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First Cosplay Janni of El-Hazard, inspired to cosplay the character after seeing the Bugrom Thumping AMV.

Favorite completed cosplay are Brook and Black Jack.

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Brighton Japan 2013

Ayacon 2013
Bedfordshire Anime Picnic (July) 2013
AniMedia East Picnic (July)2013
Cosplay Meet Northampton (June)2013

I final found some Shinigami Cuff Links.

See . -Soul Eater Shinigami pin . They took almost 1 month to arrive (other items from them arrive sooner).
Death the Kid is complete again.

I wasn't sure when I would get round to cosplaying Black, been meaning to for years. But I finally ordered and styled the wig these past two weeks. So looks like it will be this weekend :)

Cosplay Cruise 2013

Kitacon 2010 (Masquerade )
Toshokan Manga Halloween Meet

Brighton Japan 2013

WAMcon 2013
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Minamicon 19. 2013
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Nhant's Cosplay Meet @ Wicksteed Park (July 2013)
Bedfordshire Anime Meet 1 March 2013
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Midlands Expo, Telford 2013
Asahi Anime (Brighton Japan)2012
London MCM Expo May 2012

Uploaded Front and back size reference templates here.

This is about as much as I'll do myself, until I receive the product from Anthony. Payment for work has been sent.

Yes a blue trench coat and some 20 hole boots are now in my possession. While a full costume is available on some costume site their coat tend to look purple in colour, which is just wrong.
Once I get the nose and chin how I want I'll rate this as "in progress"

Went to London Expo today dressed as skeleton Soul King Brook. Teaming up with Ben Franky Ward-Geddes & Co. No one does One Piece Franky like Ben.

Costume stayed in tact. thou did not really do an outdoor windy test as a bit cold some company. Stuff I'd like to improve for next time, re-point crown tips, Enlarge the fastenings, More field testing of microphone, Thou I'm sure it help me out a bit today.

I just found a Shirakiin Ririchiyo Animal form plushie.

How long would it take me to sew 4000 sequins. START THE CLOCK.

The jacket collar was done to a worthy state for Wota Returns. But I would like to redo it. currently working on the leg strips.

Best Tom Jones impression to announce Another problem solved :).
To keep the crown on in blows of wind or even if I tilt my head the wrong way, I have made the device pictured.
2 bit of wood (held it place by bits of rubber) come out from the skull, passing through the wig and between two wooden sticks fixed within the crown. A fastening (in this case a cut down tent peg)is then used to prevent the sticks from passing back through.
The result is that the crown stays on even when upside down.

London Expo Oct 2012

Cosplay Picnic Northampton Aug 2012
Amecon 2012 (Masquerade @ 0:32 = )

Tested today. Speaker sends out sound while mic in use :).
Macally portable stereo speaker for ipod nano g4,Olympus voice recorder VN-8500PC, Connection cable one female and one male end, Small microphone (like headphone w/ mic), AAA battery X 4.
Set Mic sense to low and a high volume output.
according to battery life should work for about 6 hours. which is plenty of outfit wear time for a costume like this.

Wota Returns September 2012 - W.I.P (only jacket done, and poorly done at that).

Collectormania 19 (2013)

Manchester Expo 2012 July
Northampton Cosplay Picnic Oct 2011
Ayacon 2011

Bedfordshire Anime Meet 2012 (July)
Anime Attacks 2012
Kitacon 2012
Northampton Cosplay Picnic
Ayacon 2011

S-Con 2012
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Ayacon 2009

while I've been using black fabric to cover my eyes since I first did Brook back in 2010. I always taped or glued the fabric in place which would eventually fail to hold its grip on the mask. I have now realised that the fabric could be sewn to the mask and I have done so.
I had also finished the heart shape sunglasses, But they have fallen apart :(. I'm now going to bind the glasses with glue and gold cotton. To secure them to the head I shall and a kind of headband.

I've now finished adding the flowers to the flares. :)

I'm sure I should be able to the other aspects of the costume in time now.

could always tidy them up a bit but I can leave that till much later.

Amecon 2012

Northampton Cosplay Picnic May 7th 2012
Kitacon April 2012

London MCM Expo May 2012

Minamicon 2012
Fushicon (Masked ball) 2011
Wota London Ocyober 2010
London MCM Expo October 2010
Toshkan Manga Pokeman tag 2010

Wig arrived today. will try to style tomorrow morning so ready for expo. Most of costume borrowed from my Harima Kenji Cosplay add a pair of white trainers and baseball bat. This is now complete just needs to be worn and photos taken.

I worked that with 80 petals to sew its gonna take me another month to get the flares done. thankfully there is June and July before Ame. Currently lacking motivation to get on with but I've got a whole week booked off work soon. so Hopefully I force myself to get most/ all of it done then. Heart frame shades arrived today, I'll have to alter them. that will be fun at some point.

[will add image once I've finished 1st of 16 flowers.]
[image added 31-05-2012]

I was going by this image until today, cut out the flower shapes of dark red and current have one sewed on to my flares. Now I favoring the white. So kind of wasted £2 worth of red. Also it take me 5 days to cut out shapes. To be more camera friendly seems I'd be better off with white.

The main body of the crown is done. It even completely drawfed the afro whenI tried a little test. Hopefully removing 3 inchs off the bottom has fixed this issue. Now just to do the base rim and stick on jewels.

Its seems my original idea of getting a pony tail end and sticking it the back is completely deflunted (fail). Can't get extensions which are an exact or near colour match to wig I brought. So I've ordered a longer wig (next day delivery), But its Easter so I'm crossing all fingers and toes it arrives Wednesday/Thursday morning, I'll then throw it in the suitcase and shape it Thursday night at the hotel. Least I was able to use the smaller wig to figure out how I'm going to put on all 3 head items (Wig, Bunny ears, Head Bandages). Just like with Brook I have to put them on in a certain order.
Everything else is now made and ready, its just the wig.

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