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Started cosplay when floor cosplay started to happen in anime conventions-
around urm....1997 or something like that..I seem to have an affinity for interesting jackets!
Proudest moments were getting Ryudo finished and worn!
Interestingly Claude C Kenni was my most worn outfit!
I am so in awe at the levels of craftmanship and showmanship that have now filled our convention halls, I hope that it continues this way.

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After what felt like ages, I finally finished the bolero style jacket

The hat was then given a coat of pva glue. This was in the hope that it would stop the pvc from breaking down in time. It also allows the generous sprinkling of glitter to adhere to the surface.
I gave it at least 3 coats of pva, sprinkling glitter each time as well.
The glue dries clear nd also lets me use fixative spray on the pvc to further fix the glitter!

To stick the segments to the base, started off with an uncovered camping mat piece and stuck down the bottom edge. Then glued the tip of the pvc to the tip of the camping mat segment and then glued the segment down.
Then the allowance on the pvc was glued down, pressing it up against the edges and curves of the camping mat segment.
Then left the next segment of the base hat clear and did the same routine with the next segment.
This meant that there's a space clear for gluing one of the pre-covered segments
in. This also means that the cardboard base hat doesn't show through the gaps between the segments of camping mat.

So to cover the pumpkin with soft segments I cut out the segemnt shapes from camping mat, then cut out the same shape in orange pvc with some allowance on the two long edges and a lot of allowance on the end edge.
Then wrapped the pvc around the camping mat holding it in place with hot glue.
This was done on 6 of the pieces.

Completed pumpkin base. I rolled a bit of corrugated card up and then glued some green craft foam around it.
The roll was then hot glued to the top of the pumpkin base!

Could have done with another 3 sets of hands to tape the 12 segments together

So the hat was made of segments!
Measured around my head and using pi managed to create the right shapes for the segments
Then cut out 12 such shapes from a 2-ply thickness corrugated card

Orange Satin lined with Red Satin, the brown stripes were the back of some rough brown suedette.
Tshirt transfer was a print-out on transfer sheet and then ironed on.

finished the test embroidery. I'm not sure it's the most efficient way to make a number of oriental patterns on the satin, but it looks good!
This is not the complete unit of pattern as this is all I can make out from the references I got. There's a whole swirly bit on the upper to mid-right as well as an entirely different crisscross pattern connected to the lower right.

satin stitching is quite possibly even more tedious than handsewing a costume!
However, the results look promising...famous last words, especially after the spray painting on imitation leather fiasco...

yes the boots were a little challenging but they've been done!

Pix when the party gets started!

After repeated fitting and shaping I finally got it to look more dimensional.
There's also a piece of reflective shear covering the eyehole so you can't see my eyes....though it does mean impaired vision for me too :/
Swings and roundabouts!

Thus I tried a quickie technique to shape the foam more to my face....using electrical tape.
IF the tape is attached on the back while you bend it or fold it then the bend stays put. This works best on curves with the tape on the inside.

Made the mask in a similar method to the arm guards only this time using simple craft foam.
This gave me the following result which looked a little flat.

using the template I cut a satisfactory shape from camping mat.
A bit of evostik impact along the edges allowed me to butt joint the opposing sides of the shape to form my curved tube.
I then cut out the same shape from metallic green lycra and sewed up the same sides and then fed the mat foam model into the lycra sock.
A little evostik on the inside edge of the mat foam allowed to slightly dry and then the allowance on the lycra folded over and kept stretched made the lycra cover fit nicer to the form.

After a few trials and errors a lovely plan template of my arm guard was created.

So I made the body suit a two piece affair-
Probably not how they creators envisioned but I would like to use the toilet without having to strip off completely.
So now the mountain of gauntlets, boots and mask to get done for next saturday eek!

this was the top in reverse design so one for the lycra bin :(

2 errors when making a lycra hero outfit that's got assymetric designs!
1.) Lycra was only two way stretch not 4 way...
2.) Assymetric design should have been reversed in the sewing process...

So I have a top that is a mirror image of the actual design and is reallllly too tight on my bod..:(
Redo tonight....providing i still have enough black wetlook lycra!

The first thing I finished!
The main shapes were made from foamcore cut and covered in green foil card.
Green and blue acetate provide the screen and the led is connected to a giant switch which in turn attach to the batteries.

Started and completed his belt tonight!
t's pretty much 2 strips of black leatherette sewed front to front then turned rightside-out.
Quick buckle made from cutting out the shape from magnetic craft foam and covering it with silver pvc.
This was sewn onto the long belt and a large snap fastener used to secure it round my waist, since it's not supportive in function, this should hopefully keep it in place.

Oh! and found a white polo neck shirt on Saturday!

decided that my existing cap was too small so made my own from my vast amounts of remaining blue fabric! This way it also matches my jumpsuit!
that is now done and dusted and will be seen at Amecon

The whole outfit is pretty much the jumpsuit!
Since I had the pattern made up when I made Yatterman-1 last year! This was a pretty quick task. All I needed to do was flare the ankles and take in the sides to fit it better!

took me 2 days to make and line the jacket. Took me a smidge longer to find a close enough shade of tan/camel for the main part. The rest is duchess satin which makes it super comfy to wear.
All that's left to make is the belt since the white polo neck, white trousers and black boots are all owned.

More of that russet leatherette, I had a pattern made up but it wasn't tight enough of all things...the legs had to be taken in twice to get even an okay fit!
Decided to combine the waistband with the belt, the slanting belt was a bit confusing!

First things made-
the jackets and the pauldrons. Lining took forever!
Found some good russet and dark brown leatherette for this!
Shoulder pauldrons were two costume GI helmet that I painted white!

Misplacing all my own made patterns was a blow!
But still remeasured out a new pattern for the vest and cut it up for the components of the vest and used pvc. The collar was annoying and I had to buy more bias! And why must I puish myself by lining the thing?

The main bulk of white was painted with acrylic!
A lesson learned was not to coat the structure with pva glue before painting else the paint cracks! Had to use several layers to get an uncracked finish. The ront was aprayed red and that stayed nicely without cracking. So with acrylic coat after with pva.

I used a similar technique to make the arms
I have since changed the left arm slightly to add more fatness

After the jetpack next step boots
created the shapes with trial and error and cut out from camping mat.

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