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It looks ridiculous, I know. But humour me!

I'll get there in the end! About 50% done so far, just need to quilt things to within an inch of my life, neaten some hems, attach the armour with velcro, then sort out the studding/coins necessary to get it done. Looks like a busy week, no?

Okay, so aside from the coat I did myself, I got nowhere with the actual bulk of the EW outfit, so Lizzie Walker, over at Walker and White Studio commissioned it for me. ^^ It's gorgeous, seriously. And leather! Which is a brutal offering for when it's so warm, but it's worth it. ^^ The outfit itself is phenomenal, I'm just really paranoid about my arms at the moment - so I've got a couple of days to try and get over that. ^^ But it looks alright...aye?

Not much in the way of exciting progress, but both sleeves are on and the hood's attached! I started doing the rips and snowiness, which turned into a small nightmare. I wanted to use watered down paint to just spray it on, as I'd been advised, but it didn't work, so I ended up with a combination of talc and sealant! It's been distressed three times now, but I still have about a dozen layers to do in the long run. I think it's coming along alright though, so hopefully should look somewhere near once it's finished.

My attempt at furry goodness went a bit awry. I'm still not entirely sure how to attach the hood, and the sleeves are a nightmare (hence the reason for only one) but it's coming along. I think once the front is shaped, and it's been slashed and covered with stylistic amounts of snowy fabric paint...it should be okay. It's a start at least!

Day #1 - The Perils of Deciding Where Exactly to Begin.

I'm not good at conceptualizing things. I try, really I do, but I'm not what you can call gifted at bringing half of the things in my head to life. The same applies when it comes to my sewing. I know what I want it to end up like, I just don't quite know how to get there! Which is why it's such a learning curve whenever I dare try. My friend suggested starting with the vest initially,since it's perhaps the most simple, and to use some offcuts before I got onto the proper fabric, so at least I'd know if my pattern worked or not.

So after a quick rummage though the box of suedette and teddybear fur, I got to work, stitching away by hand. It's messy as hell and there's a tiny blood smear where I inadvertently stabbed myself, but I at least managed to establish that my mock-pattern fits accordingly and should hopefully look alright when constructed out of something a bit more substantial! :)

It's not perfect, but I really do love this wig right now. The top sections were separated and pulled back into two bunches - and then the clips cover the elastics. The fringe is slightly wonky, but will hopefully by rectified by someone with a slightly steadier hand!

Truthfully, I wanted to take this to LSCC in February. That's what it's purpose was at least, but I've since changed my mind and lost the nerve to do it. But I'm listing her up here regardless so it's a testament to what -almost- saw the light of day.

Look, it's a bodysuit! Basically it's a cheap wet look stretch bodysuit which has been hacked apart, then stitched back together a la the movie. I know really it should be PVC, or Latex, but that is entirely unforgiving, and since this is made out of the same type of fabric as used for the Cass Cain bodysuit and I managed to survive Expo, I think I'll take the comfort vote over visual accuracy. :)

Finally stitched the fur on properly today, thus completing Senna. There are a pair of navy jogging bottoms and mukluks with it, but the coat is basically the part I'm proud of. :) I know that the turtle neck is the wrong colour, and in future I will seek to correct it, but the dye wouldn't take to it, and grey seems to work quite well for the time being.

Nobody knows who Ifalna is. It's a bit of a shame really. I've always rather liked her, at least from a super cool Cetran kind of stand point. She was the last pure-blooded Ancient, yet it's always Aerith that gets the recognition. Her Mama needs some love too!

So here's Iffy. The wig needs styling to get the uber bangs and curls in, the dress needs gold trim adding to the sleeves and the hip scarf needs hemming. But I took a picture anyway, so... :)

I've been umming and ahhhing over a photoshoot for a few days now, but tomorrow is the day! I'll bite the bullet and get a few shots in of the fabulous work Amanda Moore did when creating her kickass Cass suit. n_n All I can say is thank god for the cowl! There isn't even a sufficient word to describe how much I've been grinning at the fact I now finally own a utility belt! So yes, watch this space kids!

Today - there's an almost finished coat! I've made such a mess this afternoon cutting fur out it's untrue (is there an easy way to do it that doesn't make as much mess?) but it's starting to look accurate. Most of the fur is tacked on, and there's a pin or two still left, but I should be able to stitch it properly tonight. n_n

There was fleece! I started on Senna's coat today, then decided it was far too warm to be playing with such cosy fabrics. The current wrap over part looks very low at the moment, but the fur takes up most of that space, so it -will- look right when it's finished. It's just pinned together to check the fit yet, but I like it - and hope to stitch it and attach the sleeves this afternoon. :)

I tried the fully beaded dress on today - and then fell about laughing because after all of this, it now no longer fits. It's the hysterical kind of laughter, the 'oh-dear-god-WHY?!' moment actually, but it can be resolved. I've got an exact fabric match, which is pretty epic considering it was a vintage dress to begin with from the other side of the world, so I'm going to have to add another couple of gores on either side to make room for Bumpy and then hope it's enough for the bodice to sit a little lower and not ride up like it's currently doing. Also, the bust needs shaping again. Which is a pain in the bum, but a necessary evil I'm afraid.

All this of course, would be for the goal of wearing it in October - but on the other hand I could just hold off until May and avoid having to alter anything at all. I need a couple of days to think it over - me thinks. :]

I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to fit into this dress in October, but the sheer volume of the skirt is making me think it's a viable option at the moment. Needless to say, with the goal of Expo in mind, more beading needed to be done! So the sleeves have had a little more added. :]

Ran out of feathers, but here's a little more work done until tomorrow. :)

Had a really bad day today, due to some awful news, so rather than dwell on that, I picked up the hot glue gun and made some progress. Productive distractions are always fun.

3000 down, 7000 to go! I'm mostly following the lace overlay pattern already existing on the dress since it looks remarkably Labyrinth-esque. I know it's not going to be an exact copy due to the difference in cut and fabric, but I like to think it'll be suitably recognisable by the time it's finished. I also much prefer these giant sleeves, since there's more to them than the original.

I should probably be focusing on Toph right now, but I like tinkering with this dress so very, very much. Finishing it for the Ame ball is indeed pushing my luck, but it might be done before Christmas if I learn to pace myself properly!

Finally got around to adjusting the fit and what not of the skirt...and maybe made it a bit shorter as canon dictates. >_> I'm not looking forward to attaching the other part, but it probably won't be that bad. A bit of vinyl and a couple of pres-studs, problem solved! Hope to get it finished this weekend. :)

Started on the skirt this afternoon too. :) It's a little longer than Shalua's for the simple fact that I want something more practical, but it should work out okay. Pleather and Suedette is a proper bitch to sew though!

So… Here I am again. This time with a journal entry. I was actually really proud of all the work I put into getting Ivy completed. But the back of the leotard got caught in the zip when I was packing and…yeah… :/ Disaster struck.

I've had to remove all of the ivy from an entire segment of the top back to stop it from ripping. This means there's now a 4inch deep segment of green fabric without any leaves on it all around the top of the back (similar idea to where a bra strap fits). It's neat, and I was told that since it's the back it wouldn't really matter…but I feel like it's a bit of a let down now. Mostly since it was the only costume I've made that wasn't complete shit.

Which brings me onto problem number #2! I was researching Ivy cosplayers for ideas on poses and stuff in case I did somehow get collared into photos that I usually avoid like the plague…but I'm really paranoid about the way people slate these other amazing people. I don't really want to end up plastered on the internet as the 'fat ivy cosplayer.'

Which leaves me in a really awkward place. I want to come hang out the with DC gang, since they seem so lovely, but I am so undeniably scared of getting ripped the piss out of for looking awful. If they can attack people that look phenomenal, what hope in hell do I have?! :(

Genuinely might just have to skip her altogether.

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