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Planning has already started!! :D

back of the coat, when the zip is closed the centre panel will sit in the middle

yay finished im so please with it :)

started to carefully add the worbla to the coat using a all purpose glue. and carefully heating the worbla and moulding it to shape

made the gloves from a stretchy material, and then made the gauntlets seperately, the gauntlets are made from worbla

i bought cream suiting fabric for the dress. i have cut the skirt part out based on a circle shape but its long at the back :)

i bought the lace, the plan is to dye it pearly grey with a rit dye :)

tried it all on yesterday after i finished sewing the lining and the coat together, i think it looks great! next i get to have some fun adding the worbla to it :)

made my blastia bracelet from worbla and a red cast resin jewell

finished :) so please with them :)

all the pieces for the coat laid out to be varnished

today i cut out lots of worbla and spray painted it gold for the coat and the shield

made a start on the coat yesterday, looks a mess on this picture as its just draped over the mannequin. I have sewn it together and put some iron on interfacing in the upperparts to make it a little stiffer, next i need to add the even stiffer interfacing to the side panel and the shoulders, i also need to sen on the sleeve and then start adding the gold details

made the shield using a bit of hardboard which i bent slightly and cut to shape, also drilled in the holes and added a base coact of emolsion paint to start me off :) gonna add worbla for the gold detsils

made this with a stair rail pole thingy, carved the shape out and added car putty to bulk parts out, next its time to add details and paint

more progess on the pink dress! the dress is now sewn to the lining with the petal frame inside, just need to pop the collar and zip on and tidy up the sleeves :)

after sewing the lining together i started to make the frame for the petals, it consists of 4 petals cut out of extra thick interfacing which is usually used for hats and some very stiff armatrure wire that is pushed into pockets in the petals

this is the pattern pinned onto me, :)

damn that coat is complicated! took about 4 hours to get the pattern right but i a hopeful now that this is gonna look good

i bought some nice white heeled boots to start me off, the gold is spray painted worbla carefully moulded around the shape of the heel

just to show off the fabric colours

i decided to make the sewing pattern for the whole costume myself. i used newspaper to pattern out the pink petal dress worn underneath first, the lining will have heavy interfacing + boning to help those petals lift

glueing the fabric to the head! yay

I am using left over blue Lycra to cover the head and make the dress. :)

The antenna fits nicely on the cone head! The yellow part is worbla with fabric glued on top

The ball is a polystyrene ball with red Lycra stretched over

After I cut the face hole out my cat decided to move in lol

The head looked like it was going to be challenging but after looking at some cone patterns it was fine!

ordered these bikini bottoms from ebay too!

Got these white plimsoles from ebay for just £5! woohoo!

frnacesca has strange hair colours, smetimes it looks black and other times it looks very dark green, wig not purchased ye but i will either get this black one or a dark green...

I have different boots but left them at home, I also need to re style the wig

I finished my corset, lace and details all added, also bolo roe is started

Chocker complete, I made this by sewing lace to some navy ribbon. The brooch is made from resin, I cast it with blue pigment and put a little bird button inside

Base of the sun carved out I need to add the rays

Here is progress of the back wing and the sun on top the staff

The big wing on the back is being made from expanding foam, one of my most favourite materials

I gradient dyed some silk strips for the tail

Here is my lovely wing breast plate made from worbla

I cast red jewels in resin and put led lights behind them

here is the front of the suit, we had to completely change the sewing pattern that we bought to get the different colour panels

started covering the headband in lycra

Took a while to find the right colour and texture, finally settled on a cotton velvet

This is pure silk, the plan is to gradient dye it with rit dye for the train

Bought lots of amazing colours of Lycra today

Final design, some changes may happen during the making

7th design we decided to make them more futuristic

me and my sister have been running out of ideas for costumes to do as a pair, so we hve decided to design our own! these characters are sisters that inspiered by the sun and the moon. all of the drawings are designed by my sister Kirsty Atwill and belong to her so please do not take them and re post them anywhere.

the arms are mad up from a inner arm and a outer are which was then filled in between with stuffing. i will hand stich them to the costume to finish

finally we cut out the eye holes and the arm holes and attached the eyes, we glued some of the fabric down around his cheeks

we then sewed all the pieces together on the machine and pulled it over the foam frame

we got lucky and just made this up as we went along

due to patamon's size and shape there is no sewing pattern in the world that you could modify to fit. So we drew the patten piece shapes directly onto the foam and then fpinned the fabric along the lines, the then cut it all out

i placed the eyes on the shell to see if it looked ok

i have finished his eyes! i used the black vinil for the pupils and edges

the eyes are made from cheap clear plastic bowls cut up and painted from asda

now you can see the whole costume coming together, the poles sticking out of the head is for the wing frame

i glued some more foam to create legs, they are attached to the feet

i carved some expanding foam to give patamon more of a face!

finally we added a piece of foam between the legs so the crutch was dropped and the feet are kept apart

we also made a padded suit to wear underneath the foam suit so that he is a bit larger at the bottom

next we cut some arm holes and draw on his face .

so patamon is basically a giant egg shape, so what i did is attached a huge piece of foam around the hanging basket to start it off looks really funny at the moment

the head started off as a foam helmet which i attached to a card hanging basket with expanding foam

started with a old hair band and placed some craft foam over it which i sprayed gold. i then placed feathers either side to make the head dress

i bought some different sized peacock feathers and poked them into some foam, i also used two blue ostrich feathers for more colour and then layered some nice blue fabric on top. then added a black ribbon

jaw secured and nose, need to tidy up seams by hand sewing and make ears

i made this from fimo clay and painted it

more fur and top jaw being added, eyes look a little wonky now the jaw is on :S need to alter that!

someone said this looks like a sheep lol

started furring the head, and installed the eyes that i made from fimo

the jaw needs repainting and varnishing in places

Started this about 3 weeks ago but forgot to take piccys. here is what i have done so far with the head and jaw.
Picture is bottom jaw with teeth and latex tongue

here is my wig, i made the hair band out of some old hair things that i had

yay ive finished! all i need to do is style the wig. here is some piccys but im not wearing all of the accessories. missing wig, contacts, bag/belt and other bracelet

not took many photos of this dad has been helping, i wanted to make it transform but very difficult.

i finally finished my gloves!!! i made the pink sleeves seperate and added the extensions to the gloves

here thet are completed! the gold wings are made out of pink suede that i painted gold with fabric paint and then sewed on, they are a tiny bit too long which is why they look a little bit baggy around my knee. i will play around with then a bit to make them better.

next i sewed on the other details arounf the tops and bottom of the stockings. i then painted the zig zag pattern on the gol strip

i started making my stocking by cutting out a pattern on paper that was the right size to my leg, i did front and back pieces, i then sewed the ribbon down the leg.

i finally added the rest of the details with some parts i had lying around. all thats left to do is make the belt for it

gold! i started to glue the nice gold streamers onto the bag with hot glue

i put some nice brown buffolo fabric around the bottom of the bag and then sewed it all together on the machine

here is some nice white leather pieces for my bag!

i spray painted the fimo gold and then painted the craft foam black, the i super-glued it altogether! now just to attach to the dress

i was not happy with that front plate, so i decided to remake it, i made the raised detail out of fimo on top of a piece of craft foam

i made this out of polymorph and a big bead

i hand stitched the side panels on, next job is to add the details

finally i hand painted over my sketch with black fabric paint

i then free hand drew the pattern on with a marker pen

next i added the burgandy edging, i had to do this in sections to make it rounded

i made the toilet shape side panels with the white fabric 1st and then appliqued the gold edging on to it

i made the gloves using grey leather and then added the detail using white leather, black cotton and yellow pvc for the details, i still need to do the wrist parts

i decided to make the details out of some spare plastazote that i have, i cut out the basic shapes and then raised them using hot glue or 3-d paint by freehand drawing the pattern

the base of the dress is now complete! i now need to add all the details

those darn ribbons!! i bought lots of a wine coloured velvet ribbon for the decoration, pluse some light pink ribbon for underneath, it is near impossible sew two velvet pieces of ribbon together so i decided in the end just to use the wine coloured ribbon but zig-zag stitch along the edges with light pink cotton, it works well and looks good too! once i have finished sewing all on the ribbon on i will be able to add the zipper and take up the skirt as its not quite short enough at the moment

once i finally made the base dress i started to sew on the pink

AHHHH this dress is more complicated than i thought! i decided to buy a pattern for a mini strapless dress to help me make the dress but then i had to change alot of it to make the holes in the sides, here is the fabic i chose, its a faux velvet for the pink and a thick white satin for the base.

here is a pic of the sides and they are complete!

i made all the pieces on the sewing machine out of white leather for the bottom and light pink suede for the other pieces. i then tried to hand sew it on but its very difficult so i glued it all on instead lol

here is what i startd with for the shoes

all thats left to do is add his cape, hat and belt.

almost finished!! painted the tabby stripes on and re painted the eyes

when this is dry i will add puss's tabby stripes. i also need to re-paint the eyes as the paint came off with the masking tape. :s

ive painted the body suit, i started by spraying it with orange spray paint, then i brushed a yellow colour though with watered down acrylic paints

ive added the red stripe and altered the collar so that it will sit correctly around my neck, i also made the little jewel out of fimo and beads!

this is the start for the collar for his cape, its made from faux leather the same as his boots

made up the body suit, next is to air brush it ginger

ive hand sewn all the fur edges so that its all neat, next step is to make him into a ginger tabby!

started to glue on the fur, im gonna hand sew the edges to make it all neat

glued on the eyes, teeth and tongue! looks abit scarey at the moment

ive started the boots, id say they are about 85% complete. i made them out of some crocs with foam, then i hot glued some leather and very heavy interfacing to get this result.

this is what the head looks like with the eyes

i made puss's teeth and tounge from fimo, i then painted some sunglasses lenses as cats eyes

foam carved out to shape puss's head, just a few holes to fill

ive added some card so that it will be easier to build up more foam to shape the head

here is the head with the top of the foam helmet, i hot glued it over a balaclava, i got the technique from the CI tutorials

me and my sister mogwai k have been a bit lazy when it comes to updating our journals, been working on these costumes since july but only updating now! the 1st pic is me making my foam helmet.

i finally finished it today! so tired!!! :D

i cut these the same size as my siser who is being plusle.

here are the lovely gems for my dress. i have used 4mm black pearl beads and 34mm red teardrop beads.

normally i would make all my costumes but this one is just for fun so i have bought most of the elements from ebay.
so far i have a yellow playsuit, yellow leg warmers, a blonde wig, long blue gloves. All i need to make myself is the ears and tail. :)

i started making the chiffon top, but im not sure about it. i think i might re-make it.

i placed the chiffon over the dress to get an idea of what it will look like.

i have finished gradient dyeing the dress, next step is to add the petticoat and over skirt

base dress made. next i need to gradient dye it

i have around 20 meters of fabric in my costume overall.

i have nearly finished te kimono, just need the details

i just need to put the zipper on the back

progress with top part of the dress, having problems with the neck line at the moment :s

finished! i am pleased with the result! ^_^

i used a dylon tulip red. i needed 2 packets to make sure i could dye it a really vibrant colour. its the 1st time i have ever tried this.

here is my almost finished skirt for my dress, next i am going to gradient dye it.

i have stared to cut my gold crepe satin for my kimono

here are the fabrics i have chosen for my cosplay

i drew a plan for patterning the dress

i have drawn out a pattern cutting plan for nuala's kimono

my wig still needs cutting and dying. i have my yellow contacts. and i did a makeup test, i need to somehow make my eyebrows dissapear.

ive added the teeth and nose. he looks so cute!

bodysuit complete, just needs hemming

making claws and teeth from fimo

i have glued fur onto his head. it has a moving jaw

i finished gluing all of the fur on the bum

i have completed my spider head now!

the fangs are made from foam pipe insulation tubes which i covered in fur.

i used a see through black lycra for the eyes and then started to cut and shaped the fur for the rest of the head

i started the head and bum using wire mesh. i made it firm using art roc.

i am 90% complete now.
things to do -
* make trousers.
* make sandals.
* make netting for under top.

i have finished my hoody!! yay! the hodd was the hardest part!! i had to make it up as i went along. i started by cutting out a half hood shape 4 times so that the hoody had a lining and i also had to make an extra triange piece to sew on the front so that its come round my neck more. im so pleased with it!!

the fleece that i ordered over ebay is perfect!!! time to re-cut the fabric ready for sewing. this time i am changing the pattern slightly so that the hoody is more fitted. i am adding darts under the arms.

had trouble getting purple fleece for hinata's hoody so i just bought cream fleece and decided to dye it lilac! didnt work. fabric has been in dye for 24 hours now and it is still white. but its ok! because i found lilac fleece on ebay! so hopefully it will be ok. im gonna make my sandals and trousers tommorrow.

my contacts r supposed to be silver... they are a bit i guess. ripped off!

i couldnt decide what wig to get! black, blue or purple! in the end i found a very dark blue wig on ebay. but when it arrived it wasnt as dark as it looked on the computer. anyway! i cut a fringe in to it and styled it and i think it looks awesome!! i also ordered silver contact lenses which came today! i will get a photo up soon.

i've managed to get together my contacts, face paint and fangs. im proberly gonna do a photoshoot with my sister (firey) on sunday so that we can make sure that we are ready for the expo. i Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (excitment!!)

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