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I found out about the MCM Expo from a friend from Xbox live lol!!!!!
He told me to go along with him one day so I did, but I happened to have some evil rash all over so everyone thought I was a zombie or something.

I saw all the people in cosplay and was like "I so want to do this!" So I went back and well its gone from there.

I believe that was 08....I dont really remember to be honest.

Cosplay lets me be someone else other than me for a change and I love to cosplay loads of different characters from different things.

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Ok, so Aeris has to be done, I got bullied into it! Lol, no I never actually. Im going to go fabric shopping with Tif9123 after expo is all done. So will update within the next few months.

Aerith is now finished! She was amazing to wear. I wore her as a test to the AL picnic, went ok. Did a little tweeking to her and then wore her to the Animedia east cosplay picnic and she was loved all around!

So yeah, she will be coming out again at some point. I need to do a few more tweaks on her again though lol.

Skirt and top are now being modified for Aerith. My wonderful mummy is doing the trim and such.

I also have a wig that needs to be styled for Aerith. So its all going well.

I finally have a skirt for this, so All I need is the ribbon which has been brought, just waiting for it to arrive. Shoes and wig and I am set.

I was rather impressed with the attension Sheena got at the 09 oct expo, more than may. But then there was only me as sheena this time around!

I really do need to redo her at some point. I need to make the bow again but make it bigger, the arm guards and the boot covers aswell. Now that I have a sewing mashine I can work on more than one thing at a time! Whoo.
Thanks to all those who left coments, or took a photo of me in this cosplay made my day!

Nightmare xxxx

Who knew that this costume will be so expensive! And all the colours Id need.

Ok so I decided to do Alicia as euro is meant to be coming in may and I dont really want to do something that everyone else does when it comes to costumes.

Watch what happens, I'll make this one and someone else will turn up in the same thing.

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