but I gotta take the skirt up first. The waistband will be elasticated. Still gotta by a gold trim for a corset and belt/scarf thing as the left over stuff I have is not enough.

Wearing my Ariel skirt with it to cover up my lovely pink penguin pyjamas. Well pleased with it 8D

Brought a nice green underbust corset, Such a pretty colour. T'was a little expensive for my tastes but I figured I'll probably end up using it for waist training anyway so its a worthwhile investment. I'll find a swanky gold trim to stich onto it when I can

Been testing ways to put the blood on the apron, Cut patches of the left over material I used to make the apron, Researched what other people had suggested for blood on fabric and i saw alot of people used acyrlic paint so i mixed up Acrylic paint, Acrylic + PVA, then saw I had some Brusho dye so I mixed that in PVA. The Acrylic looked crap, The Acrylic + PVA looked even worse but the brusho dye and pva. Scary good. It has the perfect colour and consistancy of blood, And if I add more pva it looks like arterial blood which is usually brighter in colour. I'll be adding that to the apron on a day where its not so windy. But it'll look awesomely realistic. >8D mwuahaha

Babemroze let me borrow her wig head thingy so i could style my wig properly. I had to trim down the hairband so now its perfectly fitted to the wig. i'm still gonna give it a bit of a style up before i wear it, but i feel much more confident that it'll look amaze.

Attached tabs to the back of the pinafore so I can loop through the waistband and bow and stitched the waistband to the front to keep in place. I made the bow in the shape of a massive bow tie. I also added Elastic loops on the back of the skull so i can put it over the bow. In other words its fucking done. It's awesome. Probably the best thing i've ever made. Pictures tomorrow mayhaps.

Got some bleached calico to make the underskirt that will give my dress a bit more poof! I also got a very pretty lace trim i dunno where i'll stick it yet, if it'll go on the bottom of the white underskirt or on the bottom of the actual dress. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Now we have the right pattern the bodice has been cut, lined and stitched together. The skirt still has to be sewn onto it. There is so much skirt. Then when I've done the dress I can make the pinafore. I've spent ages cutting out blue butterflies to have in pictures aswell. My wittle fingers hurt like a bitch.

Made the heart pendant and swan from fimo clay using only my hands a pin that happened to be laying near by. Added the Wire, Baked, Painted with white acrylic, Spray painted gold now I just need a chain.

Officially complete. Mum took it to work with her when i was feeling sick and gave it a rolling hem. Today i adjusted the Red organza to make it look more even and made the sleeves into points and attached the elastic hoops for my fingers. Its so nice to wear and makes me feel all slim and slinky. I may still make the necklaces when I can be arsed. :D

Zip has been put in all I have to do now is make the sleeves pointed, Hem the dress and add the red organza and the jewel and it will be done :D I'm also going to make me and Emma/BabemRoze, Who will be my odette, matching necklaces.

Bodice and sleeves have been cut out and sewn together. The red stuff and skirt is just pinned on the mannequin. It won't look like such a hot mess when i'm done with it and bottom of the skirt will have godets in it.

FML. Cut the bodice pattern wrong. When i cut the material i completely forgot that I had snipped the shoulders off the pattern to make my Esmeralda. So my options are I bodge the sleeves which i don't want to do cause it will be obvious and look awful, or I go all the way back to London to get more material.

I'm so glad this goddamn dress is done. omg. I've put in so much effort, hard work and attention to detail and it's paid off, even if I do say so myself. After getting all the wrong types of Vilene to stiffen the belt, My mum finally managed to find Iron-on Vilene. The belt has more pleats in it that originally intended but it got to the point where I was past caring about accuracy and more caring about what would look and hold better. The dress is hemmed so it trails behind me but so i don't step on the front it like Phee McFlipperfeet. The underbust sash has had the fastenings change and its nw fully detachable and alot tighter. Might give the hairband and extra spray but thats not really essential. I'm gonna style my wig a little more the night before I wear this. Pictures will probably come later.

Elastic sewn onto the little armour bits. This is no complete and ready for Babemroze's Dragonage origins + 2 at kitacon. 1 down. 3 to go.

Made from foam, I researched some ancient Greek designs and decided i didn't really like the geometric designs so i opted for a more floral design based on golden laurels and a typical Grecian flower design in the center. I used 3d paint to put a little border and the details on the leaves. My cat decided to sit in it whilst it was drying but you can't see where it smudged a little. She got her comeuppance I had to cut the dried 3d paint off her tail fur. I measured it around my wig and it'll look great when I poof my pony tail up a bit. :B Well chuffed how this cosplay is turning out.

Bracers are done, made out of all the scrap pleather I had left, so they're a bit scruffy but fuck it. adds to the effect of being battle worn. Just have the knee pads to do now and I have to figure out how I'm going to attach/wear them nd the shoulder armor. I also decided on wearing the same boots I wore for female squall. Looks quite nice together. Hopefully i can pull off this outfit D:

So the dress is finnnnnnallllyy sewn together with a purple bit under the bust. The underbust purple part has poppers in the back so i can easily get the dress on over my head and it will be cinched in and and fitted nicely when done up at the back, No zip needed i'm glad about that cause i think a zip would just ruin the overall look of the dress. The swirlies are glued together and spray painted gold. Just gotta attach them, Make the belt, Make the hair thingy and hem the dress and then i'm done. Have a sneaky peek of ma swirlies, do excuse the armour underneath :D

Expensive! but high quality taffeta. It's got a two-tone kinda look to it and its the perfect colour. Well chuffed :D Hopefully i won't maim it with my skills.

Made from foam, one layer of papier mache, spray painted gold and painted with dark green acrylic just need to figure out how i'm going to attach or wear them. Elastic most likely.

The swirly button thingies. Laser cut out of ply-wood I think. I dunno. I have to paint them white and glue the swirl to the button before i can spray paint them. i'm gonna try and weather them a bit so they go with my dapper jesus boots.

The wig has kind of curled. I'm past caring. IT WILL DO. I don't want to maim a perfectly good wig. The make-up was just a quick try over my Odile make-up so its deffo not the finished look. The dress skirt still needs to be sewn to the top and i should be getting the swirly disk thingies tonight.

My wig came today! :o its so bouncy and blonde! so i decided i'd practice a make up look for this. Tried to keep it Natural looking and the lip color as close as i could get. Atm its just
-eyeshadow primer
-matte brown eyeshadow
-shimmery cream colour eyeshadow
- black liquid liiner
- and a coral colour lip.

I'm quite excited to start making this dress.

I hate this cosplay with a passion right now. Top is almost done. It looks nothing like how i wanted it to. I haven't started any off the small parts of armor. Had a drama with the skirt last night. Went to get the reference picture and left my mum with the left over pleather. Come back and she's hacking at it. Now i have to hash the skirt together because i don't have enough to do it the way i was going to do it. Ya look away for five seconds..

Stubborn wig won't frickin' curl! i've used my straightners. nothing. just kinks. so annoying! at the moment is hung up on a curtain with foam curlers in and copious amounts of hairspray, styling spray and water gonna give it a blow dry later on see how it goes. Poxy thing! I'd put up a sneaky peek of my dress but it doesn't want to be photographed at all. It just looks shite whatever i do. But it looks reaaaaaaallllllllllllllyyyyyy good in real life. I just have to attach the skirt to the top. Add the swirly wirly thingies and do the dark purple bits. stupid stupid outfit. Sandles look pretty with it though. Gotta be happy about that.

Materials Acquired. Surprise surprise! I'm making the black part satin. Always with me and the damn satin. Good thing its not a super shiny satin so it should be okay. Got a Red tulle/organza type effort for the trim on the neckline and a nice fat gem for the decoration.

It occurred to me earlier this evening that I hadn't even thought about shoes for this meg dress. So of to eBay I went and found some dapper Nazareth knock-abouts, some Jesus boots, some really pretty gladiator sandals. I know Megs are brown and kinda boring. so i opted for some gold ones. Fuck logic. (pic related) They were cheap, they were pretty and they look kinda authentic. in a way. So i guess that's why i got them. As i figured i'd probably go for a dusty gold and bronze accents on my dress. Speaking of the dress it's going slow as issues at home are a little more dire than a dress. But now things are hopefully perking up I've managed to cut the panels of the lower part of the dress out. If it doesn't work i'm not gonna be surprised cause I didn't use a pattern. I bodged it. Hope for the best.

Okay so the top is almost done, just need to make eyelets and lace up the front of it. try to hide the mahoosive cock up I made. Shows a bit to much boob. so i have to fix that. I'm running low on brown pleather so i'll use the rest of it to make leather strips on the skirt and the rest will have to be green or painted foam.

Wig bought! (pic related) for a bargin price of £13.19. From the same seller as my meg wig so hopefully it'll be okay! I'm hoping i'll be able to get it done by kitacon. I just keep adding more to my mountain workload already :D Why the hell not! its not fun if its not a depressing challenge that makes you homicidal!

This morning my wig arrived! it took some effort to get all of my hair under it but with a few bobby pins i think i've succeeded. It unstyled at the moment but i'm gonna be adding a few ringlets at the sides and the end of the pony tail. i'm well happy with it cause its such a pretty colour! goes nice with the purple dress. Fabulous!

Note: Due to blatant plagiarizing of features on my dress I will not be updateing the progress on it here until it's complete. However it will be updated on my facebook. :Db

Sometimes I hate the way my brain works. It sees the materials completely re-designs the entire outfit. Thanks brain, like my work load wasn't big enough already without having to redesign and fancy up some Armour. I got some dark green leatherette stuff and some spangley beady trim. I'm probably gonna go for the dalish armour look. I highly doubt i'll be able to pull it off though. Bugger.

The Vorpal Blade is officially done. Despite the fact i stuck the blade on wrong I'm quite happy with it. At the moment its lacking the blood which i will be doing. I painted the handle in dark brown acrylic and buffed on a metallic bronze paint. The blade is made of foam and is supported by skewers. The design on the blade is painted on. It needs some touching up where the hot glue gun peeled my paint off and i need to add the blood splatters. Apart from that. Le Done.

Brought some stripey black and white footless tights. Footless because i can wear those squishy fluffy kinda socks that hug your soul. You know the ones. As a precaution The boots I've got are uncomfortable. I searched for hours for the nearest to perfect pair of boots I could find (pic related). They don't have as many buckles. But they are damn well good enough.

Also the vorpal blade handle is coming along well. i manged to pick off all the crappy 3d paint. utter shite that it was. now i'm doing the design in 2 coats of some textiles volume squeezy majigga.

Made from hobby craft make and bake clay. I'm not sure if that's polymer clay or not. Took me forever to work and warm that shit up in my hands, but i managed it and the result is a slightly wonky and bumpy looking handle. it bends slightly to one side where i laid it down on the baking tray to cook. So no the entire thing will be wonky. I am disappoint 8I. I'll be doing the raised design in 3d paint. what could possibly go wrong with that? >_>

Edit: The answer to that. Very very wrong.

The top has been cut and tacked for now. i'm gonna sew it later. Just faffing about with the material AS YA DO. To see what it might look like all together and voila. with and without the top purple-y bit. its not all permanent just pinned together for now i'll be buying my wig as some point today to. I'm like in love with it barely needs any styling just a quick floof and curl. :D

The top has been cut and pinned, gonna do the top a little different to how i usually do, i'm gonna add the cowl neckline as a seperate peice of material over a normal empire line top. Hopefully it'll look dapper.

As you can see i got a Mannequin dress form thingy for Christmas and i got a bit carried away setting it up. This is a quick little set up of how I kinda want my dress to look. obviously not exactly like that as this was done with the uncut material and pins. But it will have the cowl neckline, hopefully a boned waist and the lines of the boning will flow nicely down the skirt. If everything goes to plan. Woo.

I got a plain white cotton for the apron today. still pondering material choices for the dress and waiting til i can go to the special awesome material shop my mum has found out about. Decided to make the vorpal blade out of clay and foam. event though i wanted to make it from would kitacon rules says no wood weapons :C

Just realized i already have the elf ears knocking about and i'll be going material shopping at some point so i'm moving it to in progress and there nothing you can do to stop me 8C

Woke up this morning and my mum has sewn on the frondy bits to the top. Really only have the bottom part to cut into shape and add frondy flappy bits to, then i'll trim them up so they don't all look the same or i dunno. bodge it. like i do.

The top is now sewn to the skirt and my mum help me put in a 'hidden' zip so i can fit the poxy dress over my tatas. Made the tassle-y bit for the top awsell. Yesterday i bought a replacement lipstick for pocahontas as the one i was gonna use broke. ill fix it after expo, i also got some bronzer to fake her cheekbones and a natural brown eyeshadow. I need to find my hair extensions to. As long as my hair is, it's not quite pocahontas length yet.

Fiddle-y arsey thing.Made from fimo clay. i couldn't decide if i wanted to make it seperate beads or one whole thing. after failing dismally with my the beads i opted for a making it in one piece with the white doodad hanging by a wire. I used white Fimo and painted it with acrylic paints. It's tied up round the back with a natural coloured string/bootlace kinda thing.

I've set myself a challenge.
To have this costume complete by the friday of expo. that gives me 11-ish days to make it. I'm off to a good start. cut out all the pieces for the dress, gonna go out tomorrow to get some fimo for the necklace, lighter bit of material for the tassle-y bits, and a dark brown something for the waist.

I actually have the perfect colour satin for this dress that i got 3 metres of when i got a darker purple for my esmeralda dress (ickle diddy picture related) BUT i'm not sure i like the idea of megs dress being satin at all. I want the dress to swish like hers does but not shine. So i'm gonna look for a light linen or cotton perhaps. who knows its all a mystery for now

i can't decide which one to do. Long silver hair or short silver hair!

Finally~..ish. Okay so the make thing is hemmed and i had a nervous breakdown when i snipped a little hole in the front of my bodice but my mum stepped in like "bitch plz. i got this." and she fixed it for me. all i have to do now is the purple bit round the middle and the jewellery. What could possibly go wrong.

The Dress is just pinned together right now and needs to be sewn together and the skirt needs to be hemmed. When thats all done I need to put in a zip which will make it tighter around my waist. Theeeeeen I have to do the purpley bit round the middle. i also need to stop my scarf from fraying by sewing that up but its such an fiddley arsey job to do. but hey! at least the crown is done.

Started my scarf today, I'm gonna use the entire metre of organza for the scarf because i bought dark purple satin for the sleeves and waist. I used the entire gold fabric pen, every last drop. i had to unscrew the nib and empty it out into a cup to finish the suns and moon and i still have stars to do. i'll probably have to fork out for another pen. I used a circular frame to keep the material still and a tight whilst i drew the designs freehand on it. looooooong. D;

Skirt is done-ish. its not as swishy as i'de like but i'm gonna leave it for now if, if i still don't like it i'll add more panels to it to make more swishy.

This bitch. omg the first day of making it, stressed me out anything that could go wrong did then my cat decided it would be really fun to walk across my satin with wet muddy paws. Not amused. Because i'm using satin I have to line the stupid thing so it doesn't fray, so i cut around the patterns for a bodice shape top and lined it all. Pinned it onto my self so i could fit it quite tight and add darts. I also decided i don't like the material, I picked out for the sleeves so i've bought two different colours of purple satin, one darker one more violet, to see which will look better. the one i don't use i'm gonna end up useing for something else. cos i'm a creative bitch like that. This dress will be my demise because i'm to proud to accept any help from anyone. Its me Vs the satin. Game on O^O/

I started on the crown today, i made it all out of wire first and have put on the first coat of papier maché. My plan is to somehow fix it onto a hair band and then do the circlet part, and paint the lot gold.

So today i got the Fabric for this dress.

The red silk is for the main body of the dress, i'm going to make the skirt reallllly flowy so i can swish it lots. 8D

I'm a little iffy about the Organza because its a bit stiff but i'll figure it out. i originally wanted a purple chiffon for the waist, scarf and sleeves but it was like £13 a metre, so fuck that cos i'm poor. Hopefully the organza will be good enough. but we'll see.

The fabric pen was a neat little find because originally i was just going to bodge the scarf with my shimmering gold acrylic paint that i use for my art. but this pen will make it a whole lot easier and neater to draw on the design.

YAY! i'm so excited for this costume.

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