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I started cosplaying around March 08 at Collectormania Manchester, and that cosplay was a bit fail, but that was where I met NavigatorxNami who invited me to a Recon the next month, and there I met Emzone who convinced me to join their DGM group as Lavi, so I did and then went to Midlands Expo September 08 and it's just gone on from there.
I need to learn to stop planning things D8

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Plaster time!
It's in there somewhere, honest
I definately dont have a career in this..

Which means..tomorrow night I do the negative cast!

I feel like there needs to be more pointy..in them

He has them.
Also Supernatural ftw.

This is where I'm at with one boot!
Not like it's taken all day or anythin..
The other one isn't too far behind either!

Hell yeah I'm actually getting on with something for once!
Got the bases for the pants pretty much done!
Just need to add the grey + gold rimmed patches to the sides + front :]
Also; Please ignore my skinny ass arms in the picture D8

Progress is coming along rather nicely now 8D
Boots are done, Pants are done, Shoulderpads are about 80% done, Fishermanpants are about 75% done and the undershirt is 90% done.
Just got to start the main chest pieces and style the wig then it's done 8D
And maaaaaybe if I get chance the gun'll be made~

Dyed some cheap white jeans to a faaaaabulous purple colour 8D
Just got to add the grey strips to the side and those shall be done~
-gets back to work-

Just a little update now I've started the shoulder stuff and all that jazz 8D

Boot number 1 is nearly done.
Just got to add the silver circles/studs to it.
Boot 2 has all the red still to be stuck on x_X

Worked on one boot today~
Nearly done now :3
Got to add the silver trim around the top + cut off a little more and then that's one done!
Top is just masking taped on atm.

I hate making these ¬_¬
Just got the finger rings to make and put on now! 8D
[Also; NEW HAIR 8D]

Finally got down to some proper making :P
So I made the shirt, just got to add the leather strip around the neck + strange dangley bit then it's done 8D
Gloves are ready to be dyed a darker purple then I've got the rings to put around the fingers.
Boots I can start making covers for as I found some fantastic grey leathercloth yesterday 8D
Red leathercloth + wig are on their way as well :D!

Finally started doing something..kinda 8D
Ordered the material for my gloves today [which're gonna be a fiend to make ¬_¬] and might order some more stuff later [stupid material shop in town has NOTHING I can use D8]

At 7.30am -_-;
Time to modify the buggery out of it 8D

Been working out how most of his stuff will work tonight - I want to batter his designer ._.;;
I shall make it work out! >:0
Anywho, mini-rant done, back to doodling 8D

Went looking for a base to make my Crimson Squad pistol last night and found a perfect one 8D
Nerf guns ftw~
Now to get stuff to modify it with.. .__.;

Pants arrived today :D
I think they look awesome~
Really comfy too!
Rings arrived for all my bazillion piercings which I'll do a test shot with after I've had a shave >_>;;
Hopefully [depending if I can afford it] I'll be getting some bigger, better boots 8D

I've finally completed my legcape, pants, wristband, waistcoat and legties.
Now I just need sandals, a wig, the scarf and a belt 8D

Damn ribbon ran out when I have 2 strips of gold left to add to my awesome legcape >_<
Mission to town tomorrow methinks 8D
Then that'll be finished..just pants and wig to get done then 8DD

After utterly messing the machine up [AGAIN] today, I managed to fix it after half an hour of poking around inside it with sharp metal objects 8D
At least now it works, and I've managed to get the strips for the pants done, just need some velcro to finish up my wristband and the waistcoat is pretty much completed, just needs the gold strips adding [that can be done tomorrow :D]

Well, I've got the basis of the waistcoat and manskirt all cut out and today had planned to sew it all up etc.
BUT! The sewing machine decided to be a piece of fail and completely crapped itself up so I managed to sew a line =_=
Not pleased with this 'cause ideally I'd wanted all that complete by the end of today! Gah! >:[

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