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Cosplay sort of started by accident from my love of the X-Men one Halloween and now it's sort of becoming a thing. I've met load of lovely people through it and I love meeting up with them at cons :-)

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So, the costume's done - I've taken a sort of 60s/70s feel to the Dark Phoenix BUT I am a student and therefore always trying to save money. As such, I'm trying to use a short red/brown wig and two ponytail extensions with it instead of shelling out on a long wig. Is is truly X-Men blasphemous to do a version of Jean Grey with pigtails? Any thoughts, guys? I'll also upload one of my initial 'Yay, I has dress' shots with a short bright red wig - see what you think :-)

So, I have a jacket on the way I'm going to attempt to paint on (wish me luck!).
I'm not very good at the whole 'manly' thing so I'm afraid this will be a femme Murdoch (same level of crazy just a bit girlier).
I bought me hat and goggles so I thought I'd put some of them up. More to follow I hope :-)

So I've got some purple lycra, some sparkly purple stuff and some purple velvet for the cape (oh, and some gold fabric left over from Dark Phoenix). Only problem is that all that, plus my sewing machine, plus my camera is currently at home :-( Arriving today though! :-D

I'm trying to decide whether to wear this costume or my Emma Frost to the London Expo. I probably should't be going at all as my exams a a day after but I want to go so much.

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