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Planned Cosplays -


Sat: Titan - Destiny

London October Expo
Fri: Eric - The Little Mermaid 2
Sat: Fred Flintstone - The Flintstones
Sun: Yet to be decided...


Mission #1: To Cosplay at least one character from every Final Fantasy
[Final Fantasy I][Final Fantasy II][Final Fantasy III][Final Fantasy IV][Final Fantasy V][Final Fantasy VI][Final Fantasy VII][Final Fantasy VIII][Final Fantasy IX][Final Fantasy X][Final Fantasy XI][Final Fantasy XII][Final Fantasy XIII][Final Fantasy Versus XIII][Final Fantasy Agito XIII][Final Fantasy XIV]

Mission #2: To Cosplay at least one character from every Resident Evil
[Resident Evil Zero][Resident Evil][Resident Evil 2][Resident Evil 3: Nemesis][Resident Evil: Code Veronica][Resident Evil 4][Resident Evil: Revelations][Resident Evil 5][Resident Evil 6][Resident Evil: Outbreak][Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2][Resident Evil: Gun Survivor][Resident Evil: Dead Aim][Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles][Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles]

Mission #3: To cosplay at least one character from every main Fighting game
[Street Fighter][Tekken][Soul Calibur][Mortal Kombat][Dead or Alive]

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All painted and scabbard sorted - ready for Expo! =D

Managed to get the base for the scabbard belt join done tonight so now all I really need to do is jazz the whole thing up!

Whilst rewatching series 2 of Game of Thrones last night I managed to make some decent progress on my sword scabbard!

It was a cardboard base wrapped with masking tape to shape it then covered with leatherette, the tip is also cardboard covered with tape that needs to be plastidipped and painted

I still need to do more to it and add some decorations and detailing but I'm really happy with how it's going ATM!

My sword and dagger arrived! Hoorah! Just need to paint them up add leatherette to the dagger scabbard and make a scabbard for the sword, probably from cardboard covered with leatherette! Woop woop!

I managed to get my hands sword for Jorah to have for May expo.

Just need to paint it up and make a scabbard for it! >.<

So the main thing about the son of Wesker is that he's ginger! (Hoorah for more ginger characters! xD) and he has his hair VERY short so im afraid the only way around it guys is to cut your hair short and dye it - unless you are some kind of wig MASTER! xD

The only distinguishable feature is his scar obviously =P It is a long straight scar - seemingly from a blade that runs from just below his left eye down to just above his jaw line.

This can be attained by using some awesome stuff called Rigid Collodion! it is a liquid that when applied tightens the skin to five the apperance of scars! fantastic stuff - see the following link for where to get it and how to use it!

Again hope this helps guys =D

So here’s a little thing I threw together to help others create a Jake Muller cosplay without some of the headaches of having to search for this that and the other! =P It’s a relatively simple cosplay that shouldn’t case anyone a problem but use help where help is given right?

1: Brown Leather Braces – You could be mistaken to think this is a leather shoulder holster – it isn’t. I made the same mistake myself at first but upon closer inspection it is a set of simple brown leather Braces which can be found on Ebay for pretty damned cheap! Although you might have to wait an age for delivery xD

2: Large Buckled Belt – A bog standard plain large buckled belt – there isn’t any detail on this so you can easily find one of these in a highstreet clothes shop, Primark is probably your cheapest and best bet! Although notice that he wears it ‘loose’ so the remaining belt length after fastened is out loose so I’d say go for one a size or two up to give you that extra length on the belt.

3: Black short security gloves – Jake wears a pair of black leather gloves but they aren’t you’re average gloves as they actually stop at the wrist unlike a lot of gloves that will finish a little further up just above the wrist or on the forearm. These can be found on Ebay.

4: Brown Leather Double Ammo Pouch – Jake has two sets of double ammo pouches, one of his front left hand side and one on his back right hand side. These can cause some trouble. These can be found on Ebay but are NOT cheap. As the you will be hard pressed to find anything that ISN’T real leather >.< Your best bet is to either go for a cheap alternative such as some Black Molee Double ammo pouches OR make them yourself from craft foam.

5: Brown Leather gun belt – YEHAW! Seems Jake is a bit of a cowboy xD. This you can find easily in most places such as Ebay/Amazon or fancy dress shops. Just be wary of quality as places like Smiffys that make fancy dress gun belts can be a bit cheap or tacky so always go for their ‘Deluxe’ version if you ask me lol

6: Black Long Sleeve V Neck T-shirt – It’s a simple T-shirt that can be found in any highstreet retailer or online. Once you have it you need to cut into the neck line and remove the collar as well otherwise it might look weird xD. The cut needs to be down to around the chest area giving it the ‘flapping open’ look that Jake sports.

7: Black Jeans - Nothing to difficult there. Again, any high street retailer – I recommend Primark – Cheap and Cheerful.

8: Brown Fashion Boots – These are pretty easy to find nowadays too as they seem to be quite infashion atm. See ‘7’ for where to find them.

So basically remember people – Primark is your friend! xD

Thanks for reading and I hope it helped ^_^

so i got good old ma's hat from ebay =]

i've ordered a new leg holster and i managed to buy a revolver style water pistol that needs modding with foam and spray painting =]

also ordered Jayne's Blue suns tshirt =]

having a wonder around primark i've managed to get most of the stuff needed for Jorah!

-White egyptian cotton style shirt: Pocket and collar need removing and the whole thing needs dying yellow
-Brown trousers
-A few rustic bracelets to give the style of dothraki jewellery

I also asked Fusionrose to grab me some fabric to make the trouser 'flaps' he has xD

I also managed to order a sword from ebay along with scabbard which will need to be repainted and made to look less 'fancy dressy' lol

I have pretty much everything EXCEPT the grey jumper! need to get one and then this is complete! ^_^

I got my hands on a jacket similar to Batou's woop woop!

Just need to work on getting some goggles for the eyes now! =D

Shirt and trousers have been bought from Ebay! ^_^

just need to get green fabric to hit into the leaf shapes to attach to the shirt!

Woop woop!

So my Heff style coat arrived today (red Dressing gown). It will need some minor modifications such as adding fur and also giving it a black edging!

Atleast i'll be warm and comfy in it! xD

Just to show off how bloody huge these retro lancers are!

Hopefully they will look better next to the armour when its all in proportion!

So mine and FusionRoses Retro Lancers arrived the other week whilst I was on leave for Expo! haha finally got a hold of them today - so it will be case of scoping them out and eventually painting them up so they are

Purchased from eBay! Fantastic quality! im in two minds as to get them engraved or not hmmmm

After finishing the Epic GOW3 then im starting to plan out how to tackle this monster! Progress is slow as im also sorting out Ward for Expo xD

HOWEVER! plans are forming in my mind as to how to do this cosplay some epic justice as Baird is probably one of my fav characters of all time =P

These will probably be the gloves i'll get eventually, i'll need to unpick the labels on it and also sew some red fabric over the main knuckle part to cover the company name but i think they will look the part!

First panelling done by FusionRose - she is teh sex at cosplay making xD

Drawn out by the amazing FusionRose! she's so much better at arty stuff than me! xD

So the tie that i had bought from ebay is not coming =[

The seller contacted me and said that she had sent that tie out to another customer by mistake and they had accepted it =[ All art deco ties are one offs so i won't get that exact tie now ='[

So the search for a tie continues!

I managed to find a tie that is pretty much identical to Mr Valiants! god bless eBay!!! it is a cosplayers best friend! xD

I also bought some braces that are similar too which is good - i have a hat on watch but i wanna make sure it fits my head before i buy it xD

I've found a hat and some braces that match Mr Valiants!

However his tie is a bit of a pain to find =/ xD

Oh well the search continues - if anyone has any ideas that would be great!

Gi has be dyed orange and is currently drying off, i just need to sew on the symbols on the back and front of the gi.

Then sew into the cuffs of the trousers some elastic to keep them tight on my ankles, should be finished by tomorrow ^_^

So Ive removed the sleeves, collar and any badges on the suit itself.

Ive hemmed up the sleeves but im not sure they are high enough so i might have to redo them =[

I still have to hem the collar and also dye the whole dang thing orange! xD

Ill use the material from the sleeves to make the kame and kai badges ^_^

So all the stuff i ordered arrived and now the work begins!

I've already began removing patches from the Gi and removing the sleeves, i need to completely take off the collar as its far too promimnent!

Then off to get some orange dye to dye it the right colour.

On a side note the Kung Fu shoes are the comfiest shoes i've ever worn!!! xD

I ordered a TaeKwanDo suit from amazon as its the closest thing that resembles the Z fighters orange gi.

Blue Martial arts belt and blue sweatbands ordered too! ^_^

I just have to buy some orange dye and dye the suit when it arrives ^_^

Ordered the base wig and i will ask my lovely girlfriend to style it for me :P

Neck Brace Arrived the other day, so all i need to do now is possibly create an iron on transfer for a shirt in the style of avid's and get a fake beard ^_^

(Damn air force not letting me grow one...)

I won the Puar Plushie! Woop Woop!

I found a Puar plushie that im feverishly bidding on!


(Otherwise some will just think im goku =S)

Found a place on Ebay that sells Neck Brace and mine is winging its way to me..Im going to keep it in the cupboard with my mum........she is dead

Had a great time wearing Seifer and its easily my fav cosplay to date ^_^

Just have to start work on Hyperion now! I felt like i was missing an arm without it!

Costume has arrived and of a great quality!

Cosplay is near complete for Expo, need to make his necklace and mod boots, but once thats over it will go back onto in progress so i can start making Hyperion!

The Costume is on order now ^_^

Once i have the Expo out of the way i'll start on Hyperion!

Finally have all the components for the cosplay of Ellis complete! ^_^

Just need to finish off all the props now, Boomer bile, Med Kits and Bloody up the Frying Pan when i buy it! xD

So my Tshirt and hat from Valve has arrived and i have to say they do look amazing replicas from the game!

Also the medkits that im going to adapt for myself and my mate (Nick Cosplayer) need to get some material and some zips to sew onto the front of them.

My search continues for a decent container for the boomer bile, ideas on a postcard people!

Ok, so im waiting for the T shirt and hat to arrive from Valve so i guess i have to wait around for those...

I already have the boots but i do need to buy some decent blue overalls from somewhere in London xD

Im waiting for the basis of the med kits to arrive so that i can start working on them, needing zips and handles putting onto them, as well as devicing a decent way to keep it on my back! :S

The big thing i want to start is the boomer bile but i need to find a decent looking container that i can adapt for it hmmmm

*continues the search*

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