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* Strive to make most parts of my cosplays as possible
* Quite picky with detail = longer time to finish cosplays = added costs DX
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Whoops! only just realised I never uploaded a journal entry about the shirt ^^;; my bad... time to make up for loss time ;D

For a start, drafting the shirt was a pain in the arse as I had to take in the bust size quite a bit cos the pattern had waaay bigger measurements from my own and further complications were added when I had to figure out how to fasten the damn thing baring in mind of the gold binding on the shirt. I somehow came up with the solution to sew in an open ended zip and bondaweb strips of PVC. This took much precision and time ¬.¬

As for the swirly details on the shirt, I didn't feel right painting it so I chose to embroider it all (This pattern continued from one side of the shirt across the back and to the other) May have sounded tedious but after embroidering over 4ms of stencils and using over 29 skeins from when I did Rapunzel, the design on Marth's shirt was quick only using 9 lots of thread( from what I can remember?) XD Kinda regretted I didn't use a more visible blue colour but I'm not prepared to make the shirt all over again X<

After all those bits were constructed and shirt lined etc. the 'chain' detailing on top of the gold PVC was left to do. After doing a small fabric test, I achieved this by using bondaweb and spandex (since I didn't have access to a different gold PVC colour).
After drawing out a stencil, I painstakingly sat there to cut out all those tiny holes and finally ironed it all into place. In the end I was quite pleased with what I made :D

When I couldn't find the right shape, size or colour of gold buttons for Otoya's shoulder strap things, I decided to get hold of some plain button covers that came with a backing, using gold spandex to cover them. They're so easy to use and will be investing in them more in the future should I need them :D

Based on the chibi gacha machine version,I noticed the shoes were white with a black sole. Much hunting round later, I discovered it wasn't easy to find something like this on the high street which didn't cost me an awful lot.

So I had the option to get either a cheap pair of canvas shoes which were white and paint the sole black or get a black pair and paint the 'fabric' part white. In the end, I used a black pair.

To ensure the shoes looked white, I painted a few layers of white fabric paint over the pair and sealed them using mod podge which looked pretty snazzy afterwards ;D

To add that pretty bling to the dress, I used iron on gems in 3 sizes.

I may need to press them down harder next time as they didn't quite all stick down properly and may need to add more to make it more fabulous ;D

I had no idea what fabric to use for that brown part of Sheryl's dress that would look elegant and sparkle. After some time searching, I still couldn't find the perfect thing X<

But one day when I was looking round in a fabric shop, I got hold of some brown chiffon and draped it over some sparkly mess fabric which actually ended up looking quite nice :) It's a bit difficult to see the stars but I'm happy the effect is there!

Goes to show sometimes it can be great to experiment with fabrics to see what cool effects u could possibly get :)

Made the base dress in a week using red taffeta ready to be blinged up :)

The next hardest piece to get right was the shell. In some ways drafting this was trickier cos there was no back view so I had no idea how low or high it sat...

Once again, after making a mock up of the shape using a jacket pattern as a base, I sewed all the panels together to ensure it'll be form fitting and started working out where Squirtle's signature shell lines were.

To make the lines stand out, I at first was gonna sew a single line of wide stitches. However, this did not make the lines stand out so I settled for satin stitching instead which worked out better :)

To form the white bits of the shell, I at first was gonna opt for cording encased in strips of polycotton. The cord was not thick enough so I used wadding.

THIS. THIS was BY FAR the HARDEST part of the entire cosplay which I was dreading the most to make and once I got started on it, I had every right to be annoyed with it ¬_¬# (Ignore the animal print sheet btw cos I had nothing else to use XD)

The patterning was hellish! The shape was annoying, lining it was annoying, drafting out the swirly patterns to applique on was annoying and the overall precision, yep you guessed it was annoyingly gay ><

BUT managed to get there in the end even though the bust area bugs me!

A long while ago I purchased a wig which I was planning to use for Sheryl or even Kirakishou. When it came to me, gorgeous colour but it was probably 20cm too short for either but I kept it anyways. Another time I purchased a creamy peach wig for a Toko Murasame cosplay. Again it was beautiful but I felt it needed a little volume. However, getting a second wig to weft was going to be expensive so this is where the the first pinkish wig came into play ;D

I completely destroyed the pink wig and wefted everything into the longer peach one. I was a little concerned at first whether this will make the colour go weird but it came out looking rather pretty!! <3

To make the skirt all nice and floaty I used chiffon for the top with a layer of georgette for the bottom. Both of which are circle skirts (Which wasn't very easy to construct as the fabrics kept sliding ¬.¬#) Got there though and I'm pleased with it :)

Plus, to give it a little more boost in volume, I made a small petticoat which consisted of 2 more circle skirts :3

I have a wig which resembles Squirtle (Only shorter plait and has layers) and if the colour was darker, it could even used as an Aladdin Magi wig ;D

Continuing from the last entry: (Photos left to right)

Photos 6-8 show the wig from side, front and back view after I cut all the top set of fibres in layers :)
Photo 9 shows the remaining fibres first being brushed out straight and divided into 3 equal parts ready to plait. It was rather to tricky to do this without any strands escaping! (But luckily it wasn't noticeable XD

There was two ways I could have tackled this wig:

Method 1: Buy two really long wigs of similar style and colour, weft together and style
Method 2: Buy one short base wig whilst adding separate wefts and style

In the end I of course chose the 2nd one. Though the weft length wasn't as long as I wanted them to be, by far it was much easier to sew separate packs of wefts in than to take one row apart at a time from another wig. Plus, the longer the length of a wig, the harder and irritating it is to handle! DX

Anywho just gonna explain how I started 'part 1' of this process. (Photos from left to right)

1. Base wig I started with (It's a seriously GORGEOUS shade of blue -I'm in love with it!!)
2. Used clips to hold the upper layers and pinned the loose weft in position before sewing in. I traditionally start from the 'bottom' of a wig and work up.
3. As the wefts were fairly long, I loosely plaited each one when I was finished sewing, so they don't get in the way of the later wefts.
4. Finished wefting completely, I then undid one plait at a time and brushed it straight. I then separated it in 3 sections.
5. Now came the fun part... Hacking and styling! :D Though it may have seemed tedious to repeat steps 4 and 5 over and over, I was having an unbelievable enjoyable time with this wig <3

Feeling that the shoes would be a little bit plain leaving them as it is even with the sparkly paint job, I decided to add an extra little detail to them using a pearl trimming; appropriate to the theme of the 'aquatic'.

This was probably easier than the arm things to sew XD Honest! The 'hardest' part about it was really inserting the elastic lol
My only complaint is that I think I cut it a little short but ah well, it does the job of protecting my decency should it come to one of those accidental embarrassing moments of flashing people XD

In the midst of waiting for paint to dry, I decided to make those arm bands which were very easy and quick to put together and kinda remind of sweet wrappers....

Simply these are made from a rectangle gathered on both ends using elastic. To give that puffiness, there's a bit of wadding inside each. Ideally I did want to make them more 'round' than squished but they do hold the overall shape and size I'm after so sticking with them :)

I knew those extra packs of glass beads I brought ages ago were good for something :D Yay bracelets!

So instead of buying a whole new pair of shoes, I decided to upcycle a pair of flats I hardly wear anymore and if I destroyed them, it's no big loss ;b

To start, I took off the bows on both pairs and then covered them in blue chiffon using mod podge. After leaving them to dry, I cut the excess fabric off and folded the loose pieces ready to hot glue down.

Feeling the shoes were a little bit odd in colour, I decided to paint over the chiffon with some metallic fabric paint which gives it a subtle sheen :)

Construction summary in a quick nut shell:

1. Used an A1 piece of acrylic board (I fudged up the shape twice so was happy I had enough to remake the body) and cut to right shape after measurements
2. Scored edges of fold and stuck pieces together with hot glue
3. Draw the space where the central gold pattern was gonna be. Cut the top to form the triangle dip for sword placement
4. Used Masking tape and papier mached the edges for extra strength. (Whilst avoiding the central area for a smooth paintable surface) After wrapped ' newspaper' sections in craft foam. Added a strip of craft foam for top of sheath
5. Sealed foam
6. Painted and sealed paint job
7. Added gold bits using PVC and left over acrylic board

I Regret not taking that many photos upon the construction of this cos I was in a mad mad rush and this was stressing me out @_@ It was only until I painted the gold pattern and added the other gold bits, I began to like it XD Am considering to remake this but still not bad for my first sheath :)

Decided to cast some earrings for this. Need to attach them to some pearl ones

(From left to right process after calculations and drafting shape on paper)

1. Cut 3 similar pieces from foam board. 2 of which had the middle part cut out. Stuck 3 pieces together
2. Bevelled edges ('Wings' being a particular pain)
3. Polyfilled and sanded
4. papier mached
5. Polyfilled again to remove papier mache bumpiness
6. Gessoed
7. Painted
8. Weathered, sealed and stuck on casted resin gems

Overall thoughts: Bloody tedious to make *glares at wings* Learnt loads for my first ever home made sword but pleased with how it looked after weathering to define the edges that became lost after painting :)

I'm sure all cosplayers who choose to do this version of Marth have all gone, WTF is that symbol at the back of his cape!? Like u get the lion and unicorn but I have no feckin idea what the middle is supposed to be! :/ No joke, this pretty much carries that tradition of how awkward FE cosplays are ¬.¬

So needless to say, I had to improvise parts, however, when I drew the thing out, it might have just been me or it was nintendo's intention but the more I analysed the symbol, I started to see a man fighting a dragon... To me this would make a lot of sense if you had played Shadow dragon or more likely Awakening. I stuck with this logic so I after drawing the thing on tracing paper, I simplified it down and traced the design on bondaweb which I then transferred onto blue polycotton and satin stitched round the edges. It gave surprising nice results than as opposed to painting it as I didn't want to ruin the fabric which had a nice matte but shiny finish ;D ... I totally cannot sew a unicorn and lion - they look so fat and ugly!! OTL

After the pain with the applique, figuring out the shape of the cape wasn't easy... Much experimentation later, I discovered the way it drapes in the game is not at all possible to how it sits in real life. To get that lovely rouging effect, with the cape front swinging to the side and hanging evenly at the back, I had to sew this cape in 4 parts. There are probably easier methods but its as good as I can get it. To finish, the brooch is casted with resin and base made from worbla :D

This was terrifying for 2 reasons.
1. I've never made body armour
2. The scale and curves had to be just right without making the whole thing look like cardboard (particularly the breast plate which I personally think is rather gay XD)

Following Kamui's method to drafting out armour patterns, I manage to work out a way to make the pieces not too big and how to define shape. (darts works wonder)
I pretty much winged it and was quite pleased with the result. Cos of worbla, it was surprisingly easy to construct the whole thing. Just rather time consuming when it got to the polyfilling and sanding... It was made less fun that I was out in the hot sun trying to make white armour smooth. My sun glasses did not help my eyes lol
After several hours of repeating this tedious process of filling and sanding, it was on with the painting and weathering. The swirly designs (Which I had to draw out 4 times for the pauldrons (as I noticed the underside had patterns too) were drawn on with 3D paint to make it easier than using rolled up worbla. They were later defined when I weathered the armour which made such a difference! Finally I sealed the pieces with clear spray which made it super shiny but protected the paint work well :D

I couldn't find anything in the right or appropriate shade so I decided to hacked a couple of really cheap belts and covered them in some left over suede I had. I just love the feel of them than them being made from leather or pleather :D

As for the charm, I first casted the brown oval thing from resin to determine how large the actual thing was going to be. Next, was the drafting of the rather awkward squished octagon... this took a while to get right translating a 2D object to 3D ¬.¬
I musta drew out 5 nets before I got something workable!! After a bit of frustration, making it wasn't too bad cos I decided to work with worbla so that the edges will stick clean. :) Then the last step was to give it a paint job, seal it and attach it to the belt ;)

Quite pleased with how this turned out I have to say ^^ I love it mostly cos it brings out my waist XD

Soo one major mistake I made out of so many others when I first cosplayed as Mist was choosing the wrong wig ... The colour I felt was perfect but the volume of it was ick! It was so damn thin and there wasn't enough fibre to make thick hair braids whilst making the back look fuller (if that makes any sense at all??)...

So to fix this I chose to buy two fairly cheap gold brown wigs and weft them together to get a good amount of body which it does now have :D Afyer I spiked the fridgy bits and I'm pretty darn proud of this wig!! My wig styling is slowly getting a bit better I think? XD

So the first time I cosplayed as Mist, I totally did not research into how to handle craft foam properly and well the first set I made was a complete mess!! XD

TO tackle this problem I decided to get a bit of worbla and try it out to see if the joining can be done more smoothly - OMG it is amazing stuff!!

After successfully joining the small pieces together, I covered them in gesso, painted, weathered and sealed them. Its not too bad of a start for using worbla for my first time :3

The more I focused on the gloves, the more I saw them as two parts. For the sake of making it easier I decided to make separate gloves and gauntlets.

Marth has 4 straps along the gauntlets and this is where the boot straps came in XD After making the gauntlets out of leathertte to match the gloves, I measured and hacked the straps and luckily had enough to do 8 pieces ;)

The only thing I don't like are the buckles as they're not sitting right but I can't do anything about that now XD

When I carefully analysed Marths boots I noticed they were not really a long pair of boots; instead two small shoes with some weird leather like leg warmers coming out of them ¬.¬ ... so knowing this, the plan to was to let a pair of base shoes I could work with and make the 'leg warmers' out of leatherette... However, any base shoes I found were too pricy so my other alternative plan was to get a pair I owned and make shoe covers for them.

Then suddenly, I came across one of those rare cosplay miracle accidents. As I looked through what shoes I had as a base, there were a pair of boots I owned that I hadn't worn for a while cos the sole was giving in (In fact I actually threw them away ages ago but my parents rescued them - which I am grateful for!!) Though the heel wasn't correct, I noticed it not only had a split seam so it gives the illusion of it being one shoe with something protruding outta it but it was rouging! on top of this, they came with leather straps!! (which I'll explain what happened to them in the next entry)

So with these almost perfect boots, I cut the straps, gave them a blue paint job, hand sewed leatherette for the top, stuck strips of leatherette and craft foam pieces to the base and walla! :D

Never made a pair of gloves using the 'ridges between the fingers' with leatherette so to be safe got a scrap piece of something in a similar material and drafted it out roughly. After two scrap tests, I got my pair of gloves. To reinforce the 'holes' in the gloves I decided to satin stitch the big one and use eyelets for the knuckles....
Er they're not only a bit of a squeeze to get into but not exactly comfy... My only hope is they'll hold up as I discovered that leathertte rips easy ^^;;;

I honestly had a bit if nightmare with the wig - I coulda opted for either a white wig to go with the cosplay or contrast with a blended orange pink wig. I chose a pink one but the one that arrived was far too 'Sheryl Nome'... so thats when I decided to buy two cheap white wigs and have a go at wefting them together to get all that wonderful volume needed for Kirakishou.

Haven't styled it but pretty proud of it so far :) Sure this method over worked my fingers, gave me back and butt aches but yay! Volume!!

Right... so Sylentium was in the process of making the head but ran out of time to finish it for Minami. She however gave me what she did of the staff head and then I went ahead and lost it OTL

BUT cos of her staff, I had an idea how to make it. It's not as smooth as I wanted it but it'll do for the time being :)

1. Draw template
2. Cut templates and 'embossed' pieces from cardboard twice
3. Line wrong side with newspaper and secure down with masking tape
4. Tape both head templates together
5. Hot glue down embossed details both sides
6. Papier mache
7. 'Clay' papier mache
8. Polyfill
9. Sanding....
10. White acrylic paint
11. Spray paint gold
12. Mod podge
13. Weather

Quick photo to show how the wings sit against the dress and my homemade belt :D

I was terrified at the thought of making wings but they turned out to be fun to put together despite the amount of things that went a bit wrong... The hardest part about this was honestly finding the right thickness of wire! The ideal thickness is supposedly 14 gauge in American terms but I had no bloody clue what the UK equivalent was! I was lucky my dad said he had some stashed around somewhere and it was just about right to make the wings :D
- To start I created a template of a wing (Which I forgot to photograph as well as many other steps OTL)
- I bent the wire to the template shape (trying to get them to be as symmetrical as I can)
- I cut organza leaving at least an inch more of fabric; around the shape of the frames
- After pinning the organza I hand sewed (yes) all round the frame(S) twice...
- Cut away the excess and sealed the edges with fabric glue
- I traced around a star template onto felt (as it doesn't fray) and did tiny stitches on each corner to attached (I learnt using bondaweb and glues aren't good for this)

I now possess a cute pair of wings <3

Heated and shaped the corset like mad just to get in a few curves XD

Made from the same method as the corset:

1. Drafted a pattern
2. Drew around pattern on craft foam
3. Cut out all the fancy detail and separate pieces
4. Glue everything together

All that's left to do is to add the red gems :)

After a hell of a lot of time of trial and error pattern making, I basically stepped up and tried making the golden corset. The research would have been incredibly long and daunting had it not been for this brilliant tutorial I found on Deviant art by FireLily :D Seriously much love to her tutorial on vinyl and craft foam.

Ok I coulda made a corset with all the fancy panels but I wanted it to be accurate which meant it had to be seamless. After I made the basic structure, it was a tad shapeless and the patterns weren't shown quite deep enough but I don't think I did too bad .. either way twas a learning experience in 'armour-ish ' making I guess =b

Running outta time, I decided to make this much easier dress than the other variant. However, I didn't want it to look like a plain cotton dress so instead I did an extra bit of research into the fabric choices. I evetually came across some beautiful white print taffeta which I thought was so pretty and would make the dress have that subtle but extra bit of detail :D

For the construction however I had to sacrifice accuracy over volume. No matter how I saw the bottom of dress, I concluded that it had to be a large circle skirt to get all that poofiness. To add extra volume I used a hoop skirt and a petticoat I had made from another cosplay and am pleased with how it turned out. :)

Soz for terrible lighing! The top part didn't take too long to make - it was just the bottom half cos I've never made a bubble hem skirt before DX

I honestly kept forgetting about this cos it wasn't a huge priority compared to everything else but god I had to include this cos this tiny object is actually really significant in the series. The ending song for the series was based on it and whenever I listen to it, it makes me kinda sad ;_;

Left photo: My poor first attempt using pipe cleaners, tissue paper and acrylic paint... this made the braid too heavy and chunky looking!! ><
Right photo: The actual final braid made entirely outta twisted and scrunched up paper :D

Again the base wig had a bloody long fringe so a lot had to be hacked off! XD I chose a light misty violet than a deep lavender for her as the colour seemed more accurate ( so many different shades to choose from it was unbelievable!!)

The colour was a bit of a pain to find with this dude. And you wouldn't believe how ridiculously long the bangs were XD After I hacked it, it now has a slight bob cut to it which I'm not too sure on ... Will trim it a little later if I'm really bothered by it :/

Exactly as described ... I brought a cheap ass t-shirt (which is slightly see through) and a simple pair of white shoes XD The shorts I put together in a day using cream coloured cotton than a lemon yellow cos I couldn't find the right colour OTL

*re-upload to change photo*

I freakin loved this dress design 8D All the red *drools*

Honestly what self respecting man wears a tiara????

First thing I tackled was this made using spandex and craft foam - may want to remake it later as it was done in a rush too OTL For now will have to do. Wig styled quickly. The colour I think is a little bright but it's close enough ...

Just to pack a little more detail, I decided to make the bows look a lot more prettier by using ribbons and pearls. This I felt with the pigtails made the wig look more cutesy too ^^ Don't mind the bangs as I gotta still sort them out and I was in a bit of rush to plug the wig base on XD

From the moment I saw the design, the first thing that came to mind was there's not enough of an oriental feel towards it. So as I was searching for fabric, I came across a stunner! Light pink brocade with cherry blossom branches 8D This fabric alone injected the very thing that was missing from the illustration and doll <3
However though it's gorgeous from the outside working with it is another story altogether... ¬.¬ It is truly one of the most horrid fabrics that I've ever dealt with cos of the way it madly frays DX When I finished working with it, I swear it looked like someone dumped a group of cats on me if they had italic fur! Pain in the ass to get off the carpet too ¬.¬
Not only was the fabric terrible to work with at times but it was tough in how I had to learn about pleating the proper way and insert godets (both of which r alien techniques to me). In addition I started with a really odd pattern to begin with so the dress shape wasn't as 'custom' fitted as I wanted it to be :/ But it fits and I have a dress! :D

Originally I was planning on stringing beads along a silver chain to get that beaded effect for the red ruffle dress but as soon as I wore it, the chain snapped in no less than 5 minutes DX ...
So to lessen my worry with his happening at expo, I decided to hand sew (God knows how many) beads all round the two layers which took me quite a few hours but I'm so glad it was done! I was getting bored when it got to the end and I kept countung how many beads I had left to do when I clearly know it's 'X' number lol
But it's worth it as I found it was a much better solution cos the beads r least likely to come off and I don't have to keep adjusting the position of them :)

The only thing I had to really do was style the wig. I didn't wanna get a wig that would break the bank for him ^^; so I found one which could work as a base wig for Akashi (instead of a wig that sellers tag with the characters name in it cos it's extortionate!) and it only cost something just over £13 (which I think is decent compared to a short red wig which can cost £20 O_O)

Of course as it's a base wig (with a gorgeous shade of red) it meant I would have to hack it myself ^^;; When it came to me it was quite long for Akashi's as his hair is fairly short. I think I cut a but too much of the front fringe but it'll pass :3

(from left to right: original wig - amount that was hacked off - final wig)

I honestly had the biggest smile on my face when my cosplay arrived within a week of it being sent off from the seller!! 8D And it fits!! I seriously freakin love it!! <3 (ignore my face as I'm not wearing any make up) XD

For absolutely ages I was so so stuck on how to do that flary bit at the bottom. I did find a pattern which was perfect but it worried me that the finished dress would be really tightly fitted around the hips all the way down to the knees which not only would restrict a lot of movement but show of all those unnecessary rolls of fat on me DX

Then street angel gave me some advice to not make it ridiculously tight round the hips and to get that flare effect I should insert godets ... Sheer brilliance!! I couldn't believe I NEVER thought about that! Resolving this, the dress was given the green light ^_~

(Illustration drawn and demonstrated by the lovely street-angel <3) Diagram on left is the restrictive idea and on the right is what I feel more comfortable with :D

As expected I was frustrated with this ... the fan ended up lying really flat with not enough gathers (which I funnily am tempted to go back to correct) and the trail wasn't an easy journey either...

Excuse me whilst I prepare for another rant *Clears throat*
I decided to use the same fabric I was planning to use for my dress to match so I knew the trail would be heavy if I also chose to line it in that fabric. So instead of doing that I opted for something light - seeing as how I couldn't find any pink georgette, chiffon was the next best thing... *shudders*

U can guess that I stressed out using it - the fabric kept moving hence the panels didn't line up and I didn't wanna treck to the fabric store to get anymore metres of this cursed fabric >< Luckily I JUST had enough to correct a couple of panels .. NEVER again do I wanna do this was awful to sew..

It looks so weird overall but depending on my attitude, I may or make not remake the fan bit (the trail in the end I'm happy with cos of how it drapes)

I one thing I knew about this cosplay before I started was how much of a nuisance this bit was! DX I mean I could see that they were trying to do the whole obi decoraion which don't get me wrong is really lovely to add on Mulan but WHY??!! WHY did it have to be both a fan and a big ass trail?! DX If it was one or the other my life would be so much more easier! So before I did anything roughly drafted out the fan pattern.

The fan on the right responds more to how the doll is done and on the left that one is how I'm planning to make it since it opens out like an actual fan. Still so unhappy about the pattern and I can see it going so wrong...

Unable to figure out how to do the bottom of the dress I made the corset to begin with - this proved a little tricky but I actually ended up being quite proud of it :3
I'm aware that Mulan is wearing something that looks like a red string ribbon and I was plannin to twist fabric to mimic it but I found that making the strap wider worked better. Also, I don't do small bows XD

I know nothing about how to 'math' out pleats (hence the white paper with all those random scribbles) XD U wouldn't believe how long I spent trying to figure out the formula for it - to this day I don't even think the calculations I made was even correct XD I'm that dumb! OTL

This took me about 4-5 days to make and yes it is the ruffles fault for taking longer! >< But I can't blame them entirely since I spent about a day to alter and cut out the trail skirt.
The back panels were fine but the front ones I had problems with! DX I just couldn't get it to flow right. The first set of patterns I tested exposed the under skirt way too much and looked weird so I had to correct this - luckily I had plenty of red fabric left over :3
I also made the bow too afterwards but couldn't be arsed to photograph this with the skirt XD The only thing left to do with this is to add a beaded chain to the dress and I think I should be done garment wise ^_~

Note: Ignore the corset as it was used to test ^^;

In order for the pleats to stay up my best best was using organza (like the doll) but I wasn't sure what method to use so I tested to ruffle it, knife and box pleat it. After some trial I found that box pleating worked best (which is the method I was MOST fearing DX

Spent the entire day making this - feckin ruffles! I never learn! Why do I always continue to go for things with ruffles?! They're so annoying to make!! I even added another layer of organza ruffles to puff the taffeta ones out more *wacks head on table* I blame my stupid sense for adding extra detail DX

And yet, here I am ranting about the first tier of ruffles when I know I still got the longer set to go *cries and sigh* ah well - back to the pattern cutting of the trail dress I go *grabs scissors and pattern. AFK*

Those bloody sleeves have taken me what felt like forever! (In reality it has taken me a week XD) They are officially the most complicated and most irritating pair of sleeves I have ever sewn! Tell me what kind of sleeve have you heard of that's in 9 parts (and more if you include the lace overlays)??!! I was seriously sitting there getting so impatient trying to piece ONE damn sleeve together and this took blooming hours! >_<# so please do not ask me to make something like this again cos I would cry ;_; but despite all the frustration, I like how the bodice looks (even if the sleeves are weighing down DX)

Been so busy lately that this costume has to be put on hold a tad (Bit annoying seeing as how I've got the most time consuming things to make still DX)
The only thing I could manage to do was to redo the flower thing on the sash - probably a waste of time but you can actually see it now XD it's practically 3 bows stuck together and way bigger than the orignal flower :) I also redid the club so that the shape is better and I used smaller sized gems to give it that tinby bit sparkle :D

To make the dress look more prettier I decided to purchase some lace and sew it on top of the black taffeta and I quite like how it turned out - ok it is a bit hard to see the pattern but if you see this in day light it's there!

One thing I hate about this was trying to sew the two things together - the lace kept sliding and I would carefully have to unpick and sew it again! urgh it was so annoying! >< But it's not as evil as organza or chiffon (thank god) ¬_¬
I put the dress over the big petticoat and I not only like the volume but how it maintains that 'ruffly' effect all the way to the bottom ^_~ A part of me thinks it could be bigger though XD

The base so far. It took a while to figure out how to get in and out of it cos of the added complication of the lace back. In the end I managed to find a solution though it's a bit awkward to get in it still. I'm happy with it though so far. I just hope the sleeves will look ok...

As I was squinting at the little Meiko chibi, I found that she wore a red necklace of some sort but the shape was quite hard to identify. At first I was gonna find any kinda red charm that would be appropriate like a red heart for instance. But then to my miracle, my cousin had this high res picture of chibi Meiko that was clear enough to show me she was weaing a musical note! 8D And on top of this discovery, I found amongst my necklaces that I actually had a musical note pendant that I could get away with using!! LUUUUCKY! <3

I brought the wig ages ago cos it was on deal and it has a really nice tinge of red in the strands :) I basically didn't do much but cut a few little bits and use gel to create bit of volume.

And as promised just to show you how big the crown is, I sat it on top of the wig head - I haven't sewn in the combs as I need to still buy them which is why the crown isn't tilting ... I would cry if the heart bit snapped off as it's the most vulnerable bit to the design! >< I dropped it once and I freaked out but luckily it was ok... lord help me transport it safely in my small suitcase XD

From the reference I know all the frame bits r white but it looks strange white which is why I went with making it silver in the end with pearl strings :3 (there is some white yay! :D) I was considering to bling it up a lot more but I thought, lets not get carried away XD

Pieced it altogether and added some decoration - just have to sew some combs underneath so that it will attach to the wig :3 This crown was tougher than expected to make - in some ways harder than Rapunzel cos of those blasted frames ¬.¬

Not exactly 100% happy with it but it will have to do for the time being. I do like how it sits on my head though :D Will perhaps post some photos later to give u an idea of the scale of this :3

Er.. it's in pieces lol (An obvious analysis but it's evidence to say I've stopped procrastinating... for now Xb) Doesn't look much like a crown but I promise you it will come together eventually to hopefully resemble a crown XD

This thing actually took me a week to plan but nearly a whole day to make all the parts - The toughest bit was to figure out what to use that would be easy to work with and ultimately cheap =b In the end, I ended up using quite a few things including fabrics, craft foam, newspaper, card, wire, clay, glue and acrylic paint - the crafting tools I used in the process I swear beats the amount of things I had to pull out to use for Punzie's crown!! (and that was a huge ass list!) There were so many things to pack away!

Not much more to do with this except paint over some areas and oh yeah, glue the whole thing together (doi!) But then after all that, comes the bling which I am so looking forward to =b

As much as the dress is huge, I didn't wanna use a hoop skirt for this. One reason is due to the patterns I'll be using for the bottom half and how I feel it'll volumize the entire bottom half of the dress too much that it'll lose the shape I'm aiming for. And the other reason is I won't be able to fit through doors XD Soo, being a real cheap ass I decided to make my own hoopless petticoat rather than buy one (The price of a black hoopless petticoat is scary!!)
(photo on the left finished petticoat) Made from organza and broadcloth (lost count of the metres I gathered btw) and took about 8 hours or so (cos I'm slow like that ><) I wasn't being too precious about it as I'm wearing it under everything but happy with the volume (photo of the right demonstrates it's volume when applied to a circle skirt :3) If I still feel it's not huge enough after I've made everything, I can just add another layer so it'll be even more big ass XD

(Truthfully I coulda used my own hair to save the trouble but whenever it gets too long, I always get it cut XD) *ahem*

Though there was nothing wrong with the first wig I had for Mulan, it was rather awkward to put into a bun (ie. I needed to be wearing (and aggressively gripping onto) it whilst Sylentium twirled, brushed and secured the wig into a bun DX) Wanting to avoid this scenario again, I decided to invest in a new wig where the method for styling this was way easier! XD
The new wig originally had pretty long bangs so I cut them down but not off altogether. I'm aware the doll and illustration does not show her having any bangs but I decided to include it cos it has that slight 'dynasty princess' feel which I preferred and not the god awful beehive which I hate. Seriously who the hell was in charge of the Mulan doll production cos the more I analyse the thing the more I wanna go 'what were u thinking?! XD
Wig is still in working progress cos I need to try to neaten it up and sort out those chopsticks but other than that I'm quite happy with it :3

Before I begun this the one bit I wasn't looking forward to sewing was the purple bit lining all around the sash ¬.¬ I HATE with a passion using bias tape round sharp corners!! >< But luckily when I looked closer to the sprite, I found the purple only lines before the points so I was like THANK GOD! So I completed the sash quickly but am happy with it.

I may redo the purple flower and the centre club. I'm not really happy with it at all ¬.¬ The club I made too big and is so not symmetrical! and the flower is just too dark of a shade which means I'll have to go out to find a lighter purple fabric -_- Apart from that, it's an easy fix really.

Well finished sewing up the sash to begin this whic as easy

I decided to get started on this with the small little hair clips - Since the clips weren't visible on the illustration I had to look at the doll. Like a lot of things I do not agree with the doll. I just didn't like the shape of the hair clips ¬.¬ so I decided to try and make them similar to a lotus flower (refering back to her original flower comb)
I was planning to make them outta craft foam but I wasn't sure if it'll look right. In the end I chose to make them outta organza and Duchess satin whilst sealing the edges with a candle - The organza was terrible to work with cos not only does it burn quick but I had a few mishaps of accidently dropping the fabric and seeing it shrivel into nothingness courtesy of the open flame XD
To finish it, I used some pearls :3

Meh! cos this was actually pretty annoying to sew ¬.¬ I just couldn't get the shape right and I also made it a little too big so it slides quite a bit OTL Eh! for now, this will be the wrap completed til I feel like remaking it again - seriously! the wrap makes no sense!! ><

Yes I realise it's been several months since I got back to this ^^; mainly cos I'm just lazy XD) Seeing as how I had quite a bit of detail on the front, I wasn't sure how to create a little bit of this for the back. I took street-angels advice to sew a cascaded bow which I made outta left over wine taffeta and some red lace.
I honestly wasn't sure whether the combination would work until I pinned the completed bow onto the dress itself. I quite liked how the lace looked - it didn't blend in with the dress cos it was sitting on the wine taffeta but at the same time, u could clearly see the pattern :D I may change my mind later if I think of anything else but for now, I'm happy to have completed everything! :D

My wig arrived today and I spent the evening styling it. Otoya's hair has a slight orange tinge to it but I prefered it if the colour was a bit more of a deeper red. The wig that I found in the end is a really beautiful colour and seriously has alot of volume! (which is great for Utapuri cosplays though they have fairly strange hair styles) But the front and side bangs are so long and look silly for Otoya so I hacked the hell outta it XD Literally used a bit of gel and back combed it. I'm more happy with how it looks now :3
Left: Before
Right: After

Lazy progress is lazy but still a start XD
I begun this way early after I found a bracelet I had forgotten about (from my cringy tomboy days) and thought, ooh I could use for Otoya! 8D Only thing was it had silver studs instead of gold so I painted them.
Up close it's very messy but far away, it's actually quite nice XD I wasn't too precious on this cos the bracelet was damn cheap =b I also brought a black sweat band to wear under the braclet which looks quite cool :D

I gathered these before the full video of Ever after came out so I had a minimal amount of screen captures to work with but it was duable - Also the dress that Rapunzel wore at the end of Tangled was exactly the same in terms of detail and shape; only difference was the colour so if I couldn't see the detail on the white wedding dress, I would refer over to the film's.
So many times did I have to keep looking at the refs - I freaked out quite a few times when I embroided the patterns along the skirt and kept thinking, OMG did I draw and embroid them wrong???

I used this as a reference for the shape of the dress as I prefer the outta skirt to have a small trail than what they finally decided on for Tangled ever after :)

Just to give an idea of the scale of the crown and how it sits without the veil :3

By showing a photo of this, this character should be very obvious. As expected it was damnnn tough to make... stupid Disney for making it so damn detailled >< I remade this like 3 times before I got this blingy result XD But am happy with it overall as long as you stand far away and not notice the mistakes XD
The first time, I was kinda making it but testing it all at once - I used newspaper round the chandellier pieces to reinforce it but after I painted it, it looked obvious that I used a papier mache technique.
The second time round, the surface was smoother but unfortunetly, I did a really stupid amateur mistake ... the crystals didn't fit the holes XD Why did I not measure them properly was what I kept asking myself DX
And finally, after using craft foam, wire, lots of glue, paint and bling, I has a head piece that sparkles <3

Seeing as how I had loads to do on the actual outfit, to save myself a bit of hastle, I scoured so many sellers for almost a perfect wig where it was layered, slightly choppy and had a slight volume flick to it and was delighted when I found one and it arrived ^^ The quality was so nice <3 All I did was literally raise one side of the bangs and taddah! the secret's out XD

To make the veil sparkle a little more, I hand sewed over 70+ glass pearls and that went a lot more faster than anticipated compared to the embroidery XD Though it is hard to see from the close up of the photo, they are there and hopefully will show up better on the day XD

This is the one part out of a few things on this cosplay that I was dreading to make as I suck at making anything that isn't mainly fabric based XD Normally I don't really put a lot of effort with props but for this it's important .. it was surprisingly more expensive than I thought to make DX

Though it's not on the cosplay, for this occasion, I felt it'll be nice to have a small corsage on the wrist (it'll become clearer later) Ahh how I love reusing left over stuff from previous cosplays :D

For those who are still a little unclear on what this cosplay is, this might just give it away - this was a last minute thing so I'm not sure if I'm gonna be carrying them all day - I know the flowers are only one colour but I couldn't afford to get another bunch T^T But eh! it's not too important compared to the garment XD

My hands ached, my arms were tired, my thumb hurt and my arse was so numb after all that embroidery which consisted of about 34 flosses used lol
Seriously, it was tough doing all those patterns to look almost identical to each other and at times, the needle was so hard to pass through the fabric cos it'll be caught amongst the other threads DX But I mostly couldn't believe I had patience to endure it all; though wise to say I don't wanna touch anything that involves that mass amount of hand embroidery for a LOOOOG while XD

This was the one bit that I was dreading most as I knew how long it was gonna take me T^T ... 4 glorious metres of patterns to be embroided *cries*

Underskirt sewn together - just need to insert the zip. I was debating back and forth whether to choose purple or pink as the base fabric cos I couldn't tell from the short preview clip which colour it was. In the end I chose pink as I prefered it with the buttercream overlay :D Have to say this was slightly annoying to sew as the overlay kept moving ¬.¬

When I squinted really hard on the bottom half and looking at the doll, there is this flowery leaf design on both the outta white skirt and under skirt so I went and tried to find fabric that had a similar feel and not resort to any painting (as much as it pains me not to be completely accurate I think it's safe not to be for this particular cosplay)
And so after I searched long and hard, the fabric on the left is what I'm planning to use for the outta skirt(I was lucky as I got the last few metres and thank the stars it was enough :D)
And on the right, is the underskirt fabric I'm planning to use. Dusty pink duchess satin with an velvety buttercream overlay :D

For the veil there is this sun like pattern along the seam which I honestly did wanna paint for accuracy sake but alas my chibi self said, "NO! no hand painting on a 'wedding' veil!" XD So to solve this I found a really lovely trimming which had this open flower design that could almost pass as a sun :)

Furthermore, on the veil there are a set of complicated swirly designs which too was tempting to paint but to make it a little easier on myself, I found some fabric which already had embroidered swirls so I purchased 5ms (which I felt was long enough... I wasn't gonna be insane and get what 20ms???)

Raw edges concealled, sleeves sewn together and back cleaned up with eyelets punched in for the lace back, I was quite pleased :D Though I so wanted to throw this to the other side of the room during the makin so many damn times ><

Along the neck line line of the bodice there is this gold bit - it woulda been stupid to hand embroid that so bias tape was the best option... You would not believe how freakin long this part took me! No kidding it was one of the most fiddly and frustrating parts cos of the added trimming and the way it has to curve into a sweet heart neckline >< It's so messy but my god, I was glad when I finished sewing it in...

After I boned the main top and sewed the lining, I struggled for days on how to make the strange undertop - it was either I try combining it into one top or it IS two tops - the easier option for me was make 2 tops (also boned). I had so many precision issues with this as it had to sit just right when I wore the main bodice so it did take a while to achieve -_-

This was the main ref that I used :3

I decided yesterday to fix up Aurora's wig - I wasn't very pleased with it cos not only did the side of my hair show but the bangs weren't very volumized. Also, to create that swirl, I used hair benders, clips and a whole load of hair spray which made the swirl look really unnatural, hard and create a lot of nasty spray flakes >< So I decided to brush the bangs out and try again; this time heat setting the bangs and I think it's turned out better.

I despise making boot covers with a passion and the experience to make Karina's did not lessen my hatred one bit XD Ok I didn't have to sew them but my annoying attention to accuracy bothered me if I didn't ^^; Her set of covers were a tad more tricky than Mai's cos one 1, extra little details like the buckle and straps were included and 2, the fact how her base shoes were flat slippers with a small heel and not a pair of boots, did make it a little more difficult to get it to fit right to my legs.
I wanted to make a little flap at the front of the boots to cover that centre seam but I couldn't get the shape right so that it would lie smoothly so I abandoned the idea. The back of these are done terribly cos of zip insertion problems so please do not take any note of them from behind! ><

After both the front and back patterns were painfully embroided, I pinned everything on the dummy in place - during this process, I had so many Death the kid moments as I kept moaning at how it wasn't symmetrical ¬¬ I have learnt, hand embroiding a symmetrical pattern is hard... either that, it's just my amateur self XD

And so, my painful journey started ^^;; after sewing the bodice together, I traced out the stencil design (provided by the amazing Malinda-chan on deviant art and she seriously is an absolute angel for sharing <3 It really did save me time from drawing it from scratch - the next hard part was blowing it up to scale to fit on the bodice ^^;) and afterwards started hand embroiding with so many packets of gold embroidery floss... I lost count how many days...

From this design you are most likely aware of what my project is - the costume title will give it away anyways XD For this, I did not wish to do any hand painting and force myself to do something as insane as embroidering DX But seeing as how I've NEVER done it before I had to practice and it as expected, the first test run was naff XD

Though I love the colour and length of the other wig, it still lacked volume so I got another but I freakin love it!! Not only is it just as long and has a beautiful shade of blond but it's easier to gain a bit of lift :) I'm so excited to be wearing this for Kita!! 8D

I came across this when I was browsing through screen caps and thought it'll be a fun shot XD Also back to the photo, I'm actually sitting on a low fence for which funny enough, I was too short to climb so ironically Pegasus had to help me up LOL

This was a last minute decision and doesn't really need to be done but I put together these cards :D which means yes they are fake but I was thinking maybe I could use them as an extra little prop for a photo or something X3 When I was thinking about these, I stupidly almost forgot one of the most important things - the deck OTL

Took a few hours but I tackled the cuff!! :D (Even though it was a messy job XD) One thing I did miscalculate a tad with this is how wide to make the cuff ... From what I made, there's just enough of a gap to fit all 10 stars on it but from other images, the star chips should be about 1cm to 1.5cm apart... But I didn't wanna change the size of the star chips cos I thought they were fine so I went with it and if I made the cuff any wider, it'll be a little OTT ^^;; Made of cardboard, sponge, fabric and alot of tape XD

The last bit of Mai's cosplay to be made cos it wouldn't be fully complete without the glove. At first I thought I was gonna have to get some fabric and a glove pattern to make this from scratch which I was dreading ¬.¬
Then one day when I was looking for a pair of evening gloves for one of my other cosplays, I came across one seller who sold the pair you see in the left photo and I just had to buy it *_* I just couldn't believe my luck cos it was the perfect shade and was really cheap! :D
The photo on the right is what it looks like after I cut them to be fingerless, hemmed it to be shorter and added the studs :3 .. now all that's left is the cuff (which has taken me FOREVER to think of a solution DX)

Yosha!! I now not only have a prop but a place to put all my junk in XD Even though I used interfacing it still wasn't that stiff but I'm not too bothered cos that means I can keep a comfy cushion in there XD For my first time ever making a bag I'm quite pleased; though I took A LOT of short cuts OTL I'm quite proud of the little pocket in particular cos I've got a separate place to put the hankerchief :3

Ok I know I really shouldn't have but I started making the bag cos I felt the cosplay was a little empty without it and I never thought I'd find myself going through so much just to make it XD
Like the title indicates, it's still in working progress as it's not lined and the only thing maintaining its shape is a cushion XD You take that out and turn it upside down it becomes a russian hat LOL (Yes I did put it on my head for laughs XD)
It was my first time making a bag hence did take a bit of planning ... It was simple to sew everything together but the preparation of all the little things took so so long DX I had to make bias tape, sew the little pocket at the front together, draw out a net diagram of how the bag looks from different angles of screencaptures I analysed, decide on fabric choices and shades and ultimately involved a lot of time consuming measurements DX To complete it, I will need to pop out to grab some interfacing as anything I do have isn't appropriate for this bag and also, grab some gold studs or buttons to embellish it :)

I only had enough to make 5 star moulds which meant I could only cast 5 at a time per day but I am so happy that I have 10 (Even though I over sprayed some of them XD Hope the next batch works out better as I promised samanthakaiba I'll make another 10 for her ^_~

After I made one, I tested other ways to colour the star chips. (From top to bottom) The 1st star is opaque gold, the 2nd is more translucent being weaker in colour and the 3rd is after when it's casted; spray painted gold and sealed (which is what I decided to go with in the end :D)

I brought a pack of different sized stars but there were only 6 in the perfect size - I was gonna go back to the same store to buy another pack but they ran out so I had no choice but to first create a mould and then make them ^^; The red star is what I used to create the shape and the star on the bottom was my first attempt at making them where it came out opaque (which was fine cos they don't need to be transparent.

I haven't made boot covers since 2010 with my Alice B rabbit cosplay and it shows how much I despise making them XD Took me a few days to plan and actually sew these together DX I coulda saved myself a little trouble and used stretchy fabric but for the sake of matching, I had to use the same cotton as I did for the outfit ^^;; Before I delved into cutting the actual fabric, I of course made a mock up - I don't usually do this but for boot covers but it was important and I didn't trust myself XD With these done though, I've basically completed the outfit :3 It's just some potential props I need to make....

So I finally have time to return to this cosplay and I've got 2 weeks to complete it and you know what - I'm still procrastinating XD It's just the annoying things left so I began by doing the least annoying thing - the belt (yeah not really much progress at all OTL)
Originally I began this belt by first using some left over black leatherette whilst also creating a buckle (I looked at all the high street stores and no where does this specific buckle) But when I sewed the belt, the leatherette was really tough to turn inside out so I abandoned this idea and opted to buy a black belt and replace the buckle instead. The top photo shows the original and the bottom is the edited one. The one annoying thing about this belt was that I couldn't decide to make it oval or a circle since the anime drew it either way. DX In the end obviously, I chose the oval shape cos of preference.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I found this out but there was something about this cosplay that made me feel really uneasy but had no idea what... then it suddenly hit me when I looked at the reference pic again and what I made - I sewed the triangle thing upside down DX I had a moment of panic cos I thought I had to remake the hat all over again but then I calmed myself and realised all I had to do was quick unpick everything and sew it up again XD In the midst of this, I checked to make sure my dress was ok and it was :D I swear if I sewed my dress wrong I woulda screamed!! >< Thank fully it took no more than an hour to redo and so glad I did not bondaweb everything which I was planning ^^;;

Happy with the choice of fur this time, I remade everything again whilst almost pankicking that I only had a few days to finish DX It took longer than I wanted it to and never in my life do I recall a cosplay that had to require so much hand basting XD The most trickiest things about this jacket was the collar construction and the band at the bottom - the most tedious thing was to make bias tape DX It's soooo messy but I am beyond caring with the jacket ^^;; I'm just happy that it's got the right kinda shape and the collar is all so soft XD

So I begun the jacket - cutted out all the pieces, sewed them together, made up the collar pattern from left over bed sheets and half way through, I decided to remake it XD
1, I didn't like the darts curving round the bust area for the jacket and 2, the fur that I had purchased for the collar was malting awfully >.< at this time I was searching for what I had in the house that I could perhaps use as a substitute - the closest thing I had was felt which I decided to try and use anyways and it didn't look right so I had choice but to go out to get some nicer quality fur DX

First 2 photos show the before and after images :3 Also, including what it looks like with the hat cos I like it that much XD

Decided to make the hat today and though there are imperfections, I quite like it - it hasn't got the exact shape I want but it's really cute <3 <3

Along with the hat, I decided to re-use my straight Alice Lidell wig and curl it to match Karina's wavy hair. Though it isn't the most perfect wig, I neither had the time nor money to buy a new one for her so this one will do for now since it is the right colour that I need - still have to cut the bangs though

Since I couldn't do anything about the zip until I go out again, I decided to concentrate on the others things - made the arm warmers in about 3 hours or so :3

After finally sewing bias tape along the neckline, sleeve edge, ruffles and triangle applique, I finally thought, yes! I'm making progress! I've got a dress!! .... but then it was just my luck with this cosplay that as soon as I placed it on the dress making dummy to take a photo of, the zip freakin broke!! 3$*$nd&g£@ >:( GAH!! It was just one nightmare after another with this damn thing!!! Though it's not exactly gonna take me a lot of time nor cost me much to buy a new one, the point is, I have to start all over again to install a zip!! RAGGGGGGGE!!!!!!! ><

The next annoying bit of this dress was to create (as it says in the title) the ruffles which are shaped around the chest - I was actually quite nervous about this cos I have a thing about dresses with a line outlining the bust region cos normally, it never fits XD but using my dress making dummy, it's all good in the end - also for an extra little detail, I decided to rouge up the centre :3

I actually had fun maing this skirt after the shirt stress :D Like I did with her red dress, I too made this skirt to be a circle skirt with two layers as you can see from the photos :) Not only for accuracy sake but to give volume :D

In some references Esmeralda has a small scallop edge trimming sewed along an inner white dress - so I brought this :D

FINALLY finished this stupid shirt and u guessed it, I'm still not that pleased with it ... I shoulda been fearing that at the beginning than the corset XD But it's lined, has the folded down collar and has a zip - it may look a bit loose but it does fit to my shoulder spam :D
The photo shows everything so far together including the pink wrap around her head - all that's left to do is the skirt which I'm looking forward to after the stress of the shirt XD

I actually made a start on this way back in January but I had a major problem with the dress from day one so I decided to come back to it later DX I brought a pattern which was basically a fitted pencil dress and I thought it'll be perfect - unfortunately, this dress pattern involved sewing a lapped zip at the back which meant the back panel had to be split in half and then sewed together which I didn't want for preference as I wanted a side zip instead. However, when I tried to sew the back panel as being one, it was seriously baggy and it didn't fit to my shape at all so I stressed out about it and left this cosplay alone cos it wasn't my priority at the time...
After a long thought, my solution was to alter a pattern I had already - however, it was a shirt pattern which meant I had to extend it and place my own darts where it was needed – after much trial and error, I finally got the shape and thus could actually start on the ruffles and triangle appliqué! … which was a pain in itself DX

Finally got to lace the corset today but when I tried it on, the lacing felt a bit odd so I may need to add more eyelets at the back, therefore the corset is still in working progress :/ As for the wrap, I've finished sewing it together with the fake gold coins :D In the end I opted to use taffeta for the wrap instead of a satin or cotton based fabric as it gives a nice 2 tone sheen :D

Been incredibly lazy with the progress of this lately cos it was pretty much a waiting game with this outfit XD before I got into making the purple wrap I prepared the gold 'coins' that hung from it :) Took a few days to dry and to figure out what to use as I refused to use sequins XD From what is shown in the film, I could see that there are 7 coins altogether but in some references there were 9 so I prepared more incase XD

I actually started construting this before the wrap but it was going so so wrong - this is a pic of one layer of the shirt - cos I was low on funds I didn't wanna buy a new pattern so I had to alter it from something I already owned - The shirt became a challenge cos of this ¬.¬
First was the shaping of main bit - when I finished pinning the pattern together, it was tent to begin with >< - then I altered a shirt pattern which had a couple of darts in place so it was a little better...
Then the second problem was the sleeves ... I kid u not that I went through 4 different sleeve alterations to get it right and fit, not loose ¬¬ ... it was so annoying!! DX

It's very rare that I wear earrings so I'm reluctant to buy a new cheap pair that I'll hardly wear - Put together in less than half an hour with stuff I already had and though it's not exactly accurate, I think they'll have to do :) .. unless I do change my mind and actually find a perfect pair XD

OOOOOH YEAHHHH!! Chained everything together and though the charm does look naff, I've concured the necklace!! >:D So much tedious chaining, hacking and keeping it symmetrical - One of my many enemies in cosplay XD Anyways, I'm COMPLETE ... is what I'll be saying if I hadn't forgotten about the earrings OTL

LOL to a naff job of the charm XD But I figured since it's so small, all the imperfections won't be that noticeable XD Have to be careful stringing this onto the necklace though .. gah! It woulda been so much more easier if this charm didn't exist on the art work - I think I lost sleep trying to think of a good solution that's cost effective - By cost effective I meant free XD

Seriously, without them I woulda struggled for days lol I still spent a good 2 hours trying to unchain, rechain, hack and string this whole thing together DX It's so pretty as it's tediously annoying ¬.¬ The necklace is made up of left over glass pearls, a dog tag chain and a necklace chain I hardly wear anymore - basically stuff I already had lying around which made a great sacrifice XD It's just the charm I have to sort out - frankly, I prefer the necklace without it but for accuracy sake, I must prevail! >:D Probably will make it outta clay or something since I know I don't have anything remotely similar to it in the house :/

Also, dangling on the weird ribbon across the shoulder spam, I notice there is a cross - I went through a phase collecting nothing but beautifully decorated crosses and I felt that one of the ones I own were perfect for it :D

Tried on the dress today to find that it is slightly hard to get into (but can't do anything about it ^^;), the straps are too loose and the string of pearls are a little long DX Pretty much almost complete except for the fact I have to correct shortening the straps and undo the beading to get a few pearls off DX I honestly thought I was just about finished with this cosplay until I came to that harsh reality that I still have the damn necklace to do >_<

Crystalneko did warn me about this before hand and I was dreading it - I finished stringing the beads (a good 4ms there) and sewed it onto the dress and just as I anticipated, it weighs the bodice down DX The only solution I can think of is to gamble all that weight onto the chain strap by sewing it - I remember one of the ideas Crystalneko did mention was to sew an invisible strap - I may adopt this idea but I'll need to test it by wearing the bodice first and see how the chain copes ....if it is uncomfortable, I may need to reduce the amount of pearls or buy smaller sized ones DX *fingers crossed* it'll be ok ...

The one bit I have been dreading mostly is the damn annoying shoulder straps for this dress - this dress is a classic example that when a mangaka draws something so beautiful, the logistics of the construction goes outta the window XD There's no way that a strap as thin as a thread can be neatly sewn into the ribbon and expect the whole dress to be held up by them XD To counter this solution, I butchered a couple of dog tag chains and punched eyelets into satin ribbon and had to very patiently attach the chains together... it was so damn tedious!! >.< especially the small line of pearls at the front - I couldn't just simply string the pearls along the chain cos the holes were too small to fit >_< Luckily, I thought of a solution which surprisingly didn't take me long ....

When I went abroad, I came across a street that specialized in selling haberdashery - I kid you not but there was one entire shop which sold nothing but beads, buttons, embellishments, studs etc. It was amazing!! I coulda stayed there all day if I could have!! and so wish there was a street like that locally ... amongst this area, I passed a shop which had some white glass pearl beads within packets and I imagine each contained about 80 ish beads(?) that were selling for less than 50p each!!! *_* So I thought, well I'm not gonna get this chance again so I brought 6 packets XD They were just perfect for Haine's string of beads! :D

Photo just to show the finished petticoat with the finished blue dress and how the ribbon is all sewn into place and with the roses stuck down - I added a few extra glass pearl to give it that extra 'cinderella' magic :3 I'm happy with it so far but I'm so not looking forward to the neckline bits... ¬¬

Entry showing all finished roses different in sizes to balance the roses out a bit on the dress - I'm happy it was only an extra 8 and not the insane number I had to make for Will XD

BARGAIN BUY!!! :D The rose on the right is store brought whilst the other is hand made by me :3 At first I was only gonna use the brought ones but when I tested plotting 3 roses at one gathering of the dress, it look too huge O.o so the solution was for me to make some smaller in size to balance it out - fortunately, I had left over pink crepe satin from my Mulan cosplay so I use up all of that to make new ones :D Oh how I love when remnants come useful XD to finish the centre I sewed a glass pearl :)

I notice in the art work that there are some leaves amongst the dress so I decided to use some artificial ones (of course) - greatest bargain ever as I got them along side 9 pink roses for only £1.75 :D Anyways, since I thought green would be a bit harsh against this dress, I painted them silver :) After I finished, the green did still show through but I quite liked the effect as it made it feel quite wintry - like snow glazing the surface of leaves :3

Finished sewing all the layers together - a bit naff at the front with the split ¬.¬ but I habe no more fabric to make another one >_< The corset is yet to be completed cos it's been held together with pins atm XD Since there is no open ended zip that short, I may need to punch eyelets at the back to do a lacing :) But I will need to get some more since I've made so many things that need lacing lately ^^;; The image on the right is to give a rough idea of what it'll look like with the wrap and skirt fabric - happy with the colour and fabric choice for the skirt but not too sure if I'll use the same purple wrap fabric as I may wanna opt for something shiny - I'll see :)

Spent the day cutting the pattern for this and sewing the panels together for the main fabric - seams are just pressed down and basted with gold ribbon

Decided to throw on the cosplay quickly with the new fitted bodice, skirt, wig and a bit of make up ^^ Some reason I couldn't find my arm warmers so the ones I'm wearing are temp >.< But I am so pleased with it ^^ need to seriously get some new photos for this!

When I tried inner bodice on, it was not only ill fitted but cos I didn't bone the thing properly, it poked at me quite a bit DX plus since back then I didn't own any needles that slice through stretchy fabric easily, it was stressful and awful when tryin to sew it - that's when I decided, it has to be remade.
Along the way I had problems doing this cos of simply trying to find the right pattern :/ The ribbon at the front made it awkward and I was trying to find a way to sew it which wouldn't look so weird or simple - When I looked at how the top was drawn in the manga, I thought 0.o cos it was a tad open at the front DX But then I remembered a pattern I saw which was perfect for it! :D So then, that's how I ended up re-making the bodice - even though I like how it does fit better and is properly boned, it is so uncomfortable to wear in more ways than one XD

Sewed the under skirt together using fabric which I brought originally for Aurora but realised that the shade was too sky blue for her DX But it wasn't a waste cos I remembered that Haine's dress was a lighter blue in colour :D

Photo on the left shows how it looks without any layers underneath whilst the photo on the right shows it with the petticoat - doesn't look like much difference but believe me there is! :D When I tried on the skirt without the extra poofiness it was flat as anything! >< Originally I was planning to sew the 2 things together but then I realised I needed it for my Saint Seiya Athena cosplay :D All I have to do now is sew a waist band and the zip (which I stupidly forgot when I was in the shop DX)

Dress is boned, lined and has one side ruched up :D It didn't go exactly how I wanted it but it does basically what the art work is showing (Where Haine is holding it up - in reality if she held it by the ribbons, they would snap off the dress right away XD) The other little gatherings and the blue ribbon is not sewed it - just pinned to test how it'll sit and I'm happy with it so far :D Without the blue it would just look like a wedding dress XD

After FINALLY deciding how to make the dress and getting hold of the right pattern, I began making it. I mostly procrastinated so much with this cos it was drawn differently in every art work DX
Anyways, what you see in the photo is of it so far without it being lined. I'm using my skirt that I made for Aurora underneath to test the shape as it has the exact poofiness and shape that I need but it's not the right shade of blue so I shall be aiming to make a new traiil skirt with a lighter shade :D

Even though I absolutely HATED making the bodice, I decided to have another bash at it XD It's very rare that I would choose to do this unless I was extremely unhappy about it ¬¬ Anyways, after I finally got a beuauutiful dress making dummy, I began to make the bodice from scratch which only cost me an extra £6-7 cos I had lots of left over from the last time :D Though it went smoother, it was still hellish to make.. The collar cost me so many hours... I still hate it...
After 20 hours of channel 4 tv and 90 episode of Prince of tennis, I have made a new bodice XD though there are imperfections still, I am more pleased with the second attempt :) I corrected the three seams to actually meet, added a pearl trimming along the collar (personal touch), corrected the annoying triangle thing to be flat than poking out, sleeves are not fully sewn to the collar as I found this made my arms huge last time, used satin bias binding cording than plain cotton and it fits a bit better to give me a shape than the last one which made me soo chunky XD The only thing left is to get a fresh set of photos :) x

The first thing I decided to make a start on was the necklace cos it was the easiest and less expensive part of the outfit XD Karina's necklace is not very clearly drawn thus it can be interpreted in many ways ^_~ The way I see it, they're green gem like beads. The white glass pearls were an extra touch I decided to add :3

Though it is quite hard to see in the photos, I decided to sew red glass beads along the ruffles to give them more of a sparkle :) ... believe it or not but sewing each individual bead by hand took me about 14 hours altogether DX Against an approx. 700cm long ruffle x 2 with more than 220+ pearls, repeating the process of cut thread, thread needle, tie thread, sew in bead and cut thread then tie, it took soooo long DX NEVER will I do this again! >.< But I like the subtle effect :D

Trimmed the wig length a bit and afterwards added the clip ons with a couple of small red bows :D Even though they're not visible in the artwork, I was considering this as an option to go with the theme of the dress and look :)

My red gloves arrived!!! to customize them, I sewed ruffled organza, a line of beads and a bow :D

All parts sewn together with the main fabric, darker lining and ruffles!! :D It took bliming ages but somehow faster than Will's skirt which was shorter in length... It really doesn't make any sense!! DX I am more plesaed with it though as the shape is not only better but it feels very spanishey 8D All I need to do is sew a band and perhaps add a few little touches to the ruffles themselves as I want a little more detail into the dress ^_~

LOL - Photo self explains title XD Photo on the left shows the amount of ruffles I gathered ALL in a pile and right photo shows all the ruffles sewed together ALSO in a pile XD

Photo of all the strips of fabric; preparing for the making of the dreaded ruffles .. ¬¬ approx. 7000cm of Taffeta and organza in length... The total of these ruffles I found were even longer than Will's dress DX

Cut the panels out using the main red taffeta and sewed them together - the shape may look a bit weird but it's cos I loosely gathered it and it's been held together by a safety pin XD

Got some smaller sized beads and sewed it along the ribbon - the little section which you can just about see took me 30 minutes to string XD another 2 more hours to go XD

Nothing too bad to make - Just the base of the neck band done using matching velvet ribbon, organza and taffeta before I hand sew in the glass pearls along the edge :) At first I was planning to only use organza for the neck tie but when I sewed the ribbon together without the taffeta, I found it itched the heck outta my neck! >.< but everything worked out fine afterwards :)

I received the beads today and though I'm happy with them, I have decided to not use them for the bodice after all - I sewed in a line of them at front of the bodice and when I tried on the bodice, the positioning looked a tad odd :/ So at this moment, I'm gonna back off the bead idea on the bodice but instead use it for the accessories instead which is fine really :)

In the end, to solve the lace problem, I hand sewed the ribbon and pressed some studs into finish (Hurrah for unexpected finds! 8D) The ribbon colour I chose to be gray in the end. I was gonna go for white but I found by using white, it'll blend in with the top and just make the studs visible which would look weird. I was considering black but I felt it was a little 'harsh'. Either way, happy that I've completely it and it doesn't look too bad with the jacket (though it does look like a shirt XD)

LOL to the most insanely crap drawing ever XD But this is the quickest and easiest way to explain my point - I haven't been able to complete the under top as early I'd like to cos of deciding on the lacing and finishing of it. When I looked at the lacing on Mai's top, it annoyingly always changed in the anime ¬¬ and I couldn't exactly follow how it's drawn in the manga cos *ahem* it's a tad open to the point where things could easily pop out - Thanks a lot Takahashi-san ¬.¬
Anyways, on with the drawing - after sitting down and looking through screenshots from the anime, I have VERY roughly jotted down the three most common ways that the lace has been drawn - in the end I decided to go for the 2nd formation as it seems to be the most popular choice from the screen captures.
HOWEVER, cos of this, I had to find a way to lace it - at first I was gonna punch in some eyelets and thread the ribbon through but this wouldn't have worked from the way it's laced and I'd be tying the lace into a bow to secure it (For accuracy sake, I didn't wanna do that) But then I finally thought of a solution :D

Almost complete - just gotta iron it down once more and hand sew some areas to place :) My first time actually making a proper jacket and I has one! :D I couldn't believe how deceivingly hard it was to make though - from the beginning all the way to sewing the bias tape in has been a journey DX But with that outta the way, I can get on with the skirt and belt :)

Base top done fully boned with the ruffles, ribbons, sleeves and zip :) My next plan is to add a row of 6mm red glass beads along the top of the ribbon as I wanted to relate it a bit more to Will's design - also, I may wanna add small velvet ribbon bows to the sleeves :D (Me and my bows XD)

A close up of the back - used the same ruffles and ribbon as I did at the front - I also plan to sew a string of glass beads too and add a big bow at the back to make it as detailled as the front - I'm so looking forward to the bow! *_*

Photo just to show the back - used an open ended zip for this than the lace back method as I felt it would give the dress a completely different image than what I wanna portray - Also I can get in and out of it more easily XD

The one thing that has taken me so goddamn long to sew this jacket was to decide on the order of what to sew where and when - the straps made this problem worse as I had to position them on the jacket SYMMETRICAL! along with the purple strip of fabric that's also seen on Mai's jacket (Handmade bias tape used for this :D) This actually took quite a while for me to do ^^;;
It sounds simple but it sure wasn't >.< The straps needed to be straightly hanged - I bet you're thinking, but wouldn't u just pin it straight on the jacket??? I stupidly thought this until I tried it on and they slanted so you can see my problem DX - seriously I need a dress dummy! It woulda been so useful for this damn jacket embellishment! >.< But it was a relief to finally get them postioned right BUT the nightmare didn't stop there ¬.¬
The next problem was actually sewing them on DX Again, sounds simple but it was frustrating when the thread kept breaking on the machine and it was way too thick to sew by hand cos underneath the 'bias tape' I decided to add an extra strip of fabric to give it a bit of a relief from the jacket DX Godamn me and my ideas >.< Luckily though I had some upholstery thread which was conveniently purple that I nabbed off my friend ages ago! :D It sewed through like a charm! ^^

After altering a puffy sleeve pattern, I created the ruffles by sewing in bias tape and adding the elastic through. Next was a bit of a problem - when I pinned this sleeve to the bodice, it kept slipping down my shoulders and I wasn't sure how to hide the raw edges after I eased them... Then when I read the instructions for the pattern; to my surprise it gave me an idea that I woulda never thought of EVER! Boning! O.o at first I thought what??? It told me to create a strip of bias tape and insert the boding - tried it out, it worked :D but was a little loose still XD

As stated before I intend to add a few bows for this - for the front, I'm comtemplating whether to add a small bow at the front for that extra cuteness or leave it - Unsure to sew it yet as I'll see how it goes with the other detail

I know I shoulda got on with the dress first but it really is giving me headaches on the pattern so I decided to style the wig today ^^;

The wig I have chosen is a double blond highlighted wig - from the art work I never saw Haine having just one colour - I'm happy I got quite a sweet deal on it as I didn't need this wig to be heat resistant and it was on sale :D I wanted it to be a bit longer but meh beggars can't be choosers XD

The wig is pretty much almost done but will need to sort out those ringlets a bit later - I actually had fun styling this and it's super cute with the pom poms -^^-

Took me a whole morning but not much editting done really - just cut the front bangs a bit and gelled strands into place. To make the ringlets, I just loosely curled strands of the wig and secured with hair pins that I attached to the huge pom poms

Dare I make them again ¬¬ After gathering god knows how many metres of fabric from Will, I'm still willing to make them XD Along the top of the bodice, I plan to add the ruffles (including at the back) - I made them outta taffeta and crystal organza to give it that extra sparkle and detail :D For the ribbon I decided to use velvet ribbon (Not cheap) to give it a more 'classy' feel than as opposed to a satin ribbon

Finally got off my lazy butt and started properly sewing the actual garment XD It's also taken time for me to think how to adapt my own spin on the dress (which hopefully isn't too OTT ^^;) since I felt really inspired by the artistic license street angel added to hers :) It looks like a plain dress and there's no back photo so there's plenty of room to add ideas 8D
Anyways, I managed to finish putting the bodice together roughly - For the front, looking closely at the art work, it does have a slight gather - for me to tackle this, I cut a rectangle out roughly gathering the top and bottom of it til it formed creases. Then using an iron I attacked it - I didn't want be straight or neat with it so it was a perfect method XD As for the satin ribbon below; though it doesn't show this, I decide to adapt it for that extra detail

My wig arrived super quick ( and it is so so beautiful!!! 8D Haven't even worn it properly and I've decided it is one of my favourites that I own!! -^^- The photos u see are both of the store I purchased the wig from, uneditted and me pulling semi derp faces with the closest thing I have to a white bunny XD
I spent absolutely ages trying to find a good wig for her - there were two that struck me - One was a longer light brown clip on wig and the other was shorter and in a darker shade - Ideally I would gone for the darker shade for accuracy but it was like £5 more expensive than the other DX
I watched the pair of wigs though and didn't intend to buy it til later - this all changed however when there was only ONE in the lighter brown shade wig and it was reduced by 30% *_* so I thought, HELL I'M GETTING IT!!!
Btw, though it doesn't show on the artwork, I intend to put some bows along the pigtails (as I think it could make the cosplay more cuter) and a few more in places on this dress to make it more cutesy and slightly 'lolita' like in contrast to Will's where it was a more mature pretty with the corset pattern and back lacing (if that makes any sense at all ^^;;)

After much spraying and waiting, I finally got my two buckle straps ready to be sew on the jacket :) You wouldn't believe it but I actually had quite a bit of drama with these straps ¬¬ For example, the first set of straps I made were too wide so I had to sew them to fit, the paint would keep leaving marks and at times peel off cos I applied too much spray paint and had to reapply them etc. ...But got there in the end!! Hurrah!

Whoops I almost missed this entry! Though the photo is a tad dark, this is what I tested before I sewed the bodice together - It shows whether the gathering method would work and whether I should add the ribbon to go under the bust line - I actually spent ages decided whether I should have only the one panel with a ribbon or have the ribbon running all round to the back of the bodice - to avoid more complications, I decided in the end to just have it running through the front panel XD

I dunno what you actually call them but those silver things hanging down the jacket, I always saw them as those buckles that you often get on bags - So I decided to purchase a couple - I notice there is a black line design running though them but I decided to leave it as I think it'll look odd if I tried to add the line on
It was a bit of a long shot that I'd get them in silver though but that's where spray paint comes handy :D The first set I got however, I found to be too small so I got larger ones instead.
Also, I was debating on what strap to use for it - I had a few choices that I felt woulda been appropriate - The 1st one - I dunno what fabric it's called but it's most often used for bags strap, 2nd Navy Poly drill and 3rd leatherette - I woulda personally gone for the 1st option but to my bad luck the width was too small for the buckle >.< so in the end I sided on poly drill as I could cut it to size and it's nice to work with :D

I know I'm being extremely lazy with this cosplay but I felt it was easier to get the small things outta the way first since Alice's dress is not gonna take me as long as Will's to make XD Just a preview shot of the pair

Note 1: I am aware I don't have the rose and ribbon for one the legs but I'll add that later when I make it :)
Note 2: It may look as though I got the wrong leg but it's a mirror shot so everything's reversed =b

As I intend on re-wearing Will, one thing I wanted to improve on was the garter - the flowers I used was too small and matched the dress too closely. So I went to my local fabric shop and found larger sized roses - however there weren't any blue ones ¬¬ so what I did was paint them and sew them on an entirely new band =D and s'cuse for the blurry photo but I just wanted one to show the difference between my first one and new one :)

I gathered some samples ages ago deciding on what colour I should use for Mai's jacket. It was actually quite a pain trying to find a perfect match for hers - when I came across a set of purple fabrics, it was like, too light, too dark etc. After much research and hunting, I finally narrowed it down to three -
(Left to right: Grape, dark violet and purple) In the end I chose grape as it had the correct shade :D (But I have to be very sparing with it as (I kid you not) I went 6000 miles just to find it cos my local stores are useless! XD

Ok I don't usually make a mock up but cos the pattern I purchased had really weird sizes, I had to just to test the jacket - literally made it very quickly outta left over lining and pinning the back of the corset thing just to see how it sits - so far I'm happy with it :D and apologes for it being made up of different colours cos I kept running outta the same coloured lining XD

LOL I did say I wouldn't make this til much MUCH later on but when I saw the other Alice B rabbit cosplay I wanted to do, this seemed (I say this with much caution) the less time consuming one to do (cos of less accessories and bits) since I do wanna do a Pandora hearts cosplay for Kita in time (hopefully it all goes to plan...)
So, I randomly decided to make this first since it was the easiest thing to do XD Nothing too drastic really - just a cylinder piece of taffeta strapped to the leg with black lace trimming and a red ribbon
Since I haven't made the dress I haven't decided on my ribbon choice yet:
LEFT: Satin ribbon
RIGHT: Velvet ribbon
But the shoes most likely I will be using even though the ref doesn't have a black bow, it goes with the leg thing :) plus the shoes have the right size heel and they're so damn adorable! -^^-

I don't believe it but I decided to start this cosplay even though I was planning it for LATE next year XD Taken me two days so far but I have the base of the white top since I finally got the pattern appropriate for it :)
Spent the first day cutting 30, yes 30 panels DX which was painful -_- and spent today sewing the thing together - also added boning which I wasn't gonna do originally but noticed it was way too frumpy without it ^^;
I just have to add the zip (which I still need to buy) and figure out how to lace the top cos it's different in every image from the anime...

I don't normally add a journal entry about fabrics but I felt for this one I should - for fabric choices based on what I see in the art work, I wanted to either use Poplin, taffeta or velvet - Poplin is a little plain, velvet is nasty to work with so taffeta was the best choice XD
I actually had some red taffeta which I was planning to use for Meiko but since she wasn't gonna be made in a while, I didn't want it to go to waste so that's why I've decided to use it for this ^_~
The red I have chosen is a little bright but I felt it might do as I also got some lovely cranberry colour taffeta for the lining of the trail to contrast the whole thing

Shots of the front, back, under top and proof she wears earrings :)

Ok this entry's not exactly a 'start start' on the actual dress but it's more of a cry for help!! DX Before beginning to estimate how much fabric I need to buy and what pattern to use, I began by using my Aurora skirt as the under dress (which I could actually get away with using as it's blue and the right pattern for this dress :D) and over it is my Disney Selphie dress to test where it should be pinned - I am so not sure about it and would seriously appreciate any advice and pattern suggestions if you think it looks really odd too? My other option was to use a circle dress but it had way too much volume ... Dear god I dunno what to do!! DX

Such a pain in the butt to figure out how to make this dress as each time, it was drawn differently >.<

Literally I'm not kidding you - it has take me ages to get the crown almost right... As you can see from the diagram, I went through 4 different crowns >.<

Crown 1: Craft foam was the cheapest solution and the most managable since I'm damn useless cutting wood or metal ¬¬ This first crown I wasn't too fussed about as it was more of a trial - at first I wanted to copy some of the detailled designs from the crown shown in that famous pic of Aurora asleep but I not only dented the thing too much but it was messy trying to get those designs
Crown 2: Discovering Embossing metal, I wanted to see how it goes when I use it. BUT because it was so thin, it can easily be dented and looked really cheap.. not what I wanted to go for... also, I wanted to adopt the red jewels but I didn't think this worked either ^^;
Crown 3: Getting frustrated at this point, I decided to abandon the detail and just go with a simple crown - I of course stuck with craft foam and spread PVA glue on both sides which took a painful 3 days to dry .. however, just as one end was about to finish drying, my clever mum decided to move the crown thinking it was dry and as a result what wasn't dry got stuck onto something else and therefore made an undried dent when I peeled it away.. I was so miffed off after that >.<#
And Crown 4: after telling my mum to NOT TOUCH IT, everything ran smoothly XD Cut a new one out of craft foam, used PVA glue on both sides, applied a line of glue down the centre to accentuate the fold in the crown and spray painted this gold - also, used a clear spray to make it more shiny and protect the gold from rubbing off :) and TA-DA!!! I have a crown which I also too managed to find a way for it to float on the wig without permanently glueing it on :D

Just a small entry to show how I've replaced the buttons I've sewn onto the jacket with some proper dome studs - one of the tiny ways I've improved the outfit.
On a side note to this, I also had to repaint the deck box and replace the strap with black elastic as it kept falling down and make new arm warmers and an entirely new skirt as the last one is a tad tight ^^;; stupid education work which screwed up my diet!! DX
(Oh and don't mind the slight camera flirt but hey I'm a cosplayer - we all have something to show off =b)

Seeing as how the third wig was just perfect in terms of colour and length, I decided to style it slightly by giving it a little more volume at the front bangs and of course cut the front bands a little - nothing that a little gel, curlers and L'oreal elnett satin hair spray can't fix ^_~ I am so much damn happier with this wig! :D

I've been meaning to put a journal entry up about this - foremost, I've been wanting to get some more photos of Mai sooner but one, I had to fix up parts of her outfit and two, I felt as though the wig has gotta change - Mai's hair is long with loose curls whilst the current wig had this whole perm 'little bo-peep' thing going on ¬¬
.. So I got a new one over the summer ^^ However, the new one I got had the right length but it was way TOO pale for my skin colour DX - so the solution was, I either spend loads to send the wig back and get a replacement OR get another new wig from a different seller OR get new skin XD (Doesn't take a genius to figure out what I did XD
Third time's a charm :D

Just an odd entry bout the skirt - I am really happy with how this turned out but still annoyed bout the bodice ¬¬ however, with everything together, it does make me feel more 'Aurora' like ^^
At first, I was going to only have one layer but the dress would look quite flat - then when I analysed the film, Aurora had a white underneath skirt so then I thought perfect I'd do that! so now, I have a trail dress with a bit of volume from the underneath skirt ^o^ Huzzah!

At first I wasn't sure bout the choice of fabric for Aurora's skirt - I was going to opt for cotton but would make the dress be too plain then thought of using crepe satin but I didn't want this dress to be too shiny - in the end, I decided to use Duchess satin cos of its subtle sheen ^^
I looked round in the stores and internet for the right shade of blue and came across three -
(left to right) Cornflower, Mill blue, turquoise
After ages and ages of debating, I decided to purchase the cornflower shade - not too bright or too dark :D

Since I'm waiting for my dress fabric to arrive, I decided to finally make a start on the crown which somehow magically sits on Aurora's head without sliding off XD It's made from craft foam and gold spray paint. I don't think this will be final as I'm simple testing the length and pattern embellishments - it's a bit messy too - I'll see how it goes though

Test shots of me wearing the wig which I cut the front bang shorter so it doesn't block my entire face and used gel to hold some strands in places - I'm not wearing any make up so please ignore my eyebrows and skin imperfections ^^;;

WIG ARRIVED and it is GORGEOUS!!! At first when I opened the packet I thought it was a bit blue O.o but it's just right for this cosplay :D The one thing I was dreading was that it'll come in a gray colour which I'm happy it did not! I need to cut the bangs slightly and hold some areas in place - also I wanted to show the length - I've never had a wig which was so damn long and heavy before and know it's going to be a pain on the day but so happy it came!! :)

Instead of opting for an open ended zip, I used the corset lace fastening method - I think it makes the bodice look prettier too -^^- Also about the triangle at the back, it wasn't physically possible to have it all joined without getting in and out of it easily so in the end I had to separate it at the back... It's super uneven...
Also, in the photo I decided to wear the wig to show off it's colour - I didn't wanna go for a single blond tone; instead got a wig which had two different tones - mainly cos it suited my skin colour and to enthasize Aurora's golden hair better :)
I'm still not 100% happy with it but I neither have the time nor money to make a new better one - this damn bodice really does show how inexperienced I am T^T

This was truly a damn lucky find!! I couldn't believe I found something within the highstreet stores that was exactly like Aurora's necklace! :D Best part, it was on sale! 8D

Next hard bit was the collar along the top which I drafted outta lining - making it I sense is going to be a pain too ¬¬

This damn thing took forever!! everything about this was difficult to get accurate and right - for example, since Aurora has three seams, I wanted to enthasize this so I deicded to put cording within some bias tape to do it - it's so not straight... the other massive problem was the damn triangle at the bottom ... I hate symetrical things for a cosplay ¬¬ It's so not neat DX Even though it's not held together just yet, I have completed the main bit of the bodice but I'm not very happy with it at all ...

Slightly redid the swirl as I wasn't entirely happy with it and wanted to give the fringe a bit more volume - this wig is about the most I can do for this cosplay for now as I'll be a tad busy for a while til I can get to working on the dress :(

As soon as this arrived, I started thinking of ways to style it! It's super rare for me to feel more excited about the styling of the wig rather than making the dress - I'm badly procrastinating for this one cos the dress is giving me slight head aches DX
Anyways, back to the wig, all I did was cut, trim, gel and hair spray the bangs into a swirl - It's the first time I've ever done this for a wig and it shows my inexperience DX I seriously am not sure about it but I can alter it later if I really don't like it...

Left image: Original wig
Centre image: Styled bangs (clip is holding the swirl in place)
Right image: Me wearing the finished wig(?)

Even though most of the time she was wearing a blue dress, the pink one seems to always be the more popular choice... The blue one suits me more so I'm going with it =b

As my friend was taking my cosplay photos, she suddenly suggested the idea to enforce the story to the character's background life through the photos rather than just doing some where I was simply just posing. Since Joey was such an important character to both her and me, we started drafting out ideas on what I could do to bring out the fact that Joey is more than just the 'clown' of the series through the photos - one idea was making a prop and I felt the hankerchief that Mai first gave Joey back in Duelist kingdom was quite significant - also I wanna add Cyber Harpie to the props cos Joey did use this card once .. It's terrible how I remember ^^;; but I'm super excited to do this photoshoot! The duel disk won't be my only prop! :D

I ordered this wig way back late July and it has taken until today for it to arrive as for some reason, the wig got resent back to the wig company :/ But I'm so happy with it - as soon as it arrived, I starting styling it for about 30-40 mins - all I did was gel some bangs into place and cut where it was too long. Also used hair spray in places to get volume :)

Made out of craft foam but may need to re-make again as it's already coming apart slightly DX - first attempt at the cage until I can figure out a better solution ^^;

Lucked out and found a pair that were more accurate in its shape and plus they're a low heel which means my feet won't die in them! :D Uploaded the comparison photos between the two pairs and also remade the flowers to be smaller so they don't dominant my new pair - They're the closest pair I could get

Sewed an additional 14 roses using the burning edge technique and glued 7 per arm warmer - I was planning to wear some pearl bracelets too over the wrists :D

Note one: Ruffles will forever be evil
Note two: Semi transparent fabric as lining is evil
Note three: a big trail skirt with ruffles AND semi transparent lining is just PLAIN EVIL! DX
I practically took four days to do ALL the ruffles (I kid you not)DX BUT OMG OMG OMG I HAVE A SKIRT!!! I finally completed the damn thing which cost me several hours of my life to make!! Now on with the petticoat and arm warmers DX There is just NO rest with this cosplay DX

Whoops almost forgot about this journal entry but this is evidence of what I gathered before I pinned everything and sewed onto the skirt DX May not look like much but there is over 3000 cm in length of fabric there ...

So the ref does not show a lace or pearl trimming or down the centre but I added these cos it makes the bodice look prettier and it's also to hide some really terrible blobby glue patches *Fail* XD Not exactly neat but it's the best I can do ^^;;;;

Even though they're not accurate in terms or shape or colour, I'm planning on reusing these shoes with the two flowers I made - they're a tad on the big side XD but these are my insurance until I can find anything better - I know I have less than 2 months til expo but I just wanna plan ahead incase ^^;

Ok, I had a bit of a stupid moment - at first I thought I finished the base of the skirt but then when I saw the art work more closely, I realised that the underneath of the skirt was silver/grey or white .. this meant I had to line the skirt DX I'm pleased with the base of it so far but to still make it all floaty like, I need to use something which is light and I'm gonna opt for Georgette fabric (which means my third trip to the fabric shop for this cosplay *sigh*) - it's both semi transparent giving it an elegant feel and it shouldn't weigh the skirt down - wish me luck! T^T Oh also made a small little garter - I'm not too sure bout it but will decide to change it later if I have time x

Today I sat down and hand sewed 14 small roses using some crepe satin remnant of the first metre I used for the corset - Turns out I need more DX Not just for the bodice - as progress stands I still need:
* 2 big roses for the shoes
* 8 for the arm warmers
* 8 more for the the bodice back
....I'm gonna be sitting for a long time XD
Note: roses are not attached yet - it's just to give an idea where they'll sit

From the ref I noticed the bigger roses on the head and the side of the bodice are slightly more different looking than the previous ones I made so for these, I used the burning edge technique and afterwards ruffle them up into a rose with it opening out. I also stuck a blue nugget in the middle

Today I spent the evening making my first ever fabric roses - I decided to start with the band that connects the bodice and neck piece - I made 3 roses and stuck them on the band

Used the morning to pretty much sew the damn thing together - There are loads of things wrong with it but I've got to the point where I'm like, "It'll do!" I've lost count the number of times I unpicked the stitching DX

Also, I punched in the eyelets at the back - orginally I was gonna put in a zip but cos of the amount I took in to conceal raw edges, the gap was way too big to sew one in but I'm not fussed as the back looks prettier :D

Along the way, I realised the interfacing (in photo) was far too stiff so I used a more lighter interfacing which didn't make the corset as bulky - I also officially hate boning ¬¬ It never comes out right when I make something with it though it does give the stiffness I needed XD this bodice has taken me longer to sew cos I was constantly unpicking and resewing it >.<

Made from a strip of bias tape, left over lace trimming and left over ruffled white ribbon - It's fastened by a ribbon after I punched two eyelets - the real horror is sewing this to the ribbon attached to the bodice O.o

I started buying stuff a little while back before Aya hit cos I knew I'd be poor afterwards T^T .. anyways, after I got some rest from the epic weekend, I started constructing the main bit of the corset using yet again crepe satin as I seem to really like this fabric ^^;

The beautiful art work version of her :) so much ruffling >.<

Besides the dress, this was the other bit of the cosplay I was actually worried about - as a cheap option I used craft foam and I went through three different crowns til eventually I was happy with it even though it still looks pretty naff XD

Pink: 1st attempt (awkward shape), Blue: 2nd attempt (too tall), Gold: Final crown (pva covered and spray painted with a red nugget)

All I have left to do is glue it onto a hair band - and hopefully after, will have a preview photo of what it looks like when wear it :D

Made from left over crepe satin - it was the least stressful thing of the lot XD

This went wrong for so many reasons ... Firstly I honestly didn't have enough to get a load of netting or organza and neither the right pattern piece so instead of creating a bell shape, I used a pattern that had several panels for the dress which didn't line up properly... To get that volume I wore a hoop skirt underneath ^^; Secondly, the dress is held together by an elastic waist band as the round white bit got in the way of me putting a zip... And thirdly, the bottom hem line is not straight DX Man I'm a failure with this DX

Urgh haven't done much progress for a while - literally everything about this cosplay went wrong ¬¬ The bodice for instance, I was planning to put a zip at the back and attach the bottom part of the dress to it - problem was that white bubble bit would interfere with the zip ... so in the end I opted to do a lacing fastening which I guess was better as the bodice looks prettier :D

Decide to put on what I have so far of the cosplay except the make up as I couldn't be asked XD

Not much progress - just tried on the bodice (still need to sew a zip to hold it together) and wig with crown - have to say, I really do feel like a Disney princess :D (Sorry for the bad night photo ¬¬)

Obviously I'm reusing my Selphie wig and from the ref, even though she's wear a headband I'm opting to have a tiara instead as it gives off a more 'princess' effect :D

Did both the sleeves this morning - again I think I failed cos it's not as puffy as I want it though it still does have a little volume

Seeing as how I had a bit of left over fabric from Anastasia, I decided to recycle it for this cosplay - well the bodice anyways ¬¬ (need to get more for the dress) Anyways, I failed a little bit with it as I included the bodice to have shoulder straps instead of none from the ref. This also meant that it rduced the sweetheart neck line effect T^T But I'm not honestly too precious about the accuracy for this one ^^;; Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.... along with this, I also created more panels to get that front detail

To go with Fusionrose's Quistis and Babemroze's Rinoa :D One Princess Selphie on the way!! >:D

For the left arm bracelets, in the end I stuck with the cuff and got two smaller bracelets - it's been a bit annoying as I went through like 3 or 4 different sizes before I was satisfied with them ¬¬ any ways, all I did was spray paint them gold giving them a nice high gold sheen ^o^

LEFT: Original
RIGHT: Edited

Even though I was attached to the other pair, I found some that I felt would be an ok replacement with Selphie's cosplay - the colour or the shapes not exactly accurate but it's about the right height and comes with a buckle on top :D - I also threw on the entire outfit with my nunchaku not only to show how the boots look with the outfit but for fun cos I ADORE this cosplay <3 <3

Gotta clean up a few things first with the dress but other than that, I can't believe I made it this quickly!! O.o Some areas of the hemming still look a little messy but other than that I'm quite proud of it :D

Drafted out roughly one of the sleeves using the actual chiffon fabric - the sleeve pattern is literally a circle and I think it hangs ok ^^;

I also roughly drew out the circle skirts a few days back - the bottom half of my dress is like Anastsia's - I used crepe satin and two layers of organza - I always imagined Esmeralda's dress to be a circle dress cos it's quote 'floaty'

Feeling much better today, I decided to make a start on the bodice of this cosplay as after rewatching Hunchback of Notre Dame and constantly playing 'God help the outcast', I really wanted to make this dress :D

NOTE: The white chiffon is not part of the cosplay - it's a scrap testing how the sleeve sits

As well as making the start on the bodice, I also decided to hem the wrap which I decided would look great using chiffon :D

Got hold of some bracelets some time ago for this - I spray painted all three of them gold - now all I need to get is find something that looks like a cuff - had a cuff I could use but problem is - wearing that along with two of those bracelets makes everything look so chunky ¬.¬ so it's either I find a smaller cuff or small sized bracelets...

NOTE: Wig I'm wearing in photo is NOT the wig to go with this - it's to see how it looks with a blond wig - I ordered one just yesterday (Shoulda done it sooner but I was afraid I'd muck it up ^^;;)

Wore everything just to see how it looks (inc. roughly chest binding) - have to say I'm feeling it more to be a guy since Joey is the very first crossplay I've done so if I pull it off, it will mean so much to me T^T Also tested out a bit of guy make up which still made me look feminine XD

(Sorry for bad photo as my camera does not take well to unnatural lighting at night! >.<) Ok, seeing as how I had an old pair, I saw no point making these from scratch - when it's day again, I'll show off the actual colour of the jeans - curse you camera! >:( anyways, not only were these too long but they flared out way too much so I simply took them in to somewhat match Joey's pair

Left: Original (Yes I am a VERY short person)
Right: Edited (Not much difference but believe me there is when I wear them :)

(Soz for the blurred photo) - it took an entire morning to do - ok it isn't the most hardest thing but I think it came out ok .. even though there are plenty of things I really wanna change ^^;; - bout the blue square it was such an awkward colour to find but in the end I stuck with navy

Ok this is breaking my 'code' as a cosplayer but instead of making everything from scratch, I decided to buy a plain white t-shirt and make only the sleeves - also I suck at dealing with stretchy fabric XD - there are so many damn shades of blue for Joey and I tried matching it best as I can from the anime

Spent the afternoon painting the other shoe so I'm leaving that to dry - meanwhile, I have uploaded an image of my other complete shoe - I wanted more yellow to be in some places but I couldn't find anymore gaps but they do look somewhat like Joeys I think ^_~

Whoops forgot to add this as an entry ^^;; Finished the apron with the bow ^_~ - apron still not perfect but it'll do :)

I completely lucked out when I was in town today and found an almost identical pair with a 'T' bar strap, was in red, in my size and wasn't too expensive - just right I say :) all that was missing was the cross strap - when I got home, I cut four pieces of velvet ribbon and stuck them in the shoe(satin was another option but I wanted to give it a more 'expensive' look courtesey of something I learnt from my fashion idol Gok Wan :D) Ok it maybe a little bit of a naff idea but now I've got a pair of shoes that looks slightly lolitaish :D

Left image: Original
Right image: Edited

Yesterday, I brought a cheap pair of trainers to paint over - there was a lot of pattern lines on them but that didn't bother me too much as I was gonna paint over them - took me about 2 hrs to paint just the one shoe - it's messy but it's not complete - I have to clean up the edges and repaint a few areas as I notice that there is a strip of violet on Joey's trainers - also have to wait for the paint to dry to add the white shoe lace - I am pleased with them atm :D

Decided to put a little collage together of Joey's trainers as I wanted to put a little more effort into the accuracy of his shoes - I mean it isn't really possible to find the EXACT pair but I wanted to at least get the colour scheme of his trainers right

Not at all major progress as I was scouring my house for a dog tag cos I remembered I had one - all I did was replace the chain necklace with a black string - it's just about the right length as Joey's dog tag sits on his chest

Cos of the excitement of this cosplay, I really wanted to do a 'test drive' of it for this summer - my first entry is of course to recycle my duel disk with the cards Joey mostly uses in the series - I'm such a traitor though cos I'm not really a 'Joey deck' fan - the childhood deck that I have is more suited to Kaiba XD

As YGO characters hair always seem to defy gravity and are ridiculously huge, I'm gonna go for a more natural cut with Joey like I did with Mai ^_~

Decided to keep this shot as it shows off the outfit colours and portrays well ..Joey XD

My gorgeous Alice wig arrived! At first I though the shade was a bit dark but it's perfect for her ^_~

This apron is by far the most tedious apron in the world! DX I wanted to get it so accurate with all the seams and lines and stuff - anyways, this is the first half of the apron

After flicking through the first volume of the manga none stop, I drew out a VERY rough idea of the apron and goodness, no wonder I've been procrastinating this BADLY DX

Made from craft foam - added a small pearl trimming on the edges to make it slightly more prettier - also, it looked like there was a small row of them in some reference pictures

Seeing how proud I was for completing the dress, I needed the weapon to make it FULLY complete - just put together in 1 hr, my fantastic dad did this for me even though I don't think he knew what it was for ^^;;; all I have to do is paint it which a part of me thinks my dad would propbably do that as he's a slight perfectionist with painting lol If I enjoy the masquerade experiance from LFCC, I'll enter this cosplay for the Hyper Japan square enix contest ^_~

Took time and A LOT of damn STRESSSSS to make this circle dress - you would not believe the trouble I went through to get this done! DX The sleeves ripped and was badly hemmed, (still gotta be careful to move round in and get out of it as its very delicate) the circles skirts were trimmed down a lot so the length I wanted was shorter and also, had hemming issues and the bodice, was a bit tight to get in and out of DX - BUT apart from that, I think it turned out ok... also, I noticed that other Anastasia cosplayers make the dress to the floor whereas I saw this dress being more of ankle length circle dress (as at the end of the song, when she kneels, it forms a circle - why do I do this to myself??!! DX)

(sorry for bad photo)Consists of one layer of Crepe satin and 2 layers of organza - all circle skirts - they were a pain to draw and due to the long diameter, I needed to buy 4ms of crepe satin and 8ms of organza DX plus I had stressful hemming issues which almost forced me to give up on this cosplay

Wanted to make the dress with panels to make it fit better and wanted to go for a more golden colour than pure yellow - also, chiffon is my enemy - truth be told, before I uploaded this entry, the sleeves you see are my first ones but these ripped and was a pain to sew and hem ¬¬ so I had to make new ones

I LOVE my bows! :D - Made the bow and sash separately and attached it on with a safety pin - it's a bit heavy on the band though - I also need to stiffen it with some spray ^^ I didn't wanna make it shiny as I felt it would be a bit much since the dress would be satin

Brought earrings which I thought were the right size - I wanted them to match either of the 2 different beads on the necklace - photographed necklace to match size :D

Seeing as how I'm inexperienced with wig styling and how my friend insisted, she did the wig for me AGAIN XD I think the finished outcome looks fantastic and couldn't be more greatful towards her -^^- While some cosplayers followed the game art, she just went with a realistic curled effect which I think works just as well <3

As I was finished with Souseiseki, I recycled the wig for Selphie ^^;

I knew Selphie wore a necklace but had no clue what charm hung from it - As I was browsing through photos of Selphie cosplays and any reference art, I came to a conclusion ... there is no definite charm so I searched my room for any kind of charm and found a four leaf clover - so I used this on a chain I already had

Added the tab and pockets at the back - now I am very happy with the dress :)

As I can't sew in a straight line, I made these terrible pockets... at first I wanted them to be more curved around the edges but they somehow became straight...meh! they'll do XD

After getting hold of a short brown wig, I used this to FINALLY finish off Souseiseki! ^^;;;

After more than a whole year, I returned to finish this cosplay - this is a quick journal entry of all the parts I made a year ago

After leaving the zip to dry over night, I sewed it onto the dress and punched in the silver studs at the top - still have to do the back such as sewing the white label and make pockets but I am really proud of it :D

Zip arrived huzzah!! .... until I opened it and realised it was a brass coloured ¬¬ but as I had a can of silver enamel spray paint at hand, I fixed this XD
Left: Original colour
Right: After spray painting

The footwear would always be one thing I hate bout cosplays in terms of finding the exact pair! >.< But luckily, I had an old pair of boots which I hardly wear anymore and realized the shape was kinda similar - so I used acrylic to paint the base - I don't think I'll add the brown strap on top though as I don't have any scrap piece for that

Seeing as how I had to wait for the zip to arrive, I started making the straps - afterwards, I then had to loop the buckle round it ... this next bit sounds a bit stupid but I actually had no idea how to ^^;;; so I sat there fiddling with this for about 30 mins (I kid you not XD) til I finally got it lol

After cutting everything out, I sewed the dress together - now I have a base for it - it is indeed a little stiff and (hopefully) fit to my shape - just need the zip to hold it in place - also, I decided to cut out the white square and test on the back of her dress

Ok seeing as how the internet went down for 5 days, I had no choice but to sew something ^^;; I decided to give Selphie's dress a go - it definitely consisted of several panels - upon looking at some refs, some people have done about 8 panels and others, 12 or so... seeing as how I'm lazy I decided to do the minimum number - so I spent the day cutting out 24, yes 24 panels ... 8 for he fabric, 8 for the interfacing and 8 for the lining... I was so damn sleepy after that...

A small art, game and figurine reference - couldn't be asked to screen cap the back shots but know she has pockets and a tab :3

For this bit, I needed my friend's advice on how I should arrange the roses trailing down on the side to not make it look weird... after we both arranged the roses and felt leaves, we stuck them down and I tested how it would look when worn(apologies for blurry photo >.<)
On one hand makes the cosplay look pretty but on the other, may need to add a few more roses or leaves in some places to cover up 'empty spaces'

It's a bit messy but I think they look ok - the roses may look a little small but when I compared the scale of the roses on the gloves to the ones on the entire outfit, I think it's kinda accurate :3

Today my tiny roses came through the post :D Now the black gloves that I purchased can be edited!! to start, I cut out small leaves out of felt and glued and hand sewed the roses on the edges

Title self explains itself - After I went on bit of a glitter painting rampage, I repainted the roses I used for my veil as I felt they looked a bit 'dead' and I think they look so much more better now (even if it's a shade darker XD)

Left image - Original roses
Right image - New and Painted roses

Put this together to show the back, front, how long the dress is, how it drapes and the accessories she wears ^_~

Due to popular demand from all you lovely fellow cosplayers for this simply being in the planned section, I decided to make a small start on this - the necklace - pretty lame I know but it's something ^^;
Based on the first reference picture, I counted about 5 small beads with one big one in between - so my interpretation to this was to use two different coloured and sized beads and string them on some beading wire - I wanted the bigger beads to stand out and was trying to get the length of the beads right - from what I'm calculating, the beads sit just up to the waist line - not much but I really like them ^^

Stuck roses and felt down to side although I kinda miscalculated ... the roses can be seen best when I'm viewed from the side but not from the front... I think it should be ok for now - I'll adjust it later if it does bother me more nearer to the time XD

Stayed up painting some more roses to stick on the side of the dress - as an extra decided to cut some string of felt leaves to add to this

THEY FINALLY CAME!!! This now means I have a chance to finish the cosplay for May *finger crossed* However, the colour was slightly lighter than I wanted them to be but with a bit of a glitter paint job, I darkened them - now they're all dark and sparkly :D

After painting a few roses, I cut some felt leaves out and hot glued them at the top of the band - the glitter rubs off them but they look so much more prettier now ^^ I didn't cover the entire ring with roses cos I need room to put my arms down to the side XD - please let me be able to finish this, please!!

Finished making the dress from taffeta and I added a couple layers of navy blue chiffon over to get that transparency affect - it looks a tad black but it is BLUE!!! I kinda over estimated the shade a bit with the chiffon ^^;;;

Image on the left is without a petticoat
Image on right is with the petticoat (not much difference but eh I think it's got enough of the right boost)

Ignore the blue hoody as I'm too lazy to put on the entire outfit (looking back at my design for it, I haven't quite stuck to the drawing but I still think it looks fine)

Just a quickly made petticoat to give the outfit a bit more volume - made from one layer of organdy and two layers of tulle netting - since it's obviously see through I wore shorts underneath - I won't be wearing this with the cosplay on the day

Just to show the arm bands a bit better - made two of them now and all I gotta do is stick the roses and felt leaves on the top

Been feeling a tad ill all this week, I unfortunately haven't done much progress :( - so I hurried on with the 'arm bands' today - I Notice from the art work that they're puffy so what I simply did was cut two rectangular pieces out, sew them together with one end open, sew the elastic in both ends and then before closing the opening, stuff it - still looks kinda weird atm and hoping that it can be rescued with the rose and leaves at the top (GOD I SO HOPE TO GOD THE ROSES ARRIVE >.<) I also added one row of ruffled taffeta and two rows of ruffled Organza at the top

Before going to sleep last night, I was roughly thinking about the pattern and construction of this - when I tested it, it was just as I suspected ^^ all I had to do was hem all edges of a rectangle and sew two rows with a wide straight stitch on one end and about 2 3rds down the fabric do another two rows of stitching and afterwards begin to gather the fabric ^^ I tucked this into my leggings to test how it will be hung on the garment

Testing the trail today by pinning onto the bodice to see how it drapes and I like it ^^ - just gotta test the black wrap thing and sew them together - yay progress!!

URGH!! Why do I torture myself with adding ruffles to the bottom of the black cape thing >.< This line of ruffles is over 7ms long and took blimey ages to hem and create! nevertheless glad I finished with the ruffles and sewed together the drape thing using a dress pattern .. but still need to alter the shape a bit as it looks quite frumpy at the bottom when I wear it..

Used a chinese shirt top pattern and finished the bodice - bit plain though - was thinking of adding a corset or underbust one for more detail but that decision is gonna be left til the end - still got a long way to go -_-

Only took a few hours to make - anyways this is a close up of the roses I'm using - I'm thinking of buying a few more packs to do all the roses on the dress as I'm too lazy to make them XD (maybe a few but not all, as there are tons of roses on the cosplay) As a nice touch, I cut out small leaves out of felt - best part is it saves on hemming and it's cheap 8D

As the veil is one of the easiest part of the outfit, I have made a start on it - made with organdy, I hemmed one end first with bias tape and gathered the other end - then I hemmed that - as stated before I can't stand seeing raw ugly eges

As I really do wanna make a start on this dress as it's so gorgeous, about a month ago, I ordered some blue roses as testers for this cosplay - as it was a very pale blue, I glittered it up with some dark blue glitter glue (you have no idea how hard I had to look to find this colour ¬¬)I'm a little unsure bout it but I think it's just because I haven't made the entire outfit yet

As the art work is a little bit odd upon the bottom of the dress, I decided to redraw it to a version which I'll be happy to make - from the sketch it looks like it going to be a long ball gown for me as I think it works better than to have a short skirt with something see through draped over.

Again, I have to try and make up the back for this and can't see the front detail but can use this to my advantage later on =b

To give this cosplay more of an original and contemporary twist, I decided to make a bow for the back as from behind, the cosplay looked kinda plain - I just hope I didn't over do it >.< but I really like my bow ^_~

Finished painting, created a band and stuck a spare gold button on top for accuracy - I'm unsure whether it was a silver or gold buckle but a part of me is betting that it's gold...

Since I wanted something that wouldn't get flattened at the end of the day and look stiff, I got hold of an old deck box and painted it black

Whoops forgot to add this as a journal entry ^^ - Jacket is almost finished - just gotta go down to the fabric store and either sew some silver buttons or press some buckle fasteners into the fabric at the band of the outfit (yes I concentrate too much on detail) ^^;;

This is the finishing of all 4 zips - the machine stitching is done terribly so I had to hand sewn parts of it...

I yet again decided to make it harder for myself ... some use zips and simply stick it on the jacket and I decided to make some 'fake pockets' by cutting into the jacket with the zip behind the fabric - this was scary as I had never made 'fake pockets' before ^^;;

As I am kinda picky with accuracy and detail, I walked around store to store trying to find the right belt with the right buckle - I struck lucky when I found it ^^
Also, the skirt is now shortened (dangerously) and I sewed some 'hold up straps' (dunno the technical word for this) to it ^^

The most simplest part of the outfit ever! Now remember when I mentioned that I brought a long sleeve top for the bodice? .. this is what happened to the sleeves XD oh how I love short cuts lol

Been putting this cosplay on hold for like a month now but seriously wanted to finish this! ... one thing that is certain - wrong pattern = wrong look ... this is what happened - the top has taken me longer than expected due to this pattern problem. Anyways, it's done - all I have to do to hold it together is sew some snap fasteners to the garment and have to remember it's left over right - if I did it the other way round, it will mean something very unpleasant to the oriental culture ^^;;

Wondering why this is my journal title? Well as I was browsing for a pair of boots that look similar to Mai, I came across some that were perfect for her! and out of the strangest coincidence the store that I found them were in 'Peacocks' (s'cuse me for the corney line coming up) It was like fate!

Seriously, this must be the easiest pattern I have ever worked with - so simple - there's no magic to creating this skirt - I simply added a zip and created a waist band ... although when I tried it on, it was a bit long so I need to shorten it ^^;; ... yep definitely wearing shorts on the day XD

Last night I stayed up sewing the sleeve pattern together - I wanted to create a cascade effect but due to my inexperience, I had to result to creating &#039;bell, wizard&#039; sleeves instead - they&#039;re so huge but I don&#039;t think they turned out too bad ^^; the inside is cotton lining breaking the whole satin run I've got going on with the outfit - I fear if I used satin for the lining of the sleeves I'd be sweating even more buckets ... I should really consider this more as a winter cosplay... what am I thinking wearing this for the summer???

I seriously missed this so badly! After finding it in my cupboard, I began to have such happy nostaligic memories from when I collected and played the card game ages ago ^^

Researching Mai's top, I decided to make it really difficult for myself by enforcing corset boning to a store brought top - to begin I purchased a long sleeve white top which was two sizes bigger than my actual size and hacked it down to a 'boob tube' shape - next I tacked and sewed this to a bra and afterwards, created channels to place boning in it. The last bit was to hand sew the purple ribbon ... it was hell working with this fabric >:( never again...

After dipping the curls in hot water and leaving it for about 30 mins the wig automatically got curly volume! Ok not entirely true as my friend did spray some stuff to boost the curly volume but it worked! May have to brush the wig down a bit as it's got too much bounce to it ^^;;;

As I can't seriously do Mai's hair and certainly won't beat Tif's epic wig, I chose to do the next best thing - have the wig curly. I had a random straight blond wig which I was saving for other cosplays - my friend (xXSylentiumxX) suggested that I'd sectioned the wig and put each in bendy hair curlers - I started doing that but then she said I was doing it wrong so she ended up curling the wig for me XD Yet again she saves the day bless her

God damn how full figure refs are so hard to find >.<

Wasn't gonna upload this but need some suggestions - to make the cosplay more 'oriental' I wanted to make an obi butterfly bow back - nothing special just two bows ^^

Cut a strip of red fabric, zigzag stitched the edges and pinned the thing over the annoying and ugly edges

If there's one thing I learnt as a cosplayer is that we HATE raw edges... ¬¬ so what I've first done is made the red and white dress out of crepe satin and chinese brocade (red fabric same as band on corset to match. Then to reduce the bulk, I'm combining both the white and red together to form one (hopefully) lovely dress ^^;;

Whoo! I have curves! XD Like to see the matchmaker say "Too skinny" to my face now lol - first time making a corset too ^0^ then again there was really no magic to it - interfacing combined with boning, cotton lining and some gorgeous butterfly printed chinese brocade ^_~

As well as the wig, the make up is just as important - I'm definitely not going for the whole white "geisha" look cos I don't really want my face to stand out like a light bulb but instead I'm gonna try and bring out a more contemporary feel to Mulan - I've cropped half my face as I don't do very well on full face shots XD

The first of a wig tests (courtesy of my friend helping me -^^-) .. as I couldn't get on with my actual outfit cos of pattern piece construction issues, I asked my friend to aid me with this instead ... wig is a mess but as stated before - it's the first of many trials... but hopefully you get the basic idea .. t

A mock up of one of the sleeves before sewing it to the actual garment

GAH!! Stupid stomach started rumbling >.< but that wasn't gonna stop me from at least finishing the hem of the dress! I was determine! Finished it .. but my god, it's safe to say I need something to eat now lol

Spent the entire afternoon finishing off the pattern - was very therapeutic but when I looked outside it was dark ^^;;; then again I went through 53 circles in total XD

Spent a little time sketching out the gold circle pattern on the fabric before painting (just like the sleeve)

Dylon gold fabric paint is awesome!! XDHurrah I'm getting somewhere!! ... steady on girl, you have yet to ease and attach a separate white piece on the edge and put the thing on the bodice before celebrating... T^T

Being on a roll to wanna complete this cosplay, I moved on to the sleeves where I simply cut out a circle stencil and lightly drew on the fabric of the outlines cos knowing me, if I used paint directly on the real thing it would end up being a child's art work DX

Semi-finishing the collar, I then attached the bodice together using some lovely teal poly cotton I had left over from another cosplay ^o^

Today I did something which I dread doing for an outfit - the collar ¬¬ ... ok that doesn&#039;t sound hard but god I find them soo annoying! for starters I drew out the collar pattern pieces then used white polycotton and some light weight interfacing for stiffening - not sure what to do about the holes in the collar...

Feeling a little drained of energy today, I decided to also begin the comb as it was another 'simple' part of the outfit. Researching into how existing Mulan cosplayers made the comb, (Some used sculpey, some missed it out and some with an artificial lilly) - I chose to use this last method to make the flower stand out - however, a lilly consists of 6 petals so I changed it to five - I'm not entirely sure if Mulan's flower is a lilly; some say it's a lotus instead - literally all I did was add a bit of fray check and gold paint to the the edges - til I get the comb piece, I'm debating which sized lilly to use

FINALLY getting some free time to myself after much 'education based work', I began by doing a simple thing - the scarf. Brought some organdy and hemmed it like mad.. not difficult or much but it's start ^^;; The hardest stuff is yet to come...

Not a full figure but you get the basic idea of the outfit construction...

* The wrist band was made with the same poly cotton fabric with interfacing and bordelaise anglais trimming stitched both ends - the thing was attached together with some snap fasteners

Normally I start with the garment first but seeing as how I'm pressed for time, I decided to make the accessories instead beginning with the head band -
* The head band was made with blue poly cotton painted with gold fabric paint ^^ had to be steady with my hand to paint an almost straight line... ¬¬ Literally is a bow and a rectangular piece of fabric put together

The blue always changes on her dress >.< but I had some left over fabric to match this shade :D

Oh gosh another thing I almost missed out - the embellishments at the front! >.< as you can see due to some accuracy issues, I glued tiny pieces of embellishments to the front of the garment below the purple trimming and on the hat using a pair of tiny tweezers! I'm stupid not to do this before for those fiddly bits XD Now I believe the outfit to be almost complete - just gotta take some photos god knows when... ^^;;

Ooopsie almost forgot one detail... was so godamn distracted to do the bustle that I over looked the pattern on Miku's bodice...^^;; anyways before officially calling it a day on this, I drew the pattern out on bondaweb which then was transferred to some gold painted (didnt have gold fabric) cotton... it wasn't easy going round the curves without fearing of the entire thing ripping...

That's 6 layers of netting and 3 layers of gathered taffeta - each piece 3ms - this thing took me like three days cos it was soo annoying whenever the thread kept snapping hence I had to start all over again with the ruffles URGH!! >.< ... bit hard to tell in the image but it's epic! ... but kinda makes my ass look huge.. LOL ^^;;;

This has taken me longer than expected... 2 1/2m of taffeta ruffles are my enemy! ¬¬

so after a few days tweaking with the bodice in terms of its panels, ribbon lacing and trimmings, this was the result... The purple trimmings did go a bit wrong as I had to dye about 4m of white trimming to this colour... coulda been a bit darker the colour but eh! wil have to do XD I really should consider putting interfacing in it despite what the instructions say to thicken it but I'll see what I feel after making the sleeves...

Extra left over fabric = Snow white XD

I decided to do this cosplay as I wanted to dress up as some kinda Disney princess for a while .. the pattern piece I used for this is easy to guess .. simplicity licensed Snow white and Cinderella XD

two nights before the expo, I reworked the boot covers as I felt the other ones were horrible, flat and made my feet huge >.< instead of using a black boot with a white cover, I decided to make 4, yes 4 boot covers..

Can't believe I'm actually doing this cosplay - it was supposed to be one for the far future now instead got the end of Nov this year to make it ^^;;;

UPDATE 23/11/10

Ok this was supposed to be for the end of Nov but due to some circumstances not sure what event to wear it to now... I hope to get it finished seeing how far I've gotten with it!

Annoying how it's only the one image at the front so I'm gonna have to do some 'improvising' and guessing games for the back XD

Cos I am cheap, I didn't wanna get the actually wig for Alice so I stuck with this long straight one - It took cutting, razoring, loads of hair spray, hair wax and a pair of straighteners to make the ends stand....

So I spent the whole day making my first EVER pair of boot covers as this was the cheapest alternative to getting Alice's boots as I am poor ^^;;; It wasn't perfect but I think I can get by them for now... Still need to wait for the wig to arrive now which I have to style ^^;;; I'm totally scared! >.<

OK maybe not just yet... the next thing to take care of are the boots... seeing as how I'm a bit poor I can't really afford to buy her custom shoes ... so either instead planning to make boot covers or cheat and buy some ready made... not sure how they'll go but I'll try my best! =b

It is unlikely I will wear this outfit again for future gatherings as there's so many parts of the outfit, therefore fiddly but I'm happy to have completed the remake of it ^^

Finally!!! the coat was by far the toughest thing I've made to date - triangle gather, symmetrical diamonds, length problems .... it was a pain in the ass that almost defeated me ¬¬ however I can't quite celebrate just yet as I still gotta do some hand sewing... the front panel still needs to be attached to the coat with some fasteners which I need to go out to get - then afterward need to sew some buttons on the cuffs (6 altogether) and on the coat (10) ... *sigh* still a long way to go ~.~

So glad that I got to wear this at JAF and soo happy people said nice things about it ^_~ Thanks everyone! XXX

Finally finished the remake of this outfit - now I will just need to take decent photos >.<

Been procrastinating for days on this outfit - main reason - The triangles for this coat is giving me such a head ache...¬¬ so far I've cut out the pattern pieces and is in the midst of testing them... hope this goes well... gambatte!

I so badly wanna remake this outfit now - I looked terrible in the outfit and in the photos - looking through my other cosplays, this cosplay was a failure in the quality of it - I am getting that feeling of wanting to technically start again with this cosplay as I am not entirely happy with it in general ¬¬ ...

Finally got better photos after a couple of months after finishing this beauty ^_~ Damn proud of it still!

After months decided whether to make the staff and footweat, I finally came to the conclusion that it wasn't necessary .. ^^;; I've finished so I'm leaving it at that ^^;;

I soo badly wanna get this cosplay on its way... but unfortunetly - the boots are giving me problems ... I'm unsure whether to get a fairly cheap pair and hack them apart myself ... or get a custom made pair specifically for Alice... so much money ... -_- ... ARGH!! >.<

I am kinda rushing this cosplay in all honesty which is bad but I can't cos this is practically the first cosplay I've done that involves rendering or making up new pattern pieces ... although it hasn't turned out that bad soo far... got the corset to go still - Gambatte!

Considering how this was the first outfit I've properly made ... It needs to be redone. Although, I'm unsure when to wear this again. The wig is in a slightly tatty condition and parts of my outfit needs to be replaced. I'll see how it goes for me though ^_~

Woo! Finally got hold of some materials and have now began this cosplay after a month debating whether this should be my next one ^^;; Still a long way to go before celebrating... ~_~

I soo wanna try and make this outfit now in time for the Oct expo(?) but I'm debating what to use as a fabric... Gotta stop this procrastination >.<

Though this wasn't a cosplay, I wanted for ages to make an outfit that I designed myself - somehow, it was less pressure to make than as opposed to a cosplay - Finished my outfit at last and damn proud of it!! ^_~

One thing that all cosplayers do not want to happen - spilling something on their costume the morning of the converntion... The black mascara almost ruined my outfit before I left but fortunately was able to get it off with some make up wipes - phew! ^^;; On the other hand, outfit was surprisingly a success as people did recognize my character which I was afraid they wouldn't...

Had to redesign the back as the trimming I was originally planning to use gave this design a problem ^^;;

Finally got there in the end after less than a couple of weeks!! Yatta!! XD Now I can wear this at the expo!! wooo!!

As I didn't have any sewing experience, I decided to buy the uniform - however, the uniform needed to be adjusted in areas.. plus, better photos needed to be taken..

Must have spent like a week making the main robe thingy - didn't anticipate it to be soo tricky >.<

After really trying for this one, I've finally come to the point of only making the smaller parts of the outfit now - I'd say I'm about 80% done with the outfit.

Must have taken some good time to do the entire thing - the actual outfit wasn't hard to put together but the wig was a pain - worked well either way! ^^

There should be more reference images like this - so useful! ^^

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